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November 3, 2013 @ 11:06 pm
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Heartbroken In Seattle; Bucs Lose In OT: Unit Game Grades

Written by Haley
Haley Cornish


Pewter Report Intern E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers let a 21-0 lead slip away in Seattle and now sit at 0-8 on the year. What unit played well enough to win? Which units need work if Tampa Bay is going to get their first win of the season next Monday night? Find out here, in this weekly postgame feature.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to 0-8 after losing to the Seattle Seahawks in overtime. The Bucs had a 21-point lead at one point, but watched it diminish in the second half as the offense couldn’t get anything going, and the defense couldn’t hold Seattle. Here are PewterReport.com’s unit game grades.

Rookie quarterback Mike Glennon had a much different game than he’s had since becoming the starter; he threw the ball a lot less. He ended the game 17-of-23 (74 percent) for 168 yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions and a QB rating of 123.1. His longest completion was 27 yards, and almost all of his passes were safe, short throws. The run-run-pass formula that the Bucs used all game was successful at first, but when the Bucs needed to throw the ball down the field at the end of the fourth quarter and in overtime, they were unable to do so.

It wasn’t all Glennon’s fault however, as the offensive line, which played well all game until the final minutes, looked tired. Glennon didn’t have time to throw the ball resulting in throwaways or sacks. When he did have time, the receivers had trouble getting open down field, forcing Glennon to check the ball down for a short gain. One play that will be replayed over and over in many Bucs fans mind was with under a minute left in regulation, Glennon
appeared to have chance to pick up a first down on a scramble, but chose
to run towards the sideline instead of cutting it straight up the
field. When he looks back at the run on film this week he will most likely second-guess
the decision.

Glennon looked poised all game long, including on both of his touchdown passes where Seattle forced him out of the pocket. He moved around and knew when to take a sack or throw the ball away. He has a lot of work to do with intermediate and deep throw accuracy, but he continues to improve and show a lot of potential.And the fact that he didn’t turn the ball over and completed 70 percent of his passes against the Seahawk’s top-notch defense in Seattle is especially impressive.


Tampa Bay had their most successful day of the season running the football, with 205 yards on the ground. This rushing attack was led by rookie Mike James, who is replacing the injured Pro Bowler Doug Martin. James ended the game with a career-high 158 yards on 28 carries (5.6 yards per carry).

If that isn’t enough, he also had a two-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter. James was helped by the offensive line, which opened big gaps on runs up the middle. But James deserves a tremendous amount of credit for his yards after contact and his shiftiness at the line of scrimmage.

Brian Leonard was also solid adding five carries for 20 yards and four receptions for 48 yards.

With Mike Williams out for the season, Glennon basically only had Vincent Jackson and Tiquan Underwood to throw to. Jackson was being shadowed all game by one of the best cornerbacks in the league, Richard Sherman, and only managed two catches for eleven yards. Underwood had two catches for 29 yards and a touchdown, but also dropped a touchdown pass that proved costly as the Seahawks came back to tie the game. Those were the only two wide receivers to record a catch in the game.

The inability to create space between the defensive backs proved costly when the offensive line did a good job with protection, but Glennon had no one to throw the ball to. With the success of the run game, the deep passing game should have opened up but the receivers were unable to get open.

The tight ends were more successful than the wide receivers as rookie Tim Wright and Tom Crabtree got two of the three Buccaneer touchdowns on the day. Wright led the team with four receptions for 58 yards and a touchdown, while Crabtree had just one reception for two yards and a touchdown. Crabtree did have a costly, drive-killing holding call in the third quarter, however.

Arguably the most disappointing unit this year had a big turnaround game against the Seahawks. Davin Joseph, who has had a poor year so far, had a great game along with Jamon Meredith who made his first start of the season. The two guards along with center Jeremy Zuttah created gaping holes the entire game for Mike James to run through. They played much more physical and dominant than they had all season long.

The line also protected Glennon very well until the fourth quarter when fatigue started to set in. Glennon had a long time to throw for most of the game, but when it mattered most the offensive line could no longer contain Seattle’s dominant pass-rushers. This resulted in multiple punts near the end of the game and allowed Seattle to come back and ultimately win the game in overtime.

The front four seem to be getting worse as the season moves along. They not only didn’t record a sack, but they were very poor against the run as well. Marshawn Lynch was hardly ever touched before reaching the linebackers or safeties.

The line managed to get some pressure on Russell Wilson, one time resulting in an interception. But for the most part Wilson was able to escape any pressure applied by the defense and either throw or run for a first down. The reason the defense played so well in the beginning of the season was because of the pressure and sacks. And the lack of those things is what’s causing them to regress to what they have been the past few years.

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy continues to be the only player to consistently play dominantly, with occasional help from defensive end Adrian Clayborn. McCoy had six tackles and two quarterback hits, while Clayborn also had a pair of quarterback hits, but just two tackles.

The linebackers were the main reason the Bucs were so good on defense early in the season, but didn’t do much against Seattle. They weren’t very impressive against the run or the pass, and didn’t make any splash plays. Stud weak side linebacker Lavonte David finished the game with eleven tackles (five solo), while middle linebacker Mason Foster had four. Adam Hayward, Jonathan Casillas, and Dakota Watson all got looks at strongside linebacker and each got one tackle apiece.

Even with Dashon Goldson out with an injury, the secondary still played pretty well. They had a major weakness in Keith Tandy for much of the game, but he came up with a big interception in the endzone in the fourth quarter.

But the most impressive player in the secondary, and on the defense, was Mark Barron. He had a team leading 11 tackles (10 solo), two pass breakups, and a big interception in the red zone. He was a tackling machine all game long, and seemed to be the only one who could bring Marshawn Lynch to the ground without being dragged along for five more yards.

Darrelle Revis had another great game, although it doesn’t show on the stat sheets. He was shadowing Golden Tate most of the game, and allowed only two catches for ten yards.

Wilson ended the game with 217 pass yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. The secondary had trouble down the stretch, but for the most part played well. Without those two interceptions, the game would have been much worse for the Bucs.

Kicker Rian Lindell continued his hot streak with another good field goal, this one for 33 yards. Punter Michael Koenen had some good punts, but after a huge return by Golden Tate, was told to kick towards the sideline and ended up shanking for only a 30-yard punt. Koenen also recovered a fumble that was forced by the Bucs special teams on a kickoff return.

Along with the poor tackling on Tate’s punt return, the Bucs also had yet another muffed punt. Fortunately for Skye Dawson, he was able to recover. Tampa Bay attempted a surprise onside kick, which would have been successful had Michael Adams not been offsides.

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  • avatar

    @rocketglass: Great post. @all: You guys are right saying, last years rootkit o-line outplayed this years O-line and Meredith gets (deserved) credits for that. Don´t fix it if it ain´t..(putting Carimi in???)
  • avatar

    I can see that this what they should do with draft in May 2014.Rd-1 Get the #1 DE, or trade down for mult picks. With those picks they draft a DE ,OLB, and TE.In Rd-2 Trade down for another set of picks They go after another DT,WR & Offensive linemen. This would give Tampa several starters and backup to build on GO Bucs
  • avatar

    I thought Meredith was the player of the game and the O-line should have gotten an A-.
  • avatar

    I knew the game was over when they fair caught the kick off and ran four straight plays to end the first half. There was 1:45 left and of course schiano just wanted to go to the locker room. We needed to try to get at least 3 points while the seahawks were on their heels. I would love to get Cowler next year for many reasons but the biggest is because he runs a 3-4. I still think McCoy would make a better 3-4 DE than a DT and Clayborne would be a good 3-4 DE also. Watson could be one of our rush LBs and we could draft another to go with our two stud ILBs. Get some big guy either late in the draft or FA to play NT. The best three Def in the league (Seattle, SF and KC) all run a 3-4. Look what it did to the saints. Draft a stud LT with our first round to get Penn's over paid contract off the books and we're in the hunt
  • avatar

    Have the game plan for the Dolphins Monday night game, play 8 in the box, Sec. play ten yards deep = 0-9. Glennon cannot throw the ball deep and all the other teams know it. Looking for that top pick next year but if Dominik is still the GM it will be another POOR pick.
  • avatar

    surferdudes - You know what, you completely changed my mind on this. We are in fact seeing history! I'm too young to remember the winless '76 season - and this could very well be the only time in my life that I can stand witness, beginning to end, and see a historic streak like this first hand. Thanks for putting this in perspective!
  • avatar

    surferdudes 2nd comment is right on! I am now like 100% sure that Dom has to go too. This years draft looks to become the polar opposite of last years. 1st and 3rd rounder for a CB with bad knee while in "win-now"-mode. Oh.. okay. Let´s give him 16Mio a season, because you never know how long his career will last and he needs to safe some for family. I remember very clearly how writers and fans were fooled by the "no guarantee" thing.. there is no guaranteed money, but if Revis is cut - there are no 2 high draft picks (remember how lots of people saw that coming, refering to the holes on this team; aka re-building not finished; and that it comes ONE (FREAKING) YEAR to early?) - Heck, if couch-GM´s/HC´s understand the right decissions, how is it they are paid for that?! Call them "professionals" - that doesn´t make their minds better than ours.. stupid, stupid, stupid... Like said times and times again: Bucs biggest needs were (from start of season) new QB, HC, GM.. Seems to stay true. After these "needs", let the discussions about draft and FA strategy begin: FA-QB and Clowney; drafting QB and getting a veteran pass rusher (like could have been done this season); CB/WR/TE/O-line/D-line first round? trade down to build a hardcore core - and then going all in (by trades) and going for this young Seminole QB the next years??
  • avatar

    I'm starting to become sold on Glennon as a legit starting QB. But I still only see him as a serviceable QB for a really good team - not so much a difference maker. He just does not exude confidence for those around him, and certainly has not shown any of the 'magic' to bring the team back at the end of games. Not sure if that can be taught either. For all of Freeman's flaws, he always gave us hope in Q4 and OT. In this game, and in a few others, I had little hope that the Buc offence could drive late to tie/win.
  • avatar

    fully agreeing with nmkinley, Glennon is not bad, but good enough/difference maker? We have seen what a Russel Wilson does. Also, someone has already brought it up, but i forgot who: Is Clayborne realy a 1st round DE talent? Why is GMC almost all the time the quickest off the line? A 4-3 DE is a pass rusher. A pass rushing DE should be quicker, than a DT. No matter what. Let Dekoda rush all day and place a sure tackler/thumper behind him, or overload with Lavonte David blitzing, playing press coverage behind that. Speed kills. If they want to run - let them run into Mark Barron/Goldson there is no defensless receiver rule here ;-) LB´s "just" have to clear the Safetys from the blockers. The Bucs defensive coaches need to dictade to the offense, where they go with the ball and not playing catch up. This Game, despite the rule changes, is still an aggressive played one.. Same for our Offense. The last game showed, what creative play calling can/will/should do. Variety. (thats why mobile QB are the future of the NFL - if they manage to stay healthy. Remember how Vick could have become legendary, if not for poor character. He was realy dangerous. And that doesn´t mean the QB has to have top speed).
  • avatar

    nmkinley - Glennon has played well - but he's been playing not to lose. When the game is on the line Freeman was fairly clutch. I know the racists in here will say otherwise, but all you have to do is look at this year alone. In the Jets game he took the team down for a game winning drive - before Schiano shut him down and played for the FG. When he needed to close out the Saints he took the team on a game ending drive- before Schiano shut him down and played for the FG. Glennon is very much a game manager at this point. That really isn't a knock on the kid, he's still a rookie. But for the 2014 Glee version of the NFL I don't know if game managers are good enough. My hatred of Schiano doesn't have anything to do with this kid, I hope he does really well and honestly he reminds of a young Matt Ryan - but I've always thought Ryan was a gloried game manager as well.
  • avatar

    Mac the failure to sack Wilson is part scheme, but mostly Dom's dreadful drafting of D linemen. He gave us McCoy, at the time a no brainer, but it's not Dom's fault Suh was one pick a head. Where Dom completely blew it was, 2nd round bust Price, 2nd round bust Bowers, he's putting up the same numbers as former Buc Adams, and he's dead! Dom was here when we drafted Gaines, over rated D end from Clemson, but that didn't stop him from drafting another overrated D end from Clem with a bum knee to boot! Clayborn first round talent? I don't see it, the guy has one and a half arms! Selvie would've been our best D end, but Dom knew better. Hear Steven Means named called much, how about Gohlson? Why aren't they contributing? They made the team only because they were drafted, not because they were better then walk on Selvie. Dom will sink to the bottom with two 2nd round, one 1st round D linemen busts, not to mention a 1st round Q.B. bust around his neck. The only way to end this circus is to let ALL of the clowns out of the Volkswagon. If you leave Dom behind the wheel, he'll only drive around picking up more clowns!
  • avatar

    What everyone does NOT get is the grand strategy here. Schiano and his staff are intentionally (did you think they were doing it by accident?) throwing the game in the second half by making poor or no adjustments. They are intentionally making coaching errors on play calls and time management. They are allowing players such as Joseph to play themselves into shape and intentionally not starting Meredith when it obvious his is the best substitute guard available. All of this is done with the owners blessing and belief that we are one outstanding draft away from having a super bowl contender. That's right we are throwing the season to get draft position. Honestly would you expect anything less from a coach that would attack the victory formation?
  • avatar

    kram0789, What are you talking about? Schiano isn't intentionally losing. Why would he throw games to lose and make himself look bad? So he can get fired and never be able to coach in the NFL again? Who would hire him if he goes 0-16 this season and continuously gets out coached every game? The Glazers arent going to keep him if he doesnt start winning games this season. What coach would ruin his reputation and career to help thier former team? If we dont win at least 6 of the next 8 games he wont be our coach next season. If he somehow is still our coach next season after losiing 14-16 games then the players wont buy into his system any more. He would def lose the locker rooom and they would l quit on him. It would be another wasted season. so why would a coach who is going to be job hunting next season intentionally be losing games and ruining his resume. No coach would do that especially one with as high morales as Schiano has.
  • avatar

    I predicted a game that would be hard fought but we would ultimately lose bc we will get outcoached and that looks to be the case. If you have a 21-0 lead on the road, the way we ran the football you have to win that game. Coaching not to lose has cost us more games than I can remember. When I get through watching Will Muschamp ruin my Gators on Satursdays only to watch Greg ruin my Bucs on Sundays it makes football season a real treat smh. I dream of the day when I dont have to watch shell defense in the final 5 mins of games, or a run, run, pass approach the entire second half thats so basic Helen Keller could see it. Our team smells of piss poor coaching and its more evident with each game.
  • avatar

    I don't know if the defensive coaching is that bad or the defensive line just isn't that good or both. There was tape out there from the Rams game. We could not contain or lay a finger on Russell Wilson all day - that and the ST letdown on the Golden Tate return killed us. The Rams sacked Wilson a record 7 times! And we can't get him on the ground once - something is terribly wrong!
  • avatar

    Some on this board don't understand the importance of a streak, whether it be a winning one, or a losing one. Please stop calling for Schiano's firing, the guy's got a pretty good streak going. 0-7 at home, 0-8 on the year, 0-16 is very well in sight, ( why did we have to beat Atl last year?) Streaks like this don't happen all that often so lets support our coach, and keep the streak alive! Now's not the time to pull the plug on Schiano, there's history being made. The time to fire the guy is after the first win this year, (if it comes). That way he won't have a chance to get another streak going.
  • avatar

    Sully did his best job of play calling in the first half, until Shiano went into his avoid losing shell in the second half. Sully also finally got to do something I have been advocating all year--he platooned his running backs. And what was the result? They did even better than Doogie. Glennon was very efficient in the first half and did not commit any turnovers in the entire game and the Bucs did eliminate a bunch of their usual penalties. So why can't the Bucs ever close out a game with a win. First and foremost Schiano and Sheridan go soft in the second half trying to protect a lead. Also in the first half Sheridan had his fastest DBs on the field along with Tandy who is a fast Safety (who got a nice turnover too) and they made it hard on Seattle to score through the air. But in the second half what did Sheridan do--he inserted this year's second round draft choice who played so far off his WR that he was ineffective. I think he has been a bust this year and should not have got in the game. But the biggest problem, and this falls squarely on Schiano, this team was not conditioned to play four halves and they always run out of gas in the fourth quarter. Also, when Glennon just tries to go into his two minute drill, he has never been able to pull it off. He can't win the close games in the fourth quarter. We need new coaching bad, but the first half proves we do have good athletes. So DOM needs to stay.
  • avatar

    i was impressed with the fight our Bucs had today unlike the lay down effort against the panthers esp Mike James and even my man "McCown" I mean Glennon who made some nice throws under pressure against a stout secondary. Our defensive line has become abismal as Bowers and Teo Nusheim have went in the witness protection program, lets all hope at seasons end we dont witness Schiano and his croonies on the sideline next yr cause thats my goal at this point of the season is to lose to lose Schaino
  • avatar

    Glennon a 'B'? Not even a B+, much less an A-? Despite having almost no one to throw to, evidenced by the pass to Underwood for our 4th TD going off his hands in the end zone? ---- Compared to the erratic, inaccurate cluelessness we've suffered thru with Freeman the last half decade, Glennon is a breath of fresh air. It's clear already that the IQ differential between Glennon and Freeman is worth 10-15 percentage points of greater pass completions --- Hopefully the nonsense from posters and reporters on this site about how Glennon has to win this game/last game/next game to prove himself will die down. It's Dom's fault, and the Glazer's fault, and hickey's fault, and Raheem's fault, and for now Schiano's fault, that there are so many holes on this team, not Mike's. For a rookie thrust into the starting QB job unexpectedly in mid season, he's playing great. Hopefully the media and posters will wake up and smell the java. Go Bucs.
  • avatar

    OL was a C because a lot of the running was on James not the OL. Sometimes Glennon had little time to pass. The Special Teams deserves a D because the Punter did not punt well; he was short a few times. Overall Haley it was good ratings. I still wish we had one for coaching. Schiano was a D'-, Sullivan an D+, and Sheridan an F.
  • avatar

    It's only a heartbreaker if Schiano doesn't get fired. Losing a 21 point lead should because you again got out-coached in the second half should be enough. Personally I'd like to see Schiano take the field on MNF just so the national TV audience can see how much he is hated, but at the same time I would assume this should do him in. What time is the press conference this afternoon?
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