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December 30, 2013 @ 10:16 am
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Bucs Fire Schiano After 11-21 Record in Two Seasons

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Glazer family decided to make a coaching change on Monday relieving head coach Greg Schiano and his staff of their duties. In addition general manger Mark Dominik was also let go.
The Greg Schiano and Mark Dominik era in Tampa Bay is over.

Schiano went 11-21 over his two seasons in what was the second shortest coaching tenure in Bucs’ history behind Richard Williamson’s 19 games from 1990-91.

Schiano's reign ended amid accusations and negative headlines that are usually reserved for soap operas. The negative national image of the Buccaneers was too much for the Glazer family to ignore and combined with the mounting losses, the Glazers decided to make the move to relieve Schiano and his staff of their duties.

"The results over the past two years have not lived up to our standards
and we believe the time has come to find a new direction," the Glazers
said in a statement released by the team. "Mark has been a valued member
of our organization for two decades and we respect the passion he
showed for the Buccaneers during his time here. We thank Greg for his
hard work and effort the past two seasons, but we feel these moves are
necessary in order to achieve our goals."

Schiano was hired in January of 2012 after former head coach Raheem Morris saw his 2011 Bucs reel off 10-straight losses to finish the season. The Buccaneers locker room had become a place for undisciplined players to reside, and most felt a change was needed.

The move to hire the staunch disciplinarian was applauded by virtually everyone when it was first announced, and Schiano soon began purging players who did not fall into his perception of what he called “Buccaneer Men.”

Schiano jettisoned safety Tanard Jackson, tight end Kellen Winslow, defensive tackle Brian Price among others, all before the Bucs played their first preseason game in Schiano’s tenure.

The Buccaneers opened the 2012 season under Schiano with a 16-10 home victory against the Carolina Panthers but the Buccaneers lost 2012 bye week with a 1-3 record. After the break, the Buccaneers reeled off five wins in their next six games, before suffering a late season collapse losing five of their last six to finish 7-9.

After the season, Schiano, during his end-of-season press conference, mentioned bringing in competition for starter Josh Freeman, something that created some red flags, considering Freeman has just helped set several offensive franchise records

Optimism abounded in the offseason however with the acquisition of All-Pro safety Dashon Goldson and cornerback Darrelle Revis to help repair a historically bad secondary. The Buccaneers finished dead last in the NFL in passing yards allowed, coming within 40 yards of setting an NFL record in 2012.

The following month the Buccaneers added cornerback Johnthan Banks in the second round, then followed that pick up by taking North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon in the third round.

Many pundits predicted the Buccaneers would at the very least equal their seven win total as training camp approached and things were looking up as the regular season approached.

But just a few days before the season opener it was revealed that three-year offensive captain, quarterback Josh Freeman was not voted as a team captain. That red flag immediately caused some to question the legitimacy of the vote to the point the players held a players-only meeting just before the season opener against the Jets. Schiano came under fire and dismissed having any hand in manipulating the vote, flatly denying the allegation.

The Buccaneers also suffered another setback that became national news when it was revealed that kicker Lawrence Tynes and guard Carl Nicks both were suffering with MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant staph infection. Tynes was eventually placed on the non-football injury list and this created another public relations nightmare after Tynes' wife, Amanda, ripped the organization via Twitter, posting a pictures of her husband being treated with a PICC line.

The Buccaneers dropped their first game of 2013 losing to the Jets in New York on a last-second field goal. A week later the Buccaneers again were in position to get in the win column but ended up losing to the Saints on another last-second kick.

The 0-3 start, combined with Freeman’s poor play, left the staff with what they felt was no choice but to bench Freeman and start Glennon. After being benched Freeman, according to sources became disgruntled and a distraction for the team.

The Freeman distraction continued until the Buccaneers finally released their four-year starter on October 3. Rookie Mike Glennon, Schiano’s bet to get the Bucs back on track, despite showing glimpses, also failed to produce a winning season, going 4-9 as a starter.

At the halfway mark the Buccaneers were winless after eight games and a local radio station purchased 19 “Fire Schiano” billboards scattered around the Tampa Bay area.

The Buccaneers finally got on the winning track on November 11 as they hosted the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football. Tampa Bay defeated the Dolphins 22-19 then went on to win three of their next four games, beating the Lions, Falcons and Bills before dropping their final three games to finish the year 4-12.

The Buccaneer offense finished the season ranked 32nd in the league was never able to recover from the Freeman debacle, the off-the-field distractions and the rash of injuries that saw Pro Bowl running back Doug Martin and wide receiver Mike Williams lost for the season.

Where the Bucs turn for a new coach is up in the air, but after six seasons without a playoff appearance, and 1o without a playoff win, the Glazers will be under tremendous pressure to get this choice correct.
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  • avatar

    Mark,"The move to hire the staunch disciplinarian was applauded by virtually everyone when it was first announced" ...

    Really? I just remember asking why I, as a life long Bucs fan, have to sit through another 4 years of Ray Perkins. Luckily it was only 2 years this time around - but still, who thought this would work? Anyone? I mean if the idea was to "clean up" the locker room you could have hired me for a lot less to come in and just cut players and replace them with mediocre talent from a mediocre college team.

    You see what a good coach can do is get through to players that might not be the best guys. Remember when Dungy just couldn't get along with Sapp and Keyshawn and let them go? Oh wait...

    Schiano was a mediocre college coach who did nothing to help this franchise out. He ruined our QB and he ruined the rep of the team. When he says he was brought in because the team was a laughing stock - well I wonder how many FA's are going to be hearing about MRSA when they're being courted by other teams. Maybe Freeman's medical records will be brought up. Maybe the years losing...

  • avatar

    Mark,"The move to hire the staunch disciplinarian was applauded by virtually everyone when it was first announced" ... Really. That's not what I remembered reading on the message boards. Schiano couldn't win in the Big Least despite the fact that he could recruit NFL talent. Hiring Schiano was among the last great laughable moves Doms got to perpatrate upon this franchise. Schiano is a good man and a mediocre college football coach on his best day. I wish him well. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since January 26, 2003 (the greatest day in Buc history) Dominick has grabbed more and more power and along the way he has done almost nothing but degenerate this organization to it's current state of cluelessness. Well that and made the Glazzer's just short of 1 billion dollars that has been siphoned out of the local economy. Too Mark Dominik from Bucs fans everywhere we have a simple final message for you, "We said GOOD DAY, sir!"
  • avatar

    Take a strong look at Rob Ryan!
  • avatar

    This should have been done after the bye week or earlier. This team is no where near as talented as the team before Schiano was hired, but I will give him cudo's for having players that want to play football.
  • avatar

    Forgive me, but how do you figure. Our defense just needs to add a pass rusher and our offense needs some work but nothing that is out of the rehlm of possibility. we do need depth, but all of these holes can be filled. fill some holes this coming draft/fa. we dont need all stars at every position. we need competent nfl players at certain positions. my biggest worry lies along the OL. we need to get better up front befor we can do anything else on offense. just my two cents.
  • avatar

    Great news. I did like dominik, but like everyone else has stated, it was time. He failed to get the right people in place and in the end it cost him his job. Unlike the last time this happened, we do have talent, and a lot of it. McCoy, David, Jackson, Clayborn, Foster, Revis, Martin, Gholdston, Barron, Banks. The cubbard isnt bare. we do need pieces, but we can fix it. What we need is a coach that is adaptable and can gameplan and adjust. we need a gm that knows what nfl players look like. I want our next gm and head coach to welcome the challange of bringing tampa back to greatness. Im tired of coaches not wanting the job just because of history and what not. What happened to creating your own legacy and taking a no body and making them into champions. The Glazers have proven that they are willing to spend money to make this team better, so that can not be an excuse for any potential gm/head coach. we have talent so that also can not be the excuse. So who is going to become a legend? Who will it be? If your a coach worth his salt and want to be rememberd as someone who wanted to create their own legacy and not be a follower of some other coaches footsteps then please come to tampa. enough of this "its tampa" bs. Man up, understand that this team has talent, and continue to build off the talent we already have.
  • avatar

    As with so many others, I was sure this wasn't going to happen. Thankfully, the Glazer's bit the bullet from a cash standpoint and did what was right for the Buc's future. Schiano was not going to change how he prepared the team not matter who he had on his staff thereby dooming us to more of the same - rigid unimaginative game planning, no adjustments to game time realities or personnel talent, and colossal bone-headed personnel decisions to effectively counter-act each good decision. I wish I could screw-up at my job, get fired, and walk away with $9 million as he has done. Regardless, I'm just glad he's gone. I am once again excited about the possibilities our future holds. I consider this an early present from the "Three Kings". I have laid out plenty of grass and water for your camels, gentlemen...
  • avatar

    Now how about trading for Aqib Talib, Blount, George Selvie, and Michael Bennett?
  • avatar

    As usual macabee; you and I think a lot alike. The Glazers made the right decisions today; but their next choices will be equally important and far more difficult a task. I believe this team is closer to success than the record indicates so Scubog may need to wear shades. Whoever are hired as GM and HC, the pair will be met with skepticism for which the truth won't be revealed until next year at this time. We all want a return to respectability. I just want this new regime to give me my home stadium back. It's achieved with bringing some excitement, winning on the field and selling season tickets so it's Bucs fans, not infiltrators filling the seats.
  • avatar

    Thank you Glazers!!!!! Now get Casserly or Polian for GM and a great HC ( not Lovie ) and the future will be bright in Tampa once again.
  • avatar

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! I was so afraid they would not fire Schiano. I wish him the best at whatever he decodes to do.....as long as it's not with the BUCS!!!! I liked Dom....but it was time.....he will do well in the future. If GS had kept some of the players he ran out of town things might have been different. As to who to hire.......I would almost think it will come down to who will take the job. I would imagine there are several candidates that would have a tough time taking this job. Although there are only 32 of these slots available so..... I just hope we get one soon and he can build a staff quickly and get the this ship back in the water. I really think we have been tied to a dock for 5 years. I live in Kentucky but still made a home and an away game this year. I have Sunday ticket too. I was all ready to forget next year if they had kept this guy. Raise the sails and fire the cannons..... GO BUCS!!!!!!!
  • avatar

    As cbrady 2k said, Schiano could not take players with personalities or characters that did not match perfect with his version of a toe the line mentality, aka as Blount, Talib, and possibly Bennett. These players would have helped this team so much this year and it is amazing how they go to another no bs coach and play great. Schiano had to have his hand in everything and would not surprise me if Sullivan had his hands tied with Schiano telling him what to do. I think Dominick did everything Schiano said and made big blunders such as not taking Kuchely (sp) instead of Barron and letting Bennett walk away and keeping Bowers. Would love to see a GM with good track record with free agents and drafts come here and pick an offensive minded head coach who can take the potential of this offense and finally make it a great offense. He thought he only needed Martin and Jackson for an offense instead of using also talent he already had like Underwood, James, Leonard, and Wright. Lucky for Martin he is gone or he would have worn him out in another couple of years.
  • avatar

    This news has made my day although I don't think Dom should have been fired ill live with it since it shows he obviously had a hand in selecting Schiano. Also I think it's a good sign that we plan on getting a top flight head coach who probably would have wanted his own guy at GM anyway. Go Bucs happy days ahead!!
  • avatar

    I would love to see Norv Turner come in to be the OC. I think he would really help Glennon, or who ever the starting quarterback is. I would love to see Rob Marinelli come in and be the DC. The Bucs' defense was never the same after he left.
  • avatar

    Wow, I'm really glad they pulled the trigger on GS, I had convinced myself we were going to have to live through another year. I've been a bucs fan for about 15-20 years and this is only one where I didn't even want to watch the games (I still suffered thru them). I think Dom has done a good job and shouldn't have been fired, but that is the way the cookie crumbles. Maybe that will allow us to get a good Coach/GM tandem.
  • avatar

    Change is tough, but I think in this case it is justified. I was a Schiano supporter and have always liked Dominick but I am tired of watching bad football. I wish both men well and am sure they continue careers in football. That being said I don't have the slightest idea where the Glazers go from here. Where do you start? The whole coaching staff (all 26) must go. Bill Polian? Lovey Smith? Please no college coaches. We need a football guy. The only thing I know for sure it is exciting and I am looking forward to an intriguing offseason.
  • avatar

    Good bye Jersey Trash(TM) - when I called you Ray Perkins II when you were hired I did expect you to last 3 seasons before getting fired, but luckily for all you exceeded my expectations and got ran out of town even quicker than expected. Back to coaching mediocre college teams again, perhaps with another decade of in charge somewhere you can finally get to a .500 record against D1 schools.
  • avatar

    All I can say is Merry Christmas Tampa Bay.Mr.Glazer please get this right we are sick of losing.May I suggest Mr.Charley Casserly as GM and let him hire his Head Coach.16 Pro Bowlers drafted by Mr.Casserly and 3 superbowls won and also built the Texans team that has gone down hill since he left.
  • avatar

    Derrick Brooks GM, Lovie Smith HC, Rob Chudzinski OC, and Leslie Frazier DC
  • avatar

    JHamman69 I agree with everything you said except brooks as GM
  • avatar

    I had decided not to renew my season tickets if Schaino was not fired. I am now back in the fold. However as a life long Chicagoan I can testify that you do not want Lovie Smith as a Head Coach. Lovie went thought 4 Offensive Coordinators all of whom showed poor results. His choice of offensive line coaches was just as bad. Think Mike Tice first as Offensive line coach and then promoted to Offensive Coordinator.Rod Marinelli and the special team coach were the only good coaches. Lovie disdains offense in what has clearly become and offensive league. While your idea of selecting all the coaches shows promise I unfortunately do not think it happens that way.
  • avatar

    This had to happen for lots of reasons, the most important of which was things were not going to change.You would think that 2013 was a year of learning for everybody, especially Schiano. I didn’t see it that way and obviously the Glazers didn’t either. My take on Schiano was that he believes, by divine inspiration, that what he was doing was right. Everybody else just didn’t get it. And in time we would all see that he was right. The unwavering belief that Mike Glennon is a franchise QB, the stunting defensive schemes, the run first offense, the rigid environment for player development, the unconventional approach to accepted NFL practices like the victory formation and halftime adjustments would all one day be viewed as Lombardian genius.There would have been lip service but no consequential change and he was not going to accept an independent OC or DC. He would not hire any player or coach that he could not control. He ultimately was going to show Tampa Bay and the rest of the world that his way works. It would just take time for everybody else to get on board! The Glazers made the right decision!
  • avatar

    Finally this Highschool coach was canned paving the way for a new regime to right this ship, hopefully its Lovie Smith, for gods sakes Bucs Fans, please don't mention the names of Shanahan or 85 yr old Schottenheiner as a replacement, holy cow, lol
  • avatar

    I think Schiano lands on his feet at Penn State. He is better suited to the college game anyway. I'll bet the Bucs experience will strengthen his player management skills back at the college level as well. I think Schiano is a smart guy and I think his treatment of players was too harsh and I think he learned it. No one can deny that he cleaned the team up for the next guy.
  • avatar

    Yeah, getting rid of players like Bennett, Talib, Gilberry and Blount and replacing them with Rutgers players is how you make a winner in the NFL.
  • avatar

    What about Shanahan or Marty Schottenheimer
  • avatar

    wnb0395- Did you actually suggest Shanahan or 85 yr old Schottenheimer? Dear lord!
  • avatar

    I am relived and just glad that the Glazers made the decision in a timely fashion, not three weeks after the season ended.
  • avatar

    Getting rid of the old guys is the easy part. Hiring the "right" GM and HC are the real challenges. Doing both at the same time is an immense challenge. We can only feel like this is the right move if we feel better about the replacements.
  • avatar

    Take a look at the Ravens assistant GM and their draft and free agent record. not a bad job this year with lots of post Super Bowl personnel defections.
  • avatar

    I think we need an offensive coach who will hire a good 4-3 DC. But regardless, this is a happy day.
  • avatar

    Mike Zimmer for HC & Shelton Quarles for GM? Get back to our defensive roots. I also wouldn't mind looking at Wannstedt for HC. Hopefully Sheridan gets fired too.
  • avatar

    Just when we thought hope was lost, our owners stepped up! 1 name for GM: Bill Polian; 2 names for head coach (in order of preference): Lovie Smith & Jay Gruden (OC @ Cin.).
  • avatar

    THANK YOU!!!
  • avatar

    Thank you Glazers!!!!
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