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December 10, 2013 @ 6:09 pm
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Schiano Talks Stunts, Record and The Future On 98.7 The Fan

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Bucs head coach Greg Schiano joined former Bucs defensive tackle Booger McFarland and Rich Herrera on 98.7 The Fan FM on Tuesday, and discussed a number of subjects, including defending the use of stunts. Check out the full audio of their conversation.
Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano joined Booger and Rich on Tuesday afternoon to talk about the Bucs 4-9 season and where the team is heading from here.

Schiano said he has no regrets as far as the off the field issues this season and said he thinks the leadership kept them together. In all his years of coaching, he’s never seen some much adversity but he thinks he and his coaching staff handled it as best they could, including the benching and release of Josh Freeman.

When Schiano came in, he said the organization was on one end of the spectrum. He and his coaching staff had to take them to another spectrum just to get the team back to the middle. He thinks they’ve accomplished that.

To hear the full interview, click here.


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    So, for all of the "I hate Schiano crowd", who specifically do you want for your new head coach?
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    @ahenneke...I would take the guy who sells tacos outside the stadium over Schiano....but seriously, how about Ken Whisenhunt, Lovie Smith, Tom Clements is a guy I think would be good...it shouldn't be too hard to find an upgrade really....we need someone who understands the modern NFL and then can bring in an OC and DC who similarly have a modern strategy...not run run run punt, followed by run run hail mary punt, followed by dink dunk run punt...look at how good San Diego's offense was last night against Denver - mixing up the plays, so that even though they ran for like 200 yards, Denver had to always play the pass or when they didn't they got burned...we never do this....our offense is attrocious...
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    Coach; sometimes you just make no sense. How on earth could you justify the stunting and your DC scheme? If you are supporting the DC scheme then I am not for supporting you. I think you just threw the players under the bus for the sake of your way or the highway.
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    @EastEndBoy yea he's turning into the babbling drunk at the bar that doesn't know when to shut up.
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    @Buc-Up...I love the "winless for Winston"...but as this year has shown, our players are too good to come dead last in the league...bringing Schiano and his crew back next year only means we'll be good enough not to make the playoffs again...and drafting another non-QB next year...it's looking like a terrible cycle ahead of us..perennially 8-8....at least until some changes finally come...
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    I really wish PR could find a way to relay some real questions to Schiano. The fact that he was able to say McCoy benefitted from his stunts and not be called out is absurd. McCoys numbers are in spite of Schiano's scheme not a result of it which is evident by the fact that for TWO years in a row he has asked for the stunts to be stopped. This guy serves us up warm spoons of bull**it and expects us to eat it. Claiborne produced under Raheem why havent these stunts helped him? To say his stunts work is an insult to anyone not named Hellen Keller. Greg you may have fooled some but I see you for the average coach you are. Wins against the Bullies of South Beach, a dead Falcons team, a dead Bills team and a historically underachieving Lions team have done nothing to change that.
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    @stlbucsfan...I stopped listening to Schiano these days...none of it makes any sense, ...most of the time he just talks in circles (some sort of paranoid dillusion he has about "giving away secrets")...and when he said "this is a well coached team" I nearly choked on my vomit...
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    I'm reacting to Schiano saying how successful McCoy has been in this system. Coach, McCoy would be successful and go to the Pro Bowl in any 4-3 system; he has the fast get off for a DT in the NFL. What about the rest of your D-linemen? How many of them would have over 10 sacks if you weren't stunting so much? As far as the tape from the 2006 Bucs, that wasn't one of our best defensive years. Secondly, perhaps those players were better at stunting than the ones you have now. Clearly the Bucs you have now aren't great pass rushers while doing it so do something else!
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    Buc-Up its a good idea. The only problem is there is so much talent on this team that even Schiano can get 4-5 wins next year.
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    Winless for Winston! Funny
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    Bring back Schiano & all assistant coaches so we can go "Winless for Winston" in 2014!
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