Glazers, I hope you notice that there are very few posters anymore. That should be a sign to you that you are quickly losing your fan base. I would suspect that this upcoming Monday Night Football Game will have the smallest audience of any Monday Night Game this year. The Public already know that the Bucs are the biggest LOSERS in the NFL, now that even lowly Jacksonville has at last won a game. After carefully rewatching the last Buc game, it has become clearer to me that the Bucs have no stamina to play the last quarter. That is the fault of Schiano neglecting in the off season to get his players prepared to play four quarters every game. So I hope as we get close to the end of our winless season that you will tell all your players, the reason you did not appoint interim coaches is that you did not feel the results would change because of their lack of stamina will require preparation in the off season to fix, but you know you have a talented team and you will keep DOM and you want all of them to stay with the Bucs and you promise you will get them a Coaching Staff next year that we can all be proud of.