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November 2, 2013 @ 11:33 am
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Bucs' Five Keys To Victory At Seahawks

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
What will the Buccaneers have to do to prevent running back Marshawn Lynch from having a big game? How will Tampa Bay quiet the Seattle crowd? PewterReport.com lists the five keys to victory that can help Tampa Bay win on the west coast.

Many across the nation are predicting the game between Seattle and Tampa Bay to be a blowout. Given the way the Bucs have played and the Seahawks defense shuts down their opponents, a blowout could be possible. Fortunately for the Bucs, a blowout is also avoidable.

The following keys to victory could help the Bucs avoid a west coast nightmare.

1. Fix The Safety Valves
The Buccaneers last line of defense has been burned on several occasions. Philadelphia, Atlanta, and New Orleans have all gotten behind Tampa Bay’s safeties for easy scores and have also allowed big passing plays behind them.

Dashon Goldson and Mark Barron were supposed to be the stop gap for anything beyond the second level of the Bucs defense. But Barron has been playing closer to the box on the majority of snaps this season and on several personnel packages the Bucs have placed a backup safety in his safety spot which has resulted in those deep plays or miscommunication.

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson has the ability to go deep and if wide receiver Golden Tate gets in the defensive backfield, it can be a long day for the Bucs’ defensive backfield. And if Barron and Goldson are unable to play, it can turn ugly in a hurry.

2. Limit The 12th Man
Seattle’s CenturyLink Field is one of the loudest stadiums in the country and the fans have been dubbed “The 12th Man.” Setting the Guinness World Record for the loudest stadium on September 15, opponents who travel to Seattle to play the Seahawks have a difficult time on offense.

The Buccaneers have to figure out a way to get the crowd out of the game early. If not, there can be lots of penalties and miscues on offense.

3. Force Turnovers
The Bucs have had difficulties taking the ball from their opponents. The Seahawks have no problem creating takeaways. In hindsight, this can spell trouble for the Bucs. However, Seattle has done their fair share of turning the ball over as of late.

Seattle has had six turnovers in their last four games – five have been fumbles. Tampa Bay should be able to force Seattle into mistakes but that is something the Bucs have not been able to do consistently all season long. 

4. Cage The Beast
Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has proven to be a reliable offensive weapon for Seattle. He has rushed for 601 yards and six touchdowns this season. But his running game goes beyond his production when he enters "beast mode."

Lynch’s running style makes it difficult defenders to bring him down, just ask Arizona defensive end Darnell Dockett. In Week 7 on Thursday Night Football, Lynch’s number was called and ran it right through in between the tackles. As Dockett came across the defensive line in an attempt to stop him, Lynch lowered his shoulder and knocked Dcokett to the ground as his helmet went flying off. 

The Bucs’ front four need to keep Seattle’s running back in the backfield. Once he gets to the second and third level of the defense, Tampa Bay’s linebackers and defensive backs can have a tough time bringing him down, much like Dockett.

5. Open It Up
The Bucs offense has been able to move the ball to some degree and put some points on the board thanks to the shortage yardage, high percentage throws from rookie quarterback Mike Glennon. At some point they have to begin taking more shots down field and Week 9 could be the week to do so.

Seattle’s defense now has film on Glennon and know he goes to his second and third options quite often who are underneath. They also like to load the box which adds more intrigue for the Buccaneers to go to more play action and take shots downfield.

At times though it seems Glennon prefers to go to his intermediate options. Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan should consider calling more deep routes in Seattle, no matter who the receivers are. 

PewterReport.com Predictions
Gil Arcia (2-5): Seahawks 37, Buccaneers 10
Mark Cook (3-4): Buccaneers 23, Seahawks 21
Scott Reynolds (5-2): Seahawks 27, Buccaneers 16
Last modified on Sunday, 03 November 2013 01:15

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  • avatar

    Almost a great call by Mark Cook's prediction of a Buc win. So close!
  • avatar

    Bones; I have to point at the Coaching.
  • avatar

    Horse, this is critical!
  • avatar

    We never saw Glennon scouting photos of Seattle's schemes. Neither was our offensive staff. Was that not important? Wilson totally studied our defensive schemes, mapped them out and figured out how to overcome the points deficit and pull off a win. I'm totally confused about our win strategy. What is it, really?
  • avatar

    bones; it's coaching We were two teams today; the first half team that wanted to win, and the 2nd half team that made no adjustments and played not to lose.
  • avatar

    Breakout game for the offense. Mike James and the o-line were excellent. Tim Wright impressed. Not really happy with Adams and the Defense.
  • avatar

    This is a loss, so I am looking at the positives only and my Five keys are: Key #1, did Glennon show improvement; Key # 2, did Revis show improvement; Key # 3, did we find at least one TE; Key# 4, did the pass rush improve; Key #5, did the OL improve.
  • avatar

    @Horse: Glennon did show marked improvement. Revis did not really standout. Our defensive secondary got torched on a regular basis. Adams could use some serious polishing.
  • avatar

    You forgot pray for act of god
  • avatar

    More keys to victory: I could go with fundamentals like tackling, create turnovers, get off the field on third down, run the ball effectively and control the clock without turning it over on offense. Also, control field position and get great special teams play. Instead I will go with just one key to this game...PLAY WITH SOME CONFIDENCE OR SWAGGER LIKE IT IS A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. If all 46 men believe in each other and they execute with confidence, they have a shot. If they don't, they won't.
  • avatar

    Here are Scubog's Keys to Keeping it Respectable. Key # 1-"Give it the Old College Try": Pete Carrol (USC) and Greg Schiano (Rutgers) are former college coaches heading in opposite directions in their NFL careers. Perhaps Schiano and his Rutgers cronies can come up with a clever way to defeat the invincible foe. How about a Fumblerooskie. Key # 2-"Shock the World"-Ali was a master at devising an improbable plan to improve his chances for victory. The old "Rope A Dope" was brilliant. The Seahawks are feeling pretty immortal after coming away with a win in St. Louis. Just keep them thinking that thy can just show up and claim their victory. Keep the score close and "shock" them in the end. No, not the "shocker" wrestling move. Key # 3-"Stub-born to be Wild": Schiano has been, shall we say, stubborn in his beating Martin's head against the wall and throwing over and over again to Jackson game plans.Martin is out and Jackson will be surrounded more than General Custer. Do something different! Key # 4-"Who Dat": With Martin and Williams out we have to rely on unfamiliar players. Make one of them a star and turn Tampa Bay into New Orleans with cries of "Who Dat"? Key # 5-"Dennis the Menace": In this great old TV show, Dennis gave his neighbor, Mr. Wilson fits. Buccaneers defense needs to make Russel Wilson's life miserable and surprise him with some annoying little pranks. And the Bonus Key: "Remember Me?": Michael Bennett now resides in Seattle where he has 4.5 sacks. That's a little better production than Dan "Shoeshine" and Da'Quan Bowers have managed. Guess we were wrong about that one.
  • avatar

    Mike Williams being out actually should help our offense on third down. He is among the worst starters on third down and is pathetic at getting separation on shorter routes. --------------------------------------------------- Gil, as for "Fix The Safety Valves", Ahmad Black (4.8 forty on his best day, and another wasted mid-round pick by Dominik) is gone so there is a big reason taken care of. Now if we can bench the over matched Jonthan Banks that would help as well. Banks has struggled for several weeks and now he isn't 100% healthy. Banks has been so bad in man it is to the point that he is hurting the pass rush and has cost us several sacks from what I've seen.
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