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November 16, 2013 @ 10:54 am
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Bucs' Five Keys To Victory Vs. Falcons

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Will the Bucs be able to get pressure on Matt Ryan? Can the Bucs learn from mistakes from when they played Atlanta Week 7? Do they have enough to overcome the injuries in the backfield? PewterReport.com lists the five keys to victory that can help Tampa Bay win on Monday night.
The Buccaneers are coming off of their first victory Monday night against the Miami Dolphins. Unfortunately for them, there was not much time for celebration as they had a quick turnaround so they can begin preparations for this week’s matchup against the Atlanta Falcons.

The following keys to victory can help Tampa Bay win back-to-back games and earn their second victory of 2013.

1. Contain Matt Ryan
The Bucs were unable to come close to flustering Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan in their Week 7 matchup. As a result, Ryan completed nearly 77 percent of his passes and threw three touchdown passes to beat the Bucs 31-23. 

Since then, Ryan has struggled, throwing seven interceptions, sacked seven times and has thrown just three touchdowns in the past three weeks. If Ryan is forced into having his fourth bad game in a row, the Bucs’ chances for a victory are pretty good.

2. Don’t Make The Same Mistakes
Tampa Bay’s secondary turned Atlanta’s wide receiver Harry Douglas into a household name in their last meeting in just the first half of football. Douglas finished with seven catches for 149 yards and a touchdown – a touchdown that came on a bad defensive read by safety Dashon Goldson.

Bad angles and miscommunication has plagued the Bucs’ secondary this season. The Falcons will have All-Pro wide receiver Roddy White returning to action this week. The Buccaneers need to play to their strengths and jam the receivers at the line or this can be a repeat of Week 7. 

3. Run The Committee 
Tampa Bay has lost running backs Doug Martin, Mike James, Jeff Demps and Michael Smith. Now down to Brian Leonard, Bobby Rainey, and recently acquired Michael Hill, he Bucs will use a running back by committee approach moving forward and that starts on Sunday.

Atlanta has given up at least 130 yards in each of their last three games and have the 27th ranked rushing defense. The Bucs have posted team rushing numbers of 140 yards and 205 yards in their last two contests. Look for the Bucs to continue their success on the ground and keep Atlanta’s offense on the sideline.

4. Get That Seven Going Again
Everyone saw what the Buccaneers front seven can really do when they are put in position to excel. Against the Dolphins Monday night, the biggest defensive stops come on plays where the line did not stunt and the linebackers hit the gaps that were not stunted into. 

The end result was a safety by Lavonte David, two sacks on quarterback Ryan Tannehill on Miami’s final drive, and stopping the run for only two yards. Tampa Bay will see running back Steven Jackson for the first time this season. Jackson’s strengths are size, power, and decent speed but if the Bucs repeat their success from Monday, they can stop Atlanta’s attack through the air and on the ground.

5. Don’t Leave Points Out On The Field
Teams would much rather score touchdowns than field goals but for the Buccaneers, that’s been easier said than done. Countless trips inside the opponent’s red zones have resulted in field goals rather than touchdowns. From bad playcalling to penalties, the Bucs get themselves out of the red zone about as often as they get in, resulting in three points and not seven.

The Bucs need to put more points on the board against the Falcons on Sunday. They have a good shot of putting lots of points on the board against a team that has given up at least 23 points in every game this season. But if they throw their fundamentals out the window and settle for field goals, it’ll be Week 7 all over again.

PewterReport.com Predictions
Gil Arcia (3-6): Buccaneers 30, Falcons 17
Mark Cook (4-5): Buccaneers 27, Falcons 16
Scott Reynolds (7-2): Buccaneers 26, Falcons 20

Last modified on Saturday, 23 November 2013 12:41

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    Here are Scubog's Keys to Victory. Key# 1: "Maxin' Jackson"-Vincent has not been the same star player so far this season; especially since Glennon took over. He at times has looked disinterested, has dropped passes and had difficulty getting open. True elite players should still have success and lead their teams. Jackson is a down-field receiver and does his best work going up and getting the ball. Glennon needs to get a little bolder and take some shots. Make the most use out of # 83. Key # 2: "No Traction Jackson"-Steven has been out of the Falcon's line-up for a while. Don't let him get going or it will be a long day for the mighty Bucs. Key # 3: "Gone-zalez"-Why didn't Tony just retire last year like he promised? With Julio no longer in the schoolyard, this future Hall of Fame player is a vital piece of the Falcon arsenal. Even hurt, this guy is still a reliable target for # 2. Someone needs to cover him. Key # 4: "Free at Last....Free at Last, Thank Greg Almighty We're Free at Last"-Even the stubborn one who has more silly stunts than Miley Cirus could see how our D-line can produce if turned loose. Go get em boys! Key # 5: "No Billy Graham Moments"-It seems each game there is one play where we all utter a collective, "Gee...zus Cry....est" The Bucs control the whole game but have a penalty, kick return, miscommunication on pass coverage, missed assignment or a 20 yard punt to lose the game. Don't let that one play beat us. And the Bonus Key: "Beware of Half-Time"- For some unknown reason we always seem to let the opponent score right before the half. Then our own "half-time adjustments" seem to do more harm than good and we begin to play "Half-assed". How about keeping our foot on the gas and on the neck of the Falcons and cruise to victory.
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    Funny to think if we win this game the Falcons would draft a head of us. I hope we don't just win this game, I hope we kick the crap out of them. Schiano needs to go 6-2 these last 8 games to keep his job, my opinion, we're 1-0 now. Do I want him to? I want what's best for the Bucs. Coach seems to be learning more as he goes, he's showing he can listen to his players, and adapt. I think the best thing for this team going forward would be continuity going into next year. Starting over with a new coach, G.M. might sound like the thing to do, but it could also be a disaster. J ville fired their coach after one year, and lokk how that's turned out. Of course I only want the status qou if we finish strong. That said let's kick some a**ss today!
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    scubog, that's hilarious:))lol
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    Bucs' fans seem to think after our win on MNF, the team has finally turned the corner. I hope they're right. Atlanta exposes our lack of talented depth in the 2ndary, and our inability to put points on the board. Even wounded they are more than a match for the Bucs in those 2 areas.
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    I see the game a lot closer and lower score. The reason is that both teams are banged up big time on offense. Bucs 16; Falcons 13.
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