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November 4, 2013 @ 9:44 am
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It's Clear That Schiano Hasn't Lost Bucs' Locker Room

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Sunday's spirited effort by the Bucs against the Seahawks in Tampa Bay's 27-24 overtimes loss is proof that head coach Greg Schiano has not lost the locker room. The play of rookie QB Mike Glennon is validating Schiano's decision to bench and release Josh Freeman and go with the rookie.
Taking the temperature in the Tampa Bay locker room a few weeks ago after the Bucs’ road loss to Atlanta, which sent them to 0-6, it seemed like beleaguered head coach Greg Schiano was losing the locker room. What looked like a listless performance by the Buccaneers in a 31-13 loss to Carolina on Thursday Night Football provided evidence to those, including PewterReport.com, that Schiano’s message was indeed getting lost on the players.

But something different happened on Thursday night that escaped the eye while it was happening live, but can be seen while re-watching the Panthers game. The usual frenetic and tightly wound Schiano was as calm as ever and not nearly as tightly wound on the sidelines against Carolina.

He appeared to have a much more calm and collected demeanor in Seattle as well, and his Buccaneers players actually played their best football of the year in the first three quarters of Sunday’s heartbreaking, 27-24 overtime loss in Seattle, breaking out to a 21-0 lead in the second quarter and enjoying a 24-14 lead heading into the fourth quarter.

Sunday’s effort and the high level of play through the first three quarters is as clear of an indication as one could get that Schiano has indeed NOT lost the locker room. As someone who has called for Schiano’s firing, I have to clearly admit that if I am to consider myself an objective reporter.

Sunday’s strong, out-of-the-gate performance comes on the heels of a conclusion the PewterReport.com staff made on Friday at One Buccaneer Place, yet failed to report. The Bucs locker room was as loose as we’ve seen it all year and the players were actually, um, confident heading into the buzzsaw that is noisy CenturyLink Field where Seattle had won 11 straight home games.

The Bucs players sounded anxious to go play the 7-1 Seahawks, and were far from dreading it. Externally, they appeared to believe in the offensive and defensive game plans. That was evident from the play in the first half of the confident Bucs as the offense, defense and special teams combined to race out to a 21-0 lead.

Also on Friday, a highly respected Bucs player mentioned to PewterReport.com that Schiano had eased up on practice that day, and several players during the week had told PewterReport.com off the record that Schiano had been loosening things up at practice over the past two weeks.

Is Schiano humbling himself and deciding to try a new approach because his old iron-fisted methods clearly haven’t worked? Or is he listening to the players’ advice about practice, and in turn, they are forming a better relationship with him?

Either way, it’s evident that Schiano has not lost the locker room based on how hard and confident the team played against the best team in the NFC. Yet there are no moral victories in the NFL. Sunday’s loss counts just the same as the other seven this year.

“It certainly hurts,” Schiano said. “Guys put forth a great effort – coaches and players. But at the end of the day, it’s about having more points than they do.

“There were a lot of things guys did right. Keith Tandy, I thought played really well, and Mark Barron. Mike James, I thought he ran very hard. Mike Glennon was very efficient running the show. The offensive line – it was the best job they’ve done in a while. There are a lot of good things that are encouraging and things that make me optimistic, but today it doesn’t look very optimistic.”

Schiano will find plenty of optimism when he watches the film. If Bucs fans are looking for optimism and hope that the Bucs will actually win a game this year under Schiano – and possibly another, and another, etc. – there were plenty of bright spots in Seattle.

First of all, the Bucs were as aggressive as they’ve been all year. Throwing into the end zone with a rookie quarterback against a Pro Bowl-caliber secondary, calling for a surprise onside kick and a halfback jump-pass by a rookie for a touchdown was as bold and imaginative as we’ve ever seen from a Schiano-coached team in Tampa Bay. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for a winless team littered with rookies on offense against a veteran team at home that seems poised to win homefield advantage in the NFC and make a strong run at the Super Bowl.

“When you play a very good football team the margin for error is very small,” Schiano said. “We did win the turnover battle, which we haven’t done this year. Usually that’s a good thing for us, and for most teams.”

Sunday’s game was right there for the Bucs to win as they had a 24-14 lead heading into the fourth quarter, but Golden Tate’s 71-yard punt return not only produced a field goal for Seattle, it produced some much-needed momentum for the Seahawks.

“The big punt return was a tough play,” Schiano said. “Third down in the first half we were almost perfect (7-of-8 offensively), and then in the second half we really tailed off (1-of-7 offensively).”

That’s a sign that despite the multitude of coaches the Bucs have, Schiano might want to look at replacing some – and perhaps even a coordinator or two – because Tampa Bay still continues to struggle when it comes to second-half adjustments. The Bucs just can’t seem to make the right plays on offense to extend drives or the right plays on defense to kill opponents’ drives in the fourth quarter.

“We have to find out,” Schiano said. “If I knew, it would be fixed. I think it’s a process. I don’t think it’s a single thing. It’s a process with people. We’ll figure it out.”

An objective look at the Bucs defense shows the team playing with two young safeties in Barron and Tandy, and despite some mistakes, they each made some plays. Barron led the team with 11 tackles and an interception. Tandy, who was filling in for injured Pro Bowler Dashon Goldson, had five tackles and his first career interception on the goal line in the fourth quarter.

The Bucs secondary is also playing with a Darrelle Revis that is not back to his old form yet, a rookie cornerback in Johnthan Banks and a couple of nondescript corners in Michael Adams and Danny Gorrer.

Tampa Bay’s defense just doesn’t have the athletes along the defensive line that can effectively chase down Russell Wilson when he broke down containment and scrambled six times for 36 yards and a touchdown on Sunday.

“We had opportunities to contain the quarterback and we didn’t,” Schiano said. “We have to get that down. That’s something that we have to get – a couple of key plays and he’s a guy that can expose you. Russell Wilson is as good of a mobile guy as there is in this league and we had him a couple of times and we let him out. I say let him out, he had a lot to do with it. We have to make sure we do everything we can do perfectly. Then if he still whips us, then he does.”

Glennon, who played with the scrambling Wilson at North Carolina State, admired how the Seahawks star rallied to score three touchdowns (two passing, one rushing) and pull Seattle from a 21-0 deficit to win in overtime.

“He played really well,” Glennon said. “He’s a big-time player. He makes that offense go. The few mistakes he made he bounced back and that shows you the kind of player he is.”

Defensive end Adrian Clayborn has three sacks on the season, but the team’s other defensive ends – Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, Da’Quan Bowers and rookie William Gholston – have combined for just one through eight games, and that’s a huge problem. Bowers, a former second-round pick, still can’t crack the starting lineup. This team still lacks a dynamic pass rusher with elite athleticism to play opposite the gritty Clayborn.

An objective look at the Bucs offense shows the absence of Pro Bowl guard Carl Nicks, Pro Bowl running back Doug Martin, playmaking wide receiver Mike Williams and speedy backup running back Jeff Demps, in addition to having right guard Davin Joseph play at less than 100 percent and less than his usual Pro Bowl level as he continues to recover from knee surgery in 2012 and a staph infection in 2013.

An objective look also shows that Tampa Bay started a rookie at quarterback in Glennon, a rookie at running back at James and a rookie at tight end in Tim Wright on Sunday against the best team in the NFC.

James was the surprise star of the show, rushing the ball for 158 yards on 28 carries (5.6 avg.) and throwing a 2-yard touchdown to tight end Tom Crabtree. It’s a shame he didn’t get more of a look in the fourth quarter and overtime from offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, who called a pretty good game for three quarters.

Wright caught his second touchdown in as many games and led the Bucs with four catches for 48 yards while Pro Bowl receiver Vincent Jackson was well covered. Jackson was so limited on Sunday that rookie wide receiver Skye Dawson was more productive with a 14-yard end around than Jackson was, catching just two passes for 11 yards.

Glennon completed 17-of-23 passes for 168 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions against an imposing Seahawks secondary in the most hostile environment the QB has ever faced.

“The job Mike Glennon did handling the noise was veteran-like,” Schiano said.

Glennon spread the ball around to six different players, getting running back Brian Leonard (four catches for 48 yards) and fullback Eric Lorig (two catches for 14 yards) involved in the passing game. Through five games, Glennon has raised his completion percentage to 60.3 while throwing for 1,165 yards.

With three more touchdowns in the remaining eight games, Glennon will surpass Josh Freeman and break Tampa Bay’s rookie record for TDs by a quarterback, which was set in 2009. Glennon is 16 passing yards away from moving into third place past Doug Williams (1,170 yards in 1978), and only 691 yards away from moving past Freeman (1,855 yards in 2009) and into first place as the franchise’s top rookie passer. He has eight games to do it, too.

Glennon is playing so well that it’s time to proclaim that Schiano definitely made the right call in benching Freeman and making the painful switch to a rookie quarterback four games into the season. Even the most ardent Freeman supporter has to realize that Glennon, despite not having Martin and Williams, is having a very good rookie season from a statistical standpoint and has clearly outplayed Freeman.

While Schiano took plenty of heat for benching and ultimately cutting Freeman, it was the right move, and Glennon’s high level of play with eight touchdowns and just three interceptions validates the move. Schiano has been vindicated, and his harshest critics – and PewterReport.com has been one of them – need to take a strong, objective look at that.

The team remains incredibly confident that an NFLPA investigation will conclude that the leaks about Freeman came from his own agent, and PewterReport.com is researching this issue and drawing that same conclusion, too. In the meantime, Glennon is playing good football at the quarterback position for the Buccaneers.

“We did some good things, but without the win, it hurts,” Glennon said. “We have to keep building on the positives and eliminate the negatives.”

Glennon said that the team needs to focus on the positives that came from hanging tough at Seattle.

“We have to,” Glennon said. “We have no other choice, but to find the positives and build on those. Ultimately, it’s about wins and losses, and we didn’t win. I think there are some good things we’ve done in this game and going forward, but it’s about wins and losses.”

Behind the scenes it appears Schiano is turning things around and creating a better working atmosphere at One Buccaneer Place. The result was the effort from his players playing harder and better on the road against one of the most talented teams in the NFL.

But the result was also a loss – the eighth of the season, and the 13th in the last 14 Tampa Bay games.

“We have to close out. We have to close out. There is nothing to say but that, we have to close out!” Revis said. “Especially with a team that is one of the best teams in the NFL. Their record speaks for them. They have great players on their team. When you have a team down like that you have to choke them out. You have to choke them out because great teams come back, and they are a great team. They fought back, great teams do fight back.”

If Schiano doesn’t find a way to get the Bucs to close out and win games soon, he’ll be out.

But until that day comes, expect the players to continue to play hard for him. I’ve come to learn that what Gerald McCoy and Goldson said last week about Schiano not losing the locker room wasn’t just lip service and the company line from Tampa Bay’s defensive captains.

It’s the truth.

And Sunday’s hard-fought effort in Seattle was proof.
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    I can see three wins; Miami with their problems and 40% of their O-Line gone. St Louis in the next to the last week going for draft position and finally New Orleans. If the Saints have nothing to gain or lose before the playoffs, they're going to sit everyone, at least until Drew gets his one passing TD to extend his record. So yeah, 3 wins and most likely a mediocre over paid draft pick.
  • avatar

    I'm glad our team played hard - I would expect that from professionals. I hope it continues for the next eight games. So, while the performance against the Seahawks was heartening IT WAS STILL A LOSS! We are 0 - 8. The team needs to win more than "four out of the last eight games...". 4 - 12 is an awful record, folks, and does NOT merit retaining the HC job. The handling and coaching of this team has been bungled since last year's losing streak. Some may believe Schiano is changing his style and now the Bucs are on the verge of big "coombya" moment. Whatever...As I've said before, it's all about wins. And we don't have any. If we get wins (more than four), then maybe Schiano keeps his job. However, as of right now, he certainly doesn't deserve it.
  • avatar

    I love the fact that there are many, many comments. Serious football fans. _________________ I am not "football" knowledgeable enough to judge pro football coaches and players. But, I am old enough to make some judgments based on general life experiences. (66 and retired) :>) ___________________________ I have not read all the comments yet. But I do agree that we should now give the team, coaches and staff the rest of the season to turn things around. I saw a lot of improvement against a team that has a real good chance to get a Super Bowl win this year. --- If you watched Coughlin and the Giants, they" won one" only after he was intelligent enough to lighten up a bit. For anyone it is still OJT (on the job training) when you step from college to pro level.
  • avatar

    As the BUCS look forward to next years draft and free agent class, Mike Glennon has proven to be a first class quarterback and Tim Wright has clearly shown promise as a tight end. Scratch those positions off the draft list!!! Let's remember, Joseph, Nicks and Revis will return and fully healed from last years physical problems, so scratch those positions off the draft list as well. Mike James has been a pleasant surprise at running back and Leonard was a very good free agent acquisition. In 2014 the primary focus must be on acquiring a pass rush....from the defensive tackle position and defensive end position. Once that has been secured, 2014 will be a very bright year for BUCS fans!!!
  • avatar

    Scott, I too thought he had lost the locker room and I agree that the spirited first half shows the team is playing hard and not giving up. Whether they are playing for the Coach or playing for each other to just get a win is hard to call, but your observation that it appears he has been lightening up at his practice sessions may be a sign that Schiano is finally trying to get the team going and they may have reacted positively to that, and if so, I was wrong too. But that has not changed my opinion one Iota that Schiano and Sheridan must go. They both are responsible for poor schemes in the second half of games to just avoid losing. Schiano has to have not conditioned his players for stamina so they can play four full quarters. They always run out of gas at the critical 4th quarter, and that is unacceptable. It will also result in their losing every ball game. But the first half shows we have the athletes to win now, and with a first pick next year we should get a franchise QB, a great pass rusher, and a TE, and of course, NEW COACHES! If we miss on one of those positions we should be able to get a good free agent for that position. We can have a Kansas City worst to first season next year!
  • avatar

    As I have been writing, for the last four weeks, Mark Cook and Scott Reynolds calling for Coach Schiano's head was wrong. The decision to release Freeman was the right decision by Schiano as well and Cook and Reynolds were wrong! It will be proven that Freeman released the information about his own drug program, to force the BUCS to release him and place the blame on Schiano....and again, Cook and Reynolds were wrong! Even now, Freeman has been passed over by the Vikings and sits on the sidelines as the third quarterback. Glennon is playing great for a rookie and the decision by Schiano and Dominik, to draft him, has been validated. I once wrote that Schiano reminds me of Tom Coughlin and now, he is finally listening to his players and the attitudes of all have changed. The BUCS have lost this year, however, Schiano will win four out of the last eight games and build a solid off-season for 2014. I clearly enjoy Pewter Report's bloggers, however, Mark Cook and Scott Reynolds don't have a clue. GO BUCS!!!
  • avatar

    And if we are wrong we will be the first to admit it. No problem doing that at all. Personally I would prefer to be wrong. I like coach on a personal level. There is a ton of collateral damage when coaches get fired. They understand it is part of the job, but these guys all have families and disrupting their lives is nothing I enjoy seeing..And if you have read the chats and some of my board posts, I have placed a lot of the blame squarely on Freeman.
  • avatar

    "While Schiano took plenty of heat for benching and ultimately cutting Freeman, it was the right move, and Glennon’s high level of play with eight touchdowns and just three interceptions validates the move. Schiano has been vindicated, and his harshest critics – and PewterReport.com has been one of them – need to take a strong, objective look at that. __________________________________________________________________ The above tells me, that simply because the players put forth a great effort PewterReport has suddenly changed its stance on Schiano's future here in Tampa. While I'll agree that dumping Freeman was probably the correct move, it doesn't change the fact that Schiano just plain didn't like him. Kind of like Michael Bennett, LaGarette Blount and others. Just because the players haven't quit does NOTHING to hide what a miserable job Schiano is doing. I'm all for being objective, But we're looking @ 0-8 today. So if we somehow beat the Dolphins Monday night, are you all going to start comparing Schiano to Tony Dungy's 0-5 record to start his coaching tenure here?
  • avatar

    It looks like Scott's trying to say we should keep Schiano, while on joebucsfan.com Joe's making a hardy plea to keep Dominick! What the heck is wrong with you two? This is as miserable of a coaching staff as you'll find anywhere in the league. What's disturbing is, PewterReport.com and JoeBucsFan.com BOTH know this, yet, they've both suddenly decided to loft creampuffs for the Glazers to read! I thought BOTH of these sites were run by Buc fans FOR Buc fans. What gives Scott? I'm not buying what you're saying here for a freaking minute! How many points did we see in the second half? You're actually going to sit there with a straight face and tell us Schiano didn't lose that game with questionable coaching and a complete lack of 2nd half adjustments? Look, I get that the players aren't quitting, but is that really due to Schiano, or the fact that they're Professionals and are acting like it? So.......I suppose we should keep Schiano despite a 2-14 record (or worse) simply because the players never quit?
  • avatar

    I fail to see where SR says anything about the Bucs should keep Schiano. Amazing what people read into things. All he was doing was reporting that players are still playing hard for Schiano despite what we questioned earlier in this season. ----"If Schiano doesn’t find a way to get the Bucs to close out and win games soon, he’ll be out." ---- I think that is pretty clear.
  • avatar

    @matador - you can have your own opinion but not your own facts. " how wrong you were with all of your early season posts"????? Such as? I was the guy calling for Schiano to go last year. I was the guy saying take nothing for granted because this is a league of parity. I was the guy saying while I don't know how the season will go I was confident it would not go as the experts predicted with Falcons on top and Panthers on the bottom. Certainly I have not forecasted everything correctly - I said the difference would be injuries and turnovers but in reality coaching has proven to be an even bigger factor. It's good to hear your opinion that Glennon will be a star - my opinion is he won't. And as for Freeman - look again at my posts "Freeman is average but good enough for us to win some games"...stand by that! Not sure where you get all this "full throated" language from but that probably says more about you.
  • avatar

    Wow, we have really lowered our standards here. At least Shiano hasn't lost the locker room. We should give him more time as coach. Come on Pewter Report. Next weeks article is going to say at least Shiano didn't crap his pants during the game, we should give him more time as coach. And lets get real. The 21 point lead was a gift. Glennon throws a pick and somehow it is defensive pass interference, along with several other questionable calls against the Seahawks. Then a fumbled kick. Then a few more penalties that went the Bucs way. But even with a 21 point lead, Shiano and staff figure out a way to blow the game. This is the worst coaching staff ever. This is a very talented team. We should be talking playoffs about now, not searching for something good to say and coming up with, at least Shiano hasn't lost the locker room. I hope we keep this dummy until the end of the year and get a top draft pick and a good coach. See ya Shiano. I am looking forward to seeing the national TV audience boo Shiano out of the stadium on Monday night. That will be the most fun us Bucs fans have had all year.
  • avatar

    Yesterday's loss came to no surprise to me,even with a 21 point lead.When the announcer mentioned that the Seahawks have NEVER returned from a 21 or more point deficit and won- as soon as this was said,I knew it was over.. This team is comical- they execute then they bumble,bumble then execute ..I can't tell either way if the players are for or against coach,if they are trying to sink or swim- at this point with all the drama and lack luster play,I really just don't care either way..Why pour myself into the season when the team I back doesn't seem to pour themselves into the season?Why care? crap sandwiches are not to my liking,sorry Glazer brothers..In fact crap sandwiches don't appeal to most people- so why do the Glazers and the Bucs keep tryin to feed em to us?The front office team is just like the one they field- they execute then bumble and repeat- over and over again..win or lose,us the fans will continue to lose until things seriously change with this team.the staph infection drama is fitting- when your house is unkept,problems arise..Seems like the Bucs have both a staph issue and a staff issue...Im glad that Basketball is starting- hopefully my Pistons can bring some sports joy to my life...
  • avatar

    Every week we get one step closer to drafting jadaveon clowney....We've gotten robbed of calvin johnson and suh in the past. Keep schiano so we get some good draft picks. Our defense could be stellar with clowney and some DB depth and revis a year back from injury. I dont know where to start with this coaching staff
  • avatar

    "Let's be honest with ourselves", EEB says. Indeed. EEB was a full throated Freeman supporter till the bitter end. Probably doesn't even recognize how telling it is that Freeman is carrying Ponder's clipboard in MN. Now EEB informs us, with similar insight, that Glennon is a backup. --- Hmmm… What I see is a bright and accurate passer with good height, albeit one that needs to hit the weight room with passion in the offseason. I see someone who got thrown into a debacle a third of the way into his rookie season, who is getting better as the weeks go by. ---- And, importantly, I see a roster constructed of far more misses than hits on draft day by Dom, Hickey & Associates that cannot afford to take a high 1st round QB next yr, when we're already sitting with one of the most promising rookie QBs we've had here in our inglorious history. Instead, we need to trade out of our top 5-ish slot in next yr's draft to get more picks in rounds 1-3 and bolster our OL in a big way. With your plan, who will be blocking for said QB? To whom will he throw? Who among our existing DL squad is going to be pressuring the opposing QB to bet said superstar the ball back? ----- And what is the hit rate for 1st round QBs, anyway, do you really want to waste that time and cap space on a tossup when you have someone who looks better than 'Forceball Freeman' after 4 games vs 4 seasons for FF? ---- Think about how completely wrong you were with all of your early season posts, watch more carefully, and avoid snap, emotional, poorly reasoned reactions. In other words, give it (and us) a rest.
  • avatar

    @matador...and 1 more reply just because you chose to attack me for some reason, which I don't understand...did I wrong you in another life or something... While the hit rate for QBs in the 1st round is around 50/50 for all time (a bit higher in recent years), it drops off a cliff for rounds 2 and on...there was only 1 Tom Brady. And just for the record, the hit rate for DL in the 1st round, which you seem to be suggesting is a pancea for our problems, is much worse than 50/50....and the hit rate for 1-3 round OL is absolutely attrocious. And what difference does it make if Glennon is "better" than Freeman - who cares - they are both average (IMO). So yes, when a QB class like 2014 comes along I do think we should "take a chance" (still the best odds for any position) on Teddy Bridgewater or Brett Hundley or Marcus Mariota....because a hit at QB can turn around our fortunes (ask Indy or Washington if they are improved because of their QBs or their lines). 5 more years with Glennon - who is fine, just not good enough to start IMO - when we could have had a huge upgrade at the MOST IMPORTANT position by far (a chance that not every team gets) would be a massive waste of the opportunity....IMO....was that well reasoned enough for you as to why we should pick a QB (not a lineman) and put Glennon as the backup....and can we please stop with the personal attacks - everyone can post their opinions - ...Thx.
  • avatar

    Now that is the SR I have come to know all these years! I respect you manning up. I am not a fan of the coach but he really has dealt with many issues this year. I also agree regarding some assistants, including coordinators should be fired. Maybe he does get fired but if he does for the right reasons. Truth is there are many factors to all this and we simply do not have all the facts. Losing your so called franchise QB for performance issues during the reason makes it tough. Although I could really care less about most these posters on here as they cannot see anything beyond there nose I do enjoy your well thought out articles...keep them coming.
  • avatar

    Just connecting the dots.. And there were reports out there saying the bucs tried to trade Freeman. And it took quite some time to get Revis. So maybe there were talks with the Jets? Because, if the Bucs could have traded for Revis in exchange for Freeman, than it would have been great for Bucs (retaining the high draft picks and could have "build" the team. Also: Maybe Rex Ryan wasn´t on a hot seat by any means. They just played with our GM! The Jets loaded; got 1st rounder + 3rd rounder and everyone knows Rex Ryan is as good of a defensive coach as it gets! their GM didn´t want to make life hard for Rex by trading Revis, it just was very smart business, with an old bad injured CB and an eye on the future.. remember it was close before the NFL draft and smart NFL teams may have already known how desperate the Bucs wanted to shop Freeman. (no team would be interested in trading their "franshise QB" who "is our guy"). well shiano didn´t lie, but they also didn´t play it smart..
  • avatar

    Just connecting the dots.. And there were reports out there saying the bucs tried to trade Freeman. And it took quite some time to get Revis. So maybe there were talks with the Jets? Because, if the Bucs could have traded for Revis in exchange for Freeman, than it would have been great for Bucs (retaining the high draft picks and could have "build" the team. Also: Maybe Rex Ryan wasn´t on a hot seat by any means. They just played with our GM! The Jets loaded; got 1st rounder + 3rd rounder and everyone knows Rex Ryan is as good of a defensive coach as it gets! their GM didn´t want to make life hard for Rex by trading Revis, it just was very smart business, with an old bad injured CB and an eye on the future...
  • avatar

    After reading this whole page - here comes sth. about "The Freeman Storry" - remember how a PewterReportReporter said sth. like: "In all the years here, he never acted like that" about Josh F. Well, it was crystal clear Shiano didn´t want Freeman to be his QB (rightly so) BUT: Shiano has not had the balls to dump Free. Instead, they made him look very bad on field, throwing him under the bus in public; not for good sake for the team. Freeman saw/knew what was going on (like i´ve said before: the team had no chance at all, from the beginning of the season, unlike some fans are unwilling to accept. Shiano had 4 years remaining on his contract. One poster already wrote sth. like: they are doing it on occasion.. Hell he is so freaking right!!! This is a plot. But i don´t know for what... NFL´s sports entertainment storytelling is harder to figure out than the one of the Wrestlings league). Have they given Freeman any help (TE; 3rd WR)? Hey, they are also reporting "Sullivans offense does not put big emphasis on TE´s" - yeah right. Whos´ offense would rely on all 11 players on the field? That´s too futuristic : ) Heck and the way too bad playcalling?? Now, they couldn´t suddenly change from one day to another and suddenly call plays for real. It was a slow process, so that people don´t realize.. Suddenly we got the rising Tim Wright (TE).... It´s just smellz, but it smells like big BS! Sabotage!
  • avatar

    EastEndBoy wrote: "a starting NFL QB does not stumble backwards, roll left and throw the ball 10 yards out of bounds on 3rd and 2 on our last drive of the 4th quarter" you're right on there brother, that's something a ROOKIE would do. A rookie that is trying to not lose the game by making an errant pass that gets picked off. which last time I checked, he still is a ROOKIE with only 5 regular season games under his belt which he has also gotten consistently better throughout playing. Mr. Freetard staring ya down hard was the back-up at best and now the Vikings can learn that the hard way. You have NO legitimate basis for labeling Glennon a back-up at best with only 5 games under his belt. NONE.
  • avatar

    @buc4life - that's the sort of excuse that lands teams with a mediocre QB for 5 years. Let's not even bring Mr Luck or RGIII into this, let's just look at the guy on the other side of the field Sunday and look at what he did as a Rookie - Wilson will never be elite but he is a starting calibre QB and as a Rookie was miles ahead of Glennon, especially when the game was on the line. Saying that Glennon is excused from several 4th quarter blunders (I just pointed out the last one that truly killed us in the last game) because he's a Rookie grossly understates the play of Rookie QBs in the NFL in today's day and age. Never mind Tannehill (last year) or Manuel as rookies, even Gino Smith has four wins and a number of those on 4th quarter comebacks. We need a real QB in the upcoming draft and Glennon can be our backup, anything else and we'll be drafting in the top 10 for years to come. And as for some "legitmate basis" for labelling him a backup (and by the way, I will revise that to be "a fine backup") how about: 26th best QBR, 30th best completion percentage, 22nd best yards per game. In reality while I thought of Freeman as an average QB who could win some games, I probably think of Glennon the same way - but neither can win with this coaching staff....and if we draft a premiere QB in 2014 we have a shot at getting back to being a top calibre team and not just a possible playoff team.
  • avatar

    Davin Joseph has been battling a staph infection? Did I read that right?
  • avatar

    Let gives the HC another week or two. I thought it was the best effort in a very long time.I really believe Tampa will be a very dangerous the rest of the season.Finally the offense woke up. Tampa has found another running back. And a good QB. So lets go after the best player available when Tampa drafts in May 2014. If Tampa has a chance to get that DE from South Carolina lets get him unless someone else is far better.OR HOW ABOUT DROPING DOWN IN ROUND ONE FOR MULT PICKS. AND IN RD 2 DO THE SAME GETS MULT PICKS FOR PLAYERS THAT CAN HELP TAMPA IN 2014. PLUS GO AFTER THE QUALITY VETERANS WHO IS NOT SCARE TO COME TO TAMPA.LOOK AT REVIS HE IS THE REAL DEAL-GO BUCS.
  • avatar

    1) Schiano may not have lost the locker room, but he (and his band of merry coaches) are not good at coaching...it's that simple...the play calls were horrendous yesterday - did any of you honestly think we were going to win when we were up 21 points, or did you think "I bet Schiano goes ultra conservative now and lets the Seahawks back in this one, only to beat us at the end"....say what you want about how good the hawks are, we let them back in the game squarely. 2) Glennon is a backup, let's be honest with ourselves....a starting NFL QB does not stumble backwards, roll left and throw the ball 10 yards out of bounds on 3rd and 2 on our last drive of the 4th quarter....he just doesn't...find a way to get the 2 yards! Glennon was good in the first half and terrible in the second when we needed someone to overcome the awful play calling....it's not all his fault, he needs some help from the coaches and doesn't get it. Anyway....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and Chirp!!!!
  • avatar

    Thank you SR for showing me that you can be truly objective and can recognize and report objectively about the best 0-8 team in the NFL...( now I will objectively consider renewing my PR insider subscription) for everyone here that refuses to not take in any of the obvious positives from yesterdays game, have fun always dwelling in negativity, which is really sad but the mindset of the world these days I guess...One big point Scott I wish someone from PR would touch on is the fact of our draft picks and the return on investment in draft picks since Schiano has been here. Dominik and Raheem...where are their draft picks today?? They got lucky with GMC literally falling in their laps at #3, beyond that, where are Dom and Raheem's draft picks today?? What was the return on investment with the players they selected?? What has been the return on investment with our draft picks the past 2 years now with Schiano and Dominik?? Our draftees are actually contributing and in major ways...Harbor all the hostility towards Schiano that you want, the man knows FOOTBALL PLAYERS and will keep bringing them in to One Buc as long as he's here. And I believe what I can see with my own eyes and what I see is a team that is still having fun, playing hard, and most importantly, is HUNGRY for a win. We almost put up a win against arguably the best team in the NFC and possibly the entire NFL, yeah we fell short because we are not where they are yet, but the players believe their coach will get them there eventually as evidenced by their play, and that should be all that matters, but unfortunately, when you have one of the WORST fan bases in the NFL, it isn't.
  • avatar

    Buc4life79, close is only good in horse shoes and hand grenades. Why are you so supportive of Mr. Schiano? Why drag Raheem Morris into this? How do you know they are "still having fun,..." "...the players believe their coach will get them there evenutually.."; where is the proof of that? What player(s) have shown any public support? "...the man knows FOOTBALL PLAYERS..."; If that is the case then why was he coaching at Rutgers? If he was that good then why did he not go to a better and more successful program? What are your thoughts on his lack of control on the side lines? Do you think this might upset his players when they look over and see a lack of calmness? Could you please state some arguments as to why you think he might be successful in Tampa Bay? By the way, none of this is personal. I just want to see your thoughts. I have this very bad feeling about what is going to happen in the stadium on national tv next Monday night.
  • avatar

    He's still 0-8 and hence not good enough at his job to keep it. I hope we do, but I don't think we'll win a game this year.
  • avatar

    Schiano hasn't lost the locker room yet. But I think the guys are playing for pride. I think the Bucs players are professionals. Even if they don't trust believe in the coach, they are going to play hard. Good for them. Schiano still needs to go...
  • avatar

    "While Schiano took plenty of heat for benching and ultimately cutting Freeman, it was the right move, and Glennon’s high level of play with eight touchdowns and just three interceptions validates the move. Schiano has been vindicated, and his harshest critics – and PewterReport.com has been one of them – need to take a strong, objective look at that" BS! This kid is just a caretaker QB who can't make plays under pressure. The running game saved the day. Glennon mostly dumps the ball off and throws short passes. He went deep once. At least Freeman played well at the end when it counted and more often than not put the Bucs in a situation to win the game. Schiano's decision making is terrible; he is a bully who gets rid of players that could help the team, but they won't knuckle under to him. He does not have the guts to bench a good starting player. In my opinion he does not have the self confidence to succeed. You noticed how he made sure the cameras followed him by running out on the field numerous times probably because he thought the Bucs had a chance to win. It's unfortunate that other readers who may have coached do not comment more on his lack of control on the sidelines. If I was playing for him I would be worried because he normally does not give off any signs of control. If he yells at anybody on tv it seems that the person is a special teams player. I'm beginning to wonder if this is not some sort of setup by the Glazers to piss your city and fans off. That way they could either move to LA, or to London, England. To me this whole situation is more devastating than when Dungy got fired. I wasn't angry, but very sad.
  • avatar

    If he loses the locker room, then he can find it again easily by following the hazmat suits! Losing the locker room is not really the losing that I am concerned about. Schian Ofer8 here is a hint... when something is working, keep doing it until it isn't working any more.
  • avatar

    One hard played game and we are ready to give Schiano a pass. To me it was the same, get the lead and go into our shell. When you have a 21 point lead and seem to play not to lose the game instead of trying to win the game you will lose most of the time. The secondary is terrible, the pass rush is terrible and our win total is terrible. Glennon played a good first half but cannot throw the ball deep. Glennon is a good back up QB and thats it. Looking for a top two pick next year and a new QB, GM and HC next year.
  • avatar

    I'm sorry but this article is born of Scott's guilt over being hard on Schiano. I'm not sure if the other writers have given you the fish eye about calling for his job or what but this is pretty weak. Just because you have told the truth about this situation and called this coaching staff to account does not then morally obligate you to point out every slightly positive occurrence in a game or at OBP so that you can still look in the mirror and call yourself objective. This is the big leagues, and"World Class" is the standard at every position, especially the coach. Don't get weak-kneed on us now, SR. You've done Bucs fans a service up to now by yelling that the Emperor has no clothes. Don't stop because he's got a sock on.
  • avatar

    @Mr I...it sure sounds like it to me too....sorry Scott.
  • avatar

    I had the same thought a A-Bomb that it was odd that after his performance last year, Meredith languished on the bench.
  • avatar

    Strangely, I was tremendously encouraged by the performance on Sunday. Not surprised Seattle came back given our lack of pass rush and what appears to be Glennon's lack of self confidence. Since we are definitely out of the playoff hunt, is a moral victory worth so much less than an actual one? I am not so sure. Personally, I like the idea of a top three draft pick either to get a pass rushing defensive end or to trade down with for two number one picks. Give me an A or an F!
  • avatar

    The effort yesterday speaks to the professionalism of the players. Even though it is a bad situation, they are showed up to play hard in a tough environment. But the problems with the systems persist. Schiano and/or his assistants just don't do enough to put their players in a position to succeed. No second half touchdowns by the offense in 8 games is not a coincidence, it is a reflection of the staff's inability to make effective adjustments. But my biggest question from yesterday is this: why did it take so long to get Meredith back in the line up?
  • avatar

    Professionalsim, or because of good leadership, playing for each other, and to hell with the bully.
  • avatar

    Horse, I doubt they have 4 or 5 wins in them,if they do I don't think it's enough to keep this crew in charge.
  • avatar

    I keep hearing this thing about not losing the locker room. News Flash! Every coach is supposed to have his locker room and I have once to hear this said about any other NFL team – “but he hasn’t lost the locker room” except the Bucs. When did the NFL start giving out awards for having the locker room? You have got to win football games! The epitaph on the tombstone of an unsuccessful canyon jumper reads – “Hey give the guy a break, he almost made it”. I could give a rats about whether he hasn’t lost the locker room. I care that we are 0-8 this season and 1 win in the last 14 games. Somebody has to be held accountable. What happened to TBA – Trust, Belief, and Accountability? So please, spare me the commercial and give me the product that was promised when the Glazers spent nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in free agency the last two years. I repeat - there is no Lombardi trophy for still having the locker room!
  • avatar

    The money on Jackson is now wasted because Glennon can't/won't/is too scared to throw deep like Freeman was able to. I'm still waiting for the investigation of the Freeman leaks. Are these other players injured, or do they have staph infections. Wait until the MNF game.
  • avatar

    @macabee...well said!
  • avatar

    players have too much pride to keep on losing they came out playing hard & got a good lead... schiano & his staff had little to do with the way the team played LOL other than not putting them in place to hold on to a 21 point lead
  • avatar

    I think yesterday was most depressing. Not even a twenty one point lead is safe. Failing here and failing there .. Ugh Bucs
  • avatar

    Two big problems yet to resolve: pass rush and half time adjustments. Schiano might be able to stay IF he fires Sheridan and wins 4-5 games.
  • avatar

    I don't blame this all on Sheridan. Do you not think that the bully is telling him what to do? What did he say to Glennon towards the end of the game when the roof fell in? Don't screw this up? Be extra careful that you don't make a mistake? Don't throw an interception, or fumble the ball? The young fellow did not perform in the clutch. Surely, we can't believe that he will lead the Bucs to the promised land? Better to take a chance in the draft, or better yet, get an experience FA QB. By the way, if the team does draft one of these hotshot college QBs, we are back to rebuilding, and the better players are the older ones. It does not take long for these DCs to figure out how to handle these novice QBs.
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