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November 5, 2013 @ 10:28 am
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Bucs' Most Impressive And Disappointing Vs. Seattle

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Which players played like a team that was 7-0 instead of 0-7? And which players directly helped contribute to the Bucs 0-8 record as it currently stands? Find out what PewterReport.com thinks in this weekly postgame feature.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can't buy a win right now. Even a 21-0 lead was not enough as Tampa Bay crumbled under the spotlight and pressure on the stage at CentryLink Field on Sunday, losing in overtime to the Seahawks. There were some bright spots however, but also some players that failed to produce at critical times.

RB Mike James
The Buccaneers coaching staff admitted they got away from running the football against the Panthers last week and vowed to change that against Seattle on Sunday. They were true to their word for the most part, and came into CentryLink Field with an emphasis on running the ball with the rookie from Miami, but only gave him three carries in the fourth quarter.

James ran with toughness, and always seemed to generate positive yardage, even when met in the backfield by a defensive player. James appears to be lacking that extra gear that special backs have, but no one, including the coaching staff, could have predicted a 28-carry effort resulting in 158 yards. James also added two receptions for eight yards and tossed a touchdown pass to Tom Crabtree in the first half.

While the loss of running back Doug Martin to a shoulder injury stings, the pain has been lessened by James’ effort over the last two games.

S Mark Barron
Some have commented the play of Mark Barron sufferred last week without fellow safety Dashon Goldson in the lineup and perhaps that was true – last week. Barron looked more like Goldson on Sunday against the Seahawks than Goldson has looked like himself lately.

Barron was all over the field on Sunday and was equally effective against the pass and the run, leading the Bucs in tackles with 11, while also collecting two pass breakups and a first half interception.

Barron was the best defensive player on the field for both teams on Sunday, and if the Buccaneers are to ever get on the winning track they will need the former Alabama star to continue to play at a high level.

OG Jamon Meredith
Without benefit of watching a replay of Sunday’s game it is hard to 100 percent evaluate the play of Meredith, but when your sixth-round backup running back rushes for 158 yards and as a team you pick up 205 yards on the ground, the same week you insert an offensive lineman in the starting lineup, it is pretty clear he made a difference.

Meredith is physical, nasty blocker and while he is prone to have occasional technique errors, he is a mauler, and you have to wonder why it took until Week 8 to get him in at guard after the merry-go-round revolving door at that position without Carl Nicks.

TE Tim Wright
Once again PewteReport.com must give credit to the coaching staff for seeing something in Wright that not many on the outside could see. A converted wide receiver, Wright faced a huge challenge to make the team, much less get on the field in the regular season. But not only has Wright managed to play, he is doing it pretty well for Tampa Bay.

Wright had four receptions for 58 yards and a touchdown, and has already produced more in eight games than Luke Stocker did all of last season. Quarterback Mike Glennon and Wright obviously have a good chemistry and hopefully for Tampa Bay’s sake, that will continue to develop.

LB Lavonte David
Lavonte David failed to make any standout big splash plays, but it was hard not to notice No. 54 flying all over the football field. David was solid, although not spectacular, but made several hustle plays tracking down ball carriers sometimes several yards down the field. David’s motor is always wide open, and he always seems to be in the right spot, something that can’t be said for the every defensive player right now.

On Sunday against the Seahawks David finished the game with five solo tackles and six assists.

Honorable Mention: QB Mike Glennon, RB Brian Leonard, DT Gerald McCoy, OT Donald Penn, C Jeremy Zuttah

LB Mason Foster
Mason Foster was excited all week about going back to the state where college scouts first noticed a young Huskies linebacker and propelled his career that eventually led him to the NFL. But on Sunday, Foster was virtually invisible at times. The Seahawks ran for a ton of yards and No. 59 only managed four tackles. Foster will be entering the last year of his contract in 2014 and whoever the coaching staff may be next year, they won’t like the looks of the tape from Sunday’s game. Foster needs to pick things up and start playing like he did earlier in the season. When you have to double check several times in the game to see if the middle linebacker is still playing – that is never a good thing. No one is expecting Foster to be the second coming of Hardy Nickerson, but he needs to at least be visible in big games.

P Michael Koenen
No one is more loved in the Buccaneers locker room by many of the media than Koenen. A solid guy, classy at all times, and believe it or not a jokester (he does a pretty good Ira Kaufman impression) Koenen looks like any of a hundred soccer Dads you would see at the local park on any given Saturday morning.  But like Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, Koenen can strip off the normal Dad disguise put on a uniform and kick the heck out of a football.

Unfortunately for Koenen, and his team, Sunday was a day to forget. Sure he executed a perfect onside kick, recovered a fumble and boomed a 58-yard punt earlier in the game, but a 30-yard shank, while trying to keep the ball out of Golden Tate’s hands gave the Seahawks terrific field position and Russell Wilson and crew cashed in.

When a team is 0-7, but doing their best David and Goliath impression, the team needs everyone to almost play perfectly. Certainly Koenen is allowed a shank every now and then, but it absolutely cannot happen in such a pivotal part of the football game like it did on Sunday.

T Demar Dotson
PewterReport.com has been singing the praises of Dotson since training camp, but on Sunday the converted defensive lineman to starting right tackle had his worst game of the season. The Seahawks have a ton of weapons on the defensive line, and bring relentless pressure from their down linemen, sometimes putting four defensive ends on the line of scrimmage, while also frequently mixing in some blitzes. The noise factor also makes it extremely difficult to communicate, but overall the offensive line did a tremendous job.

However at crucial moments in the game, Dotson lost some one-on-one battles, including giving up a bad pressure on third down in the Bucs overtime possession forcing Tampa Bay to punt.

CB Mike Adams
Mike Adams is the smallest cornerback on the roster but plays much bigger. A source told PewterReport.com that every season the Cardinals coaches would write him off as training camp began, but he always managed to find a way to stick, and be effective.  Unfortunately Adams had a couple bad plays on Sunday that are magnified when playing cornerback, especially a second half pass interference call that led to a Seahawks score.

There was no question the officials in Sunday’s game were calling anything close as pass interference (it went both ways), and Adams interference call on most Sunday afternoons would have gone unnoticed and unflagged. But had Adams technique been just a little better it was an interception waiting to happen. Instead the Seahawks ended up scoring on the drive, eventually winning in overtime.

Dishonorable Mention: TE Tom Crabtree, DE Adrian Clayborn, DE Da’Quan Bowers, DE Daniel Te'o- Nesheim

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    This team blows, need to blow this team up. Fire the GM and get a real GM, HC and a real QB and start over !
  • avatar

    Wonder if last week had something to do with McCoy and his two personal fouls. No more Mr. Nice Guy !
  • avatar

    Are the coaches not eligible for most disappointing?
  • avatar

    Gorrer, Adams, and Johnathan Banks playing CB how can anyone expect us to stop a passing attack? Johnathan Banks plays like the rookie he is. Banks tackles like a girl. OOPS! They tackle harder in the lingerie league.
  • avatar

    After 5 games, you're going to conclude that Glennon is a backup because he couldn't march the team 80 yards in under 2 minutes. Doesn't that seem a little weirdly premature? It does to me. First of all, among his receivers he has only Jackson who is a proven NFL player; three of the other wideouts weren't even expected to make the team. The Seahawks, as expected, blanketed Jackson, which took away any team threat we might have mustered.Second, the game would have been won if Underwood catches the touchdown pass that Glennon threw on the run--a broken play--that was right in his hands. As the announcer, Johnson said--"You have to make that play." he didn't. Third, really, this is the criterion for deciding whether a guy can be a starting quarterback in the NFL? You get 5 games and if you don't have any late in the game 2 minute rallies, you're out. Go to the bench. You're a career backup. Sometimes, the statements on this board mystify me. I can't say Glennon is going to be a star. But I do want to be fair-minded, look at the conditions under which he came into the lineup, look at his poise, his ability to look off receivers, his ability to hit open receivers--all qbs miss them sometimes, how he compares to other young quarterbacks IN SIMILAR SITUATIONS. So far, I give him a B+. He's gotten better every game; he has command of the huddle; he keeps mistakes to a minimum and rebounds from them. Yes, he was razzled late in the game at Seattle, but this was SEATTLE.
  • avatar

    Buddah, im going to have to agree with Warren on this one. Dont get me wrong, Glennon is much better then I ever thought he would be. He has suprised me multiple times already this year but he lacks the comeback abiltity. Hes justs missing something. He lacks the ability to put his team on his shoulders and drive them to victory when the game is on the line. Its not a skill you can develope. Either you have it or you dont. It was what Freeman did best and is why I think our coahes and GM kept him around as long as they did with his poor play. Elway, Montana, Favre, Rodgers, Manning (Payton), Brees, and Luck all have it. Luck already has 10 come back game winning drives. He did one last week with a recieving core worse then ours so dont try to blame our WRs for Glennon not being able to do it. Glennon has alot of other greeat skills (which you listed) needed to be a QB in the NFL but without this one he will never be a top QB in the NFL. Is that what we really want for the Bucs? A mediocre QB. I dont know about you but i want Tampa to have a Great QB. One the defenses fear and dont want to have the ball when the game is on the line. Next years Draft class of QBs coming out is projected to be one of the best ever. I just dont want Tampa to miss out on a great QB because they already have a decent one. It happened with A Peterson. Gruden really wanted AP but didnt get to draft him because Cadillac Williams had such a great rookie year and the GM wouldnt let him draft him. Instead the Bucs drafted gaine Adams and we all know how that turned out.
  • avatar

    I obviously agree with buddah. The people who are ready to write Glennon off after 5 games don't put enough thought into how shoddy our OL play has been, nor our lack of receiving talent, nor Martin's absence. ---- Nor do I hear the people whining about the need to 'blow this team up' and drafting a QB in the first round next year thinking through exactly how that will be accomplished, after we spend our first pick and the associated cap room on another QB. Who will said QB throw to, who will block for him, who will make our pathetic DL able to pressure the other team's QB (thanks a lot for all the DL draft picks over the years, Dom), etc. ----- And all this chatter about drafting another QB seems to assume that will guarantee good performance, despite the years we've wasted with Trent Dilfer, Vinny, Forceball Freeman etc. ----- Glennon has already shown enough to be leaps and bounds above Freeman. We need to trade our #1 next yr to a QB hungry team and let them roll the dice on that, use the extra picks to bolster the OL, WR, DL and CB position. Then, if I'm wrong and Glennon doesn't work out, you can roll the dice on a QB the following yr but at least you'll have upgraded the overall team talent in the interim. Think, people!
  • avatar

    Still too many penalties & misplays. In spite of issues in 1st half (Carimi gave up a sack when one-on-one, Casillas had roughing QB penalty, McCoy had 2 personal fouls on the QB, Tandy allowed the only Seattle TD, and Underwood missed a TD pass), & too many miscues in 2nd half to even list, the players seem to still be playing hard. They came out with a purpose & in the 1st half, totally dominated perhaps the best team in the NFC. Bucs coaches were outplayed big-time in 2nd half. Glennon played quite well until last 5 possessions, despite the dearth of good WRs. But he doesn't seem capable of taking a team 80 yards in under 2 minutes to win a game. He would be an excellent backup QB. Bucs need a WR who can stretch the field in the worst way...too bad Demps is hurt. This may seem crazy to some, but next year, I hope the defense plays a 3-4 & they try McCoy at DE...he's so fast off the ball & strong, I can't see any tackle blocking him...just a thought.
  • avatar

    Good analysis Mark. I believe the disappointment wasn't even on the field; Schiano who actually believes that he has the right scheme.
  • avatar

    How about Keith Tandy? He may have been absent much of the game, but that pick to prevent a score was pretty impressive, and kept us in the game.
  • avatar

    Most disapointing by far is the coaching staff. Also remember Glennon has thrown at least 5 passes right to defenders but were dropped. Also remember Josh Freeman used to bring the team back in the 4th quarter all the time only to have the defence lose the game at the last second. Haven't seen Glennon even come close to doing that.
  • avatar

    Agreed Kenlola and Horse, and I think I see Glennon the same way Warren...
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