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December 29, 2013 @ 1:16 pm
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Conflicting Reports On Schiano's Future Floating Around Sunday

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Will he or won't he be back is the question Bucs fans are waiting to hear an answer on in regards to the future of Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano. NFL Insiders have been weighing in all day Sunday and until the Glazers make a statement, the speculation will continue on Schiano's future.
Greg Schiano’s fate will most likely won't be known until tomorrow afternoon following the Bucs final game on Sunday evening against the Saints. But reports throughout the early part of Sunday have a number of different scenarios playing out.

The first report on Sunday came from the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport who reported, Penn State athletic director Dave Joyner is "mulling flying down to Tampa" in order to try and convince Schiano "in person" to come to Penn State.

Last Tuesday Schiano was asked about a report he, or someone in his camp, had expressed interest if the job at Penn State, currently held by Bill O’Brien, becomes available.

"There's zero truth to that," Schiano told the media on Tuesday when asked about reported interest. “Let me make it clear, the only job I want is the one I have right now."

O’Brien is currently in negotiations to be succeed Gary Kubiak in Houston.

As the NFL pregame shows began on Sunday other pundits weighed in, including Chris Mortensen who reported that Schiano is safe and that Josh Freeman’s inability to work into the starting lineup in Minnesota has helped Schiano’s cause.

Then, later on Sunday, during the FOX Sports pregame show, Jay Glazer also reported that Schiano is going to be back in 2014.

So what will happen? No one but the Glazer family knows for sure, and although they may be leaning one way or the other, a blowout loss to the Saints – or a Bucs win – could influence their decision.


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    We have fired MUCH better coaches for a lot less. His staff is incompetent, his scheme isn't productive and lets not mention the players we let go bc of him. 42-17 against a divisional foe to end the season? When defense is supposedly our strength... You've got to be kidding me. The Chiefs didn't turn it around bc they let Crennel coach himself out of a funk. The 49 ERs didn't get over the hump bc they let Singletary learn on the job. They got competent coaches and the results are now clear. No team consistently wins in spite of their coach and that's what we ask our players to do. The fans and the players deserve better than Schiano it's time for the Schiano era to end.
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    I'm not saying he did a great job or average job. I'm saying if the Bucs are one of 8 teams in the NFL looking for a coach they are competing for candidates against the 7 other teams not to mention the Univ of Texas H.C. position. Exactly how far down the list to the Bucs go before they get a match. The Texans, Redskins jobs are both better jobs. Some might say the Univ of Texas job is better depending on the candidate. I'm just saying if the Bucs dismiss Greg Schiano exactly who is the next head coach going to be????? Don't change for the sake of changing. Get the guy you want or stay with what you have. It is a great solution but for right now it maybe the only reasonable solution. The joke of the league every year is the Jax Jaguars. The only difference between the Jags and the Bucs over the past 5 seasons is the Jags have a playoff win and the Bucs don't. Each have had 3 head coaches, they have the same win-loss record. Get your guy but don't change so you can stand at the podium 4-12 again next season and say well we tried changing the coach
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    Ownership Criticism will be at a high pitch if Schiano stays. This organization was poised for a playoff run this year and it turned into a disaster. You cannot blame it all on Freeman. Glennon looks like he will at least make a good back up if not a long term starter. Lots of talent on this team, Dominick has to get some of the credit. If you cannot use the talent to win that goes to the Coach. He really is not qualified to be a NFL head coach.
  • avatar

    Sadly, this team was not in the same league as the Saints and Drew Brees. My hope was that the team would show some resolve, be competitive, put a scare into the Saints and make us think giving Schiano another year might be a viable option. The funny part is we look at the limited number of plays made by our QB and find it encouraging when the offense still rests at the bottom. Guess it's like the ugly fat girl gets better looking when the bar is about to close.
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    Let Schiano leave & as for Dominik, I'm indifferent. I'd like to see Lovie Smith or Mike Zimmer to be considered for HC. (Zimmer's defenses have always ranked in the top 10 & he has 20 years of NFL experience)
  • avatar

    One of the few times I'm at a loss for words. I don't know whose worse, dom or Schiano. Or if it will even matter because who is out there? We wasted 4 years with a below average qb and it put us behind for even longer. Our defense is designed for schiano's style of defense but I'm not sure his in game management is good enough for the nfl. No matter what the reason or excuse is, Dom has not done a good enough job and has had the time to fix it. I don't know?
  • avatar

    It is distressing how many of our 'fans' are so quick to swear off their allegiance to the team because of a coach they don't believe in. Ask yourselves how many talented coaches we have had in the team's nearly 40 yr history. There's no way around it - it's dismal. That stance means you wouldn't have supported the team for most of its history. Once again - think with your heads. For a change.
  • avatar

    if he stays I go barely watched the game but I could have written the whole game before it started, to those who believe in dorknick, shiano, and glennon those three will not take you to Lombardi I guarantee you
  • avatar

    The Glazer boys need to have some mercy on the fans and fire Dominik and Schiano at high noon on Monday. Can they think they can sell the fan base on another year of Schiano? Glennon is nothing more than a back up. Need major changes in all areas.
  • avatar

    Dominick a good job? LOL You want to compare our D to Carolina's? How about our Offense? Give me a break...it he doesn't break the bank to sign some proven FA's.(and many of them don't work out for whatever reason) how many great draft picks has he made? And we have had a number of top 10 picks among them....David...McCoy.. great...and then....errr...err...errr...maybe Barron...err. Are 1st, 2nd, 3rd round players mostly supposed to be mediocre.
  • avatar

    Mark2001. Are you saying the coaching has nothing to do with the performance? I can't believe you don't think the Bucs have talent....
  • avatar

    Nothing has made me more furious than the report of LaGarrette Blount's performance today for the Pats.....He was a shinning star of a running back. And we traded him and Aquib for Demps. Belickedck must be laughing himself to sleep every night. If for no other reason than this is seriously dislike Schiano....luleexlet him go. Dominik has done a good job and more importantly he has done what the Glazer's have asked him. I like him a lot. l Let Dom stay. Man. Watching Blount jump overe players was one of my Bucanneers fav moments. Exciting beyond words. Now he runs 189 yds for the Pats both on special teams and as RB. We couldn't find a use for him?????? I can't talk about this any more....
  • avatar

    Mark Barron, Doug Martin, Lavonte David, Adrian Clayborn, Da’Quan Bowers, Mason Foster, Akeem Spence, Will Gholston, Mike Williams, Vincent Jackson, Darrelle Revis, picking up Bobby Rainey. Not sure why all the hatred for Mark Dominik. I think the talent Dominik has been getting is fine. If you want to throw Carl Nicks and Dashon Goldson as terrible pickups. I have no idea how you could forsee them not working out. Is Mark Dominik perfect? No. What GM is?
  • avatar

    Check out the Bucs ratings on Pro Football Focus and your opinion on some of those players is sure to change.
  • avatar

    The AD that was flying down to talk to Schiano from Penn State was watching the Saints game and turned around in mid-flight and went back to Penn State. Smart man!
  • avatar

    Penn State, Schiano is a GREAT coach and you should spare no expense and offer him the farm to go there...PLEASE!
  • avatar

    Well Fans I ish the coach the best if he chose to go to Penn state He has been great in college. If he does leave.There will be no problem ingetting another coach for Tampa.In fact Tampa will be in great position to move ahead in 2014 with a new coach and a new staff-GO BUCS- Beat NO today
  • avatar

    If Schiano stays I won't be back in Tampa for a few yrs
  • avatar

    @Mark2001.... Would like to see Dominik go along with Schiano !
  • avatar

    Kinder...you should be more worried about Dom...we will never sniff the playoffs with him in the GM office. Of course, a new GM may wish to fire Schiano if he gets a talented veteran HC to step in, but I would look to his decision making. At best, Dom. would bring in another Schiano.
  • avatar

    If Schiano stays that will be the end of my season tickets after 20+ years.
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