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January 21, 2014 @ 5:57 pm
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Carr Would Love To Play For Tedford In Tampa Bay

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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The history between Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr and Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford dates back to Carr's childhood when Tedford coached his older brother, David. At the Senior Bowl on Monday, Carr said he would love to be drafted by Tampa Bay and to play for Tedford.
PewterReport.com first mentioned the Bucs’ possible interest in Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr due to his connection to Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford, who coached his older brother, David, at Fresno State when Derek was six years old last week in SR’s Fab 5 column.

Because of the Tedford connection, Carr’s talent, and anticipating a good showing from him this week at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., PewterReport.com put Carr in the top spot for the Bucs with the seventh overall pick in its first 2014 Bucs 7-Round Mock Draft.

Interviewed on Monday, Carr was appreciative of his placement in the mock draft. While Alabama senior quarterback A.J. McCarron opted out of the Senior Bowl, Carr was excited to use the opportunity this week to improve his draft stock in front of NFL scouts, coaches and general managers.

“Thank you for that, I appreciate the compliment,” Carr said. “This is such a wonderful experience. I can’t speak for anybody else. They can make their own decisions [on whether or not to attend the Senior Bowl] because they are grown men. If I were for sure going to be the No. 1 pick I’d be here. This is a wonderful event that they put on. [Former Cleveland Browns general manager and Senior Bowl executive director] Phil Savage and his team do such a great job of giving back to these college players. It’s a great opportunity to meet coaches [and NFL talent evaluators].”
The charismatic Carr will surely be a big hit in interviews with coaches, scouts and general managers and stated what a the NFL team that drafted him would get.

“What you see is what you get,” Carr said. “I’m going to be a hard worker, first and foremost. Number one is my faith. I’m not going to be out going to the parties and that stuff. I have a son. I have a wife. I know what I have when my work is over. I know what I’m going home to. Also I’m going to give my whole heart to it – whether I’m successful or if it doesn’t work out how I want it to. The team and the city that gets me will get absolutely every ounce of effort I’ve got.”

Carr and Vanderbilt wide receiver Jordan Matthews have been staying after practice every day working on their timing at the Senior Bowl, which is a first. That type of work ethic is making a favorable impression on NFL teams.

Carr plans to extensively meet with Tedford, head coach Lovie Smith, who is not in Mobile, Ala., and the Buccaneers this week and later in the pre-draft process. Carr revealed that Tedford and his brother, David, attended a Fresno State game and spent some time with him in a personal tutoring session after the season.

“My brother has nothing but good things to say about Lovie,” Carr said. “I’ve never met him, but my brother has high praises about him and I believe him. That combination between Jeff Tedford’s offense and Lovie’s defense – Tampa is going to be doing special things, especially with a running back like Doug Martin in that offense. The sky is the limit. With all of the weapons they have … I could go on and on. Coach Tedford and I have a great relationship. He’s helped me through everything and always supported me. I’m so happy he got the job in Tampa because he deserves it.”

There have been mixed reviews on Carr’s draft stock with SI.com having him go eighth overall to Minnesota, while ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. doesn’t have him in the first round at all. Carr wasn’t shy when asked what it would be like if he were to be reunited with Tedford and drafted by the Buccaneers in the first round.

“I would love to be with him,” Carr said. “The amount of knowledge in him, he knows quarterbacks unlike any other. If I kept praising him, you’d run out of room to type. The guy is amazing and I can say enough great things about him.”

Tedford and new Bucs quarterbacks coach Marcus Arroyo were in the stands watching the Bulldogs quarterback on Tuesday and briefly met up with former Fresno State head coach Pat Hill, likely to talk about Carr.

Tedford was the Bulldogs offensive coordinator when David Carr became the No. 1 overall pick of the Houston Texans, an expansion team, in 2002, and is highly revered by Carr.

“He’s so smart,” Carr said. “He really is. He knows football. He knows quarterbacks. He knows technique. He knows all of those things and little things that you would never even think about. Whoever that quarterback in Tampa is, whether it’s that guy or another guy or me that guy will get better because he will get the most out of them.”

The Bucs have Mike Glennon, who set a slew of franchise rookie records in 2013 in the mix to become the starting quarterback, but may want a QB with more mobility, playmaking ability and savvy under center. With Dan Orlovsky slated for free agency and with former practice squad player Jordan Rodgers the only other passer under contract, it’s a safe bet that the Bucs will either sign a veteran free agent or draft another quarterback to serve as competition for Glennon.

Carr, the nation’s leading passer with 5,082 yards passing, an average of 390.9 yards per game, and an amazing 50 touchdowns as a senior, was briefly recruited to Cal by Tedford, but opted for Fresno State after another recruit beat him to the punch to join the Golden Bears.

“Yeah, he did recruit me,” Carr said of Tedford. “They actually had a guy commit early so that took up their spot, so that’s why they stopped recruiting me.”

Although Carr had a record-setting year in Fresno State’s spread offense under new coach Tim DeRuyter, he also had success earlier in his career under center in a pro-style offense similar to what Tampa Bay will run this year.

“My first three years was just like that – just like what [Tedford] runs,” Carr said. “It was pro style under Pat Hill, and the last two years was a spread. It was more simplified with signals because we were a tempo team. It was kind of like Oregon, but we threw the ball more. It was different in that there weren’t many huddle calls.”

Carr’s senior season didn’t end the way he wanted it to with a 45-20 loss to USC in the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl. The Bakersfield, Calif. native completed 29-of-54 passes for 216 yards with two touchdowns and one interception in a less than stellar performance. Coming to Mobile, Ala., Carr was anxious to use the Senior Bowl to rid himself of a bad experience in his final collegiate game and get the bad taste of the Las Vegas Bowl loss out of his mouth.

“[Monday’s practice] did it for me,” Carr said. “I got to go out there and I came out with a ‘get after it’ mindset and that’s how it should be. I’m coming out here to compete, to win a job and to do those things, but [the practice] was able to do that for me. I was able to put that game aside and show them who I am and what I can do.”

Tedford and the Buccaneers are definitely watching.
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    @buccaneerNW...what a completely asinine thing to say. Why would you care if he's a Christian? He probably doesn't care that you're gay.....
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    We don't need a QB at this stage. We do need to be looking at our o-line. Our TEs. Our D-line (DEs) and linebackers. Give Glennon his due. He played well with no line, no TEs and really only one WR.
  • avatar

    I'd be happy with Carr in the 2nd round. The only QB I'd take in the first is Johnny Football.
  • avatar

    Several NFL insiders are reporting this QB class is similar to that in 2011, where the Blane Gabberts of the world will be overdrafted bc teams are desperate for "franchise QBs". Carr is a luxury pick we can't afford given his lack of competition and his struggles when he finally faced some NFL talent in his bowl game. Could be a good pro not worth the 7th pick or the expectations that go along with it. We should pass IMO.
  • avatar

    I am a huge bucs fan and I believe you all are missing one key component. Are defense is good now with the pieces we have in place and will be great under new coaching staff stop spending money on defense with the exception of j. Allen in free agency! I would be happy to see us get our third round pick back as we'll. how about trading our 7th for a later pick in the first as well as a second and third round. I feel like the offense is very weak and the biggest thing Tampa is missing is the mismatch that a play making TE creates without that defenses look forward to padding there stats against us we can get Ebron in the later end of the first witch is a beast and can fill the glaring needs in the following positions OL DE QB CB WR just sayin we got to get some points on the board and fans in the seats!!!!!!
  • avatar

    If, the Bucs take any quarterback in the draft I would like to see them draft Clemson's Tahj Boyd and here's why he has a strong arm when he throws in the pocket or on the run. And he's a mobile quarterback who can escape tackles and gain first downs. He can score touchdown after touchdown when needed it. And I bet anything Bucs new head coach lovie smith would love to have Tahj Boyd as his starting quarterback. Oh and not to forget lovie smith has the final say on the roster and in the draft. Because, the Bucs made that crystal clear in his contract. Tahj Boyd is a way better quarterback than Derek Carr don't believe just go back and look at his performance at the orange bowl he put up nfl numbers. And as for Derek Carr just look at his brother David Carr and look at how his career as a starting quarterback when he was with the texans case closed. And I believe if the Bucs drafts him or any team for that matter they will need up with a draft bust of their hands. And I believe Derek Carr will be a big bust like his brother David. But I'm hoping and praying the Bucs can land Tahj Boyd in the second round to be their franchise quarterback because, mike Glennon clearly is not.
  • avatar

    If Tampa drafts this clown I won't be watching them this year. Glennon will be just as good as any rookie QB coming out this year, he reminds me of Brian Griese. Draft clowney if we can, otherwise drafting Khalil Mack DE/OLB from buffalo is a must. They guy is HUGE and set the NCAA record for tackles for a loss and forced fumbles- put him at rush end on passing downs and SAM LB on 1st and 2nd. Not much of a tedford fan, Cal has been garbage for the last few years. We can pick up another QB to compete with Glennon in free agency. We have to be looking to get stronger in the trenches on both sides of the ball- that's where we got annihilated last year. We also need a reliable check down reciever, someone like Dallas Clark was for us- grab a sure handed slot reciever or TE in the mold of Ike Hilliard was in the gruden days Free agency: Charles Tillman CB, Devin Hester WR/KR, OG, TE, OT, DT RESIGN DEKOTA WATSON!! I feel he is the most under rated buccaneer on the team, lovie knows linebackers and he will love what's he sees.
  • avatar

    I don't doubt for one minute that the statement is true. I will become concerned if "would love to" becomes "is going to" in one of PRs articles. Every QB at Mobile would love to play for Tedford too! I think at this point much too much is being made over the Tedford relationship with the Carr family. I'll speak for myself - I'm not absolutely sure about Tedford yet, much less his ability to make or even influence our 1st round pick!
  • avatar

    Wow, another Germanesque word to learn. Here it comes macabee. New GM Licht, Lovie and Tedford simply need to get on the TV show, "What's My Carr Worth" to shed some "Licht" on the QB's true value. What's not to like with Derek? Who cares that his older brother struggled on an expansion team? Look how poor Billy Carter's brother Jimmy embarrassed the family.
  • avatar

    This franchise was turned to a winner by another Kreistophile, named Tony Dungy, who is also a very close friend of Lovie and gave him his start. If an independent expert projected Carr to be a number 8 selection in the first round, then Carr would not be a stretch, so don't think Lovie won't pick Carr if Tedford tells him that is who he needs to get our offense going. So don't give Scott grief for reporting in PR that Carr would welcome playing for the Bucs and Tedford because that is an accurate report and a realistic possibility in the Buc's future. Thanks Scott.
  • avatar

    They say that where there is smoke, there is fire. I my opinion, there is way too much smoke here, though. I don't see this happening.
  • avatar

    No way we are taking Carr at spot 7. That's plain nuts Scott!
  • avatar

    Oh, I'm sure he would.
  • avatar

    Carr is a Kreistophile. I'll take a pass. Say no to Kreisty QBs.
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