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December 3, 2013 @ 7:35 am
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Will Glennon Learn From Mistakes, Rebound Against Bills?

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Tampa Bay quarterback Mike Glennon had two turnovers on Sunday and took a lot of the blame for the team's 27-6 loss in Carolina. Both Bucs head coach Greg Schiano and Glennon say he'll learn from his mistakes and rebound this Sunday against Buffalo.
It was bound to happen. At some point, Tampa Bay quarterback Mike Glennon was destined to fail. He was going to have a game where he didn’t throw a touchdown pass, and he did more bad things than good things. He was going to have a game where he looked like a rookie quarterback.

That day was Sunday in Carolina as the rookie quarterback and his Buccaneers got whipped, 27-6, by the hottest team in the league in the Panthers, which have won a franchise-best eight straight games.

After eight straight games of throwing at least one touchdown pass, protecting the ball rather well and making more good throws than bad throws, Glennon contributed mightily to Tampa Bay’s first loss after three straight wins to end the month of November.

Against Carolina, Glennon completed 14-of-21 passes for 180 yards, but threw an interception in the third quarter and also fumbled inside the red zone in the second quarter when Tampa Bay had the chance to take a lead on the road over the Panthers. Glennon wasn’t the same on Sunday after his fumble.

“The ball slipped out of my hands,” Glennon said. “It really hurt us because we would have gotten at least three points in that situation. The second one, I was probably trying to make a play. I should have thrown it away, but those are situations I’ll learn from and be better because of it.”

The key for Glennon will be how he bounces back from his first real unproductive game. The Buffalo Bills come to town on Sunday and it will be critical for the rookie to revert back to his turnover-free ways if Tampa Bay is going to have its best chance to claim its fourth victory of the season.

Glennon’s turnovers in Carolina were uncharacteristic from the team’s third-round draft pick this year. He has had four turnover-free games in his nine starts and the team has captured two of its three wins this season in those contests.

In a season in which the Buccaneers benched starting quarterback Josh Freeman in Week 4 and jettisoned him a week later, began the season 0-8 and have been without several star players due to injury, the play of Tampa Bay’s rookie quarterback has been a bright spot.

Glennon didn’t have a lot of great plays in Carolina, but he did hit wide receiver Vincent Jackson in stride with a 60-yard bomb in the second quarter prior to his fumble. That was his fourth pass over 45 yards or more in the last three games, and a testament to his improving downfield accuracy.

Even with Sunday’s clunker in Carolina, Glennon has completed 182-of-290 passes (62.8 percent) this year through his nine starts for 1,962 yards with 13 touchdowns and five interceptions. His 1,962 yards and 13 touchdowns are Tampa Bay rookie records, as is his current QB rating, which is 90.3.

Bucs head coach Greg Schiano said Glennon didn’t take a step back on Sunday in terms of his development.

“It wasn’t a step back so much as it was he looked more like a rookie than he’s looked,” Schiano said. “The ball slips out of his hands going to the left. It’s an awkward deal and unfortunate, but it happens. The throw to Vince that gets intercepted, and the flag gets picked up on that play, it didn’t come off his hand clean.”

On Sunday, all eyes will be watching to see if the uber-intelligent Glennon can learn from his mistakes and bounce back from a bad performance with a solid showing against Buffalo where he will be squaring off against fellow rookie and former ACC nemesis E.J. Manuel, who played at Florida State.

“You can learn from the good, you can learn from the bad,” Glennon said. “There was some bad [on Sunday] that I’ll learn from. You have to look at it that way. I’m not going to make the same mistake twice. I’ll go back and watch at the film and go from there.”

Not only does Glennon have to learn from his mistakes and get back to playing mistake-free football, he also has to begin to make more plays in critical situations. The North Carolina State product has yet to engineer a game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter to rally his team, and until he does that, there will be questions about his ability to deliver in that situation. Facing a Buffalo team that might be better than its 4-8 record, Glennon might have that chance on Sunday.

“Mike Glennon made a statement [after the game],” Schiano said. “He looked a little more like a rookie, but I go back and look and he’s 14-for-21, he’s 66 percent [completion rate] – he did some things yesterday that he hasn’t done and I think part of it has to do with the defense. He was trying to make something happen. He and I have sat down already and discussed – the circumstances can never dictate behavior, you have to go out and do your thing. It doesn’t mean that the play calls don’t change based on certain – [if] it’s fourth-and-20 it’s a different play than fourth-and-1, I don’t mean that – but I mean our core beliefs on quarterback play don’t change based on circumstance and a little bit of that happened yesterday, he also made some fine plays, he threaded some needles yesterday deep over the middle and then the one to [wide receiver] Vincent Jackson that were big time NFL throws.

“I’m really encouraged with Mike’s development even though yesterday wasn’t one of his finest performances, I think he’s a guy that will rebound, I think he made a statement he’ll learn from those things, and he already has. When he and I are talking he’s just like riveted on every word and you love coaching a guy like that. There are a lot of things that I’m excited about. Unfortunately, we let one get away yesterday and a lot of that had to do with the team we were playing, they earned it. We were in a position for a while and turned it into a one-dimensional game. We’ve got a game this week against Buffalo that I’m excited about the opportunity [for], so I’ll get to work on it.”

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    Obviously, this has been a disappointing year for me, and others, as a Bucs fan, season ticket holder and supporter of Coach Schiano. However, I have to remind myself, that this season has been a season of "correction". Schiano has continued to rebuild this organization replacing Brian Price with Akeem Spence, replacing Josh Freeman with Mike Glennon, replacing Kellen Winslow with Tim Wright, replacing Aqib Talib with Darrelle Revis and LeGarrette Blount with Doug Martin. Without exception, all of the players Schiano has released, none have excelled for any other franchise. When you add to that the fourteen (14) players that are on IR, including Mike Williams, Carl Nicks and Doug Martin, other players are getting the opportunity to gain experience and build solid depth for next year. Every year, the NFL is filled with disappointment. The Houston Texans, Washington Redskins and the New York Giants are examples of teams that were expected to compete for a place in this years Super Bowl, their seasons have been disasters!!! Schiano continues to do a professional job as a head coach, however, the defense needs improving for next year. There is too much talent here, right now, for the lack of continued production. Defensive coordinator Sheridan must be replaced for next year and focus on building an exciting defense in Tampa once again. I believe the Bucs will win two of their next four games and end this season with five wins. That's a record of 5 and 3 for the second half of the season and a success to build on for 2014. GO BUCS!!!
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    Getting totally dominated and intimidated by a Panthers team we beat twice a season ago told me a lot about this Bucs team's lack of progress under Schiano. The won-loss results this season are going to be very similar to what Raheem Morris produced before he was jettisoned. There are a lot of needs on this roster; so I really hope Glennon shows that he is capable of being something more than a skinny Brad Johnson with a Barry White voice. So far I haven't seen the swagger and an "I got this" demeanor from him. I know he's young and learning, but I'm just not seeing the "it" that f-word QB's need to exhibit. Don't take this Bill's defense lightly. There are a lot of Bills fans in the area who will no doubt infest our stadium with the "Let's Go Buff-a-lo" chant.
  • avatar

    scubog; I agree with you. I am hoping that Glennon is adequate enough because I see no QB's coming out that are top 10 picks in this draft. We need a LDE, WR, OL, so I hope we pick the best of the best at our 4-7 spot in the first round.
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    I agree with other posts that beating the 4-8 Bills would be no great shakes. But I can see the media (including PR) calling it a Bucs "turnaround" as they did when the Bucs won 3 in a row (when our opponents played horrific games against the Bucs). Additionally, a win will move the Bucs further down the draft order...& support the owners' pre-disposition to keep Schiano & Dom employed here. So, as with previous games, we fans have mixed emotions...we want to root like heck for our Bucs to win, but if they do the unintended consequences may be more than we fans can stomach.
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    We keep pounding on the QB, OL issues and we have bigger problems on defense, No Pass Rush! Schiano and Sheridan are at fault mostly, but I think we will need a LDE. Poor schemes are our worst issues and I doubt that it will change; really depressing for many of us.
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    @pinkstob you are correct, we are better than the Bills so when he goes 14-23 for 212 yds and a TD all will look great. When as @EastEndBoy put it best, it will likely be one or two deep balls and the rest will be dump downs and slants. Glennon can't properly be evaluated until he has proper NFL coaching and that won't happen until Schiano is gone. Greg Muschamp must go!
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    Everyone acts like he's standing there by himself missing targets. Every Qb needs a O-line who protects and an offense that keeps Defenses guessing. Im not sure we have either of those. Extremely disappointed in the offense. Need to know if its Sully or Schiano handcuffing. "Insider" info on this site would be nice for a change. Oh How I long for the days of the real BucMag/Pewterreport content. The post game analysis is pitiful... how about some X's and O's? How about analysis backed by team sources on key points of the game or key plays etc... I think Glennon can be a good QB. When he has time he hits his throws. How about talk to the trainers and let us know what kind of regimine they have planned to get some meet on his bones... drills to improve his footwork. Basketball players and Boxers work on footwork all the time, it makes a difference. Just running in general helps being a bit more agile with your feet.
  • avatar

    All good points fellow PR Buc fans. I'm still looking for something solid to hang my hat on with Glennon - and haven't found it yet - but remain hopeful that I will see the Frank Reich/Brad Johnson emerge. But could we please stop calling things like fumbles "rookie mistakes". He's not a rookie to football - he didn't just pick up a football and learn how to hold it for the first time in August. Rookie mistakes are misreading NFL defenses, or taking too much time in the huddle because you're used to a longer clock. Fumbling the ball is a big boy mistake!
  • avatar

    So far the only teams the Bucs have beaten are among the bottom of the league or among the waling wounded with the exception of the Lions. Beating the Bills will not answer the question of whether this team is ready to emerge as a top 16 team, but it will indicate that we are making progress or at least not regressing. However, it is different for Glennon. His personal development as a player and QB needs to show that he can bounce back from a sub-par performance. So despite the Bills not being a great defensive test, how Glennon performs will indicate whether he has the mental discipline and fortitude to bounce back. Let's not forget that the Bills aren't the worst defense in the league. There are 8 teams that have allowed more points.
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    One of the things that would help Glennon is better play calling from the OC. Not very aggressive offense, more offending.
  • avatar

    I agree. A "rebound" next week tells me nothing. Good against the 9'ers defense is saying something. Glennon has been a bright spot in this dreary season. Is he a strong back-up QB? I'd say so. Is he a solid starter? Could be. Does he show elite modern era QB potential? Not really. Could he be a top 12 QB / A play-off QB? Certainly not with this offense. Probably not with this coaching staff. But with a solid team & coaching staff, Yes he COULD. Wouldn't a new (offensively minded) coach coming in with a high pick want his own QB? I would think so. Does anybody see a QB candidate (or a coaching candidate) that looks like a surefire solution? Personally, I don't. What does all that add up to? Lots of Patience. Macabee is staying away from the "f" word--I like that. It is very wise. In Glennon I see the "p" word. The word, as a Bucs' fan, that over the years just grows so old, and tends to become associated with much disappointment. Glennon has potential. At 3-9 & 11 seasons without a playoff win, this fan wants a heck of a lot more than potential.
  • avatar

    I like Glennon and think he does have a future in the NFL. But for the time being I’m going to stay away from the “F” word (franchise). He’s taking instruction well and saying (unlike RG 3 Sticks) all the right things too. I understand what he means when he says that he won’t make the same mistake twice, but I know he realizes this was the second game against the Panthers with the same result. It is not his fault that some genius put together a run first offense against the best defense in the NFL and thought it would work! The Bills game won't tell us anything as he (we) typically play well against losing teams. The last 3 games will speak volumes!
  • avatar

    I guess my feeling is that I'm not worried about him rebounding against the Bills. To me it would be a worthwhile question if we were facing another good team like the Saints next week. Anybody can "rebound" against a lousy team, but a true rebound would be playing well against a team that was just as good as the Panthers.
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