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December 31, 2013 @ 4:03 pm
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Finding The Bucs' Next GM: McKay, Quarles, Other Possibilities

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For the first time in five seasons, the Buccaneers will have someone other than Mark Dominik as their general manager. The Glazers let Dominik and head coach Greg Schiano go on Monday and now look to fill both positions. PewterReport.com looks at candidates for the vacant general manager position.
With the decision to part ways with general manager Mark Dominik on Monday, the Buccaneers will now look to replace their point man in salary cap planning, contract negotiations and talent acquisition.

Finding a suitable replacement for all that Dominik was responsible for may require more than one person, as the list of candidates qualified to handle the responsibilities isn’t very big. Some of the names being talked about are better at the financial end of the spectrum as it pertains to the salary cap, while others have more experience with scouting personnel and player evaluation.

The Bucs could hire one of the names listed below, or a combination of candidates to run Tampa Bay's front office.

Currently: President and CEO for the Falcons

Pros: McKay’s ties to the Tampa Bay area are well known, as he is the son of the Buccaneers first coach, John McKay. He later became the general manager for the Bucs that oversaw the most productive and successful time in the franchise’s history, culminating with the team’s only Super Bowl appearance and win in 2002. McKay helped draft Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp, future Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks and a number of other Pro Bowl players during his time in Tampa Bay. His familiarity with the Glazers and the organization, and his input on the NFL's Competition Committee is thought to be a huge plus. If Lovie Smith is in fact the Buccaneers' first choice as head coach, it could sway McKay to essentially come back home.

Cons: McKay has very few negatives, but the chances of landing McKay may come down to is if he wants to get back into the daily grind of the everyday duties of an NFL general manager and potentially interfere with his legacy in Tampa Bay.

Currently: Director of pro scouting for the Buccaneers

Pros: Quarles, a former Bucs linebacker, has come along way in a few short years under the guidance of former Bucs general manager Mark Dominik. Quarles brings the experience of being an NFL player, and isn’t too far removed from his playing days to thoroughly understand the NFL game. Quarles has a keen eye for talent and is thought highly of by many inside the building at One Buccaneer Place.

Cons: Quarles' time with the Buccaneers has been spent on the player personnel side, and the decision to offer a free agent millions of dollars of the Glazers money, is something he may not be ready for. Or at the very least, the Glazers many not feel he is ready to do handle that responsibility alone.

Currently: Director of college scouting for the Buccaneers
Pros: Stokes is thought to be one of the bright, up-and-coming talent evaluators in the NFL. In his nearly two years in Tampa Bay after coming from Seattle, Stokes has been part of a front office that has drafted starters like in cornerback Johnthan Banks, quarterback Mike Glennon, nose tackle Akeem Spence and defensive end William Gholston. In Seattle, Stokes was part of a team that brought in impact players like defensive backs Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman. Stokes has an air of maturity and professionalism about him and has a specific plan already in place of the vision he would bring if hired as an NFL general manager.

Cons: Like Quarles, Stokes has primarily worked in college scouting, and may not have the experience the Glazers are looking for as far as budgeting money for free agency or negotiating contracts.

Currently: Vice president of player evaluation for the Giants
Pros: Ross has worked his way up from a public relations intern to his current position with the Giants. In between, Ross has been credited with finding players like cornerback Terrell Thomas, wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, offensive lineman Will Beatty and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul as a member of the Giants front office. Ross has interviewed for a handful of general manager openings in recent years, and many see Ross as on the cusp of being ready to take the next step.

Cons: Ross, like the previous two candidates, lacks the experience of the financial side of the job, having primarily been a part of college scouting through a majority of his career in the NFL.

Currently: Chief operating officer for the Rams

Pros: Demoff certainly fills the need of a general manger who can handle the financial responsibilities of the job, as he currently works with head coach Jeff Fisher and Rams G.M. Les Snead is planning the salary negotiations and player acquisitions. Demoff also handles the salary cap-planning end of things in St. Louis. In addition, Demoff also oversees the entire business side of things, including marketing, ticketing and community relations. Demoff also spent four seasons in Tampa Bay working closely with former general manager Bruce Allen.

Cons: Demoff doesn’t have the scouting and talent evaluation experience that some of the other candidates possess. While he could rely on a strong scouting department to handle those duties, the Glazers could be looking for a more well-rounded G.M. candidate.

Angleo is another familiar face to Bucs fans – and the Glazers – after spending 14 years overseeing Tampa Bay's scouting department as their Director of Player Personnel. Angelo, who resides in Tampa, bolted from the Buccaneers to become the general manager of the Chicago Bears where he hired Lovie Smith. Angelo was fired in Chicago in 2012 after compiling an 87-73 regular season record, and 3-4 playoff record as the Bears general manager.


Licht, the current director of player personnel with Arizona is someone else who has flown under the radar to a degree, but is thought highly of by many around the league. Licht also spent three years as director of pro personnel with the New England Patriots. Licht was a finalist for the Bears G.M. job last season and many feel it is just a matter of time before he gets his shot in the league.

Gutekunst currently serves as Green Bay director of college scouting having just wrapped up his 15th season with the Green Bay Packers’ player personnel department. He spent his first 13 seasons with the club as a college scout. The Packers have been one of the most productive teams in the NFL in terms of successful draft picks under G.M. Ted Thompson and Gutekunst.

Khan is the director of business and football administration for the Steelers and is well respected around the league in terms of dealing with the salary cap and has also gotten more involved in the pro player side of things in the last few years. Khan has been with the Steelers since 2001 and was close friend of former Steelers head coach Bill Cowher.
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  • avatar

    Mckay "has few negatives"??? It took us years to get out of Cap Jail he put us in.
  • avatar

    Hey, bring in Khan as GM and maybe he can lure his buddy Bill Cower to come out of retirement!
  • avatar

    ColoradoBuc, I'm right there with you about Khan. I think he would be an EXCELLENT fit as our new GM.
  • avatar

    Agree Coach... Baltimore is intriguing....Someone there is making some great decisions. New England is another. I just hope we make the right decision and pick someone with that kind of personnel insight. Because the way things are structure, that ability and hiring the right coach are the top two criteria....the contracts for starting caliber players is way too much to make many mistakes. If you do those two things correctly, the cap management issue is much easier.
  • avatar

    How refreshing to read a civil argument between adults; so unlike joebucsfan and the local newspapers. Re: GM. Do you really think McKay is interested in returning here? It might be best we get someone from a stable, consistent organization like Green Bay, New England, or Baltimore. No?
  • avatar

    bucstop...I'm saying you take those guys out and you have one guy drafted under McKay that will end up in the HOF.....Ronde Barber. So how impressive is that? You mentioned a number of decent players, but even Alstott wouldn't have made a probowl if he hadn't gone in as a Fullback. McKay did a poor job and blew the top off of the cap. Amazing how nicely those pewter colored glasses taint the view of things...and just realize this...if Gruden hadn't found a way to put us over the top that one year, we would be mentioned in the same breath as the Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals as prime examples of professional sports futility.
  • avatar

    Dungy is one dimensional. Please keep him away from our team, I have no interest in another half decade of great defenses leading us to one and done in the playoffs. Been there, done that, no reason to think it would be any different bringing him back, in any capacity. I would greatly fear his input into selecting an offensive coordinator as well, seeing who he has selected in years past. The guy knows defense (even though our D got better, not worse, after he left) and has integrity (overlooking his embrace of low life Vick, do you think Schiano would have allowed such a low character person in the building?) but not much else.
  • avatar

    I think asking to find out if McKay or Wyche were responsible for drafting Sapp and Brooks is completely irrelevant. For starters, are you willing to concede that maybe it was Raheem who was responsible for the poor drafting in 2009/11 and Schiano who was a better evaluator of talent causing the better players drafted in 12/13? Then next, Wyche was only here one year. Once he left, under Dungy, Barber, Dunn, Alstott, Abraham, Singleton, Brian Kelly, Gramatica, Dexter Jackson, all drafted in first few years. Not to mention the trades that were done to bring in Keyshawn. McKay was there for free agency too, and Hardy Nickerson is usually left out of most talk of the Building of the SuperBowl team. Ask Derrick Brooks who took him under his wings and taught him the business. McKay would be hands down the best GM pick of them all. He has done it here before, and he would excite the fan base, which is just as important.
  • avatar

    This is a good starting list but the Bucs need to keep looking..I'd be down for khan if he could lure the chin to the bay...
  • avatar

    Scott...I know many talk about McKay building the Championship Bucs team. A few important and sincere questions...would appreciate it. 1. Can you sort out the drafting of Sapp, Brooks, and Lynch. I've heard some say that they were taken primarily because of Wyche's involvement. What is the real story there? 2. How much of the critical pieces that came to the team on the Offensive side of the ball were Richies picks and how much were Jon's? 3. When Rich went, it left a bad taste in many fans mouths...the lousy draft, the rift, Rich sitting in Blanks box at that game the end of the year? What was the real story behind that? I would feel a lot better how I feel about McKay one way or the other if I knew the answer to these questions. Maybe you know more about this than we fans do. Even an article about these questions might be great.
  • avatar

    Are we building an indoor practice facility this year? Lynch used to say any team can come down here for one day and deal with the heat, but having to practice under those conditions every day wares a team out. I also think it would be a plus luring free agents, and our next coach. For Pete's sake UCF has one down I-4. O'Leary would be dead by now if he had to hold practice outside for the last 10 years.
  • avatar

    Just wondering ... could ownership possibly be looking at Butch Davis and Wannstedt as the next GM and coach?
  • avatar

    Agree with those who say evaluating talent is more important then knowing contracts. Dom was a master at the cap, but fell short on too many picks. I'm also with those who don't want to go back in time. The good old days weren't always so good. One question. If everyone is O.K. with Lovie because he wants to bring in former Cal coach Tedford an offensive guru, why not just hire him to be H.C.?
  • avatar

    People sure have biased memories. Of course none of us know what really happened with McKay, Gruden and the Glazers behind the walls of One Buc Place. I think we can conclude that it was a power struggle that might have begun when the boys were shagging balls together when their fathers were coaching the team. But I do know this much. Like all GM's, Richie had some good draft choices and a few bad ones. Fortunately, the good ones became great and were able to make up for the bad ones. He was willing to deal high draft picks and move up and down the draft board to bring in talent. The salary cap resembled that of a lot of teams' trying to buy a championship. So what? Bottom line is, he was certainly partly responsible for the end result of his work. That being a playoff contender for six seasons culminating in a NFL championship. The Glazers didn't "run him off". Arthur Blank "Check" came calling when he smelled blood in the water and sensed he could get McKay to one day assist in getting a new stadium deal in Atlanta. (Similar to the Glazers going after Gruden). Richie asked the Glazers if they would allow him to leave without having to compensate the Falcons. The Glazers honored his request. Coincidentally, McKay's first order of business was to attend the Falcons game and sit with Snidley Whiplash Blank in his box. Kinda like seeing you old girlfriend arm and arm with your arch enemy. As far as I know, Richie hasn't been involved much with the personnel side for the past several years. I doubt he would be interested in a return to those duties; but I hold no grudge if he comes back to where he started and build us another contender.
  • avatar

    Agree Scubog...how quickly they forget. I asked about clarity on what really happened there and a couple of things regarding personnel decisions. It would be great if Scott could give us the straight stuff....something really informative about Rich so we would have a real feel for his leadership. Right now, based upon what you have said which is line with my current perspective, I don't think it would be good for him to come back. But I am certainly open to insightful information from someone like Scott, that I may not know.
  • avatar

    I said that the Glazers ran him out of town as they have the FINAL say on who stayed and who left. McKay was always rebuilding as was Dominik. As I recall we did win a SB when Gruden got here when he asked for some Offensive players that McKay would not have brought here. Gruden had his faults but he won a SB for the first time, something McKay and Dungy could not due. So I say again " why bring back a guy that could not get it done the first time " ?
  • avatar

    The bus need fresh blood not retreads. No Peterson, Mckay, Pioli or Casserly.
  • avatar

    Another good candidate for GM would be Mike Ditka but he would never do it. Too much stess.
  • avatar

    In my opinion there is no better candidate for GM than Tony Dungy. Enough said.
  • avatar

    DaddyJax - I hope you're joking and not really that big of an idiot. You're asking how we can get excited about the guy that built the team that won the Super Bowl, the guy that drafted 4 HOF'ers, the guy who put together one of the best defenses in the history of the NFL, the guy that told Gruden to go shove it when he tried to sign Andre Rison when he couldn't break a 5.0 on the 40... Seriously to counter all of that you're worried about cap space? Well the Bucs have had plenty of cap space so I'm guessing you're also the idiot that complained about the Glazers not spending money as well. Overall I give your comment a F- for the stupidity you displayed there.
  • avatar

    I think Stokes and Quarles would move up a notch. Stokes to Director of Pro Personnel and Quarles to Director of Pro Scouting. The GM will come from outside.
  • avatar

    Ok, I got this all wrong! Trying to say that Stokes should replace Dennis Hickey! lol
  • avatar

    i say have a VP football operations and GM who is capologist.
  • avatar

    My vote is for Stokes. You can can learn to manage the cap. Having an eye for talent is much harder to develop. I hate McCay though and I have the same memory as Spartan of that game.
  • avatar

    Please, PLEASE find us a veteran GM. One who knows the correct answer to the question, "Would you hire a HeadCoach who was a coordinator on which side of the ball?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The NFL has rules that greatly, GREATLY, favor an offense. They greatly favor the PASSING game. Our GM should be looking for a HC who has COACHED QB's and has experience calling plays. And it is our GM who should be choosing the HeadCoach...
  • avatar

    Why would we bring McKay back here? He left for Atlanta after the Glazers ran him out of town where he was asked to step down in Atlanta as their GM. IMO We should look for the guy that can evaluate talent and make him the GM and have another guy just handle the financial side with no power to pick or trade players. I'm sure a good lawyer could handle that part of it. The old saying is " to many cooks spoil the soup " In the end, as long as the GM and coach work together for the common goal ( a ring ) and the GM knows talent and the coach does his job we will be fine.
  • avatar

    How can anyone get excited about letting the guy who put us such cap trouble that we had to let go of half of our team after he left? He has a poor history here and in ATL with being a GM and dealing with contracts and cap. Gruden?? There are reasons why he was relegated to other duties and ATL hired another GM.
  • avatar

    Wouldn't mind seeing a Scott Pioli and Bill O'Brien GM/HC combination.
  • avatar

    I'm for Lovie because he is experienced and has an overall winning record in the NFL. . I'm for Quarles for GM. Picking players is more important than the contract; heck many sports attorney can assist the GM in that area.
  • avatar

    Horse sorry but what evidence do you have that Quarles can pick players?
  • avatar

    all of this hiring past bucs of the glory days is making me ill. I don't want Smith,McKay or Quarles. We won back then on defense. This is a game built on offense now. Everyone wake up! it's 2014, not 1992!
  • avatar

    I also think Dominik did a good job on the money end and was a hit and miss draft GM. But that's not entirely on him. I don't see McKay coming back either. As long as the Bucs hire an experienced man who knows his limitations, be it college/pro personnel or CAP management and hires help accordingly I'll be OK with it. It's looking more and more like the Bucs are going to hire a HC (Lovie Smith) before a new GM so I imagine the new hire at HC will have some say. I'm interested to know WHO the Glazers are consulting now, if anyone, when so many key hires are under consideration.
  • avatar

    McKay would be awesome to have back - but I don't see that happening. Dom did a good job of not giving out signing bonuses, this ensures that if a player FA bombs that you're not paying for it for 5 years. Otherwise Dom was very much a hit or miss type of GM. Personally I think they need to turn this over to someone with some experience, the cap is in decent shape and with McCoy wanting a new deal they need to try to keep it that way. We don't need to reinvent the wheel here, the team is mostly in good shape, we just need someone to fill in for a while.
  • avatar

    I will personally come down there and demolish 1BP if McKay becomes GM. I will NEVER EVER forget him laughing and joking in Blanks personal box when the Falcons scored the week he quit and ran off from the Bucs.
  • avatar

    Learn your Buc history - McKay was ran out of town by Gruden after Gruden wanted to sign every washed up 35-40 year old that needed a job. Gruden cried to the owners and did the whole "it's me or him" routine to force McKay out of a job, the guy that over the previous 10 years did take a team that was the "laughing stock" of the NFL and helped guide them to a SB win.

    As for your threats towards One Buc Place while I think there is less than a 1% chance that McKay would come back if he does please make sure you record your adventures - can't wait to see you getting tased - not only from the security cams but also from your perspective. Try a GoPro cam, they can take a beating.

  • avatar

    Keep the name Chris Ballard/KC Chiefs under your hat.
  • avatar

    I would love to see Khan or McKay. Maybe even Gutekunst or Licht. You look at the success Pittsburgh has had over the past 10+ years (especially their drafting) and their hard nose style defense, and I think Khan would make an excellent fit for us. He'd be my #1 preference. McKay would be great too, but his only knock is that he put us in terrible condition with the cap. I think what the Glazers should be looking for as their #1 objective in a GM is a successful draft record. You look at all the elite teams in the NFL and they all have excellent draft histories. Angelo had a mediocre win-loss record in Chicago, as well as an average draft record. I'd be a little iffy on him. Stokes is extremely valuable in the front office, but I think Mark's right in that he's not experienced enough to be a GM. Same goes for Quarles and Ross.
  • avatar

    Good comments CWB21. I favor someone who has never been in the organization. Fans are longing for the good old days which are not coming back. I like all of your picks except Mckay and agree on Angelo
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