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November 7, 2013 @ 6:05 pm
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Bucs News To Know 11-7: James On The O-Line; McCoy, Sapp

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers practiced for two hours on Thursday with Monday night's Dolphins game on the horizon. Find out everything that happened at One Buc in the daily News To Know.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buc Place on Thursday November 7:

• Tampa Bay began practice at 11:35 a.m. under mostly sunny skies and temperatures that reached into the upper 80’s. The Buccaneers practiced for two hours and head coach Greg Schiano said it was difficult to tell it was November.

“It was a good practice. It felt a little more like September than November; guys were dragging a little, I think, at the end with the heat, but it was good. [It was a] good, physical practice, guys got after it.” Schiano said.

• The Buccaneers, who have been hit hard by injuries are getting closer to seeing some key players back in action according to head coach Greg Schiano.

“We got some guys back healthy. [Guard] Davin [Joseph] came back and practiced. We had [safety Dashon] Goldson, he participated in quite a bit of it – not everything, but quite a bit. All that’s good. [Running back] Doug Martin did not participate. But [it was] good, a good start, and now we’ve got to shine it up going towards the game.”
Schiano was asked what Martin’s status is at this point.

“I think it’s going to really be just a medical decision. At what point do you say Monday’s out of the question? We’ll see. I think it’s going to be all or nothing. It’s just going to be a decision that we’ve got to make; everyone, collectively, has got to make a decision and then go with it. When we make it, I’ll let you guys know and we’ll move forward with it.”

• The Buccaneers made no roster moves on Thursday.

• Gerald McCoy spoke to the media Thursday on a number of subjects including some complimentary words from Warren Sapp on Wednesday.

Sapp, who was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame earlier this year, and will be inducted into the Buccaneers Ring of Honor during halftime of Tampa Bay’s Monday Night Football matchup with the Dolphins, said McCoy could be one of the best, even Sapp-like.

“A bowling ball of butcher knives," Sapp said on Wednesday. “If not bigger, faster, stronger than me.”

McCoy commented on the high praise from Sapp.

“One, it means a lot, it’s a great compliment, but, he said I have the potential to be as good or better than him,” McCoy said. “And I said on my radio show last night, a lot of people have the potential, it’s about what you do with it. Do I have the potential to be as good or better? Yes, it’s up to me whether I reach that and I’ll leave it at that.”

McCoy also took time to comment on how he views rookie hazing in light of the situation that is taking place in Miami.

“I am just a different guy, I believe you have to serve before you can lead,” McCoy said. “Me as a leader, if people see me, ‘Oh he is one of the leaders of the team, one of the vets and a captain and he is still carrying pads, picking up Gatorade, doing this and this,’ that is the true nature of how you lead. As far as the rookie hazing, I kind of just think it is the nature of the beast. It is kind of what rookies go through. There are different levels of it. I have never done it. I didn’t get hazed. It just depends from team to team.”

• Rookie running back Mike James also spoke to the media for the first time since his huge game at Seattle on Sunday.

James loves running behind his offensive line and attributed much of his success to the guys in front of him.

“I love it. We’ve got a great front line,” James said. “They do everything they need to do to get on guys, no matter what the scheme is. I love the way they get on guys. I love how physical they are. I love how they finish blocks. I’m sure going to continue to keep doing that and hopefully I can do what I’m supposed to do and handle that accordingly.

“Just to be able to run behind them and get as many touches I have, it’s a blessing. Just to run behind those guys, it’s an honor to even have [guard] Davin [Joseph] discussing my name in an interview, so I’m happy about that.”

• Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan held his weekly press conference on Thursday and said the close losses are definitely frustrating to him and his players on defense.

“It gets old and frustrating for all of us because we’ve played well and put ourselves in position to win the game in the last four to six minutes of the game," Sheridan said.  "Most NFL games, the majority of them come down to that final possession. A final possession or maybe one of the two possessions of the game.

"We definitely didn’t play well in the two-minute drill the other day. We let them march down the field and get in field goal range and even beyond that. If you play competitively in the two-minute drill and they out execute you and they hit a couple passes or kick a bomb field goal at the end – not that you feel satisfied with that – but I think our guys are very disappointed because we didn’t stiffen up. They marched us, they went right down the field and got into field goal range, got beyond that, they really only had to kick a chip shot at the end of the game to win it. That was very disappointing. Again, not so much the two-minute scenario, but just playing well or not well enough in a very critical part of the game, obviously overtime.”

Sheridan was asked if Revis can physically keep up with Miami speedster Mike Wallace.

“We’ll do both and to answer the first part of your question is absolutely," Sheridan. "We feel completely confident having Darrelle match up on any receiver in the National Football League no matter what type of receiver he is or what depth or intermediate route runner he is, but yes we will definitely mix it up. You won’t see Darrelle on him every snap of the game, but there will be times where we’ll be putting other coverages on top of that guy to try and contain his vertical threat and he definitely has that.”

“It is fun. I had lunch with him, and it’s just like turning on a TV show. It’s funny, you laugh your you-know-whats off. We covered a lot of subjects, football not really that much to be frank with you. It was a lot more about other stuff. But it’s fun to have him in the building, and I know the guys – you’ve got to remember now, some of these kids, they grew up watching Warren Sapp, and now they’re playing for the organization that he built his Hall-of-Fame career [with]. It was really good to have him here. It’s really going to be neat when he gets honored. We may throw him a set of shoulder pads and helmet at the half [laughs], [have him] and [defensive tackle] Gerald [McCoy] line up together, then we can do some good stuff, right? Let’s go. Let’s bring it.” – Schiano on his lunch with former Bucs great Warren Sapp
The Bucs will be back on the practice field at 11:35 a.m. on Friday as they continue practicing in preparation for Monday night’s matchup with the Dolphins.

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    A win, period, would be welcome. Go Bucs!!!
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    I was a Dolphins Fan before the Bucs were a franchise in the NFL and as horrible as the Schiano Bucs have been, I have watched more Dolphin games this year than usual and they have both a talented team like the Bucs but the Dolphins have a good NFL Coach who will definitely out shine our amateur duo of Schiano-Sheridan. The Dolphins have a second year back that unlike our group has the speed to carry it all the way on any carry yet tough enough to run inside too. Unlike Glennon who is getting his completion percentage in manny short or intermediate routes the Dolphins have a better QB who is accurate at any distance and is a better athlete too and can bring his team to victory in the fourth quarter. We have Jackson who does not have elite speed but they have Wallace, the best speed receiver in the NFL. Now we could counter that with Gray, our speedster, but Schiano has no sense to use his talent or he does not want to reveal Glennon's inaccuracy on deep throws. I know the distractions will be a monkey on the Dolphins' backs but despite that they will win the fourth quarter and the game. The shame of 0-9 is coming on National TV. Shame on the Glazers for letting this happen. Bring your bags for your heads and open your banners too.
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    owlykat, I usually agree with you on most things but Im going to have to dis agree here. Of all our remaining games this is the one game that we have the best chance of winning. I think we match up very evenly with the dolphins and even have the advantage in alot of areas. If we can play at the same level we did last week, we should win this game even if we get out coached.
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    The good news about the Monday Night Game; Warren Sapp going into the Ring of Honor, and Veterans Day. We have to win this game and show the rest of the country that we are better than our 0-8 record. Go Bucs!
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