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December 10, 2013 @ 12:47 am
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Schiano Agrees Bucs Defense Is Helping Team's Turnaround

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Bucs head coach Greg Schiano addressed the media at One Bucs Place on Monday afternoon, discussing Sunday's 27-6 win over the Bills that now puts the Bucs at 4-9 on the season. Read everything Schiano had to say including his impressions of the 49ers who travel to Tampa Bay next week.
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano addressed the media at One Bucs Place on Monday afternoon and talked on a number of subjects, including the win against the Bills, the play of the offense, Bobby Rainey and Tampa Bay’s ability to notch seven sacks.

Below is the full transcript from Monday’s press conference.

(Opening Statement)
“After getting some time with [Director of Sports Medicine and Performance] Todd [Toriscelli] – as I said after the game, it was a physical game – [center] Jeremy Zuttah’s got a shoulder that will be day-to-day, I think [wide receiver] Vincent [Jackson] came out of it okay as it appears right now. [Defensive end] Will Gholston is going through the head injury protocol – he banged his head, so he’ll go through the testing. [Guard] Davin [Joseph] had a shoulder [injury], got bumped, came back, then sat the later part of the game. Other than that there’s the normal stuff. Overall it was a good victory, a team victory. Certainly plenty of things we need to work on when we get back at it on Wednesday. We know the significance, the level of the opponent that we’re playing. It will be a good opportunity for us finish the season at home here, our home schedule, against a quality team.”
(On how much pressure quarterback Mike Glennon faced yesterday)
“I thought it was a combination. There was pressure. Mike got rid of it, he only took one sack. We dropped some balls, which we haven’t done lately, and then he made some throws that he wished he had back. Overall I think it was a combination.”
(On his impressions of the running game yesterday outside of the 80-yard run)
“You can’t say ‘other than’ because it was an 80-yard run, that has to be included. They’re a good defense. The reason that they’re not tops in the league in run-defense is because of things like that 80 yard run. They play a style of defense where they’re going to press up the corners, they’re going to play man on everybody, and I thought our coaches did a great job of creating a game plan where maybe some of the man to man could be used against them in the run game and that’s what happened on that play.”

(On the pass rush against Buffalo)
“The guys did a really good job, whether it was three man, four man, or blitz pressure, guys executed the plan. I think, as always, it goes coverage and pressure together. I thought our guys did a pretty good job with eye discipline and that’s something we’ve really been talking about, putting your eyes on your work and sticking to your job, do your job and we did it pretty well yesterday. The good thing is that the pressure – the sacks and the pressures, it wasn’t just one or two guys it was spread out amongst the group, that’s what you look for.”
(On the pass rush affecting quarterbacks)
“Well again, sacks, hurries, and hits, they’re different levels but they effect maybe ball delivery before they want, maybe ball delivery at a different angle which leads to an interception. Because of the number of interceptions we’ve had in the secondary I think it all goes hand in hand with the pass rush.”
(On if Glennon has regressed in the past two games)
“No, I don’t think so. I think you have to look at his body of work, especially as a rookie quarterback. You can’t just say – he’s faced two of the better pass defenses for sure, one top defense period, number one scoring defense. I don’t know what they will be after last night, but going into our game they were. Then this group, they’re going to play tight man-to-man coverage and they’re going to pressure you. We missed some things for sure, there were some plays that we left on the table that we can’t afford to do, but they’re multiple and what we ask our quarterback to do, that’s probably the toughest type of opponent to play. Multiple not only in defensive personnel groups, multiple in pressure looks, multiple in zone drops when they don’t pressure or play man. I think Mike, his body of work is pretty impressive. I think right now we’ve got a team that is coming into town that plays great defense. The big thing I want Mike to do is just take a little blow right now, he’s been grinding really, really hard even in the bye week this guy didn’t take off and I just want him to take a breath and he’ll come back tomorrow afternoon and be ready to go. I told him ‘I don’t want you in the morning, just stay out of here, I don’t care what you do, sleep, whatever; but we’ll get cracking in the afternoon.’”
(On the impact linebacker Lavonte David has had on the defense)
“Well Lavonte has been an incredibly consistent player from the day he arrived. He’s made every defensive call since the day he arrived. [He’s] just really having a great year, but I think he’s had a great two years and as I’ve said many times I wouldn’t trade him for anybody.”
(On the offense not being productive in the second half of games)
“I’m disappointed. We did pull the reigns back some, but it doesn’t account for some of the things we did that are very, very frustrating. We need to get better. With the offensive staff and myself we spend – heck three-four hours on the tape just – look I get it we’re missing this guy, we’re missing that guy, I’m not going to be naïve to that. I’m not going to ever use it as an excuse, but I’m also not going to be naïve to the fact that we’re playing with some guys that originally weren’t in the plans, but now they’re in the plans. I don’t care if they’re the best pass defense, the best rush defense, the best defense, we have to find a way to score points and we did at times yesterday, but not with all the opportunities that we had.”
(On what caused the offense to not be able to take advantage of the opportunities on Sunday)
“Some of it maybe we didn’t see it, we missed an opportunity because we didn’t see it the right way. We run the reverse pass, just throw it away, instead we take a five yard loss rookie mistake by [wide receiver Eric] Page. It’s not just one thing, why we didn’t take advantage of opportunities. Then Vincent’s catch – or not catch – we got a clarification on the rule and by the letter of the law that call was correct. If you’re going backwards then it’s got to be whole foot, if it’s toe-tap sideline or going forward than it’s toes only and it doesn’t matter the rest of the foot. Interesting – 60,000 people that probably needed an explanation on that one because I wasn’t real happy myself, but I understand it now and I did have an idea of the rule but wasn’t 100 percent sure, so it was good it got clarified.”
(On running back Bobby Rainey’s touchdown run)
“Well there’s a couple of things that happened on that play, number one they’re in man to man and we send the guy across the formation so that guy chases him, that’s one. Number two [Buffalo linebacker] Kiko Alonso is unblocked and Rainey puts a stiff-arm on him and just drops him, he beat that guy one-on-one, because the blocking scheme, we didn’t exactly get it perfectly. It’s Rainey and Kiko in the hole and boom he sticks a really great stiff-arm right into his chest and dropped him and Rainey did the rest on his own. The offensive line secured the line, I mean that is – except we left [Alonso] unblocked because of the angles, the angles didn’t exactly go the way that we thought they would there. We thought he would carry it a little bit more, but sometimes your back’s got to handle it, either make him miss or you stiff-arm like that and Bobby did and then it was a foot race and he outran everybody.”
(On if that play has been successful)
“Yeah, it was no special play. It’s one of the top three or four running plays we run all year. But again, the configuration they were in, they ran with motion, it was short motion and then a block across the formation.”
(On if the defense has responsibility to carry the team with the experience on that side of the ball)
“I think so. We’ve been able to – with the exception of [linebacker] Jonathan Casillas – been able to stay relatively healthy on that side of the ball. The offensive side of the ball is where more of the injuries and the season-ending injuries have taken place, three tight ends, and I could go down the list. Having said that I’m encourage by [tight end] Kyle Adams, I thought Kyle came in here and talk about unsung, you don’t see it on the stat sheet but really did a good job at some things, so that’s a plus. [Tight end] Timmy [Wright] with the touchdown and with the third down conversion, those are some big plays that you are excited to see. Obviously Bobby, Bobby wasn’t even on the roster, you’re not going to see Bobby if the injuries didn’t occur and what we’re doing is building depth, for sure. We’re building depth and now these guys have played in NFL football games and at times have played really well. In the long run, that will behoove us but right yeah I do think the defense has a little more of the onus on them.”
(On moving around cornerback Darrelle Revis, including a blitz from the slot)
“We just felt that it was an opportunity. Like you said we haven’t done a lot of it so it catches people by surprise. You knew it was going to take a little longer because their slot was very rarely to the core, he was removed and Darrelle hit it and you’re waiting and waiting – Darrelle’s fast but it’s from a long way out. Then when he sacked him I’m sure he got a kick out of that, that’s not his – he doesn’t get a lot of sacks.”
(On if leading the NFL in interceptions shows the team’s pass defense has improved or if it is frustrating due to the team’s record)
“I think they’re totally two different things. I don’t put that together. Do I feel pleased that we’re intercepting the ball and getting our hands on the ball? Absolutely. Without a doubt I’m frustrated with our record, yeah there’s no doubt. There’s a lot of things that go into your overall won-loss record and takeaways is part of it for sure, but so are turnovers, so are a bunch of other things and that’s a team wide thing, the takeaway part. The interceptions though I’m pleased at the secondary’s – when they’re supposed to be seeing the football and getting their hands on it and that is encouraging, no doubt about it.”
(On how excited he is about the defense going forward)
“Well going forward it’s exciting, but I’m more concerned about going forward to next Sunday, six days from now. I think that we need to get our guys [ready] –  and this is going to be quite a challenge. [San Francisco running back] Frank Gore, [quarterback Colin] Kaepernick and [wide receiver] Anquan Boldin and all these guys, I mean you’re talking about really, really fine players. I haven’t got into them a ton yet, I’m just trying to wrap up yesterday’s game, Buffalo, but I can’t lie, I’ve snuck a few peeks at them and they’re a really good team in all three phases. We’re going to need our veteran guys like was mentioned. That’s where we have some veteran guys that have played at a high level and that are relatively healthy for this time of year. We need to make sure that we get to Sunday feeling on that side of the ball, feeling healthy and then go play. Again, when you’re at home, you’ve got a little bit of an advantage. I thought our crowd was excellent yesterday, loud, put us in an advantageous position. We talked about the no-huddle, we made communication a bit of a problem, and there was that one stretch where they got two consecutive false-starts. I attribute a lot of that to the crowd noise and all of those things. I waited a little late to start asking for that, I’ll start a little earlier this week, let everybody grow into a frenzy by Sunday. All kidding aside, I’m looking forward to our last home game and I mentioned it to our team and they’re well aware of it, there’s an opportunity to win four straight games at home to end the season and that’s something that we’re going to really try to do everything we can to do that.”

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    I want to see Sheridan employ LD as a spy on kap this game with limited stunting. That would indicate some progress in d strategy and might be our only shot at beating the 49ers. But that's probably too logical to happen
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    This is George Hicks-about the draft. How about Tampa Draft Dept lets draft plyers from winning southern teams like FSU,MIA,LSU,BAMA,AUBURN,FLA and S FLA and RUTGERS(WR!) CFla. If Tampa could get some of their good players Tampa would Improve 100% in 2014. GO BUCS
  • avatar

    I think Tampa will bebetter each week and when the 2014 draft comes around.Tampa should have some new veterans on board.I see that Tampa has #1,#2.#4,#5 and 2 #7.SOme team would probably wants to move up. if so any place in the top 25 in Rd-1 is good. plus by moving down tampa could pickup no#3 and a #6. That would mean #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6 &2-#7. That would give Tampa 9 draft choices to have on board. Just think Tampa will have a 3 powerful running backs in tampa corner. It they could swing the trade for #3. Tampa could go after another WR,OT,another OL mult positioning and best player available-GO BUcs what does other fans think!
  • avatar

    cbrady2k... before you spout verbal diarrhea you need to check the teams at the top and look at exactly how many winning teams each have beat. The key is winning the games you should and hopefully steal a couple games you shouldnt. We have done neither this year. I think Seattle has beaten 4 winning teams. I believe the Patriots have beaten only 2 teams with winning records. Dont be lazy, educate yourself berfore making us all dumber for reading your comment
  • avatar

    @halifaxbucsfan - I don't care for that idea for two reasons. First, personally I think Nix is overrated and has played more poorly as the season has gone on. Secondly I think behind Geno Atkins, Gerald McCoy is the best 3 technique DT in the league. Why move him to DE when we don't know what we'll get from him there? I think the 7-10 draft position is the perfect place to draft the best OT in the draft. I don't particularly care for this class of OT's at LT, but I think they'll all make great RT's, which is a position that needs to be taken more seriously across the league. I say we draft Matthews, Kouandjio or Lewan, let him ride the bench in 2014 and in 2015 move Dotson to LT, move on from Penn and let the new guy be our RT for 10 years.
  • avatar

    Just a question for Bucs fans. Say our draft position is 7-10 this year. Can we pick up a DT like Nix(as BPA) from ND, and with him and Spence on the inside, kick GMC outside for pass rushing situations. Having a line of GMC, Nix, Spence, Clayborn would be a great line I would think. Also with Bowers and Gholston for depth, I think that would be a very good use of our 1st pick next year. With GMC's speed, I think that could help this defense tremendously. Is just a thought.
  • avatar

    I doubt that Schiano would ever admit it, but the biggest turnaround has been himself. The defense is playing better because he has varied the blitz-heavy scheme and allowed the rush defense to play to it's strength. What we're seeing is hopefully the evolution of a coach. But let's not get to excited about the turnaround, the new Schiano is evident in the first half and the old Schiano seems to still make an appearance in the second half.
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    cbrady2k: It's the NFL. All teams can beat you and all teams are beatable. I'm sure Buffalo fans thought this was an easy victory as no doubt do the 49ers fans this week. Coming off a victory against their rival Seahawks, flying across the country into 80 degree weather, playing at 10:00 AM WST and playing a 4-9 team just might be a "trap game" for Harbaugh's boys. Plus............there probably wont be many 49er fans in attendance.
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    Playing crappy teams has helped as well.
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