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January 8, 2014 @ 5:51 pm
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Bucs Add Arroyo; Will Interview Vital And Ross For G.M. Job

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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On Wednesday Lovie Smith added Marcus Arroyo to coach the Bucs' quarterbacks. Also on Wednesday it appears the vacant GM job may not be filled by Kansas City's Chris Ballard as first thought. Tampa Bay will interview Atlanta's Lionel Vital, and also wants to speak with the Giants Marc Ross.
Newly hired Bucs head coach Lovie Smith’s staff grew by one more on Wednesday as Marcus Arroyo agreed to become the Bucs quarterbacks coach.

Arroyo spent last season at Southern Miss as offensive coordinator and outside receivers coach. Prior to his time in Hattiesburg Arroyo was a coach for new Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford’s at Cal.

The former San Jose State quarterback spent the last 11 seasons coaching at the collegiate level, including four as an offensive coordinator or co-offensive coordinator.

“It came about rather quickly after getting a call from (new Bucs head coach) Lovie Smith and offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford last week, inquiring about my interest in coaching in the NFL. (Smith and I) talked about football and quarterback philosophy and his plan … basics, I guess,” Arroyo told the Hattiesburg American.

“My year in Hattiesburg has been great. I got to work with a great friend and mentor of mine, Todd Monken. I got to work at a place that my wife and I identified with in terms of great people, great community, great tradition and great alumni. I got to do what I love most – be a teacher and mentor. I got to compete, which innately fuels my fire. I got to meet a great group of football coaches and athletic department staff. I got to meet two amazing new leaders that I will continue to follow – (athletic director) Bill McGillis and (university President) Rodney Bennett."

So far, in addition to Arroyo, the Bucs have agreed to terms with Tedford as their offensive coordinator, Leslie Frazier as defensive coordinator and Hardy Nickerson to coach linebackers. Former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano was also reported to be joining Smith's staff as the offensive line coach.

Last week at this time it appeared Chris Ballard would be joining the Buccaneers front office to replace Mark Dominik as Tampa Bay’s new general manager, but it now appears that isn't a foregone conclusion. A report on Wednesday said the Buccaneers will be interviewing the Falcons Lionel Vital, who become the director of player personnel after Dave Caldwell was hired to be the General Manager in Jacksonville.

Vitral has worked under Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff, Ozzie Newsome, Scott Pioli and Bill Belichick.

FOX Sports 1's Mike Garafalo tweeted late Wednesday that the Buccaneers have requested permission to interview Marc Ross who has worked his way up from a public relations intern to his current position with the Giants. Ross has been credited with finding players like cornerback Terrell Thomas, wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, offensive lineman Will Beatty and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul as a member of the Giants front office. Ross has interviewed for a handful of general manager openings in recent years, and many see Ross as on the cusp of being ready to take the next step.

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    I'll chime in with you Canadian Buc. The Glazers should not have let Dominik go.
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    Gibsonmx: Thank you for detailing most of the reasons Dom was fired. Additionally, nearly every poster on this site knew where the holes were in the 2013 team: TE, WR, OL, DE, & DB. Dom failed to fill those needs. Instead, he overpaid for a few select FAs (starting previously with Winslow), then Nicks, VJax, Revis, etc. These players had the potential to help the team but weren't worth what Dom agreed to, and they couldn't overcome the many holes Dom failed to fill adequately. Anyway, Dom is gone & won't return...let's move on...I'm so excited by the new coaching hires, can't wait for the new season to start!
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    Please dont even think about bring back Mark Dominik. The only thing he was good at was the Cap. His drafts suck for the first 3 years. Last 2 with Schiano were a lot better. 2009 draft: R1 Freeman(bust) R3 roy miller(backup DT for Jags) R4 kyle moore(out of league) R5 xavier fulton(out of league) R7 EJ biggers(need i say anything, he sucks) R7 sammie stroughter(out of league). 2010 Draft: R1 Gerald McCoy(Pro Bowler) R2 Brian Price(out of league) R2 A. Been(bust) R3 Myron Lewis(bust/sucks) R4 Mike Williams(jury is still out/injury) R6 Brent Bowden(out of league) R7 Cody Grimm(out of league) R7 Dekoda Watson(decent starter/special teams) R7 Erik Lorig(ok fullback/converted from DE) 2011 Draft: R1 Adrien Clayborn(Good but not great) R2 Daquan Bowers(bust) R3 Mason Foster(Good Player/Solid Starter) R4 Luke Stocker(Always injured/sucks) R5 Ahmad Black(ok backup/not on any roster) R6 Allen Bradford(sucks) R7 Anthony Gaitor(not very good) R7 Daniel Hardy(never played in league) 2012 Draft(1st with Schiano): R1 mark Barron(Solid Starter with good chance to be pro bowler) R1 Doug Martin(Pro Bowler) R2 Lavonte David(Great LB/1st Team All-Pro/ best pick in my mind) R5 Najee Goode(played in 14 games with PHI/decent Special teams player) R6 Keith Tandy(has been a good backup Safety) R7 Michael Smith(garbage) R7 Drake Dunsmore(never played in league) 2013 Draft: R2 Johnathan Backs(played ok for rookie/could be a solid starter) R3 Mike Glennon(worst case he will be good backup/best case a good starting game-manager) R4 Akeem Spence(decent starter) R4 William Gholston(big upside/need another year to see growth) R5 Steven Means(garbage) R6 Mike James(decent backup that can come in and give Martin a blow without a big dropoff). He has made a few good hits, but he has had too many misses that has set this franchise back a few years. The Freeman pick was one that ultimately got him fired. He listen too much to Raheem and moved UP to get him. Then he took big chances on 2 injured D-line guys in B. Price and D. Bowers that wasted 2 2nd round picks. A. Been was another wasted 2nd round pick. So in his first 3 drafts he missed on 1 of his 3 1st rounders and all 3 of his 2nd rounders. You just cant do that and win.
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    No disagreement with you on the pick evaluations, nice job of it too. However, your premise is that MD was responsible for all the bad picks prior to the Schiano years. But then you imply the good picks were because of the HC and not MD. You can't have it both ways, unless all you want to do is justify your dislike for the guy. I actually believe MD was still the right guy for the job and should have been kept on board, but don't worry, I don't think the Bucs would bring him back. The reality is that draft picks are a collabrative process that include team scouts, coaches and general managers. However, as good as any GM may be, if he's not a former player (MD is not) he must lean heavily on the coaching staff to analyze the teams needs and make recommendations on who best can fill them, whether it be through the draft, trade or free agency. At that point the GM does his job, looks at the financial aspect of each, and then move forward. MD relied on HC Morris and his coaches during those bad years of draft, just as much as he did on Schiano and his coaches during the last three. Was he responsible for some of the teams failures? Sure, but so are the Glazers. With almost 20 years in the Bucs organization, he deserved better. Instead, some day soon another team will gain a very well groomed, talented GM. And under their breath, they will say, "thanks Bucs", and that's a shame.
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    Not trying to blame him for all that went wrong. You are correct that the Glazers deserve the most blame with the last 2 coaches. We all know that Raheem was the reason we drafted Freeman(and moved up to do it). I believe MD should have veto that pick. And we will never know who pushed for all the other picks, but if you look at how the drafting was for 3 years with Morris and the 2 with Schiano, there is a Major difference. I believe a lot of that was Schiano just coming from the college ranks and knowing how to read the talent. Lets not forget that Bill Belichick was known for taking Rutgers players b/c they were "NFL ready". Not so sure how true that is. Raheem was way over his head and was not any good at evaluating talent. This is where MD should have stepped in and do what GM's do, make the final decision. After 20 years in the organization, he should have been at least given another job within the organization, but it had to be a demotion. Then he could work his way back up and maybe get a GM job with another team down the road. And by no means am I saying Schiano was great, he might of been good at finding some great players, but he could not coach them to save his life.
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    we drafted brian price twice in two years huh?
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    It was a typo, Sorry!
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    Dominiks win=loss record was terrible. Some blame goes to the coaches he had but he also had input in the hiring of said coaches. His Drafts were poor except for the last two. He overpaid his FA. who were not that good. The only think he did well was the salary cap but that was because he overpaid his players. He is gone, time to move forward.
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    I never thought Dominick should have been fired so if they can eat some humble pie and find the middle ground I certainly support Dom as GM. Now that we have the perfect man coaching the team Dom can't be left to do his job which is acquire talent and something he has excelled at.
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    I know I am certainly in the minority having this opinion. I doubt That no other posters on this message board would agree. Moreover, I doubt the glazer family has even allowed this thought to cross their mind. I have my reasons for why I believe this, and I will divulge them as my buc fan counterparts rip down this idea. Here it is: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should hire Mark Dominik to be their new GM.
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    Ballard sounded interesting. These other candidates for GM don't. Thanks Glazers for handcuffing the most important position in the organization by giving Lovie too much authority. Nice work, idiots.
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    Other teams would have brought Lovie in to interview so I bet Lovie would NOT have taken the bucs job if he didn't have the final say..Nice work Glazers for getting your guy! New day in Tampa Bay
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