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October 30, 2013 @ 5:56 pm
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Joesph Denies Having MRSA; Acknowledges A Staph Infection

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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A report late Wednesday came out claiming that Bucs guard Davin Joseph was suffering from MRSA, but PewterReport.com was able to confirm with Joesph himself that he never has been diagnosed with MRSA, but did contract a staph infection earlier this year.
Late on Wednesday afternoon a report from WDAE Radio host Steve Duemig via JoeBucsFan.com came out stating Buccaneers offensive lineman Davin Joseph had the antibiotic-resistant MRSA infection.

PewterReport.com contacted Joseph himself, who denied ever having MRSA, although did acknowledge he contracted a staph infection earlier this year.

"I have never had MRSA, nor do I currently have MRSA," Joseph told PewterReport.com. "I just am ready to focus on football right now. I have had a staph infection in the past but it is nothing I am dealing with today."

The Buccaneers Lawrence Tynes, Carl Nicks and Johnthan Banks were all diagnosed with MRSA since the beginning of training camp and the issue has become a public relations nightmare for the Buccaneers. Tynes and the NFLPA filed a grievance against Tampa Bay for their handling of Tynes injury designation, and Carl Nicks had to undergo surgery earlier this month after his initial MRSA infection – thought to have been cleared up – manifested itself once again.

Nicks has not been placed on injured reserve and his timetable for returning is unclear. Head coach Greg Schiano talked about Nicks earlier on Wednesday.

“We’re hoping so, but I can’t really give you any more of a definitively right now, hopefully in a couple weeks we’ll be better able to predict that (Nicks possible return)," Schiano said.

The Buccaneers in order to prevent the spread had an independent outside company come in to scrub and disinfect One Buccaneer Place twice in August and also brought in world-renowned infectious disease specialist Dr. Deverick Anderson.

Anderson told the media in a press conference on October 12 that he gave the organization his impressions of the facility and the handling by the team.

"I can say that I believe it is a safe environment for the players and staff, and I think there are a few reasons why I can say that,” Anderson said. "I got to come and review the facilities about a month ago, and I got to see how practice was performed, and based on my observations, I didn't think there was anything very high risk."

Roanoke College’s website listed the differences between a staph infection and MRSA.

Staphylococcus aureus (staph) is a common type of bacteria (germ) that is often found on the skin and in the nose of healthy people. It can also grow in wounds or other sites in the body, sometimes causing an infection. Approximately 25%-30% of the population is colonized (when bacteria are present, but not causing an infection) in the nose with staph bacteria. Staph bacteria are one of the most common causes of skin infections in the United States. Most of these skin infections are minor (such as pimples and boils) and can be treated without antibiotics.

The schools website also had an explanation of MRSA.

Penicillin is a drug that was once commonly used to treat staph infections. However, over time many staph infections have become difficult to treat with penicillin and antibiotics related to penicillin including methicillin, oxacillin, and amoxicillin. These new or resistant forms of Staphylococcus aureus are referred to as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. The illnesses they cause are the same as those caused by other staph; the difference is in how they are treated.

General manager Mark Dominik commented on the MRSA situation back on October 12.

“It is something that obviously is very important to us,” Dominik said. “The player and health safety of our players is again of the utmost importance. It is something we have worked very strenuously with, our training staff, our equipment staff our policies and procedures we have put in place, going all the way back to even before August, but certainly post August when we had the first case, first two cases. And we have continued to follow those policies and procedures and we are going to continue to find new policies that we are talking about even now to even further strengthen our situation.”

Last modified on Wednesday, 30 October 2013 18:38

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    Great post scubog! All we can do at this point is laugh at ourselves...is it time for OTAs yet?
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    and the Oscar for Scariest Film of the year goes to.....Greg Schiano for the Bucs/Seattle game!
  • avatar

    It's Halloween. There's only one thing left to do. Call in the "Coach Busters". If there's something strange at One Buc Place, Who ya gonna call? COACHBUSTERS! If the coach is mean and getting in your face, Who ya gonna call? COACHBUSTERS! I ain't afraid of no coach. If you're seeing pus on a little Nick, Who ya gonna call? COACHBUSTERS! An invisible bug that's making you sick. Who ya gonna call? COACHBUSTERS! I ain't afraid of no coach. If you're swollen toe slips off the line, Who ya gonna call? COACHBUSTERS! When there's just no way that "we'll be fine". Who ya gonna call? COACHBUSTERS! I ain't afraid of no coach. If you "played your guts out", but still get beat. Who ya gonna call? COACHBUSTERS! You're signing players right off the street. Who ya gonna call? COACHBUSTERS! I ain't afraid of no coach. If your still a fan through all this mess. I'm still one, I must confess. Who ya gonna call? COACHBUSTERS! A few more wins is all we thirst. I remember the days of "worst to first" Who ya gonna call? COACHBUSTERS! I ain't afraid of no coach. Boo!
  • avatar

    scubog, Hilarious.
  • avatar

    scubog; that should go viral. That's really funny. Kets all hope that we beat Seattle on Sunday.
  • avatar

    Freakin hilarious Scubog.
  • avatar

    What a freakin mess at every freakin level...No wins,coaching and player drama,staph infections- the ship is cursed...hoping to one day log in for some upside- until then I will continue to follow this sinking ship..I just wonder how much worse it will get...
  • avatar

    I have lost all respect for Schiano and Dominik for even giving it a thought at this point in time that Nicks not be placed on IR. These drugs only can be effective for so long and can't be used over and over at a later date and expect good results. Give it extra time to assure that it is all gone. What's wrong with you two?
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