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December 13, 2013 @ 6:44 am
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SR's Fab 5 - 12-13

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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How has Bucs DT Gerald McCoy been blessed? Which D-lineman is coming on strong for Tampa Bay? What position will the Bucs most likely target in the first round of the 2014 draft? Which Bucs player is allergic to grass? Will Tampa Bay trade Bobby Rainey? Get the answers and more inside scoop on the Bucs in SR's Fab 5.
SR's Fab 5 is a collection of inside scoop, analysis and insight from yours truly, Pewter Report publisher and Bucs beat writer Scott Reynolds. Here are a few things that caught my attention this week at One Buc Place:

This week the Buccaneers announced that their 2013 home finale against the San Francisco 49ers at Raymond James Stadium is a sold out. It could have something to do with the fact that Tampa Bay has won four of its last five games, including its last three home contests. It could have something to do with the fact that the star-studded 49ers were the Super Bowl runner-up last year.

Or it could have something to do with the fact that the Buccaneers are hosting a post-game concert with Christian rock band and multi-platinum recording artists MercyMe as part of the team’s second annual Faith and Football event.

“We look forward to another full house at Raymond James Stadium this Sunday as our players attempt to finish out the season with a fourth consecutive home win,” said Bucs chief operating officer Brian Ford said. “It should be a great atmosphere for what promises to be a great afternoon of football followed by a very entertaining post-game concert that the entire family can enjoy.”

The Buccaneers have once again enlisted Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, a devout Christian, to help promote the event and give his personal testimony to those attending the post-game concert.

“Last year was a thing where they just needed somebody to help promote it,” McCoy said. “I told them I would do it because I love talking with people and sharing my message with them. They came back to me this year and they said, ‘Gerald, we want you to do it.’ I couldn’t turn them down. I live my life a certain way and I try to be an example for people on how they should live their life or how we’re supposed to – that I believe we’re supposed to. When I get an opportunity to share that with people I’m going to take it. That’s all this is. Last year was great. I’m looking forward to it.”

McCoy, who grew up in the church, as his father was a pastor, relied on his faith in God to help overcome torn biceps injuries to both arms that shortened his first two seasons in the NFL. Entering his third season, the third overall pick in 2010, overcame the bust label thanks to prayer and help from the Lord to record a career-high five sacks en route to his first Pro Bowl berth last season.

This season, McCoy has been able to reach new heights in his career, notching seven sacks through the first 13 games of the year while aiming for the Pro Bowl again.

“With my faith I can relax and I can be calm,” McCoy said. “I’m reading Psalms 118:6-7. It says, ‘The Lord is with me, I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? The Lord is with me. He is my helper. I look on with triumph over my enemies.’ When I look at that I think, ‘If God is for me, who can be against me?’ That’s how I approach everything I do. God has made a promise with me, and he’s made a promise to all of us. We just serve Him and live right by Him and he will make a way for us. When I go play with so much comfort and I live life with so much comfort I know that God is always going to provide a way.”

McCoy accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior as a middle school student, and realized his first blessing when he began to play football. McCoy, whose vision is so impaired that he must wear prescription glasses or contacts at all times to see, realized that he didn’t need to wear glasses on the football field.

Miraculously, McCoy could see perfectly on the football field and became a high school All-American, a college All-American at Oklahoma and a Pro Bowler without corrective lens. Off the field, his vision is still impaired.

“That’s ridiculous, right?” McCoy said. “That’s a blessing, man. It’s a blessing from God, of course. People ask me, ‘You don’t wear contacts?’ No, man. I’m blessed. I have never ever worn glasses or contacts on the field. Not one time. Off the field I can’t see without them. It’s a blessing.”

Joining McCoy to give his inspirational message to the post-game crowd at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday is backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky.

“My involvement with the event comes from our team chaplain, Doug Gilchrist, who asked me if I would speak at the game,” Orlovsky said. “I want to take the opportunity to share my faith with the people that decide to come, and how it not only affects my life, but also my football life by painting the picture of how it affects the life of an NFL football player.”

Orlovsky is inspired by how God has worked within the life of a family man like McCoy.

“The great thing about G. is that he is unashamed and unapologetic about his faith, but he doesn’t portray an air of supremacy,” Orlovsky said. “He doesn’t think he’s better than anyone. He understands he makes mistakes and that he’s human. He allows God to be God. So many times we as football players can become righteous and think higher of ourselves. I think that’s one of the qualities that is endearing about Gerald and his faith.”

McCoy got married this offseason to his high school sweetheart, Ebony, and they both live their lives celebrating their relationship with God.

“We’re not supposed to marry a woman who doesn’t have the same beliefs or doesn’t have the same focus on God that a man does,” McCoy said. “My wife is just as strong as I am in her faith. She loves it. That’s what she’s about. Any time she thinks I’m slipping, she catches me. That’s what it’s about. We hold each other accountable. It helps our relationship because God is our central focus. Anything we do is to please the Lord. The Bible says when you find a wife you find a good thing. My wife is my rock and we center our lives around God.”

Orlovsky’s path towards God took a more roundabout way than McCoy’s did.

“I grew up in a very traditional church, and kind of like a lot of people, I decided to do things my own way for a while through college,” Orlovsky said. “But I was around several strong Christians in how they lived their lives. I was at a crossroads in my life in early 2006. I started doing a lot of research and asking a lot of questions. I got saved on September 23, 2006 and my life kind of took off from there. There were a lot of hardships and struggles and a lot of changing of my lifestyle. My faith has grown a lot since then. I’ve learned that football is not what am I, but it’s what I do, so it’s a big part of my life. My faith has a big aspect of what football is for me and allows me to handle football. It doesn’t minimize football or glorify it, either. My faith affects my football life every day.

“Being a Christian in my walk, I’ve had ups and downs. Four years ago in training camp in Indy I thought there was an opportunity for me, but things weren’t going my way. I got cut and in that moment I asked a lot of questions. I had been doing all the right things, living the right way and spending a lot of time with God. On the ride home, a song came on the radio by Josh Wilson, and the chorus said, ‘How in the world would I think I could only get to love you when my life was good?’ That kind of stopped me in my tracks and it refocused my relationship with Jesus on a daily basis. I realized that not everything was going to happen when I wanted it to. It’s easy to say and hard to do. But that was a moment in my faith that kind of elevated me to an understanding that God was in complete control. It may not be the plan that I want, but just believing that Jesus came and died for my sins so that I could live life to the fullest. Living life to the fullest could be different than what I perceive it to be. It took a long time for me to get a grasp of that and live it and be okay with it.”

McCoy and Orlovsky will be sharing the stage with MercyMe, a group that has had a multitude of successful albums and songs, including Word Of God Speak, I Can Only Imagine, You Are I Am and Here With Me among others.

“MercyMe is one of my favorite bands to listen to,” Orlovsky said. “One of the great things about their songs is that the majority of their songs could be sung in a church on a Sunday morning, they could be sung in your car when you want to let loose, they could be sung at home when you are looking for background music. Their music can send a message, it can get you fired up or it can bring you to a quiet place. They are phenomenal with their songs telling a story. I look forward to meeting them.”

The message about faith is just as important as the music, and spreading the good news of the Gospel is important to McCoy.

“I’ve actually never heard their music, but I’m excited to hear MercyMe,” McCoy said. “MercyMe is who they got to perform with us, and that’s cool. For me, if I can only reach one person with my message, that’s all that matters to me.”

Tampa Bay’s 2013 rookie class is a talented group of players that keeps get more impressive as the season goes on. Akeem Spence, a fourth-round pick, was the first to burst onto the scene and become an opening day starter at nose tackle for the Buccaneers. Cornerback Johnthan Banks, Tampa Bay’s second-round selection, also made an immediate impact, starting off the season as a nickel cornerback before working his way into the starting lineup.

Undrafted free agent Tim Wright, a wide receiver who was converted into a tight end during the offseason, saw significant playing time coming out of training camp and immediately became a surprise starter in Tampa Bay. Next came third-round pick Mike Glennon, who replaced Josh Freeman as Tampa Bay’s starting quarterback in Week 4, followed by running back Mike James, a sixth-round pick who started three games for the injured Doug Martin before going on injured reserve himself.

It took half the season for defensive end William Gholston, the second of Tampa Bay’s fourth-round picks, to make an impact on the field, but the former Michigan State star has really emerged as a playmaker in the Bucs sub package on defense. In fact, Gholston, who plays both defensive tackle and defensive end in obvious pass rushing situations, had a career-high 1.5 sacks, four tackles, one tackle for loss and one pass breakup in last week’s 27-6 victory over Buffalo.

“I thought Will played tremendous last week,” Spence said. “He had a sack and a half and I think he rushed the quarterback real well. He and I executed our games and I thought he did a great job with that. Our timing was well. You saw him running around trying to make plays, knocking himself out on the sidelines by running to the ball.

“He was playing relentless. That’s what the coaches thought he could do, but it took him a little time to do it. He’s showing you he’s got it. He’s showing you what he can do. That can happen week in and week out as long as he continues to master his craft. The sky is the limit for that guy. He has all of the traits – long arms, great height. He’s JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) in the making.”

That’s what the Bucs were thinking when they took the chiseled, athletic, 6-foot-6, 281-pound defensive end in the fourth round last April. At Michigan State, Gholston was a two-time, second-team All-Big 10 performer where he recorded 70 tackles, 16 tackles for loss and five sacks as a sophomore, and 49 tackles, 13 tackles for loss and 4.5 sacks as a junior.

While Gholston set a Spartans bowl game record with five tackles for loss and two sacks against Georgia in a 33-30 triple overtime win in Tampa’s Outback Bowl, he was inconsistent in college. His inconsistency combined with the fact that he left school a year early as a junior led to his slide down the rounds in the 2013 draft.

“When I first came into the NFL I thought I was being consistent in college, but being able to be out there with these guys shows me there is a whole new level I have to play at,” Gholston said. “I wish I would have known back in college that it took this level of play to truly be consistent.

“Everything started to click for me once I got more playing time. I started getting a feel for the speed of the game and learning some tricks of the trade. I’m very comfortable out there right now.”

Gholston credits watching defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and defensive end Adrian Clayborn, two of the hardest-working players on the Bucs roster, for his rapid development.

“It isn’t as hard as it might be otherwise because I have a very player-friendly defensive line room,” Gholston said. “Gerald is one of the guys that shows me how to play defensive tackle, and he’s great. I have Gary Gibson, who also shows me how to play tackle, and then I have Clayborn helping me at defensive end. It wasn’t as hard to adjust to because of their help.”

Spence marvels at the fact that Gholston has become a big-time contributor to the defense so quickly because of the time it has taken to learn both the tackle and end positions.

“It’s a lot of work, especially for a rookie,” Spence said. “He’s having to learn two positions. Unlike me, he is having to do double duty. That double duty is making him a better player because he’s learning how to play inside and outside. He learns what he learns from Gerald and he learns what he learns from A.C. He’s got the best of both worlds to learn from. He’s in the meeting room feeding off those guys.”

Gholston’s first NFL sack came at defensive tackle and was a shared sack with fellow defensive end Da’Quan Bowers on Monday Night Football against Miami on first-and-10 on the Dolphins’ final drive. That fourth quarter sack set up a second-and-17 situation and preceded a 10-yard sack by McCoy and ultimately led to Tampa Bay’s first victory of the year.

“It feel really good,” Gholston said. “It was a really big sack. It was at the end of the game and we really needed it. I felt like I was a part of that ending series and it was my chance to leave a mark.”

McCoy thinks very highly of the 22-year old Detroit native.

“He has rare size and ability and he doesn’t even realize it yet,” McCoy said. “Very few people have been blessed with his type of athletic ability and frame. He can do anything. I’m just trying to be that guy that can reveal it to him. I’ve told him, ‘If you can just learn how to play football at this level, you’ll be a monster. You’re strong. You’re quick. You have long arms. You can do what Julius Peppers does by playing the edge and playing inside. He knows how to play the game.’ I’m just trying to show him the ropes and he can go from there.”

As a reserve player, Gholston already has 15 tackles, two sacks, one tackle for loss and one pass defensed. Those are better statistics than starter Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, who has just 12 tackles, two tackles for loss and one sack, and Bowers, who has seven tackles and one sack.

The Bucs don’t plan on re-signing Te’o-Nesheim next year because he has disappointed the team with his lack of production. Te’o-Nesheim signed a one-year deal as a restricted free agent worth $1.323 million this season and he hasn’t been worth the investment.

Buoyed by Gholston’s production in spot duty, Tampa Bay plans to let him and Bowers compete for the strongside defensive end position in 2014. Having Gholston in the starting lineup adds more size to the Bucs defense, which head coach Greg Schiano wants. Te’o-Nesheim is 6-foot-3, 263 pounds, where Gholston is three inches taller and nearly 20 pounds heavier.

“The crazy thing is that Gerald told Will, ‘There’s nobody on this team that can block you when you’re going all out,’” Spence said. “You can’t touch Will when he puts his arms out. He’ll run you over. He’s got everything to be a great player. Gerald can see it. As long as he continues to work with G. and work with Coach [Bryan] Cox and works on his craft you all are going to hear about Will Gholston around this league. Get ready.”

If the 2014 NFL Draft were held today, the Buccaneers would be picking ninth as there are five teams currently with a 4-9 record. The fact that Tampa Bay’s defensive tackles have out-sacked the defensive ends this season means the Bucs need to add a premier pass rusher to bring more heat off the edge in 2014 – despite the potential of young defensive ends William Gholston and Da’Quan Bowers.

2013 Sacks By Bucs Defensive Linemen
DT Gerald McCoy – 7
DT Akeem Spence – 1
DT Derek Landri – 1
DE Adrian Clayborn – 4
DE William Gholston – 2
DE Da’Quan Bowers – 1
DE Daniel Te’o-Nesheim – 1

The Bucs aren’t the only team in need of an upgrade in the pass rush department. Four of the teams ahead of Tampa Bay – Atlanta, Minnesota, Jacksonville and Buffalo – could use a pass-rushing defensive end, but two of those teams – Minnesota and Jacksonville – have a more pressing need at quarterback and could use their first-round pick to select a new franchise QB instead.

There are currently five defensive ends that carry a first-round grade, led by South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney, who is almost a lock to go to Atlanta with the third overall pick. At 6-foot-5, 274 pounds, Clowney is an athletic freak that reminds some of former first-round pick Julius Peppers. Here are Clowney's highlights.

Clowney, a junior, is expected to dominate the NFL Scouting Combine, which will solidify his chances of being a top 5 draft pick despite a disappointing season in which he recorded only three sacks due to constant double teams. Clowney had 13 sacks in 2012 and has 24 QB captures in his career, to go along with 125 tackles, 46 tackles for loss, nine forced fumbles and a fumble recovery. Clowney has five games with multiple sacks.

Another edge rusher that carries a potential top 5 draft grade is UCLA outside linebacker Anthony Barr. At 6-foot-4, 248 pounds, Barr has the frame to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense or defensive end in a 4-3 scheme if he puts on another 10 pounds.

Barr has 152 tackles in his career, with 41.5 tackles for loss, including 20 this season. Barr has a knack of getting to the quarterback, evidenced by 23.5 career sacks, including 13.5 last season and 10 sacks this year. The Bruins standout has five games with multiple sacks, in addition to nine forced fumbles, a fumble recovery and a blocked kick on his resumé. Here are Barr's highlights.

Buffalo’s Khalil Mack is another top 10 talent with the ability to rush the passer. Like Barr, Mack played outside linebacker, but was frequently sent after the quarterback. At 6-foot-3, 248 pounds, Mack has the versatility to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme or add some weight and become a 4-3 defensive end. Here are Mack's highlights.

Buccaneers defensive end Steven Means, the team’s sixth-round draft pick in 2013, played with Mack at Buffalo last year.

“He can do whatever a team needs him to do in a 4-3 or a 3-4,” Means said. “He’s had enough practice in space covering guys, and as you can see, he can get after the quarterback. He has hands and he’s gotten interceptions and a couple of pick-sixes. He’s the total package.”

Mack is an even more explosive player than Barr is, and doesn’t take plays off like the UCLA star does. In fact, Mack is one of the top hustlers in college football and is always around the ball, evidenced by his 321 tackles, 75 tackles for loss and 28.5 sacks. Mack has 19 tackles for loss and 10.5 sacks in 2013.

“He’s a man amongst boys out there this year,” Means said. “He’s in the perfect situation. He’s a great guy and his character isn’t an issue. He’s fast, explosive and strong. I’m looking to see him go real early in the draft.

“He’s the type of player, like me, who’s never satisfied. He just takes it to another level with the forced fumbles. He’s never the type of player that is satisfied with the tackle. He’s trying to get the strip and force a fumble every time he’s making a tackle. That’s something that has definitely helped him get to this point of his career.”

Mack has recorded 20 pass breakups, an astounding 16 forced fumbles, including five this year, four interceptions, including two pick-sixes in 2013, and two blocked kicks.

With Clowney and Barr playing against a higher grade of competition and being more household names, both players could very well be off the board by the time Tampa Bay selects. The explosive Mack would be an ideal fit coming off the edge as a pass rusher, and can even play some outside linebacker and make plays in space to add versatility to the Bucs defense.

Means would love to be reunited with his former teammate in Tampa Bay.

“That would be perfect,” Means said. “I had one of my other guys here in Willie Moseley and that felt great. For someone else from Buffalo to come down here would be fantastic.”

There is currently a debate within the walls of One Buccaneer Place over what type of defensive end the team needs. Some members of the Bucs’ brass believe that the team need a speedy, explosive pass rusher like Mack, while others believe that the Bucs should continue to add bigger defensive linemen like Stanford’s Trent Murphy, who is 6-foot-6, 261 pounds.

Murphy, who played outside linebacker in Stanford’s 3-4 defense, is the nation’s leading sacker with 14, and is coming off a junior season in which he recorded 10 sacks. The Stanford edge rusher has 31.5 career sacks, three forced fumbles and a pick-six during his time with the Cardinal.

Murphy, who has seven games with multiple sacks, has 153 tackles in his career, in addition to 50.5 tackles for loss with 21.5 tackles for loss coming this season. If he’s still around by the time Tampa Bay selects in the first round, the smart, athletic and hard-nosed defender would be an ideal fit for the Buccaneers. Here are Murphy's highlights.

The final pass rusher that has first round talent is Clemson junior Vic Beasley. At 6-foot-2, 235 pounds, Beasley is probably best suited to be an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense, and not a candidate for Tampa Bay. Beasley has 20 career sacks, including 12 in 2013, with five forced fumbles and a fumble recovery for a touchdown the last two years his time at Clemson.

Yet the Bucs have been burned by defensive ends from Clemson in the past. Neither Charles Bennett (seventh round, 2006) nor Gaines Adams (first round, 2007) panned out, and Bowers (second round, 2011) has yet to crack the start lineup in his third NFL season. You can view Beasley's highlights here.

Either Mack or Murphy would greatly help the Buccaneers’ pass rush in 2014, and both are more consistent than Barr on a down-in, down-out basis. Whoever gets selected will depend on two things – which player is still on the board when Tampa Bay is on the clock, and if the Bucs put more emphasis on speed or size when it comes to drafting a defensive end.

While about half the NFL teams plays on artificial surface, the other half of the teams, including Tampa Bay, play on grass. Imagine being an NFL player and being allergic to grass.

Such is the case for Buccaneers middle linebacker Mason Foster, who typically talks with a nasally tone due to spending several hours a day outside on the grassy practice fields at One Buccaneer Place. It’s not uncommon for Foster to be congested, sneezing or have a runny nose during the open locker room session with the media.

Of all the teams that Foster could be drafted by, it had to be Tampa Bay where it doesn’t snow and the warmer climate only prolongs the grass pollen season and creates problems for allergy sufferers.

“I have bad allergies,” Foster said. “I’m actually allergic to grass. Sometimes after practice I have it real bad. I have my Zyrtec and my Zicam. It was horrible growing up as a kid playing baseball. I had to take my medicine all the time. I played catcher so at least I was in the dirt. I’m allergic to grass, pollen, dust. I have it bad.”

Like millions of allergy sufferers, Foster has to rely on allergy medicine to control his symptoms so he can function.

“Before I come to practice I take my nasal spray,” Foster said. “I try to take my nasal spray and it usually keeps me clear for 12 hours. Anytime I don’t it’s horrible.”

There have been a couple of instances where Foster has forgotten to take his allergy medicine before a game, and has had to improvise on the sidelines.

“If I don’t have the spray or I feel clogged up I’ll just use a Breathe Right and some of that smelling salt – ammonia,” Foster said. “It feels a lot better with the spray, though. It will open you up.”

While Foster suffers the most playing at home on the grass surface at Raymond James Stadium, he has also been able to overcome his allergies and have a couple of the best games of his three-year career in Tampa Bay.

In Week 2 against New Orleans, Foster recorded seven tackles, two passes defensed and returned an interception 85 yards for a touchdown. In a 41-28 win over at Atlanta in Week 10, Foster had three tackles, one pass defensed and returned an interception 37 yards for a touchdown.

Thankfully for the Buccaneers, Foster isn’t allergic to pigskin.

FAB 5. Here are a few things to hold you over until the next edition of SR’s Fab 5:

• Although Tampa Bay only has five draft picks in 2014 due to trades for cornerback Darrelle Revis (third round) and offensive lineman Gabe Carimi (sixth round), don’t expect the Bucs to put running back Bobby Rainey on the trading block to fetch an extra pick next spring. Rainey, an exclusive rights free agent, will be back in Tampa Bay next year to compete for carries behind starter Doug Martin and to provide solid depth at the running back spot.

Rainey will likely finish as Tampa Bay's leading rusher this season as he has 433 yards and four touchdowns on 95 carries (4.6 avg.), and is only 24 yards from surpassing Martin (127 carries and one touchdown for 456 yards (3.6 avg.)) for the team lead this year. That should happen against San Francisco on Sunday.

The Bucs like the trio of Martin, Rainey and Mike James, and with Martin and James missing the second half of the season due to season-ending injuries there is an obvious need for a quality stable of running backs. Expect the odd-man out next year to be Brian Leonard, who is an unrestricted free agent.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see the 30-year old Leonard re-signed to a one-year deal in the offseason due to his versatility. Leonard would be signed to be insurance through training camp in case there was an injury to another back, but the younger group of backs with Martin, Rainey and James offer Tampa Bay more ability to run the ball successfully than Leonard does.

• Although FS Dashon Goldson hasn't made as big of an impact statistically as some might have anticipated coming to Tampa Bay from San Francisco via free agency, the two-time Pro Bowler does have 56 tackles, seven pass breakups, one interception, one forced fumble and a tackle for loss on defense – despite missing two games with an injury and one game due to a suspension.

As Goldson gains more experience in Greg Schiano's defense, he will be become more comfortable and be able to make more splash plays. One source tells PewterReport.com that while Goldson is the best communicator in the secondary on the field, he will have an occasional lapse to his San Francisco days and call a 49ers coverage audible that will confuse his Buccaneers teammates.

One of the more difficult aspects of signing free agents from other teams is the process of those players unlearning previous schemes, systems and verbiage. The Bucs have been victim to Goldson making the innocent mistake of reverting back to his 49ers verbiage in the heat of the moment and the result of the play is a busted coverage. The team expects that time spent in another offseason and training camp at One Buc Place will wash six years of studying the San Francisco playbook out of Goldson's system.

Where Goldson has also made an unsung contribution to Tampa Bay is on special teams. Not only is he the Bucs' free safety on defense, Goldson also serves as the personal protector on punts, replacing Cody Grimm. Goldson executed a fake punt earlier in the season against Arizona with a 22-yard run, and recovered a muffed punt last Sunday against Buffalo.

• While Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik has typically made a habit of signing younger free agents in their prime under the age of 30 instead of targeting free agents over the age of 30, he may change his philosophy in 2014 if he's still around. Dominik has presided over just one winning season in Tampa Bay since taking over as general manager in 2009, and that was a playoff-less, 10-6 campaign in 2010.

Dominik is 25-36 in his nearly four seasons as Tampa Bay's G.M., and he is squarely on the hot seat. Despite two recent excellent drafts, and being able to trade for Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis, and acquire the likes of Pro Bowl safety Dashon Goldson, Pro Bowl receiver Vincent Jackson and Pro Bowl guard Carl Nicks, the Bucs haven't been able to translate all of Dominik's talent acquisition into wins.

For that reason, it would not be far-fetched for Dominik to go outside his comfort zone and sign a free agent like five-time Pro Bowl DE Jared Allen to help Tampa Bay's pass rush. While defensive end might be the most pressing need in the 2014 draft and should warrant the use of the team's first-round pick, Dominik can't afford to wait to see if a rookie – or Da'Quan Bowers or William Gholston – can develop quickly enough to make an impact next season.

Allen, who turns 32 in April, will be a free agent and has compiled 124 sacks, 29 forced fumbles and four safeties in his 10-year NFL career. Dominik and former general manager Bruce Allen once inquired about trading for Allen when he was with Kansas City, but Minnesota ultimately pulled the trigger on the trade in 2008.

The 6-foot-6, 270-pound defensive end came within a sack of the NFL all-time sack record. In 2011, Allen recorded 22 sacks, and he is currently on a six-year streak of double-digit sacks. After recording 12 sacks last year for the Vikings, Allen currently seven sacks with three games remaining this year.

While the Bucs passed on signing former Falcons defensive end John Abraham due to some issues in Atlanta (the Falcons didn't want to re-sign him, either), there is no doubt that Abraham has had a big year in Arizona at age 35. Abraham has 11 sacks and four forced fumbles this year. That has opened Dominik's eyes and could cause him to change his perimeters for signing free agents to include a player like the soon-to-be 32-year old Allen.

Without having to dish out big bucks to re-sign QB Josh Freeman, Dominik will have about $17 million worth of salary cap room to use in 2014. That's enough room to target Allen in March.

• The Bucs' brass is very concerned that weakside linebacker Lavonte David is going to be snubbed for the Pro Bowl. David has 116 tackles, which is fifth-most in the NFL, 11 run stuff, which is the most in the league, six sacks, five interceptions, a forced fumble and a safety, and is only one of four players in NFL history to record six sacks and five picks in the same season – and the only linebacker to ever do it.

But David has been getting very little press outside of Tampa Bay, and has rarely been talked about on national pre-game shows due to the Bucs' losing record. He also didn't enter the NFL with as much fanfare and name recognition as a player like Luke Kuechly. David is also currently ninth in fan voting.

If you want to make a difference, I urge you to reach out to as many Bucs fans as possible after reading this SR's Fab 5 column and send them this link so they can read the SR's Fab 5 and vote for David, Gerald McCoy, Darrelle Revis, Vincent Jackson and Mark Barron for the Pro Bowl. Get other Bucs fans to stuff the ballot box for their favorite Bucs to help their chances of making the Pro Bowl.

Kansas City sent six players to the Pro Bowl last year after finishing 2-14 on the season. It's a safe bet that McCoy will be making a return trip to Hawaii, and he needs to have David with him. Click here to vote David and other Bucs to the Pro Bowl.

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    I think Fab 1 is just fine. No explanation needed. The purpose was clear - as McCoy left nothing blowing in the wind. To those who didn't appreciate hearing from McCoy - don't read the article if the intro is not something you would like to read.
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    Morgan- I try not to get involved with arguments and I hope this comes across civilly. I've noticed the majority of your posts seem to be intentionally pugnacious and contrary. Are you just trying to start fights and irritate other posters? This site is a great place to have in depth discussions about the team we all love, and I learn a great deal about the bucs and football from the posters here (sometimes more so than the writers -- sorry PR). Please stop attacking fellow bucs fans. I look forward to reading your future posts as I think it's obvious that you're just as obsessed with this team as the rest of us and you probably have some great observations to offer.
  • avatar

    Scubog and buc1932: Well said guys!
  • avatar

    Didn't realize so many Buc fans were atheist heathens. No wonder they've been bad for so long. Buc fans brought it on themselves. Repent. BTW, MC, I'm still waiting for that check.
  • avatar

    Morgan: I seriously hope you are joking.
  • avatar

    I look at fab 1 as Scott's way of giving us an insight into some of our Bucs lives outside of football. For me it was a bit funny, because they talked of hardships they overcame on the football field because of god. Try loosing a son like I did 3 years ago at age 23. It's a lot harder looking up and thanking god for the blessing. I'll leave it at that. Personally I'm in heaven when the ocean is just right, and I become part of it. While my tears start to flow, let's talk football. Moody's right. The NFL is all about offense now. Our defense isn't the biggest problem now, we need play makers on offense. O line, top flight receiver, tight end amen.
  • avatar

    surferdudes; I can't imagine what you went through and I am very sorry for your loss. When life is great; it's easy to think that God is with you; when the unimaginable occurs we get a different perspective about life, God, and our role in it all.
  • avatar

    As soon as I read the Fab 1 sermon I knew there would be an abundance of entertaining comments. I was not disappointed. Horse: I respect you more and more when you give us a peek into your personal life. I can't imagine going through what you did. I find it puzzling when people thank their god for allowing them to survive a tragedy that their same god allowed to happen in the first place. Matador: I agree with you on "people of faith" who seem to look down their noses at people who don't share their beliefs. Our country was founded on keeping religion separate from our government, but every day, government entities violate the restriction. Because Christianity is the most common, those who practice it in the US have this idea that we all should follow their lead. What I believe is that it's more important to be a good person and be tolerant of others and not hide behind a moniker professing to be something you're not. I always laugh when a murderer is wearing a cross. Muslims blow each other up in the name of Alah. One need only look to the religious wars that have been waged for centuries. It's always about one's god being more powerful or "on their side." Really? If there was a single god who created everything we see, wouldn't you think he'd step in and stop the senseless killing in his name. When someone can answer the question, If God made us, who made God? they'll get my attention. If the universe was "poofed" by a creator; who conjured up the creator? I know, that's what faith is. I am right with you on the the games being a religious event. I too have screamed, "Holy $hit", "Jezeeus Crimey", "For Cripes Sake"and other such things when watching my beloved Bucs. Wish God would let us get to the promised land (end zone) in the 2nd half.
  • avatar

    Scubog; Thank you and well said.
  • avatar

    I think we need to take a tackle with the first pick. Hopefully we'll have an early enough pick to take a LT but if not we should take a RT and move Dotson to LT. I think he had the size and athletic ability to be better over there anyway. This would allow the Bucs to cut the overpaid Penn. Once we resign McCoy and lower his cap number we will have tons of room to resign Foster and still sign a player like Allen. Also, I think the Bucs need to start training Demps as a slot WR once he's healthy. He has the sudden quickness to excel in that role and there's no role for him as a RB. If we draft a TE in the second that will take care are all the needs and still leave a few picks for depth. Whatever we do, I just want to make sure we don't waste another pick on another mid round QB.
  • avatar

    Wow, the Bucs' are going to go defense with a top 10 pick. What a waste. This is not the Late 90's & it isn'nt the early 2000's. Even the Bears have a monster offense these days. Why can't we figure this out?? The Bucs got the ball back 7 times against the Bills and had NO idea what to do with it. 7!!! The Bucs already drafted a player exactly like Clowny. His name was Gaines Adams. He was an athletic freak that lacked consistency and effort and he was a major bust. We took him at #4 overall instead of making a push for Calvin Johnson @ #2. Ridiculous. Is the Bucs' offensive strategy to just pound Martin into oblivion and waste his potential in the same manner the Vikes have wasted AP? Common Man!! TD's are fun to celebrate--more so than sacks. I know it's new, and different, maybe even a little scary. Trust me. Have a little faith. (See what I did there) One day we'll be up by 20, the FL sun will be shinning, the cannons will be firing, and you'll think--why couldn't we have been doing this for the past 40 years??
  • avatar

    I have followed the Bucs from the beginning and suffered through too many losing seasons including the last two--and what coach turned around the fortunes of the Bucs? Dungy! A passionate Christian Coach who wasn't afraid to talk to his players about his beliefs and to likewise do a lot of good for the Tampa Bay Area that even continues today. Since he coached the Colts (and took them to a Superbowl) I wonder if Dungy did not have a positive influence on Orlovsky's conversion as well. Half of success in football is mental and I believe it is PR's job to report to us what is motivating our players mentally just as much as it is to tell us about their physical preparation to play football. I for one believe that Scott has done that in this article and should be applauded for doing his job well! There is a saying that there are no atheists in foxholes but that doesn't apply to the awful job that Horse had to do for his Country and I appreciate his sharing with us where he is coming from and I want to thank him for his service. I volunteered for the service during the Vietnam war just as my Dad did during WWII and survived the Battle of the Bulge thank God or I would not be here. Back to the Bucs--Gholston is going to be a star like McCoy already is and we are now set on Defense. We need a QB with the first pick! And with the stable of running backs we will have coming back we need a HC and OC who can take the Auburn triple option and make it work in the Pros. Glennon is smart enough to pick up a new system and be our backup if an athletic QB such as the Duck's QB come in and run that offense. We will only need to swap our two Offensive Tackles and sign Meredith to a long term contract. Yes we will need a TE and third receiver to play the slot from the draft or free agency, put Butch Davis as the DC and we would be as formidable as KC this year and lots of fun to watch again.
  • avatar

    PR - spare us the religious BS. I don't care what McCoy's religious beliefs are, just as most of us are sick of hearing about Saint Dungy, non-believer in the craft of offense and champion of telling others what to do despite his failings within his own family. News flash - there are thousands of religions, each of them with a different idea of a deity it believes is the one, true version. This country was founded on the idea that there is no place for religion in the governance of the country, the last place I need to read about ANYONE'S beliefs as if they have supremacy over the others is in a football magazine. --- Stick to football. Try to get that right. Employ a spell-checker. Leave the rest of us in the peace as the founders of this country intended. --- Here's help redirecting your focus - we need OL help. We have flushed so many DL picks down the drain under Dom/Hickey's tenure that the last thing we need to do is draft another Bowers or Price etc in the early rounds. We have Martin and James, Rainey is a nice player but he is expendable, if we could get a 4th rounder for him then do it. We are wafer thin and need to try to get 25 starting caliber players (incl special teams) on the roster.
  • avatar

    Other than Murphy (de Stanford) being tall and white he is nowhere close to the caliber of player watt is especially from a game-awareness comparison. I'd rather go after the Von miller/aldon smith types (Mack/Barr respectively). I don't get the general consensus that Barr takes plays off, can anyone explain? Regardless, we need offense and I don't see us being able to beat the good teams without more firepower especially with all the pansy rules changes. Watkins is a special talent but there are some good wideouts in this draft (Robinson penn st). At TE, Ebron is a younger Antonio gates. And in the mid rounds there are some mammoth oline prospects that bostad could work wonders with (Baylor G/T and Yankey from Stanford G, and monster tackles south car, michigan, Bama, tenn, tex am. As I said before, schiano knows we need points. Can we move on from fab 1 guys? Too much good football to discuss. 49ers started out by drafting consecutive oline dominators and look what Julio has done for the falcons. It's about offense (sadly) in today's nfl
  • avatar

    The fact that some of you idiots are making such a big deal about FAB1 isn't surprising. I skimmed through it myself and didn't get much out of it but I do respect individuality. Our country is based on christian beliefs whether you like it or not and faith/ God is in football whether you like it or not. I respect that you voiced your objection now move on and quit being little children constantly bickering about religion and if that doesn't work go get a pacifier.
  • avatar

    I agree with BucNW, Horse and Sparky that this is not the place for a revival. Write that stuff somewhere else. I come here to read about football, not about Jesus. Sure it is a free world...however this is a football site that us subscribers pay for in part. Now, I know that the Fab 5 is not just for subscribers, but it used to be (there is not much left on this site worth paying for). What it really looks like to me is lazy reporting. Every big paragraph is a quote. It is just a compilation of quotes about players talking about religion...well Christianity... with a few words here and there to connect the quotes. Scott probably needed a filler fab to fill out his 5 and threw that in. When he finished, he realized it was the longest one, so he put it first. Back to football...that Murphy reminds me of JJ Watt. I would not be opposed to him. However, I would rather have an offensive tackle or dare I say a QB! Can I get an Amen for a new QB? Give me a prayer for a new coaching staff while you are at it!;)
  • avatar

    I expect Fab 1 to be based in football, not a recruiting campaign for christianity. That topic should have been much shorter and stuck between the football afterthoughts and commercials at the end of Fab 5. I would have appreciated that much effort put into the topic we all pay to read about. Fab 1 should not be a waste of my time. It was. Wrong forum.
  • avatar

    Reporting on McCoy's beliefs is one thing. Cheerleading for jeezus is another thing entirely. Fab 1 was the latter.
  • avatar

    Amen Kinderrt!
  • avatar

    One can object all they want, but in this country Scott has just as much right to express what he believes as any poster does. IIRC, all the non atheist's are taught to express their beliefs and to teach others. We live in a democracy which is governed by laws. So I just don't understand how anyone can object. In essence you are objecting to the law. Want to really object, change the constitution. That just won't happen. I am not a believer in the liberal point of view of being politically correct. What's wrong with saying what you believe?
  • avatar

    They certainly have the right to turn this website into a Christianity-pimping one if they like. This isn't about being politically correct, it's about the quality of the site. I am expressing my opinion that Fab1 is garbage and would prefer they keep all the evangelical nonsense off this site. Just like you, Uncle Stan, complain about trivial matters like when they fail to provide a link to articles on the Insider board. My complaint is at least as valid as yours... but I expect the backlash from the religiously inclined people. I don't agree with their beliefs, but I don't care what they believe in. I object when proselytizing happens, which I believe it did in Fab1. But I appreciate the fact that McCoy is a decent guy, I really do.
  • avatar

    Getting back to football..... Just don't draft a DE from Clemson !
  • avatar

    I have a number of family members who are very religious and just as many family members who are atheist. I have a like number of friends who are both atheist and religious. All of us recognize that such choices are up to the individual and we all love each other, get along great, and have very full lives. We know how each of us feels about religion and non-religion, we don't let ANY religious differences get in the way of our love or friendship AND don't try to push anything onto the others. There are great humans who are atheists and great humans who are religious (just as there are bad people in bith groups). The Glaziers have a right to promote the event and just as one poster said, if one of us atheists owned a football team, we'd have the right to promote atheism IN THIS WONDERFUL COUNTRY.
  • avatar

    I am not opposed to religious beliefs as I do believe that there is a God. Maybe I see my God differently than you might; I just don't go out there in public and push my belief's for a feel good feeling. We all base our lives and follow the religion that best helps us and I don't need reminder's especially in a sports media kind of atmosphere.
  • avatar

    Horse, Guess the players disagree with you. Ever see them always get together for worship after every game?. That's publicly expressing their belief in their maker.
  • avatar

    It doesn't matter what kind of idiotic crap the players believe in. How is that relevant to what gets reported on a football website?
  • avatar

    Uncle Stan; I don't have any problem with that because it is an individual choice to do that. Some players do that and some don't.
  • avatar

    I can’t speak for everybody but Schiano has brought me closer to God. Every time we lose a game I say “Oh God, not again” and when I hear the after-game press conference I say “For Christ’s sake, shut up”. I would post more but I’ve got to go pray and ask God to forgive me for using his name in the same sentence with Schiano! Come on guys, lighten up, if we beat the 49ers, you will know for sure there is a God and She has a sense of humor!
  • avatar

    Fab 2 & 4 - Great info on those players. That was kind of cool to learn. Fab 3 - I think Clowney is the only defender worth taking over an offensive lineman. I'm sick of our guys getting out-physicaled when we face a playoff worthy team. Nicks is the only O-lineman we have that always won physical battles and with his toe faciitis he will never be the same. I love Watkins at WR and would take him over the other defenders mentioned in Fab 3 besides Clowney, but after re-signing M. Williams I don't think the Bucs want to put that type of money into the WR position. The draft is so deep at WR I think we can find a great player in the 2nd round. I do acknowledge we really need a great pass rusher at DE/SLB (Mack would play a SLB V. Miller type role for us and move to DE on passing downs). I just think the value is better at OT than DE where we'll be picking and we need both. I think Barr is overrated BTW and I hope he doesn't drop down to the Bucs.
  • avatar

    Fab 1 - I also agree with Pewter2. I think Fab 1 is relevant to put here because Ray Jay is hosting a christian concert and two Bucs are being invited to participate. Also, even though I'm a christian myself it wouldn't have bothered me if a player of another faith spoke about how they felt it affected their play on the field. Especially if Ray Jay was being used to host an event of that faith. I can honestly say that if the event was completely satanic in nature and a player felt satan helped him perform better it would bother me. So with that said I can see the point of view of someone that is totally opposed to Christianity having a problem with this article. However, since the Glaziers clearly support Christianity by hosting this concert you may want to look at supporting a sports team that doesn't oppose your beliefs? PR is just reporting what is happening so blame the Bucs for hosting the event and adding McCoy and Orvlosky to the team.
  • avatar

    I'll say I do have a problem with Jesus Christ; but, because I know that many Christians(including McCoy and no doubt many, and hopefully, all Bucs that are into Jesus Christ above all other religions . . . oops, ,let that one out!) think this is about love and all and are not messianic(oops, let that one out too; see the book of Revelation), I'll not go into what I know about Jesus Christ.
  • avatar

    I mean that I agree with free speech, and I find some of the points from those who think we should keep the religious stuff out were also inverse valid points to the free speech thing(which I whole heartedly agree with). But, once again, I know that Gerald McCoy is using his faith more about love and all . . . and I'll try not to point out anything more. Love you McCoy . . . and I'm sure plenty if not most of the other Bucs(and football players around the league)!
  • avatar

    I'd like to add that I don't even get along with most atheists; I tried an atheist group once for about three months(one group meeting per month) and found them not very intellectual at all. I have found this one atheist friend just in the last month though; a Morrocan mathematian on facebook!This guy is awesome; he knows Groethendieck level algebraic geometry!
  • avatar

    To say the least, I have more Christian friends than atheists. Well, we're friends for awhile; but, then after they can't convert me, we drift . . .
  • avatar

    A great Queensryche song . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CZGion20E4 . . . oh man, I'm having way to much fun with this whole thing; I need to stop; o.k. that's it, I'm stopping after posting this!
  • avatar

    EXCUSE ME buccanerrNW, but if you didn't have an obvious problem with JESUS, then you wouldn't be so obvious in ur drive to bash the article...as with atheists and Christmas..if you don't believe in the season don't celebrate it...if you don't like the one section of the article that talks about one of our top players religious beliefs, then DON'T READ IT..you liberals and your don't impose your beliefs on me BS parade, has officially been rejected by the American people and the Supreme Court, so do us all a favor and if it isn't about the Bucs then don't post it here...despite ur obvious bias, i'm sure if GMC knew you, he'd still be praying for you.
  • avatar

    Certainly, Pewter Report has the right to publish what they want. I'm just saying that the Fab1 wasn't about football and I am exercising my right to object to being sold christianity on a football website. Sorry if that offends you. I don't believe in that stuff, but that's not even the point. It doesn't belong here. And it wasn't written in a neutral fashion. It was written like a love-fest for christianity. "McCoy accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior" is clearly a statement written from the the narrow perspective of an evangelical. Again, they're within their right to publish whatever kind of garbage they want... and I am expressing my objections, which is within my rights as well. And GMC's prayers for me would make no difference, just as they don't make any difference for anything else, except to make people feel better about themselves. But I respect him, to the extent that he's about loving his neighbor and bringing peace and good will into the world without the unnecessary proselytizing. I think he's a wonderful guy.
  • avatar

    Scott, I skipped Fab 1 as soon as I saw it was about McCoy's religious beliefs. This is not the place to tell us about Christianity. If he were a Buddhist, would you be writing about it? What about if he were Muslim? This was clearly pimping Jesus to the readers, which I find objectionable. I encourage you to avoid these kind of articles in the future. It just doesn't belong here. And by the way, jeezus-rock is about the worst genre of music ever conceived.
  • avatar

    Scott, thank you for Fab 1. It is sad to see God pushed into the closet or out of life. It was a breath of fresh air to read the article. It is nice to see figures such as you and these men display their faith. I know you may catch a lot of heat on this article but know that your readers do appreciate your your courage to display this article. This is your business and thank you for writing the article and making it the headline.
  • avatar

    "God" is not pushed into the closet in this country. Gimme a break. If anything, the proselytizers and zealots are trying to shove it down our throats all the time. It doesn't take courage to write that article. It does require a lack of respect to those of other faiths or no faith at all who want this forum to be about football, not about jeezus.
  • avatar

    I look forward to BucBella's support of the next article quoting one of the players' views on Satanism or Atheism, or any of the following since he is so enlightened - Babism[edit] Main article: Bábism Azali Bahá'í Faith[edit] Main article: Bahá'í Faith Christianity[edit] Main article: Christianity See also: List of Christian denominations Western Christianity Main article: Roman Catholic Church Main article: Protestantism Waldensians Moravians Lutherans Calvinism Anabaptists Anglicanism Nonconformism Quakers Baptists Methodism Pentecostals Eastern Christianity Eastern Orthodox Church (Includes the Greek Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Romanian Orthodox, Bulgarian Orthodox, and several other autocephalous churches and Patriarchates) Russian Orthodox Old Believers Eastern Orthodox Old Calendarists Oriental Orthodox (Includes the Armenian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Ethiopian Orthodox, and Syriac Orthodox, as well as a portion of the St. Thomas Christians) Assyrian Church of the East Ancient Church of the East Eastern Catholics (In full communion with Rome, but retaining a diverse array of Eastern liturgical rites; including the Maronites and Chaldean Catholics) Other Groups Related to Christianity[edit] Some of these groups consider themselves to be Christian, or to be derived from Christianity, but they are considered heterodox or heretical by mainstream Christianity. Some of them are no longer extant. Jehovah's Witnesses Christian Science Christian Universalism Seventh Day Adventists Latter Day Saint movement Nontrinitarianism Swedenborgianism Unification Church Unitarianism (see also Unitarian Universalists Rastafarianism Arianism Ebionites (no longer extant) Marcionism (no longer extant) Gnosticism[edit] Many Gnostic groups were closely related to early Christianity, for example, Valentinism. Irenaeus of Lyons wrote polemics against them from the standpoint of the then-unified Catholic Church[7]. Main article: Gnosticism See also: List of Gnostic sects Cerdonians (no longer extant) Colorbasians (no longer extant) Simonians (no longer extant) Bogomoils (no longer extant) Cathars (no longer extant) The Yazidis are a syncretic Kurdish religion with a Gnostic influence: Main article: Yazidism Persian Gnosticism Mandaeanism Manichaeism (no longer extant) Bagnolians (no longer extant) Syrian-Egyptic Gnosticism None of these religions are still extant. Main article: Syrian-Egyptic Gnosticism Sethians Basilidians Valentinians Bardesanite Neo-Gnostic Groups Ecclesia Gnostica Islam[edit] Main article: Islam See also: Islamic schools and branches Kalam Schools Main article: Kalam Ash'ari Kalam Maturidi Murji'ah Mu'tazili Kharijite Main article: Kharijite Ibadi (Only surviving sect) Azraqi Haruriyya Sufri Shia Islam Main article: Shia Islam Ismailism Mustaali / Bohra Nizari Jafari Twelvers Akhbari Shaykhi Usuli Alawites Alevi / Bektashi Zaidiyyah Sufism Main article: Sufism Bektashi Chishti Mevlevi Mujaddediyah Naqshbandi Jahriyya Khufiyya Nimatullahi Tariqah Quadiriyyah Sufi Order International Sufism Reoriented Suhrawardiyya Tijani Universal Sufism Dances of Universal Peace Sunni Islam Main article: Sunni Islam Hanafi Barelvi Deobandi Gedimu Yihewani Xidaotang Hanbali Maliki Shafi'i Ahl-e Hadith or Salafi Quraniyoon Main article: Quranism Ahle Quran Tolu-e-Islam United Submitters International Black Muslims Nation of Islam Moorish Science Temple of America Moorish Orthodox Church of America 5 percenters Ahmadiyya Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement Other Islamic Groups Ahl-e Haqq or Yarsan Al-Fatiha Foundation Canadian Muslim Union European Islam Ittifaq al-Muslimin Jamaat al-Muslimeen Jadid Liberal Muslims Muslim Canadian Congress Mahdavia Gohar Shahi Messiah Foundation International International Spiritual Movement Anjuman Serfaroshan-e-Islam Progressive British Muslims Progressive Muslim Union Wahabi Zikri Religions Related to Islam[edit] These religions are either descended from Sufi Islam, or consider themselves Islamic, but are regarded as heretical or heterodox by other Muslims. Sufi and Shia Sects[edit] Alevi Bektashi Druze[edit] Main article: Druze Judaism and Related Religions[edit] Main article: Judaism See also: Jewish Denominations Rabbinic Judaism Main article: Rabbinic Judaism Orthodox Judaism Haredi Judaism Hasidic Judaism Modern Orthodox Judaism Conservative Judaism Masorti Conservadox Judaism Union for Traditional Judaism Reform Judaism Progressive Judaism Liberal Judaism Karaite Judaism Main article: Karaite Judaism Samaritanism Samaritans use a slightly different version of the Pentateuch as their Torah, worshiping at Mount Gerizim instead oF Jeruasalem, and are possibly the descendants of the lost Northern Kingdom. They are definitely of ancient Israelite origin, but their status as Jews is disputed.[8] Main article: Samaritanism Falasha or Beta Israel Modern Non-Rabbinic Judaism Alternative Judaism Humanistic Judaism (not always identified as a religion) Jewish Renewal Reconstructionist Judaism Historical groups Essenes Pharisees (ancestor of Rabbinic Judaism) Sadducees (possible ancestor of Karaite Judaism) Zealots Sicarii Sects that believed Jesus was a prophet Ebionites Elkasites Nazarenes Sabbateans Frankists Black Hebrew Israelites[edit] Main article: Black Hebrew Israelites Rastafari movement[edit] Main article: Rastafari movement Mandaeans and Sabians[edit] Main articles: Mandaeism and Sabians Mandaeism Sabians Mandaean Nasaraean Sabeans Sabians of Harran Shabakism[edit] Main article: Shabak people Indian religions[edit] Main article: Indian religions Indian religions, also known as dharmic religions, are the religions that originated in the Indian subcontinent; namely Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism and religions and traditions related to, and descended from, them. Ayyavazhi[edit] Main article: Ayyavazhi Bhakti movement[edit] Main article: Bhakti movement Kabir Panth Ravidassia Religion Sant Mat Buddhism[edit] Main article: Schools of Buddhism Nikaya schools (which have historically been called Hinayana in the West) Theravada Sri Lankan Amarapura Nikaya Sri Lankan Siam Nikaya Sri Lankan Ramañña Nikaya Bangladeshi Sangharaj Nikaya Bangladeshi Mahasthabir Nikaya Burmese Thudhamma Nikaya Vipassana tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw and disciples Burmese Shwekyin Nikaya Burmese Dvaya Nikaya Thai Maha Nikaya Dhammakaya Movement Thai Thammayut Nikaya Thai Forest Tradition Tradition of Ajahn Chah Mahayana Humanistic Buddhism Madhyamaka Prāsangika Svatantrika Sanlun (Three Treatise school) Sanron Maha-Madhyamaka (Jonangpa) Nichiren Nichiren Shū Nichiren Shōshū Nipponzan Myōhōji Soka Gakkai Pure Land Jodo Shu Jodo Shinshu Tathagatagarbha Daśabhūmikā (absorbed into Huayan) Huayan school (Avataṃsaka) Hwaeom Kegon Tiantai Tendai Cheontae Yogācāra Cittamatra in Tibet Wei-Shi (Consciousness-only school) or Faxiang (Dharma-character school) Beopsang Hossō Chan / Zen / Seon / Thien Caodong Sōtō Keizan line Jakuen line Giin line Linji Rinzai Ōbaku Fuke Zen Won Buddhism: Korean Reformed Buddhism Kwan Um School of Zen Sanbo Kyodan Vajrayana Shingon Buddhism Tibetan Buddhism Bön Gelukpa Kagyupa Dagpo Kagyu Karma Kagyu Barom Kagyu Drukpa Kagyu Shangpa Kagyu Nyingmapa Sakyapa Jonangpa New Buddhist movements Aum Shinrikyo (now known as Aleph)[9] Diamond Way Friends of the Western Buddhist Order New Kadampa Tradition[10] Share International True Buddha School Vipassana movement The Osho or Rajneesh movement Global Variants of Buddhism Buddhism in the United States Din-i-Ilahi[edit] Din-i-Ilahi Hinduism[edit] See also: Hindu denominations Swaminarayan Shrauta Lingayatism Shaivism Shaktism Tantrism Ananda Marga[11] Smartism Vaishnavism Gaudiya Vaishnavism ISKCON (Hare Krishna)[12] Hindu reform movements Arya Samaj[13] Brahmo Samaj Ramakrishna Mission Satya Dharma Satsang of Thakur Anukulchandra Matua Mahasangha Hinduism in Indonesia Major schools and movements of Hindu philosophy Main article: Hindu philosophy Nyaya Purva mimamsa Samkhya Vaisheshika Vedanta (Uttara Mimamsa) Advaita Vedanta Integral Yoga Vishishtadvaita Dvaita Vedanta Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Bhakti Yoga Raja yoga Karma yoga Jnana yoga Kundalini yoga Hatha yoga Siddha Yoga Surat Shabd Yoga Tantric Yoga Sahaja Yoga Jainism[edit] Main article: Jainism Digambara Bisapanthi[14] Digambar Terapanth Kanji Panth[14] Taran Panth Shvetambara Murtipujaka or Deravasi Sthanakvasi Svetambar Terapanth Meivazhi[edit] Meivazhi Sikhism[edit] Main article: Sikhism Amritdhari original Sikhs Khalsa Nihang Namdhari or Kuka Sikhs Ravidasi Sahajdhari Sikh Iranian religions[edit] Main article: Iranian religions Bábism Bahá'í Faith Mandaeism Manichaeism[edit] Manichaeism Mazdakism[edit] Mazdakism Mithraism[edit] Mithraism Yazdânism[edit] Main article: Yazdânism Alevi (this is contested; most Alevi consider themselves to be Shia or Sufi Muslims, but a minority adhere to the Yazdani interpretation) Yarsani Yazidi Zoroastrianism / Parsi[edit] Main article: Zoroastrianism Zurvanism East Asian religions[edit] Main article: East Asian religions Confucianism[edit] Main article: Confucianism Neo-Confucianism New Confucianism Shinto[edit] Main articles: Shinto and Shinto sects and schools Taoism[edit] Main article: Taoism Other[edit] Caodaism Chinese folk religion Chondogyo Falun Gong Hòa Hảo I-Kuan Tao Jeung San Do Mohism Oomoto Seicho-No-Ie Tenriky
  • avatar

    Seems like we have been drafting D-LINEMEN forever. We need a proven DE ( ALLEN) and a real QB (Rivers ) and the top WR with speed in the draft and then we can win some games against top teams. Have no faith in Dominik to build a top team as we will go into next year with a below average QB and a poor coaching staff. If this organization don't make major changes in the GM and HC we will be a 4-5 win team next year. One playoff game in TEN years, pretty sad !
  • avatar

    I strongly agree with east end on the draft. We need points especially in this division. Unless clowney is there for the taking we need the best possible offensive player. Especially if you're entertaining thoughts of Jared Allen where is the new de going to fit? Doesn't even matter. I will be pissed if they take Mack or Stanford over Watkins or Ebron. Schiano himself says it all the time we need points!
  • avatar

    Horse - I would think that someone with your service history would appreciate the values of free speech and free press. While you may not agree with people utilizing their rights, as some point you did swear an oathe to protect them. As a fellow veteran I respect your opinion, but I think your anger in respect to terrible events may have clouded your judegement on this matter. We don't need a country where we have to be silent. Since it is Christmas time for a large majority of the country, desribing local athletes relation with their religion is appopriate for season. Now, let's get back to sports. Does anyone think we have a shot against SF? I think the win over Seatlle and the long commute across the country may be a set-up for them. My concerns with our o-line depth and VJax ailing hamstring have the realist in me thinking we get slaughtered.
  • avatar

    well said pewter2
  • avatar

    Pewter2, Right on! Yes, I think the Bucs do have a shot.
  • avatar

    Scott, I strongly object to Fab 1. I understand that your intentions is one of a positive nature, but not to everyone. This will not be popular, but I do believe in not being allowed to express your religious belief via the air waves or print when it goes out to the public, if not asked for them. No spiritual help was provided for me when I had to deal with over 1,000 American Military Body Remains and another few hundred non military Body Remains killed in my location while in Vietnam. My Graves Registration Collection Point retrieved and processed Body Remains prior to being transferred to be embalmed and sent back to the USA. It was not a pleasant event and there was no God available to help us go through this trauma nor did I find it when I got back to the USA. Once in awhile a chaplain would show up and then immediately leave as he couldn't handle the gorge, sounds, and smells and we had no masks, gloves, cleaning material. Little to none Chaplains, holy men, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, or any other man made idol, to help us with the Dead as we few were on our own. I am happy for McCoy and his beliefs, but Scott please keep religion out of your articles and save it for your place of worship and the believers of your faith.
  • avatar

    Freedom of speech is one of the principles that led to the founding of our country - and one reason why you and I went to war. God gave you the wherewithal to survive a hardship and probably made you a better person. Stop infringing on the rights of others.
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    I agree with EastEndBoy (again). The Bucs need to load up on OFFENSE to give Glennon (or whoever the next QB might be) the weapons needed to outscore Brees, fan-dubbed "Matty Ice", & Carolina's self-proclaimed "Superman" QB. A speedy WR, an excellent TE (or 2) & some OL help are badly needed. BTW, here are some statistics from the local Tampa paper showing how bad the offense is currently: A.The Bucs are 31st in the league on 3rd down conversion at 33.2% (ahead of only Jax), B. In the last 5 games, there have been 62 3rd downs...28 were 3rd & 10 or longer, with only 1 conversion in those situations. C. The Bucs convert an average of 3 third down conversions per game. D. The Bucs are converting just 16% of their third downs in the 2nd half...and 2 of those conversions were 3rd and 1!
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    Thanks Scott - my thoughts on the draft...unless Clowney somehow dropped to us, I don't see how we could take defense...our offense is terrible...yes we've had some injuries but who is coming back next year that will make our offense significantly better?...Nicks (he may never play again)...Williams (okay he will help...but he's not going to turn around the O)....Martin (has running back been our problem since he got injured?)...as I see it, our offense is stacking up to be a BIG problem next year unless we add some instant starters...2 new Guards (Joseph is a shell of his former self and at $6m should be replaced, Nicks may be done at $9m); a Tight End; A Slot WR at a minimum, and then that still leaves us with Glennon as our QB and Penn at LT ($8m) who's certainly on the down side of his career, albeit maybe not the most pressing issue. If we draft another LB from Buffalo how do we score points next year? Let's hope there is a HUGE FA plan in the works then....
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