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December 11, 2013 @ 7:36 pm
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Bucs News To Know 12-12: Schiano, McCoy, Sullivan, Glennon

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers were back on the practice field on Wednesday preparing to host the 9-4 49ers on Sunday. Head coach Greg Schiano, offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and quarterback Mike Glennon all spoke on Wednesday. Find our their thoughts in this daily feature.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buc Place on Wednesday December 12:

• Tampa Bay began practice at 11:45 a.m. under partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures near 80 degrees.

• Head coach Greg Schiano started off his daily press conference updating the media on the team’s injuries.

“From a health standpoint, today [wide receiver] Vincent [Jackson], [center] Jeremy [Zuttah], [guard] Davin [Joseph], and [defensive end] Da’quan [Bowers] did not practice,” Schiano said. “They were limited, they did some stuff, but weren’t out there for the majority of it. [Defensive end] Will Gholston is going to be evaluated throughout the week, but he was full-go today. Per the Head Injury Protocol of the NFL he’ll continue to be evaluated up through kickoff, but he was able to practice throughout the practice today.

Schiano went onto explain Bowers injury.

“It’s not any acute thing, it’s more of a – and it isn’t, it actually is not the knee that everyone talked about when he was coming out [of college], it’s the other knee.”

• The Buccaneers made no roster moves on Wednesday.

• The main talk at One Buccaneer Place on Wednesday was Tampa Bay’s next opponent, the San Francisco 49ers, who sit at 9-4 and can’t afford another loss if they have any hope of catching the NFC West division-leading Seattle Seahawks.

Schiano praised the 49ers talent across the board.

"They have a good offense that is going to come in here and just try to maul us and we’re going to have to be able to stand up to that," Schiano said. "They have now [wide receiver Michael] Crabtree back. He and [wide receiver] Anquan Boldin, you look at their receiving core it’s a Pro Bowl receiving core with their tight end [Vernon] Davis, he may be the fastest of everybody on the field at the wide out position. You’re talking about a rare group of guys and we’re going to have to really be on point with the secondary. Then you throw [running back] Frank Gore in there who is still running at a very high level, great vision, patience, strength. I remember when we were recruiting Frank when I was down at the University of Miami. You should have saw his high school tape, phenomenal and he’s only gotten better and better.

“You’re talking about a great group of skill people and then a really, really good offensive line – probably the best offensive line we’ve been up against. It’ll be a big challenge, so yeah, we’re going to have to score some points for sure. But if you flip it over, their defense is equally as talented. Their front with [defensive ends] [Aldon] Smith and [Justin] Smith, those guys are really talented. Then their linebacker core as a core is probably the most talented group in the league. There’s going to be some great linebackers playing in this game Sunday, both sides of the ball. Then in the back end [safety Donte] Whitner and [safety Eric] Reid, Reid’s playing very well.

Schiano said it isn’t just the offense and defense the Bucs will need to focus on this week in practice.

“They’re a talented team, special teams as I mentioned, really good, their kicker I guess just broke a record of 21 straight field goals, whatever that number is, kicking very well. Their coverage units as I said, big men on special teams that cover. They’re well coached in every phase, offense, defense, and special teams. We know what we’re up against, looking forward to it. Sure am glad that we’re at home and it’s going to be a great atmosphere and we need every bit of the home crowd, home field advantage to get this done.”
Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said the Bucs will start their game plan by attempting to stop 49ers running back Frank Gore.

“I don’t know why people don’t focus on Frank Gore,” McCoy said. “They can say he is getting old all they want, but that guy is still running the ball the same. He can’t run away from people like he used to, but he gets the yards that are necessary. For us he is our focal point. I will openly day it, Frank Gore is our focal point, because if we can slow that guy down then we can start worrying about everyone else. That’s not to downplay anyone else, because they have a great offense, but that guy he makes things run. If he is going than their offense is going. So we have to slow this guy down.”

• Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon has struggled the past two games but also has faced two of the NFL’s best front fours in the Panthers and the Bills. Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan said the competition the Bucs have faced as of late will make Glennon a better quarterback in the future.

“Absolutely. For example, like last week, with Buffalo – very, very multiple, a lot of different looks that they had, whether they had their conventional 3-4 [defense] people on the field or they had their substituted defense – a lot of different looks in terms of the front and in terms of the coverage,” Sullivan said. “That’s not particularly easy and [Glennon] worked extremely hard at it and had a lot of success, then [there] were some other things that he wishes he could’ve had back, or you’re going through the pictures and talking at halftime and [he’s saying], ‘It’s okay, I’ve got it.’ That helps.

“Then, of course, the type of caliber of the defense as far as Carolina and the issues that they had with Detroit and so on and so forth – I think these games are really helping to sharpen the saw, so to speak, and help him get better and better and better. I’m excited about it. You wish there was a magic button you could push and, ‘poof,’ instantly he’s got it and he’s grown and he has it all together, but I think we’re seeing, while there may be some setbacks and some decisions he’d like to have back, or certainly some play calls that could come back – anything that we’d like to go back in time and reverse – at the end of the day, I think there arrow continues to go up with him and what we’ve seen out on the practice field, what we’ve seen him do in some games. I think that it has helped him mature, the fact that it has been some tough sledding.”

Glennon held his weekly meeting with the local media on Wednesday and said he was just happy to come away with a win, regardless of his statistics.

“There are always things to take, there are some good things I’ve done and there’s some not so good things I’ve done,” Glennon said. “I’m going to improve on those things I haven’t done as well but as long as we’re winning that’s really all that that matters. Maybe it wasn’t my best day, statistically, but we got the win and that’s really all that matters to this football team, it is about the wins.”

“Not at all, he stayed the same. We took note of that, when you see your leader not folding under pressure, it just does something to you. It makes you want to work even harder for that guy. When you see your leader putting everything on his shoulders, not blaming anyone, saying everything was on him, we just try to do our best and turn everything around and we have.” – Lavonte David on head coach Greg Schiano staying the course during the 0-8 start

The Buccaneers return to the practice field on Thursday as they continue their preparation for the 49ers who come into Tampa Bay on Sunday.



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  • avatar

    I totally agree with Makski. I would like to know how many times this year we ran the ball the first two plays and had a 3rd and long. The offensive line is no help either, but all that rests on the OC's shoulders.
  • avatar

    Tebo(w)? In the words of John McEnroe, "you can't be serious"
  • avatar

    All I have to say about the offense, is that it is OFFENSIVE. I think that Sheridan can be retained but Sullivan MUST go. Can someone look at 2 things for me. Sorry, I do not have the time. What are the total yards gained in the first half versus the second halves of games and how many points have we scored in the first half versus the second half. The numbers should be drastic. I feel like our adjustments on offense are terrible from the first half to the second. We have been either close or winning the game at halftime almost every game. We are then getting killed in the second half. Even with Buffalo, we had about 200 or 250? yards at the half, but with 5 minutes left in the game, they flashed a stat on the screen and I thought I was seeing things. We had MINUS 7 yards of total offense in the second half !!! I just about fainted. I am OK with Schiano and Sheridan, the defense has been playing well lately, despite the stunts. I will take anybody as OC, McNulty would be fine, just get Sullivan out of there.
  • avatar

    @makski...can't believe I was so bored that I did this but...total first half points = 181, second half = 63...about a 3:1 ratio. I didn't do total yards but it's probably similar. But what the heck, as coach says "half time is for taking a dump"...and the numbers back him up, don't they? As for the offense, Sully is clearly to blame but remember that it was Schiano who brought the "run first, and take some shots down field" strategy to the team...I think Sully has been captured by this Schiano system...which it must be clear by now is a terrible terrible offensive strategy in the 2013 NFL....
  • avatar

    Not sure if the strategy is terrible but coordinator is. This is the guy who was fired after a year in his last job in this position. Its not Schiano's guy either. Thats why he was signed to a short 2 year deal and was basically prepping his replacement last year when they hired John Mcnulty as QB coach. Lets see what happens when he gets the OC job next year and we draft or bring a FA WR and/or TE along with getting our starters back healthy.
  • avatar

    My feelings are the closest to those expressed by Horse below, though even if we win all our remaining games I will not be in favor of retaining either Sheridan or Schiano for how they have botched this season overall despite having the best players we have ever had. On another note I watched how easily Auburn shredded the excellent defense of Mizzou in the SEC Championship with the three way option offense. With all the great running backs we will have in our stable next year I would love to see a new OC try that offense in the NFL with a mobile QB out of the first round or sign Tebo.
  • avatar

    "despite having the BEST players we have EVER had." ?????? dafuq?
  • avatar

    I think it's a good debate on which on which coordinator is better/worse, the OC or DC. EastEndBoy makes good points. What makes either coordinator hard to evaluate is that Schiano is just like Belichik in the sense that he has established such power and authority over the offensive and defensive philosophies, personel and game plans that it's hard to evaluate the coordinators. I think the only things that can be judged from a coordinator standpoint is the actual play called in certain situations of the game. From that standpoint I like Sullivan better than Sheridan. Schiano makes the guys stunt a lot, but the situations that Sheridan blitzes and the types of blitzes he calls in that down and distance aren't good enough to me. Also when he calls man, zone and the type of zone he calls don't sit well with me. Sullivan on the other hand has players that are only built to run the ball or catch back shoulder passes thanks to Dominik and Schiano. I think Sullivan doesn't call more creative plays like screens, reverses and shuffle passes because Dominik hasn't built the offense with enough speed to pull those plays off. Sullivan was about to start doing a lot of those plays with Demps before he got hurt. In summary I like Sullivan a little better than Sheridan, but I don't think it matters who the coordinators are with Dominik and Schiano in charge.
  • avatar

    scubog and Horse, most of the vast number of injuries this team has suffered (12 on IR) has been on the offensive side of the ball; not to mention a rookie QB.
  • avatar

    @scubog - yes clearly the D is playing much better than O. IMO that has more to do with the number of pro-bowlers on D (McCoy, David, Revis - even if he's 75% he has changed the way teams play against us) versus on O where we have VJax and not much else of that calibre. I also think our offensive game plan is flawed - run first and pass deep is not a winning strategy in 2013....on D we suffer from the stunting and zone but not to the same extent as the flawed offense because our players are much better.
  • avatar

    Scubog; yes I would agree.
  • avatar

    Horse: Don't you think the Defense is playing much better than the Offense? Offense is ranked 31st. Defense is at least respectable. 49ers will be a good measuring stick with their great defense. Let's see if our offense can reach the 300 yard level and score a few points on their own against it.
  • avatar

    This is a very tough game to win; I put the them the same as the Seahawks. I just hope we are competitive. Coach has to win another game and replace the DC for me to possibly support him to stay. Dominik, for me, has done his job and has provided adequate players to have won at least 7-8 games by now. The coaching scheme is still the major issue and Schiano needs to wake up now!
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