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December 16, 2013 @ 1:25 pm
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Sullivan May Interview With Army According To Reports

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
In the midst of a disappointing season, many Bucs fans have called for, at the very least, a shakeup on head coach Greg Schiano's staff. According to FOX Sports 1's Mike Garafolo, Tampa Bay offensive coordinator is expected to interview for the open heading coaching job at Army.
Some Buccaneers fans may get their wish of seeing offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan no longer calling plays in Tampa Bay.

Sullivan, a former Army Ranger, is expected to interview for the open head coaching position at Army, this according to FOX Sports 1 Insider Mike Garafolo, who tweeted, “Among candidates expected to interview w/Army for vacant HC job is Buccaneers OC Mike Sullivan, a candidate the last time the job was open.”

Army fired Rich Ellerson who went 20-41 in his five seasons as head coach, including 0-5 against Navy.

Sullivan is a United State Military Academy at West Point grad, and coached four seasons as an assistant at Army. Sullivan also played defensive back during his college career for Army.

The Buccaneers offense is currently ranked dead last in total offense averaging just 283.7, and in passing offense, producing an average of just 178.1 yards pergame.

Supporters of Sullivan point to a rash of injuries –which has some validity – as starters Carl Nicks, wide receiver Mike Williams and running back Doug Martin have been lost for the season to injured reserve. Other contributors like Tom Crabtree, Mike James and Jeff Demps have also been lost for the season. Add in the fact the Buccaneers are starting a third-round rookie quarterback and it is no surprise that the Buccaneers offense has struggled in 2013 after setting several franchise records, including total offense, passing and scoring offense last season, Sullivan's first in Tampa.

Critics point to unimaginative playcalling, a lack of development and of course the terrible offensive numbers.

Sullivan was a candidate for the Bears head coaching job last offseason before Chicago settled on Marc Trestman.

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    I'd say let the coach go and bring in another offensive coach with a good track record.I believe 2014 will be a better year-GO BUCS FOR LIFE
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    Army likely will take one look at Sully's record this year and pass him over. We could use him next year as the QB coach which is what Sully was good enough at to get himself a Superbowl Ring with the Giants. I will say this about Glennon--he did show finally that he can take the Bucs down the field with his arm in a hurry up offense and score a touchdown and that is an important accomplishment. But he is going to have to show a lot more before I think he is the QB of the future for the Bucs. He looked intimidated at the start of the ge and afraid to get hit.
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    Here's what I know. Last season with Sullivan and Freeman at the helm and a good number of injuries, our offense ranked 9th in the league. This season with Sullivan and Glennon behind center and a few more injuries, our offense has now fallen to the absolute bottom. Whatever Freeman's problems are is behind us; but his departure sure impacted the team. I know this, the offense couldn't be any worse with # 5. The question for me is if this collapse is because of Sullivan or the guy controlling the puppet strings. Schiano undermined Freeman to get his chosen one (Glennon) in the line up. Is he now undermining Sullivan to get McNulty as OC?
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    An interesting conspiracy theory...elaborate but it looks like it's working. Schiano sabotages a whole season to get his two favorite people. Normally, I would say this is nonsense. But after seeing this year's train wreck unfold, I say it is entirely probable.
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    Who is Schiano going to interview with ? Most of the high school programs will be staffed by January.
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    I can't help but to laugh at this article, who cares if he goes good riddens and take McNulty, Sheridan, and Schaino with you
  • avatar

    Seems like a good guy caught in a system where he cannot dictate his own fate. I hope he gets the job. Last year we set offensive records and this year neither Sullivan or Bostad can't get out of their own way? I'm not buying it!
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    Come on guys. Get rid of Schiano?? Are you crazy? He's a quality NFL head coach! You mean those wins over the mighty Dolphins, Falcons, Lions and Bills don't have you excited about what comes next with Coach Meathead? Even Scott Reynolds has changed his tune saying that 4 and 4 finish should be enough for him to come back next year! Be positive! Alot to look forward to next year with the Buccaneers if Schiano stays........alot of empty seats!!!! Maybe Army will hire Sullivan and we can convince him to have the military boys "accidentally" drop a mortar on Schainos office once he gets there.... Good luck in St. Louis this weekend Coach Meathead.....I smell a beat down coming......4 and 12 is coming for Xmas Coach!! Happy holidays!!!!
  • avatar

    Maybe we can pay Texas to take Schiano and Sheridan.
  • avatar

    They can have him. Get ready to run draws on 2nd & 10
  • avatar

    @sclobernocker...I think draws are too creative, more like straight ahead running plays....
  • avatar

    Please! It's bad enough that Sullivan is still here, but to hope he goes to West Point (Army) would be awful for my Army buddies, including me.
  • avatar

    I agree that this looks like a good fit for Sullivan so if I was him I'd take the position if Army offered it. McNulty will be no better or worse than Sullivan given the HC and personel he has to work with. We now have T. Wright, but we need one more speed player in our base offense. Since Dougie is entrenched as the starter at RB that means we need a speed WR as the #2 WR and move M. Williams to the #3 spot. That way if we are in a two TE or two back set we can beat them with our speedy #2 WR against the defenses bigger, slower defenders who are on the field to stop the run. Maybe M. Lee from USC will drop to the top the 2nd round since he got injured so much this year. He could also serve as our kick and punt returner since he did that at USC.
  • avatar

    Mark Cook: Please please please stop tantalizing us Bucs fans with Sully "may" interview! If he doesn't get the job, we'll be depressed again!
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    Good fit....Army has only a run game....he has a limited play calling ability. If I were him I'd jump in my tank and head for the fort.
  • avatar

    I don't hear anyone crying about this....
  • avatar

    probably a good fit....now we need to see off Schiano (and Sheridan) too or else we'll just have the same mess all over again with McNulty as OC in 2014...can't change the system without changing the architect...
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