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December 5, 2013 @ 5:22 pm
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Bucs News To Know 12-5: Stopping The Bills Offense

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Bucs will host the Buffalo Bills on Sunday looking for their fourth win of the season. On Thursday the Buccaneers staff and players talked about the difficulty of defending the Bills offense. Get the latest Bucs News To Know from One Buc Place right here.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buc Place on Thursday December 5:

• Tampa Bay began practice at 11:30 a.m. under partly cloudy skies and warmer temperatures than last week.Temperatures were in the mid 80's on Thursday and the heatwave is expected to continue through the weekend.

• The Bucs released their daily injury report for Thursday and only Carl Nicks did not participate.

Gary Gibson (calf), Vincent Jackson (hamstring), and Chris Owusu (hamstring) were limited on Wednesday, and Davin Joseph (knee), Darrelle Revis (shoulder), Akeem Spence (wrist) were all listed as a full go.

Bucs head coach Greg Schiano talked about the Bucs injuries after practice on Thursday.

“Vincent Jackson was limited today, he was back and forth, he was inside, he was outside, he was inside getting work with Todd and us,” Schiano said. “Gary Gibson was limited today, he has a little bit of a calf. We will see how much that affects him this weekend. Chris Owusu was limited today. He has a little bit of a lower extremity – I wouldn’t even call it an injury – but we want to be safe than sorry.”

• The Buccaneers made no roster moves on Thursday.

• The Bucs offense will have a big challenge protecting quarterback Mike Glennon on Sunday against the Bills pass rush that leads the NFL in sacks with 43, but Buffalo also presents some challenges to the Bucs defense with running backs C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson, quarterback E.J. Manuel and wide receiver Steve Johnson.

Someone who is very familiar with Spiller is former Clemson teammate, Bucs defensive end Da’Quan Bowers. Bowers said Tampa Bay must do a good job of not allowing Spiller to get in space.

“That is not how you want to see him (Spiller), you don’t want to see him in the open field,” Bowers said. “You want to try and get him between the tackles and don’t let him as space to work with. If he gets in the open field, it can be a long day for anyone who is out there.

Bowers said it isn’t just Spiller that the Bucs have to worry about.

“[Running back Fred] Jackson, this guy, they bring in running back after running back, but he still get is touches,” Bowers said. “He is tough, physical and he is going to run hard and give you everything he has got.”

Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan agreed with Bowers.

“He’s [Spiller] a nightmare – you don’t want him out there,” Sheridan said. “He’s a distinctly different guy than the regular guys that we’re playing against every week because when he is out in the open, you’re holding your breath and you’re just counting on your back end guys trapping him to get him down. In the open field he’s very elusive and he’s got incredible straight-line speed. He runs away from a lot of defensive backs.

Sheridan said that the Bills offense could create multiple headaches for his defense.

“The biggest thing I would say, is that first of all, they’re very committed to running the ball and they do a very good job of it,” Sheridan said. “They have two very, very good running backs; they execute their running game plan very well; they can block all the fronts; they’re not complex but therefore very good at what they do in their zone blocking patterns and they have to outstanding running backs who, eventually, they keep giving it to them, they crack the line of scrimmage and they’re out in the secondary and they make the four-yard runs turn into 20-yard runs.

“The other thing is, on the perimeter, they’re very explosive, they’ve got dynamic vertical threats and they’re more than willing to throw it down the field and all parts of the field and all down and distances. Third-and-short to coming off their own goal line, they have no hesitation of throwing shots down the field, and they have really good skill in straight line speed guys on the perimeter.

“It’s a little surprising; we only go back five or six games to get ready for people and so I can’t speak to their whole season and why they find themselves – maybe with the record they have, I’d like to say the same about us – but you watch them on offense and to me, they’re a very dynamic offensive team for those two things, the running game and the explosive athletes they have on the perimeter and their willingness to throw the ball down the field. All you have to do is catch half of them and there’s, those are 50-yard shots down the field.”

• During his post practice press conference on Thursday, Schiano spoke about the no-huddle offense the Bills run at times, and said the Buccaneers worked on defending it in practice.

“Today, we were simulating the no-huddle with running a couple huddles and running guys in and out,” Schiano said. “I’m sure we’ll have some IVs flowing in the training room. Real feel out there, it was close to 90 [degrees]. That’ll have an impact I’m sure.
“I know when we used to come down here to play and it was cooler up north, we had an indoor [facility]. We turned the heat up in the indoor and got the guys ready for it. I’m sure [Bills Head Coach] Doug [Marrone is] doing something to that nature if they have the ability to do that.”

Cornerback Darrelle Revis told PewterReport.com and some of the media members gathered in open locker room on Wednesday about how the heat affected him during his time playing in New York.

“I remember a number of times going down to Miami and the whole week the coaches would tell us to hydrate as much as we can and make sure we get our rest because the weather down here is a beast,” Revis said. “It’s a monster. It can sneak up on you very fast and the next thing you know guys are getting IVs and guys are cramping.”

Revis said he thinks the advantage goes to Tampa Bay.

“They do run the no-huddle and we know they are going to be very up-tempo,” Revis said. “We’ll see how it goes. I think it’s to our advantage. If we see them gassing for air, we’ll know that’s the reason why, especially with the no-huddle.”
“I thought in the Miami and the Atlanta game, our fans were awesome. I just throw this out there to our fans, that when a no-huddle team tries to communicate, if you can take the verbal communication out of it by fan noise, it’s very, very helpful. Now it’s all hand signals. We need our own 12th man when we’re on defense this weekend. I’m sure our fans are going to be ready to do that. I had an old line coach of mine who was a high school teacher, and during training camp we’d all lose our voices and he taught me a trick: you drink lemon water and it saves your voice. We’ll get our fans some lemon water and get them screaming on Sunday [laughs].” – Schiano imploring the fans to get involved on Sunday

The Bucs will be back on the practice field at 10:50 a.m. on Friday as they continue to prepare to host the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.


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    @scubog:: Even Buffalo fans don't know what a Bill is...I've heard of an old-time Cowboy named Buffalo Bill Cody but there's no cowboy on the Bills uniform. Maybe everyone in Buffalo is named William, Willemena, or Free Willy. The Buffalo minor league baseball team is/was named the Buffalo Bisons which is fine I guess, but since a buffalo is also called a bison, it's sorta redundant dontya think?
  • avatar

    @Scubog - LOL about that 12th man line! I also agree with Kinderrt about Sheridan and his excuses being lined up. "I’m sure [Bills Head Coach] Doug [Marrone is] doing something to that nature if they have the ability to do that." Schiano, why don't you know for sure if the Bills have an indoor training facility? That type of information is available to the public. You stink.
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    Stop blitzing! Have the DE's contain, they can't pass rush anyway.
  • avatar

    There is no doubt that there will be plenty of Bills fans in attendance. Many are from the successive Superbowl appearances era who live right here in sunny Florida. Since the Bills rarely play a game here they will come out in droves with that "Let's Go Buff-a-lo" chant. What the heck is a "Bill" anyway? Visa, Mastercard, Discover are a few I know. Perhaps they should put one of those on the side of their helmet. If this losing continues, I just might be the 12th man along with the other 11 diehards in the stands. "A crowd so small you can count them all."
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    This is another winnable game and I believe that we will win this game. Go Bucs!
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    Sounds like the Bills have a team of all pro's if you listen to Sheridan. Looks like Sheridan has got his excuses lined up for after the game. Schiano asking for help from the fans is hard to believe as there will be just as many Bills fans as Buc's fans, maybe more so . Has he looked in the stands lately? The people with Bags on their heads are the Buc fans.
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