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November 4, 2013 @ 5:24 pm
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Schiano Addresses Conservative Claim

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
It was another tough loss on Sunday in Seattle after Tampa Bay fell 27-24 in overtime. Now 0-8, the season is more than over and it was their conservative play calling that got them their eighth loss of the season. 
Head coach Greg Schiano has answered questions regarding the team’s play calling after each game this season. After Sunday’s overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks, it was much of the same but this time the team was close to a victory for the first time this season. 

The Buccaneers jumped out in front to a 21-0 lead against Seattle in the second quarter. After the aggressive play calling that jumped them out in front quickly, it seemed as if Tampa Bay dialed it back which allowed Seattle to get back in the game.

In his day-after-game press conference, Schiano touched on the conservative approach, first explaining the Bucs decision to not attempt to score just before the first half and bristled at the suggestion the Bucs has "nothing to lose."

“Well, I look at every game as a one-game season, so there’s a win and a loss to be had,” Schiano said. “So I don’t take that approach. But the end of the first half, I didn’t think it was prudent. They had just scored. We’re up 21-0, now it’s 21-7. There’s no reason to make it 21-10, 21-14 by giving them the football. We didn’t have good field position. At the end of the game, I thought we continued to be aggressive. A reverse may seem aggressive or some kind of jump pass, but I think aggressive can be a lot of different ways.” 

Part of the reason for Seattle’s comeback was the pressure given off by the Seahawks’ defense which prevented success on third downs in the second half.

“The thing that we were mentioning about the third down, we had some guys open on some different plays that we haven’t shown, and we just couldn’t get the ball off,” Schiano said. “A lot of times as a play-caller, you keep some things in your holster for the end of the game, second half, end of the game, fourth quarter. I thought Sully (Mike Sullivan) – both he and Bill (Sheridan) did a good job of holding something back. Unfortunately, we just didn’t execute it. It was something they hadn’t seen. It was open. We didn’t protect.”

Rookie quarterback Mike Glennon commanded the game well. Going into a hostile environment, the offense functioned properly in a hostile setting with Glennon under center. Schiano talked about his rookie quarterback’s poise.

“I think he’s more than managing,” Schiano said. “That game management thing – manager thing – is kind of a left-handed compliment a lot of times to a quarterback and he’s doing a heck of a lot more than that. That end of game we had receivers open and he was ready to deliver the ball and one time he got run over into his legs. That’s not one of those things you can anticipate when you slide up into the pocket. It’s unfortunate because I think that drive he was going to do that and we get it out to almost midfield before the end of regulation. Then we have a third down in the overtime that is there but we can’t get it off. Yeah he has to do it but we all have to do it.”

Glennon’s performance is one of a few things Bucs players and coaches are looking at to build off of. Schiano described the mood amongst the team after Sunday’s loss and how they are looking forward to playing next week.

“Disappointment, number one,” Schiano said. “Anticipation to get to do it again – we have to wait an extra day but the team can’t wait to get back to play. They are excited about some of the things happening right now both in the locker room and on the field. You know like I said in the beginning it’s a team that’s coming together more and more as we go and we just need to keep going, get some of these older guys back and mix them with the guys that have been given an opportunity. I think it’s a good combination. There’s promise but you have to go out there and win. Still have to win.”

The Bucs had a shot to get their first victory of the season against Carolina in front of a nationally televised audience but were not successful. They have another shot at that next week on Monday night against the Miami Dolphins. If they play at the same level they did in Seattle, they could very well get their first win.
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    First, I had no issue with not trying to do anything right before half-time, they did not have good field position and I was just happy they didn't give the ball back to the Seahawks.

    But here is where I have an issue. For the first 2 1/2 quarters the offense wasn't completely predictable for once, then, right on schedule, they fell back into the same stupid offensive play calling they always do.

    Attention the ENTIRE NFL. If the Bucs throw on first down and don't get a first down, then on second down they WILL RUN every single time as long as the game is somewhat close. EVERY time for 8 weeks they do the EXACT same thing. Additionally they will almost always run to the right of center, being off guard or off tackle. EVERYTIME they will run. If I know that, guess who else knows that? The people that are paid to know that.

    So Seattle knows exactly what the Bucs will do, stuff the 2nd down run, now it's 3rd and long and the Game Manager isn't able to do anything. No offense to Glennon there, but he is what he is at this point of his career.
  • avatar

    @ owlykat...I agree.
  • avatar

    To any who want to fire DOM, don't forget it was DOM who saw promise in a 5th round running back named Mike who had very little production in Miami where he was nothing but a back up. He didn't even make any of the Draft magazines when I was trying to figure out who he was and I didn't hear any experts who thought that was a smart pickup in the 5th round either, so what did he do in the Seattle game but explode for 158 yards! DOM also picked Doogie who will be a Pro Bowler, LB David who should be a Pro Bowler this year, our first round safety from last year who played like an All Pro in Seattle, a real All Pro in McCoy, and also got us Revis, a perennial All Pro and the best at his position in the NFL, and our hard hitting All Pro Safety from the 49ers with already having Super Bowl experience. So he is making hot picks in the draft, and can find diamonds deep in the draft, and pick up top quality Free Agents. We are LUCKY to HAVE HIM! He has nothing to do with these quality athletes not being conditioned for stamina to play four quarters or the dumb calls of Schiano or his DC Sheridan. They are the ones who have to go.
  • avatar

    @Owlykat: So Dom has drafted a handfull of players who have made this team. Nearly all of us posters as well as Mel Kiper could have done that! What about the ton of players he has drafted (like Bowers, Price & Banks) that have been total busts?? Sometimes your posts are good, but crediting Dom for good work and your continually wanting the Bucs to bring in Tebow certainky give me pause.
  • avatar

    James was a 6th round pick.
  • avatar

    Iam very disappointed in how Tampa loss the game.They should have put the nail in the coffin.I have coach youth basketball as a volunteer and I could have done a better job then this coach from College ranks,He is not worth the $5 million a year.Buy Him Out Glazers,Promote Butch Davis to HC the rest of the season. It seems that tampa has a chance to raise up and upset Seattle. Don't everyone remember. Who was the team that won first. It was Seattle not Tampa Bay. One other thing Tampa players some are giving 100% and some are not. If some of these players that make all this money, and a young player like James wants the job give him the job. Sometimes players are in the fast tempo, and some times they need to sit on the bench. Come on Tampa win this coming Monday nite vs state rival Miami. Lets start off to a 21-0 and pile the pts on-GO Bucs GLH
  • avatar

    I remember the days when this offense was billed as one that ran the ball and took shots down the field. We saw that in the first half and we saw results. Even if we had to leave an extra TE of RB in for pass coverage we should have been able to pass the ball for more chunk plays than we did in the 2nd half. We have a coach that hasn't won very often in this league and he gets a lead and tries to sit on it until time runs out. It hasn't worked in the 2 years he has been here so Im not sure how he can rationalize doing it each time we have a winnable game yet losing it. We all know what it means if you do the exact same thing every week and expect different results.
  • avatar

    What ever, it just is not working. So we can keep pounding our head into the wall or maybe go in a new direction. What is smash mouth football? that is just plain stupid. this Tampa 2- prevent defense just will not work. This GM has got to go!!!
  • avatar

    Yawn...we lost again,what's done is done..lets gameplan for next weeks bumble..lets get creative with the excuses next week- really push the envelop ...
  • avatar

    Louden, I agree completely. Taking every game one at a time, and you are up 21-7 with a 1:45 clock left in the first half, and you have zero wins is nuts what he did. This will never be more than an 8-8 team in any season if Schiano has this type of mentality. I call this lousy coaching and 0-8 proves it.
  • avatar

    Please, even if this team is going to win all of the games left, i don´t want to hear Shiano was right when he said "we are going to win our share" - and therefore we should retrain him.. Also the great coaches he learned from and/or hired for the Bucs (Butch Davis, Wannstedt, Sheridan) they all did nothing great in their previous HC jobs. No long time vision. A average HC with average staff = not build for big success. shiano: "..but I think aggressive can be a lot of different ways.” You need to be aggressive on defense and creative/inovative/smart on offense, depending on your personal, smart may be enough...
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