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January 3, 2014 @ 10:34 pm
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Report: Frazier Joins Bucs As Defensive Coordinator

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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New Bucs head coach Lovie Smith's squad is coming together quickly as reports say Smith has hired Jeff Tedford to lead the Bucs offense, and then late Friday evening ESPN reported that former Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier will be the Bucs defensive coordinator.
Sometimes the consolation prize is pretty good.

It appeared earlier this week that Dallas assistant coach and former Bucs defensive line coach Rod Marinelli would join Lovie Smith’s staff as the Buccaneers defensive coordinator, but late Friday night ESPN’s Josina Anderson reported that Leslie Frazier had accepted the job to head up the Bucs defense.

Frazier was the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings the previous three and a half seasons and compiled a 20-33-1 record and a playoff appearance after leading the Vikings to a 10-6 record in 2012.

Frazier and Smith have never coached directly with each other but come from the same Tony Dungy coaching tree. Frazier was an assistant with the Colts for two seasons before being named defensive coordinator of the Vikings in 2007. Frazier continued in that capacity before taking over for a fired Brad Childress midway through the 2010 season. After leading the Vikings to a 3-3 record to close the season Frazier was promoted to head coach.

Frazier won two Super Bowls, one as a player and one as a coach. Frazier was part of the 1986 Chicago Bears team that went 15-1 in the regular season and beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XX. Frazier played defensive back and led the Bears that season with six interceptions. His playing career was cut short after suffering a knee injury while returning a punt.

Some have speculated that Fraizer could help lure some of the Vikings potential free agents to Tampa Bay, including defensive end Jared Allen, who would fill a huge need for the Buccaneers as an edge pass rusher.

While no one inside the organization has even confirmed that Marinelli was a target, multiple reports said that the Cowboys did not give the Buccaneers permission to interview Marinelli for the job. Marinelli is under contract through 2014, but it has widely been speculated that the Cowboys have an eye on Marinelli replacing Monte Kiffin at some point.

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  • avatar

    A great choice in Frazier. I believe the bucs are on the way back to the top-Go Bucs This is the best pick since Dungy GO BUCS
  • avatar

    I kinda like the hire but was hoping for Marinelli. Does anyone know how good Frazier's defenses were in Minnesota? I was hoping for some more facts in this article. How was the run D? How good was the pass D with Mr. Allen on the outside? I think it seems like he was a better DC than a head coach, so I'm glad we are getting the DC. Also, didn't his defense slip when he became the head coach?? Maybe too many things to do that didn't pertain to the defense. If Allen still has some gas in the tank, I would love it if he came here, but that is the risk you take. He could be just about washed up by now. Anyway, GO BUCS !! And keep up the good work. Keep hiring assistants who can TEACH. One last thing, how good were the special teams under O"Day?? And boy oh boy, do I hope Lovie can convince Devin Hester to come to Tampa Bay and be our return man/3rd or 4th WR ! ! ! ! !
  • avatar

    Not sure of how many more years Allen has left,but I would buy his jersey the day he signed with Tampa..if Frazier can sway him to the Bay, J.A.s football knowledge could greatly help the development of the young players around him.. Only time will tell..
  • avatar

    Someone needs to explain to me why this is a good hire. I expected to read such an analysis in this article, but it was bereft of actual thoughtful analysis, as too many PR articles are these days. I guess I'll keep holding my breath and waiting... Not sure I understand the Dungy coaching tree halo, either. Marinelli hit the wall. Lovie couldn't get it done. Raheem a waste product. Tomlin benefited from inheriting The Chin's team but that is starting to fray. Where are all of the Dungy genius acolytes, exactly? Anybody...?
  • avatar

    Please explain how it's not. These are solid hires and yet there are fans that are not satisfied. I don't get it. Smith is a fantastic coach who definitely deserves to coach an nfl team. He's been in the playoffs and in the Super Bowl and knows what it takes to get there. And as for the dungy halo, It's a solid group of coaches. Idk man, I think Tampa got it right this time.
  • avatar

    This is another great hire. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    After a 32 year old pro won the sack record this year and was the key to a big comeback win against KC for the Colts, maybe bringing in Jared Allen would be worth the money this year. I was hoping For the Bucs' first choice for DC to show our pass rushers how to up their sack total but maybe Jared Allen could fill that role for us. I wish Frasier would hire Sapp to be his DL Coach--that would help our DL too. At least Frasier was a DB and won a Super Bowl as a player. He should be a big help in helping our Defensive Backfield improve. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Frasier will adapt his defense to match our personnel and not just impose a strict Tampa Two. This could be real good this year!!!
  • avatar

    Things are moving fast. Smart decisions and making sure that the talent pool is secured before other teams grab em. Gotta be excited. I think Tampa 2 might return ?
  • avatar

    A great hired again-Go Bucs
  • avatar

    I am starting to get excited again. So far, so good.
  • avatar

    Love this coaching staff so far!!!
  • avatar

    This is the best news we have had at One Buc Place in many years. We are going to have a good team. This year it's not about winning championships; it's just about winning and seeing where our weaknesses might be under a different scheme. I know we can't be wasting draft picks because many of our players are in their prime to late prime. Our OL are 28, 29, 30, 31, when we start the season.
  • avatar

    This is shaping up to be a good staff. Even though Tedford has not coached in the NFL he has coached many NFL players. Years of being a H.C. won't hurt either. Can't wait till we hear from these guys.
  • avatar

    Welcome aboard, Leslie! Tune in every Tuesday night for the Leslie and Lovie Show. Sounds kinda…….., but as long as they win, I’m good! lol
  • avatar

    I must not understand the difference between a Head coach and assistants/coordinators. Usually, you bring in a guy, and he has to be one or the other, O or D; then, he has to bring in either an O or D assistant/coordinator to do the other side of the football game. Now, we've got bother an O and D coordinator; what's Lovie Smith going to do?
  • avatar

    please tell me you're kidding, flash
  • avatar

    Sheridan out of a job? Good. Now our defense is seeing an immediate upgrade.
  • avatar

    Goodbye Mr.Sheridan. Would have liked Marinelli but Smith+Frazier isn't bad either, maybe we can have a top 10 defense this year.
  • avatar

    It will be interesting to see how many sack McCoy and the rest if the D-line cam get now that they'll get to straight up pass rush instead of getting tied up on stupid stunts most of the game!
  • avatar

    If he brings Jared Allen, it may a great choice!
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