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November 14, 2013 @ 6:29 pm
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Bucs News To Know 11-14: David's Speech; O-Line Turnaround

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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What did head coach Greg Schiano have to say during his daily address to the media on Thursday? What about defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan? Find out all that took place at One Buc on Thursday in the News To Know.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buc Place on Thursday November 14:

• Tampa Bay began practice at 11:35 a.m. with cloudy skies and cooler temperatures and virtually no humidity. Head coach Greg Schiano told the media the players responded well.

“Good practice. We were in spiders and helmets. Guys really moved around well. I was anxious to see how we would respond after playing Monday. It was very active; both third down and red zone went in today. That’s a lot of football, and offensively, especially, that’s where it taxes you. I thought [quarterback] Mike [Glennon] and the receivers and the running backs, everybody did a good job, a really good job. That’s encouraging. Tomorrow, we’ll shine it all up and get ready to go for Sunday.”
• Tampa Bay had some players nicked up in their 22-19 win over the Dolphins on Monday night according to head coach Greg Schiano, including Da’Quan Bowers who didn’t practice again on Thursday.

“He wasn’t cleared to practice today, not yet. He’s undergoing those tests, he’s going through the protocols, so we’ll probably know more tomorrow. It’s a day later getting started with it because of the Monday night [game].”

Schiano was also asked about guard Carl Nicks who is still recovering from his bout with MRSA.

“No. He is getting better though. But no, there’s been no decision (on his return).”

• The Buccaneers added Texas A&M linebacker Jonathan Stewart to the practice squad on Thursday.

• The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced on Wednesday that they have signed rookie running back Michael Hill from the Green Bay Packers’ practice squad.

The team also announced Wednesday that running back Mike James has been placed on Injured Reserve with a fractured ankle. This season, James played in eight games with three starts, rushing 60 times for 285 yards (4.9 avg.) and catching 10 passes for 43 yards. James also threw a 2-yard touchdown pass at Seattle on November 3.

• One of the big topics on Thursday was “The Speech” by Lavonte David, given to his defensive teammates during the two-minute warning of Monday’s win over the Dolphins. While it wasn’t exactly Tim Tebow’s famous speech that has been immortalized in bronze up in Gainesville, it did catch the attention of the Buccaneers players and coaching staff.

Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan talked about David’s leadership on Thursday.

“I didn’t get a first hand [account] but that’s what I understood and that sounds like him,” Sheridan said. “The perception is he’s not a real vocal or outspoken leader. He definitely leads by his example, how productive and how competitive he plays, but we have been in that situation a couple times this year and haven’t done a good enough job and, like I said, we did have a chance to kind of regroup there when the clock stopped with the two minute drill. From what I understand, he made it clear to everybody that this was going to change and it was going to change right now. He’s the core of our defense as far as making all the calls and he plays every single down in all the different personnel groups. I heard the same thing and that’s not shocking and I think you’ll probably see a little bit more of that as he gets more comfortable with that kind of role.”

Schiano also mentioned it in his Wednesday session with the local media.

“That's not his personality, he's not an outspoken guy,” Scihano said. “But, as of late, when he feels it's appropriate, he's spoken up. It's one of those deals, when you don't speak up much, once you do, everybody stops and listens and his word carries a lot of weight. You just love to coach a guy like that because he does everything right. In the meeting room, walk through, practice field - you see it all come out in game day and then off the field as well. Very involved in the community, does a lot of things; just a really good person."

On Thursday the media finally had a chance to catch up with Tampa Bay’s star linebacker to ask him about it. As usual, David wasn’t comfortable talking about himself.

“It was just one of those moments where something needed to be said," David said. "We were in a situation where at the beginning of the year, we were in that same exact situation, last drive and we didn’t come up on the winning end of it. We got in that situation again, I felt like I should step up and said something to get the guys motivated, get the guys hyped up. My words, I didn’t think they were much, but it motivated guys and we got the job done.”

• Offensive lineman Davin Joseph helped explain some of the success the Buccaneers have had running the football the last two weeks (over 300 yards) by revealing the offensive line had some team meetings prior to their trip to Seattle.

“We talk often; it wasn’t really one specific meeting,” Joseph said. “We try to talk amongst the group relatively often. We have a tall task of really carrying our offense in the run game and a lot of adjustments were put on us, the checks, kind of just knowing exactly what to do, because we were in Seattle and you really can’t communicate verbally, you just have to know what to do. Of course finishing, being physical and doing all of the little things to make the run game work and we had some really good success. We carried it over to this week and we like it. We like the fact that our head coach, offensive coordinator put that trust in us as a group.”

Joseph was also quick to point out who else deserves the credit for the turnaround. .

“I can’t even take credit on that one; they have a great coach in that room,” Joseph said. “Coach [running backs coach Earnest] Byner, he’s awesome. You really see how he prepares those guys and gets them ready for the game and really how he’s committed to them and their success. You plug guys in and they just take off, that’s just really a reflection on how good of a coach he really is. It’s good to have a guy like that on your staff.”

“I just try to talk to them like men. I’m not going to put Dashon Goldson on the bench, he’s too good a player. You could say, ‘I’ll bench him.’ Okay, you bench him. You’re not going to do that. But he knows, he knows that hurts the team. He didn’t mean to do that. When does a guy’s helmet come off? If his helmet’s on and a guy’s saying something and you go right back and say something to him, yeah, walk away, sure, but he didn’t slug him, he didn’t do anything. The tip of his face mask hit the guy’s face. I don’t think Dashon even realized that the guy’s helmet had come off, in the heat of the battle, but the problem is the flag was thrown. We’ve just got to control it. Now, Page’s was a rookie mistake, and that’s what I’m chalking it up to is it better never happen again. Something even in the same family better not happen again, and I think it’s safe to say it won’t.” – Head coach Greg Schiano on the personal foul penalties in Monday night’s win over Miami

The Bucs will be back on the practice field Friday for a shorter practice as they put the final touches on their game plan for Sunday’s home game against the Falcons.

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  • avatar

    Bought my david jersey during halftime on monday because of the e-sale. Awesome tidbit that it appears that game, already in near hindsight, will become a pivotal point in his career/progression. Seriously im giddy over how great he is gonna be, barring injury (knock knock) and god willing. He's as close to another db 55 as we could have ever hoped for...
  • avatar

    Here is the thing: If the coaching staff were players they would be cut. Why should they be any different?
  • avatar

    There has been two significant changes in the line up, in my opinion, for Offense and Defense, that no one is reporting or talking about. When Meredith was inserted at left guard, the offensive line play improved. When Casillas was inserted at strong side linebacker, replacing Watson, the defense improved. Joseph's and Revis's health is improving and Glennon is gaining valuable experience and I believe a win over the Falcons on Sunday will generate "team-wide" confidence and an exciting second half of the 2013 season. Schiano and Sullivan continue to perform well and the off-season should focus on replacing Bill Sheridan as defensive coordinator and 2014 will bring a real promise. All of those calling for the firing of Schiano, supported by PR's Reynolds and Cook, clearly are mistaken.
  • avatar

    @horse...I think the coaches are doing their best...their best just isn't good enough (apart from Byner and Bostad and maybe Wannstedt)...Schiano is perhaps a great guy like Leonard claims (despite the evidence to the contrary) but he was best known for recruiting at Rutgers not his game planning or game management or football knowledge (his overall record was 68-67 in not exactly a powerhouse conference)...and recruiting is largely irrelvant for an NFL head coach. Sheridan has never actually produced as a DC after several years of trying now, and Sullivan is having his first go-round as an OC and realizing that it's quite a bit more difficult than being a QB coach. So, I think maybe they are giving their best, but the Glazers need to be men and say to these three guys "sorry, but this coaching thing just isn't for you"...they are all rich men by normal standards and all can find peripherial jobs in football somewhere so nobody needs to feel sorry for them..time to move on Bucs!
  • avatar

    EastEndBoy; I totally agree with you. I am just trying to be nice so a couple Posters don't accuse me of being so critical of the coaching. I don't believe anything under 5-6 wins should be enough to not make coaching changes.
  • avatar

    In the end we shouldn´t root for them to loose. But if we do so, it´s a small step in the right direction (getting a good HC and getting that pick)
  • avatar

    It´s surely nice to read, that the players seem to buy in and are giving it all etc. - still I don´t like the shemes at all and as much as i want this team to succeed, i don´t see it happen under HC Shiano. The sheemes are horrible: against Hawks and Dolphins, they are still playing old shool football on offense (trying to isolate the outsides, on routes that didn´t make sense depending on field position). Defense shows what it can do, when given the "let go"(playing with less "sheme" seems to do better things, than to play under Shiano/Sheridan command). I am so frustrated over this Coaching stuff. Best thing for Bucs to happen is they can evaluate the young talent (where Shiano actually succeeds in: finding talent WITH great character; even though character won´t win games) and they gain experience, but HC has to go and a high draft pick (which means loosing, hopefully, in close, watchable manner) would help the future. I realy, realy hate to say that loosing is actually good.. but it is, what it is..
  • avatar

    It appears that the players are trying to do the very best that they can; is the coaching staff doing the same thing? I might say yes if we get this win. This is a game that we can win at home. The Falcons are beat up just like us and I hope we get it done. Go Bucs! Lets make it two in a row
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