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December 16, 2013 @ 11:44 pm
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Barber Comes To The Defense Of Glennon, Blitzes And Schiano

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The loss to the 49ers have many ready for the Glazers to make a coaching move. Add in the struggles of the offense, and a segment of Bucs' fans are ready to bring in a new staff. Former Bucs great Ronde Barber told 98.7 The Fan on Monday that he likes Schiano, quarterback Mike Glennon and discussed the 2013 Bucs with the hosts.
With the wagons somewhat circling around One Buc Place again, trying to run Bucs head coach Greg Schiano out of town after Sunday’s 33-14 loss to the 49ers, a familiar face came to his rescue somewhat.

Former Bucs great and now FOX Sports analyst Ronde Barber joined the Booger and Rich Show on 98.7 The Fan FM on Monday and defended the blitz of Colin Kaepernick in the fourth quarter that ended up being a backbreaking play, quarterback Mike Glennon’s 2013 season and even Schiano himself.

Early in the fourth quarter the 49ers were clinging to a 20-14 lead and the Bucs has seized some momentum. San Francisco was facing a third-and-12 from their own 29 but the Bucs were unable to contain Kaepernick who scrambled for a 14-yard gain. The 17-play drive ended up culminating in a field goal that pushed the lead to nine points.

Many have questioned the decision to blitz Kaepernick as opposed to sitting back in zone coverage, but Barber wasn’t one of those.

“They have been doing it (all year), that’s just their M.O., that is how Greg [Schiano] thinks, that is how Bill [Sheridan] calls the game,” Barber said. “It was like that last year, it is like that this year. I don’t think they have a lot of trust in their four-man rush. They know in order to force the issue they have to bring a fifth and sometimes sixth guy. It didn’t surprise me to be honest with you. I think their thinking is, get the ball out of the quarterback’s hand fast, then rally and make the tackle. But when you have a guy like Colin [Kaepernick], he did prove it all day, that pressure doesn’t bother him. He is able to run away from it and deliver some really pretty nice balls.

“I don’t know what else they do. You could play coverage but Colin is the type of guy that if he is not getting pressured it is even worse, he just scrambles around and waits until he finds an open receiver. And he did that on [Michael] Crabtree’s first touchdown. So it is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t type of situation for them. I am actually all right with them forcing the issue. They have great blitzers. Lavonte [David] has proven to be that. Mason Foster has proven to be a guy that can bring some pressure, they have some creative deals. You just can’t account for a guy that can run away from it. They got them. Colin got them.”

Barber was also asked his thoughts on rookie quarterback Mike Glennon and the struggles of the leagues 32nd ranked offense.

“The young quarterback doesn’t help the situation, even though I think he has shown some ability,” Barber said. “He made a couple of throws yesterday that were big time throws. The touchdown to Vincent Jackson in that two-minute drive right before the half, there’s not anyone on the league that does that any better. So he has that ability, and he goes through stretches where is just not very good. The fact that they had 11 yards passing right before that two-minute drive, speaks volumes to me of where this offense is. And they have a long way to go.

“Injuries don’t help, they don’t want to make the excuse, but it’s there. They are not very talented on that side of the ball or at least talented enough to compete week in and week out with some of these great teams in the league, and San Francisco is one of those really good teams in football.”

Before the interview wrapped up former Bucs defensive tackle, and 98.7 The Fan host Booger McFarland asked Barber, a former player under Schiano, to give his assessment of the Bucs boss.

“Greg is who he is and is going to be who he is,” Barber said. “I have never had a problem with a guy who, especially coach Schiano, being who he is. His motives and how he wants to run the team – that is his prerogative. I think guys in the locker room now appreciate the consistency in his approach. You can’t find anyone to say anything otherwise and I’ve said that all year long. So whether you agree with him and the way he runs his team, or you don’t,, he is consistent in doing that. And if that garners results, good for them. If it doesn’t? Then Greg will be the first one to tell you someone above his pay grade has a decision to make.

“So I don’t have a problem with him. I have met with him twice in production meetings and obviously I have a relationship with him from last year. I like Greg. I think Greg is a really good guy. I think he tells you exactly what he is thinking, he doesn’t beat around the bush. If there’s a truth there he puts it on you, and if there is something he doesn’t want to tell you, he puts it on you too. From my perspective now as an analyst, I appreciate that.”

To listen to the full interview, click here.

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    I've posted this before, but IF the Bucs draft a QB, I'm hoping it's Blake Bortles of UCF, although he's a junior & he may not declare for the draft. I live in Orlando & have watched him QB every game. He's big, strong, good leader, humble, excellent arm & accuracy, including long passes. He's a Rothlesberger clone...able to scramble out of a rush, & sturdy enough to take hits (which is a weakness with the other potential draft QBs IMO). He's not perfect (as he proved against my alma mater USF!), but IF the Bucs end up with a decent QB coach (I know that's a reach!), he'll develop into a franchise QB.
  • avatar

    No disrespect to any Bucs fan with a solid opinion; but WHO can't we afford to lose?? $$ isn't an issue. The Bucs' are NOT as deep as the Chiefs--and they (Chiefs) aren't winning a Super Bowl. We don't want Rivers. He is benefiting from the only guy to ever coach Tebow to a playoff win. A Coach I wish we had gone after. And I agree with Joe & Big Dawg, I love Lovie, but he doesn't develop QB's. Carolina, 9'ers, Seahawks, Colts, and DC (w/o Shanahan). Ball control, run first offenses with a running threat at QB. Running QB's solve the 3rd and long conundrum prevalent in that offensive scheme. Now, if you're saying Schiano is gone this year...our offense is a scary thing to walk into for any coach. There is no quick fix. And I can't imagine a turnaround where the Bucs win a playoff game next season. The NFC is just too stout. Too many teams on the cusp of greatness for our Solid defense/No offense team to compete. We mess around and draft 19th in 2015?? That's a lose/lose. But I don't coach & I sure don't play. I just watch. And I love my Bucs, so I hope all that is dead wrong.
  • avatar

    We have far too much money invested in players in their late 20s to wait another season with Glennon at QB. If we bring in a credible staff Rivers would be interested in reuniting with VJax so I think it could work. As for all the Cutler dislike, although I can understand it lets be honest if Joe Flacco can win a SuperBowl then so can Cutler. Also if we clean house like most think we should and bring in a guy like Lovie Smith who has coached Cutler there will certainly be interest on our part. No coach is going to take this job and leave Glennon at QB so FA may be the route as most established coaches what established QBs.
  • avatar

    1.) Kapernick is defensible. The Seahawks & Rams do it twice a year. The DE's play contain, while the DT's collapse the middle of the pocket. If you want to blitz, you do it through the A gap behind your DT's. It's on TV, or a thing called a tablet. You better figure it out because Cam Newton is the same animal only bigger and stronger. 2.) Schiano is who he is. Fact. Great for discipline, talent development. Bad for creativity, implementation, and winning. Ex: Mike Singeltary developed Vernon Davis / Jim Harbaugh effectively uses him. 3.) The Offense. I am NOT a season ticket holder. Those of you who are have my respect. I am fine with Glennon being the starting QB next year, with the impression that he is NOT the answer. That we will endure another 6 win season. The Bucs' MUST build the offense. It is a LONG way from being any good. Outside of RB, they need everything. Everything?? Yes, everything. Start building the car now. Tweak it once you get the driver.
  • avatar

    Not advocating this, but this is what I think the Glazers will do. Schiano will get one more year, but he'll have to replace both coordinators. Wannstat will get the nod at D.C.. There will be plenty of O.C.'s available when the season ends including some former H.C.'s like Kubiak, and Garrett. The Glazers will insist the new O.C. will have the freedom to run the offense as he sees fit. That will be the sticking point with Schiano. He'll be able to except his buddy Dave as D.C., but can he live with an O.C. that has more creds then he does to run his own offense? If he agrees he get's one more year, no he's gone.
  • avatar

    I'm not opposed to replacing Glennon with a "franchise Q.B." as many posters suggest we do. The problem is where do we get one? I don't think you can label any of the kids coming out franchise, can't miss Q.B.'s. Rivers isn't going anywhere, and no thanks to Cutler. I wouldn't use a first rounder on a guy who won't be able to beat out Glennon in camp, just don't see the talent in this draft. I do agree with those who say we don't use the talent we have properly, but let's be real, what talent? We should draft another Q.B., even bring in a vet to compete, but the best way to improve is to get a better O.C., up grade the O line, and draft an elite wideout that can stretch the field, and make em pay when they load the box.
  • avatar

    Let's get real. Only two or three of our current offensive starters would start on any other team. Get over it. The team will have another good draft. Schiano will be the coach, and Glennon will be the quarterback. the schedule will be easier and the Buccaneers will be in the playoff hunt in December. Rivers will stay in San Diego where he will have another 8-8 season. Cutler is a head case with a glass jaw. Not fair to judge Glennon under the circumstances in which he has played. Look how poorly Matt Ryan has played after he lost his best receiver and he still has a lot of offensive talent surrounding him.
  • avatar

    @buddah - to state that only two or three of our offensive staters would start for any other team is not, in my opinion, correct. That means the seven odd other teams that may draft ahead of us (or just behind) are stocked. Far from the case. Are they Super Bowl quality - no (only perhaps two or three to your point). But what we have are not utilized correctly - the same problem we've had all year and why we are 4-10. I agree that Schiano will be back and "his guy" Glennon will be the starter. Glennon's a mystery - overall he's regressing and not incrementally improving as some breathlessly claim. Just dig into the number or watch his play. I just don't know if it's just he's lacking in talent to be any better or his coaching stinks (same as before). I sincerely hope it's the latter because that CAN be fixed with a good QB coach and a better offensive scheme (although my belief is the scheme won't change). Your comment about another good draft is pure wishful thinking and highly speculative but keep reaching for the stars, man! I hope that turns out to be the case. However, please stop bringing up the schedule - it's easier, it's tougher, blah, blah, blah. You play the schedule you get - just win the &@$$,#% games and stop praying for weak or average teams. We had our share this year and Coach Schiano STILL lead us to defeat!
  • avatar

    Owners could have righted the ship at the Break. They chose to wait till the end of season like they always do. The Team may be worse than a lot of us thought. Offense is weak but the defense is not much better. THe line is still lacking. McCoy aside, they don't have much upfront. Linebackers are strong but they need one more. Secondary is ok but not great.
  • avatar

    Yeah...I don't really see the "defense" here. If it's there, then it was "back-handed" at best. By these posts, seems most people's interpretation of Barber's comments is as follows: 1). Schiano will never adapt to the situation or the players he has - so, he'll keep doing what doesn't work. 2). Bucs aren't talented on offense (although here I have to disagree somewhat with Barber - the talent is badly utilized not non-existent). 3). Glennon is a complete mystery. My biggest take-away is the statement that Schiano doesn't trust his front four. While that unit is not imposing by any means, when allowed to just rush and not forced to comply to bad coaching decisions, they seem to generate pressure and sacks. But why would Schiano let that fact (or any other bit of reality) get in the way of running his garbage schemes.
  • avatar

    To me this is the show stopper from this interview. "The fact that they had 11 yards passing right before that two-minute drive, speaks volumes to me of where this offense is. And they have a long way to go." They have a LONG WAY TO GO. That means we aren't a WR or OT away from having a good offense. That means we're almost an entire offense away from having a good offense. It's worse than I thought so a new coach and QB won't be nearly enough. It's going to be a long 2-3 seasons Bucs fans.
  • avatar

    pinstob; I agree with you if Schiano stays, but if the three wisemen see the light then it will only be a year of pain as a new experienced coach sets the sails and steers the ship in the right direction.
  • avatar

    Hey Mark.... Don't think Kapernick scrambled for the 1st down on that 3rd and 12. I believe he was flushed to his right was under pressure and hit a receiver at the sideline. I dont have a problem with the blitz. Did what it was supposed to do and that is pressure. They made the play, we missed it. Thats football, making the plays when they need to be made.
  • avatar

    It took this organization four+ years to find out that Freeman was not the answer. It took the vikings one (1) game to see Freeman did not have it. Glennon is not a franchise QB. He does not have a deep ball that you can count on and that you can not teach. To have a QB that is only good at dink and dunk does not work for long. This team has enough above average players to make the playoffs with a better than average QB and a new coaching staff. This team needs to find a real NFL coach and spend the money and get this fan base a REAL NFL QB. IMO Barber said the same thing, this team will be below average because we have a below average coach and QB. Schiano might be a GOOD guy but that don't make him a GOOD coach.
  • avatar

    Forget the headline on this story. What Ronde (the media person) REALLY said is "Schiano is who he is, he won't change come hell or high water, and some see that as being consistent." Personally, I see that as stubborn ignorance. I think if Schiano is gone at the end of the year...as I hope he is...Ronde will completely understand.
  • avatar

    Mark - I think your headline does not match the content of the article - how is Ronde coming to the defense of these guys? It sounds to me like he's saying "Schiano is stubborn and he knows his ways don't work but rather than change he's just waiting to get fired", and "Glennon is not helping"...both of which sound about right to me. @thbll...sadly Glennon has played with most of the 1st string...he is only missing Martin (which he had for the first 3 losses); Williams (similar); and Nicks (who hasn't played for over ayear basically); and maybe Stocker (does that matter)...given that Mike James and then Bobby Rainey have played at least as well as Martin was before his injury, and Tim Wright has stepped up as a reasonable passing option, it doesn't seem like Glennon is missing much from our offense....if you want to make an argument that we have a terrible offense (players and/or scheme) that's a different argument....I may have some sympthay for "Glennon has suffered because Sullivan and Schiano don't understand how to make an NFL offense"...but even then, apart from a very small handful of throws over 11 regular season and 4 preseason games I haven't seen any signs from this guy that he can be a franchise QB.
  • avatar

    Ronde summed it up and most coaches and fans have figured it all out in beating the Bucs. Whew! Now that everyone knows how Schiano works and thinks, we can look forward to a successful 2014 season and maybe we'll get 6-7 wins. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    This quote is exactly whats wrong with Schiano, “Greg is who he is and is going to be who he is." Greg has accomplished zero as a Head Coach so this his way or the highway approach is absurd. If you have blitzed running QBs(Cam) in the past and it didnt work why is that STILL the approach. Again if its BROKE then it needs fixing. Greg will be unemployed at the end of the season and he will have no one to blame but his stubborn ways. The Glazers have started spending money so they need to continue it, i'd make Nicks restructure and I'd use the money to get Rivers or Cutler and a competant staff so we dont waste Vincent Jackson with this backup QB. Our first round pick needs to be spent on weapons for offense, I like Watkins from Clemson who can stretch the field and eventually replace VJax at the end of his deal. Unless Dom can get Nicks or Joseph to restructure then I think its too much invested in them for us to use high picks on the line, Joseph will be a year removed from the knee injury and hopefully we can finally get him and Nicks on the field at the same time next year. No line can create holes when the defense stacks the box and dares you to pass bc they know your QB is a joke. With a better QB will come more respect for our passing game which will help our running game. We have more talent than the Chiefs did last year and we see how they turned it around with a good coach and solid QB play so our blueprint is there.
  • avatar

    Why don't we at least give Glennon a chance to start with the 1st string offense, when most of it returns healthy and intact next season? We can't forget that most of the starters on offense are on IR. We're grading Glennon based on how he is performing with backups around him. Even with that, he's still completing 60% of his passes and has thrown for 17 TDs. If you watch closely, most of the INTs he throws are because of the receiver either running the wrong route, falling down, or simply not catching the ball and making no effort to bat the ball down.
  • avatar

    Regardless if you like Glennon or not; he's been more effective in his first 9 games than freeman ever was. Remember how bad freeman played as a rookie?? Give Glennon time, he's a 23 yr old starting QB with a master's degree. He's a gamer I have no doubt, very cerebral- what the great QB's are. He's moderately accurate, rocket arm, and a good rapport with his surrounding cast. We are playing with practice squad/special teams talent at RB,WR, TE (Tim wright might actually develop into a good pass catcher) and Glennon pays the price. The o-line has been sloppy all year; they need an offseason to find an OG and OT for the future. Personally, I'd go all in for jadaveon clowney or Khalil Mack at this point even though we're desperate on offense these guys will be game changers. Hell I wouldn't mind putting our first/second draft picks up for grabs again.
  • avatar

    Surferdudes: I'll agree that the offensive talent may be lacking. But does Glennon look at all like a guy to carry a team like the elite QB's do? The offensive line is the same personnel as last season with the exception of guard Joseph back in the line-up and Zuttah back at center. Should be an improvement. What's missing is Mike Williams and Doug Martin. Underwood shouldn't even be on the roster in my opinion; but James and Rainey showed some talent. There are a lot of reasons for the fall from 9th to 32nd. For me one of them is Schiano protecting Glennon to prove his point.
  • avatar

    The statement that rang true with me was they're not very talented on that side of the ball ( offense ). I've said before, it's hard to get a true read on Glennon when his #2 receiver is Underwood. V Jax is the best we have, but he is not going to blow by D.B.'s to the endzone. Glennon is playing behind a bad O line, His running back is a Cleveland practice player. Forget defense, we have a lot invested there, they'll play better if our offense can maintain drives, and score T.D,'s. We need more play makers, and O line help. It won't matter if we use our first pick on a Q.B., he won't do any better then Mike with the lack of talent on offense.
  • avatar

    I think the issue is more about how predictable the Bucs are on offense and defense. Was anyone that has watched the team, was anyone at all surprised they're blitzing there? I sure wasn't - and it didn't appear the 49ers were either.

    Another awful example of how poor the coaches are. Hey dummies running the offense. Here's your tell for the last 2 years.

    If you pass on first down, and it's imcomplete, you will run on second down, normally behind the right guard (this year - last year it was left guard) or center. EVERY TIME for 2 years. EVERY TIME! If the game is within reach and it's not the 2 min warning - that will be the play call EVERYTIME. You don't think other teams know this? That big 80-yard play Rainey had was because for the first time I can remember they ran left instead of right or center and the Bills LB was waiting for him in the wrong whole. This would be great - but 2 years to setup that one play isn't what I would call genius.
  • avatar

    I wouldn't say he came to the defense of Glennon or Schiano. I'd say he is indifferent to either of them more than anything. It sounds as if Barber isn't trying to throw either the young QB under the bus, nor is he trying to make any bad comments about Schiano. But he isn't making a glowing endorsement of them either.
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