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November 6, 2013 @ 7:12 pm
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Bucs News To Know 11-6: Hazing, Martin's Return, Demps To IR

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers were back at One Buc on Wednesday preparing to attempt to bounce back from Sunday's overtime loss to Seattle. Get caught up to date with everything that happened on Wednesday in one place by checking out the Bucs News To Know.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buc Place on Wednesday November 6:

• Tampa Bay began practice at 11:35 a.m. under mostly sunny skies and a steady breeze. Tampa Bay was scheduled to practice two hours but head coach Greg Schiano cut things over an hour short.

• The big injury news had to do with two running backs, Doug Martin and speedster Jeff Demps.

Martin, who injured his shoulder last month at Atlanta, hasn’t been placed on season-ending injured reserve, and the Buccaneers are holding out hope he can return this season.

In his daily press conference, Schiano talked about Martin’s situation.

It’s just a matter of dealing with Doug and our trainers and our doctors,” Schiano said. “Is he ok to play? Is it in his best interest? Does it affect him negatively if we do the surgery at the end of the year or now? If at any moment it affects him negatively, then we’ll do it now. I think that’s what we’re working through as an organization, like what is best for everybody involved. Because the rehab on that is not a long rehab, it’s not one of those deals where he’s going to be out six months or anything like that. But we’ll see. I have not answered it we have not concluded it, he’d be out there or he’d be in the hospital getting surgery I think we’re dealing with it right now.”

Martin was in open locker today and spoke to the media for the first time in a number of days.

"Everything is looking good,'' Martin said Wednesday. "I'm doing everything the trainers are telling me to do. It's improving and we're taking it day by day right now. The pain is decreasing (and) the range of motion is increasing as well.

"We're just waiting. It's a feel thing. We're taking it day by day, week by week.''

Martin doesn’t look forward to having surgery but knows that is what eventually will need to be done.

“It will be my first surgery,” Martin said. “There will be some butterflies in there at first, but you know that’s what I need to continue my career.”

• The news on Demps wasn’t as good and Tampa Bay decided to put Demps on the shelf for the year after suffering a hamstring injury earlier this season. Demps played in two games with the Buccaneers this season, recording 128 all-purpose yards.

• With the open roster spot the Buccaneers added Bradley McDougald (6-1, 209), who entered the league as a college free agent with the Chiefs and played one game with the team this season.

McDougald played collegiately at Kansas, starting 33-of-47 games and recorded 194 tackles, 16 tackles for loss, six interceptions, three forced fumbles and 2.0 sacks. He also saw time on offense, finishing his college career with 52 catches for 558 yards and a touchdown.

• The Buccaneers took the Seattle Seahawks to overtime on Sunday before losing 24-21 but there were several encouraging signs including the play of rookie quarterback Mike Glennon. After five starts head coach Greg Schiano has been happy with his rookie signal caller, especially during last week’s road trip to CentryLink Field, one of the loudest venues in the NFL.

Schiano was asked what has impressed him about Glennon the most.

“I think taking care of the football, three games without an interception in a row, that would exceed any – I don’t think there’s a quarterback in the league who’s done that in the last three games – so that exceeds expectations for a veteran, rookie, whoever.

“You don’t ever want to do that at the risk of not trying to fit it into windows, though. I don’t want him to ever play apprehensive in any way, so we keep telling him, ‘You’ve made it here by drilling it in there’ and I think he’s done it very well. He’s drilled a few in there. I think back to three games ago, he put one right over the DBs head down the middle, the one he threw to [tight end] Timmy [Wright] against Seattle, knowing that the middle safety was coming over and he drilled it in there and Timmy made a great catch holding on to it after the hit. But those are windows that are pretty tight. The third down completion to Timmy Wright on the little out route, where the corner trapped and came back in, that was a tight, tight window and he was aware of it and fit it in there.”

Offensive Mike Sullivan also spoke on Wednesday and talked about the progression of Glennon.

“I think there’s a poise and a steadiness that he has,” Sullivan said. “I think that [in Seattle] was a very difficult and challenging environment and he never got rattled. I’ve seen people get frustrated out there, and he did a good job of keeping his head about him, even when you get some of the other issues – he got sacked early on and just continued to play. There was a steadiness in that he didn’t get overwhelmed by it all. I think that speaks well on his behalf. He’s really processed the information. He’s really got a good understanding of what we’re trying accomplish and an understanding of the offense and just being able to operate and make those subtle calls in that noise and change protections and change plays at the line of scrimmage, again, in that environment, against that team, I think really speaks highly about him.

Glennon himself spoke to the media on Wednesday and gave his thoughts on how his rookie season has gone.

“I think I’m learning each week, I’m working hard to learn from the good, learn from the bad, and that’s going to be my approach from here on out,” Glennon said. “There will be new things thrown at me every week, there was new things that they did that I hadn’t seen before, but those experiences are good to learn from, so I have them in the back of my head. We always talk about, me and coach, about being smart with taking the shots and [letting] those big plays come to me because what we always talk about is there’s about five or so plays that are going to decide the outcome of the game, so don’t try every play to be one of those five, let those five plays come to us, and that’s kind of the approach I’ve been taking. When it’s there, I’m going to take the shot, but if it’s not there, I’ll just check it down. Get it to second-and-six rather than second-and-10.”
• The other big topic of the day was the controversy surrounding the Buccaneers next opponent, the Miami Dolphins. This week veteran offensive lineman Richie Incognito was suspended by the Dolphins for “conduct detrimental to the team” after it was alleged that Incognito had harassed and even threatened fellow lineman Jonathan Martin, verbally in person and even sending threatening voice mails.

Schiano didn’t want to get into the Dolphins problems but briefly spoke about how his team deals with what some are calling hazing.

"My policy is with everything, we talk about trust, belief and accountability,'' Schiano said. "That kind of covers everything. What I talk to them about...our guys, there's some ritual things they do and my thing is always you don't cross the line. That's a man and you're a man. Make sure you don't cross the line. I think our guys have been good about that. So if it's skits, or carrying pads, or cleaning up a tray, that's ritual that guys go through and that's kind of how we talk to them about it in that trust, belief and accountability to one another. That code of conduct kind of covers everything we do.''

Glennon told the media what his “hazing” consisted of.

“Honestly, you hear all of these stories and there wasn’t anything I had to do that was bad at all. I had to run to Chipotle a few times to get some burritos for the quarterbacks, I had to sing one time in front of the team and I was the only person that had to do so, and that was it. I sang ‘Build Me Up Buttercup.’ It was all just me. Great vocals. I think people started clapping and joining along, so I hear that’s a good sign. It was before one of our meetings. That’s about as pure and innocent as it gets. Just a song that I felt everyone would kind of know and hopefully join along with. I just wanted more of karaoke-type song that would get everyone involved.

“That was what we did and we had our own little thing, but it was not much. There was no hazing here, no one cut their hair, no one had to shave their beards, there was none of that here.”

Linebacker Jonathan Casillas spoke to the media today and described what happened as part of his hazing when he was with the New Orleans Saints.

“I was a rookie five years ago, I had a little hazing but I wouldn’t call it bullying,” Casillas said. “It was more like a rite of passage. That is what I felt and I think that is what I have been a part of here.

“You know, sing your college fight song. Make sure the linebacker room — we had a fridge in the linebacker room — make sure it is packed with juice and water and go get food, donuts, stuff like that. Nothing crazy.”

“Then, really, you talk about conservative – the first play of the overtime, we actually went with what we thought would be a shot play, we thought we had a matchup of putting [wide receiver] Skye Dawson in the backfield on the WILL [weakside] linebacker, and so that’s kind of an aggressive thought process to say, ‘Hey, we can maybe end this thing in one play in the overtime.’ It’s hard to say, like with any call, every game, no matter how well things turn out or how poorly, I promise you I’m always going back and [saying], ‘Boy, I wish I had the time machine here, and, ‘Oh, crap.’ That happens, and I think, at the time, we make the best decisions we feel are going to help us win, and unfortunately, it wasn’t there, but I think, if we keep doing the things that we’re doing and build upon it, we’re going to be in good shape.” – Sullivan responding to a PewterReport.com question about the offense getting conservative in the second half of Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks
The Bucs will be back on the practice field at 11:35 a.m. on Thursday as they continue practicing in preparation for Monday night’s matchup with the Dolphins

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    Funny that no one talks about bully coaches. I think we've heard enough about Schiano's routine to see the similarities with someone who leverages the fear he puts into other people. Bullying is so lame in 2013 that you almost feel embarrassed for the idiot who has so little going for himself that his best move is to belittle, isolate and scare. What a loser. BTW, for the first time in my life i am wrestling with feelings of wanting the Bucs to LOSE. Damn you, Schiano, for testing my loyalty. Should be interesting against the Dolphins. If the Bucs lose that one, could the Glazier's realistically turn a blind eye again? Hard to say.
  • avatar

    Mr. Incredible: I have the same feelings too. Has he no shame?
  • avatar

    It still makes no sense why Martin and Nicks didn't go on IR weeks ago. But again, this coach only looks at one game at a time and has no clue that we are 0-8. He will get his first win Monday night and even Schiano can't screw this one up. Bucs 27, Miami 17. This Coach will believe that now he has turned the team around and will be here next season because of TBA. God. I back in a time warp and it's the 1980's all over again.
  • avatar

    I agree Garv, Bucs win big Monday night!
  • avatar

    Personally, I think if Doug Martin is going to need surgery for his shoulder as reported I think he should be on IR now. That makes no sense to me on a 0-8 team. Also about the bullying. If this were in say, 2003, wouldn't Warren Sapp BE Richie Incognito? NOT typing anyone is innocent here, just that bullies are bullies just as jackwagons are jackwagons no matter what the era. More will be revealed in this story. And BTW? Bucs should win this Monday Night. Seriously.....
  • avatar

    Agree totally. Martin needs to just go ahead and have the surgery, so he can get ready for next year. Demps doesn't want to be there anyway. I don't know why he just doesn't give football up. Guess, he really needs the money. Warren Sapp, as great of a player that he was, he was the original Richie Incognito. A thug with pads! He even tried to bully a high school football coach that was invited to one buc place.
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