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January 14, 2014 @ 9:48 pm
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FOX Sports, NFL Network Analyst Davis Loves The Tedford Hire

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Pewter Report recently caught up with NFL Network and FOX Sports analyst Charles Davis who is covering the East-West Shrine Game this week in St. Petersburg, and asked him about Lovie Smith and Jeff Tedford. Davis said he is a big fan of both, but especially Tedford, who will coach the Bucs offense for Smith.
Wherever there is college football being played, you can usually find FOX Sports and NFL Network analyst Charles Davis around. Davis is a staple at the East-West Shrine game in St. Petersburg every year and is easily spotted by his ever-present smile, shaking hands with NFL executives, coaches and even the casual fans that gather around him.

PewterReport.com caught up with Davis at the West team practice on Tuesday and the former Tennessee cornerback, turned standout television broadcaster, likes they way things are coming together in Tampa Bay with the hire of Lovie Smith. But if there is someone Davis may even like more than Smith himself, it is new offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford.

“I love Jeff Tedford, I have known him since his first year at Cal when I was calling games at Turner (TBS),” Davis said. “I was just so impressed with him and his demeanor, and obviously his offensive acumen. If you go back to what he had to start with at Cal … he turned Kyle Boller into a first rounder, the run they had with Aaron Rodgers and the rest of it. (Tedford is) just so creative offensively, and even when the run of quarterbacks that ended up pros ended, they still were dangerous as heck offensively. DeSean Jackson flourished in that offense, so I just think he is a terrific mind and will be very hungry after a couple years out of the game, I’m really excited about the possibilities he will bring to Tampa. I am a huge Jeff Tedford.”

Some have questioned how Tedford’s complex college offense would translate in the professional game, but Davis said that shouldn’t be a concern to anyone.

“Nowadays that line between a college offense and a pro offense has really blurred and we are getting really close to the non-existent part,” Davis said. “Because if you watch any games now, how many do you recognize as pro plays and how many plays do you recognize as college plays? I am watching conference championship games and I'm watching jet sweeps, I am watching zone reads, I am watching all kind of quarterbacks moving in one direction and throwing back to the other. That’s a lot of college plays.

“Yeah, that line has kind of blurred a lot. Jeff Tedford has a mind that encompassing all of it and I am looking forward to watching him work and I think that Mike Glennon and the rest of the quarterbacks will benefit with him.”

Davis really like the hire of Smith to replace former coach Greg Schiano and said Smith’s connection to the past will be an asset.

“I think it is great, especially for the young kids coming in to have a leader like Lovie Smith to teach you how to do things the right way,” Davis said. “And for the Buccaneers especially – to have someone who embraces the Buccaneers as part of those teams that were growing towards Super Bowls – and gets it. And that is a big deal, because that respect for the organization and then that real feeling that this is a place that (Smith) wants to be. That’s a big deal.”

Smith, who along with Tedford were fired after their 2012 football seasons, told the media last week that he and Tedford spent a lot of time together last year watching film and already looking ahead to their next stops. Davis said that time off can be a great opportunity for coaches like Smith to evaluate themselves. Davis said Smith – and Tedford – will be better because of it.

“A lot of coaches learn a lot as they go on, and when you are out of the game for a while there is a lot of introspection, there is a lot of self examination, there is a lot of going around and seeing how other people do it,” Davis said. “And you kind of figure out what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are, things you want to shore up. So when you come back the next time you tend to focus on those things and bring those to the front while keeping all of the good things you did before.

“I have always been a  big believer that these guys that spend a little time out of the game, have never lost their skills. But they gain as they go. Mike Shanahan did it. We could just go round and round. Tom Coughlin was out for a while (then) comes back and wins two Super Bowls with the Giants. Pete Carroll is another one. Reincarnated that way. I think there is a great learning curve for these coaches that just love football. They go around and learn new things and techniques and learn more about themselves.”

Last modified on Wednesday, 15 January 2014 22:50

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    Charles Davis is one of my favorites too. His opinion of Tedford just confirms what I felt when he was hired. When Lovie was hired, we did not have to start a search for OC, lovie brought Tedford with him to the table. Yesterday's presser sold me completely. I am not concerned who the QB will be. With Tedford, whoever it is, he will be prepared!
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    Mjmoody and sufferduds are so right on this. martin is already a star in the NFL so owlycat must be having a bad day. I don't understand all the people who don't want to give Glennon a chance. Everybody wants a "shrimp" QB who runs 4.5. Manning and Brady are built like Glennon and he may be a better athlete. He may run a 5.1 but they run 5.4's. They move well in the pocket, but so does he. They have first class minds, but so does he. They are film rats, but so is he. They have 10-15 years experience, but he was a rookie. They are both 6'5', but he is 6'6". They have average to above average arms, he has a rocket. They are very accurate, he is not, but that can improve. He reminds me a lot of Brady when he came up who looked like a stork. Brady was a 6 rounder, but he is a 3rd rounder. I am just doing a comparision, not saying he will be a Hal of Famer. BUT GIVE THE KID A CHANCE. 2012 was a fluke. You see what happened with the first round athletic QBs this year. He was better than all of them. I'm not sold on RGIII either.
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    76Buc; totally agree. As far as I am concerned Glennon did a good job for a rookie.
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    Tedford, and Frazier will be holding press conferences at 2 P.M. today, looking forward to that. I'll take that shrimp Martin any day, guy gets hurt now he's a bum? Out of all the new coaching hires the Bucs are looking like they got it right this time, coordinators too. As far as Glennon goes I can't say this enough. The list of free agent Q.B.'s is sh-t! Mike will have the playbook to digest four months before we can draft another Q.B.. If any of you think this college crop of Q.B.'s will be able to over take Glennon with the head start he's going to have are kidding yourselves. Best thing the Bucs can do to win this year with Glennon is rebuild the O line with free agents, and the draft.
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    suferdudes; I so agree with you. I don't think any of us think Glennon is as good as the four QB's in the NFC & AFC championship games; he's at least more on the up swing than down swing. We have needs at other spots with talented players available in Rounds 1 & 2. I would go for a QB in the 4th & 5th round and try to groom that QB for the 2015 or 2016 season. Glennon is our guy whether we like it or not in 2014. I believe Coach Smith will get Glennon the tools to help him in free agency and the draft.
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    Charles Davis is a great commentator personality and one of my very favorites. He does his homework like few others do. Always well informed, and full of facts and trivia relevant to the game he is calling. Thanks Mark for bringing his opinions to these pages. I've got my fingers crossed for Tedford. I'm hanging my hat on Tedford to work miracles on the offensive side of the ball. Also, IMHO--Martin can be great. Owlykat's comments remind me of just how terrified I was Schiano was going to break Martin, before his career had even began-->(Another good reason to see Schiano gone.) Blount's recent performance is a great example of having a talent and not knowing how to use him productively.(Thanks again Schiano) I look at this team and know there is going to be a good amount of turnover. There always is. (KC w/ Reid) But it's hard to know what we really have. Some are talented players that are misused. Others are back-ups in starter roles--or vice versa. Still others have no place on this team. I hope Tedford has the skill & the know-how to figure it all out. FA is not that far away.
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    Doug Martin a "shrimp running back"? "Wasted 1st round pick"? Guess he can join that "shrimp linebacker" draftmate who must be a "wasted 2nd round pick who just hasn't hurt himself yet. Perhaps you should check the actual size of the typical NFL running backs like Emmit Smith, Walter Payton, Adrian Peterson and others who were under 220 pounds. Few resemble that familiar face wearing # 29 for the Flying Elvises and our own # 40. I do think this. We need a true "2 yards and a cloud of dust" fullback who can pick up that 3rd and 2 on the ground or through the air. Lorig isn't it.
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    I believe in having Glennon fight for the starting job in Preseason that is not rigged in his favor like Schiano did giving him an unfair high number of reps. If that happens Orlovsky will beat him out but we need a first round QB or a proven NFL QB to compete as well because Glennon is not the Franchise QB of the future and I am not willing to watch him blow another season. Also if you analyze the 49ers, the Seahawks, and the Patriots, you will find they all have one thing in common, they all three have a hard charging, durable, big back to wear down the defenses and get the short yardage touchdowns and first downs. And even the Broncos have Ball who is no shrimp either. Remember the Bucs had a great fullback for short yardage when we won the Super Bowl--and we had two thousand yard rushers who also fit that mold this year but Schiano gave away both of them and wasted a first round pick for a shrimp running back who ended up hurt this year instead. Tedford will need to somehow get us a power back that can get us a thousand yards to really win in the playoffs too.
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    Tedford is going to appreciate having Glennon as our starting QB. Some posters want Manziel, Bortle, or Bridgewaters; I am for letting Glennon play out this year and see what he has before we jump the gun with our 1st round pick on a QB. Glennon will never be a Brady, Manning, Luck, but he can still be a decent QB as we improve at other positions. I mean the guy just got All Rookie honors; two QB's were drafted before him in the first round and I would take him over those two any day.
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    Nice interview. I know that many of us that are fans of the Bucs are very pleased about the people being hired to fill out the Bucs staff, but this comes from someone that is personally familiar with Smith and Tedford, and someone who is not necessarily biased for the Bucs. I enjoyed reading about his thoughts and evaluations of these new coach's. Now Mark, can you figure out a way to make April hurry up and get here so that we can see our players hit the field once again and allow our new staff to finally see them in action? ;-)
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    I'm totally excited about the upcoming season. Hopefully the "Hex" finds somewhere else to play.
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    "I’m really excited about the possibilities he will bring to Tampa. I am a huge Jeff Tedford.”
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