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November 18, 2013 @ 6:05 pm
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Goldson Loses Appeal; Will Miss Sunday's Game At Detroit

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Bucs safety Dashon Goldson was flagged for a helmet-to-helmet hit in Sunday's game against Atlanta and has been suspended one game by the NFL. Goldson suspension was upheld on Tuesday after an appeal. Goldson will miss Sunday's game against Detroit.
Safety Dashon Goldson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been suspended without pay for one game each for violations of NFL safety rules. Goldson appealed the suspension but it was upheld according to league sources and Tampa Bay's starting safety will not be able to participate Sunday's road game at Detroit.
The suspension was imposed by NFL Vice President of Football Operations Merton Hanks.
Goldson was penalized for unnecessary roughness in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons after making direct, helmet-to-helmet contact with a defenseless receiver, Atlanta’s Roddy White.
The violation of this rule was Goldson’s third of the 2013 season. Goldson was fined $30,000 for striking a defenseless player in the head and neck area in a Week 1 game against the New York Jets.  He was initially suspended for making direct, helmet-to-helmet contact with a defenseless receiver in a Week 2 game against the New Orleans Saints.  The discipline for the Week 2 violation was subsequently reduced on appeal to a $100,000 fine by hearing officer Matt Birk.
Goldson may not practice this week nor play in the Buccaneers’ game this Sunday against the Detroit Lions.  He may not participate in any football activities with the team during the suspension.  Goldson will be reinstated on Monday, November 25.

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    Is there no way for the NFLPA to do anything? This suspension is clearly overblown and this man looses a good amount of his paycheck with that! Unfair! NFL is lauhable--
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    Jay Glazer reports: Appeal denied!
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    I think this suspension is one time too many. Probably not going to walk this time. Bad timing too because were getting thin in the secondary and Megatron is going to be a handful. This time Revis gets to earn every bit of his 1mil payday! On second thought, there is no good timing to lose anybody from here on out. For what it's worth, Go Bucs!
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    I actually wish the first suspension would have held if I had known he would hit someone else anywhere near their head and risk not having him out there to help against Megatron. I know Revis shut down Megatron the last time they faced each other, but that was when he played on a team that plays more man coverage than us. This suspension will not be overturned and we need Goldson in the middle of the field when we are in zone coverage. They don't get any taller than Megatron (hence the name) so Goldson would have had the biggest strike zone he'll see all year and could've lit into him.
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    Uh, "suspensions" "one game each"...? Nice job cutting the other suspended person's name, but not fixing the grammar. :/
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    I'm not mad at Goldson for the hits. That's why he was sought out in the off-season. Besides, it's his $$ he can spend it however he wants. Plays like the INT make up for it. Opposing WO's so terrified that the defense is going to tear them apart that they drop the football. (Thanks Roddy) Goldson's impact on Barron has been awesome. His impact in the secondary has been awesome. The call was questionable, True. BUT, Goldson knocked Mason Foster out of the game. That's not ok. You can't hit your own color. You certainly can't concuss the guy. In today's NFL environment Foster could be out for up to 2 games--worst case--if the testing doesn't go well. That's an awful big oops. That I would like to see corrected. Just like the NHL though, some guys are just enforcers. Every team needs a few. A bruise is still a bruise weather the ref throws a flag or not. The message gets sent either way. McCoy got some crap calls too. Ryan still got beat up, & ATL still ended up pulling him out of the game to protect him. It's just another step in building this defense's reputation. Now what's the offense doing over there??
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    All threse flags are BS!
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    last year we won the games we should (based on talent) and won nothing because of good coaching.. is someone here able to draw a line to this year? and not to forget about all the BS decisions..
  • avatar

    @ whoever thinks Shiano is "the guy": i was a Shiano believer too (shame), because of what he did with Rutgers. Well what did he do there? He simply laid an foundaton, with high character players (who are now backing him up; but should we judge a HC on players character?). He lost the meaningfull games. Conclussion: Although he is way better than let´s say..Raheem, he is not that good of a coach. The only thing, that could save him are the coordinators. Do you think he has the connections to get those? If so, he´s got to dig deep. As of now, Sully got here, because he wanted to get promoted, being the playcaller. He and Sheridan could very well end up to be the scapegoats(for McNulty and Wannstedt), like Free was to Glennon and all 4 are to Shiano.. Wannstedt might actually be a decent D-coordinator and/or Butch Davis.. But make no mistake in believing, that if Shiano fails in his 3rd year we could easily promote Butch or Wanne. Yes we could, but both weren´t exactly successfull HC´s. Conclussion: If Bucs do realy want a SuperBowl title as soon as possible, they got to part ways with Shiano by next offseason and get a good Coach. Our GM and/or pro department seem to make a good job finding talented players, but the coaching is lacking (also now with Foster out, Najee Goode would be nice to have now.. coach?!). There is a reason Shiano was the 5th or so coach we interviewed. And he properbly knew he won´t last long, that´s why he wanted the long term deal.. with so much wasted money like the 16M for that CB that we "needed" because of win-now- mode and now we seem to be in desperate mode..Nothing personal, just can´t stand his actions..
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    During the appeals process I'm sure the play will be reviewed. I did not see a reason for a suspension either.
  • avatar

    this is a totally bogus suspension. If you look at the replay, Ryan's pass was behind the receiver and then the receiver ducked his head down which is why Goldson hit him in the head. This was by no means a malicious hit that...though I understand the ref had to throw the flag, should not have been a penalty to begin with. What is a defender supposed to do...let the receiver go and watch him score?
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