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January 26, 2014 @ 12:26 pm
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Bucs' Hickey Hired As New Dolphins General Manager

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Dennis Hickey who has been with the Buccaneers organization since 1996 has been hired by the Miami Dolphins as their new general manager according to the Miami Herald.
Just when it appeared all of the massive new hires at One Buc Place were over for now, a new position came open this weekend with a report by the Miami Herald that Bucs director of player personnel Dennis Hickey has been hired as the Miami Dolphins new general manager.

Reports came out last week that the Dolphins had interviewed Hickey for their open GM position but it was thought he was way down the list of candidates. According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, Hickey became the Dolphins choice after Lake Dawson and Nick Caserio turned Miami down. New Bucs GM Jason Licht was also in the running before taking the job in Tampa Bay.

Hickey, who was hired by the Buccaneers in 1996, spent six seasons as director of college scouting prior to his promotion to director of player personnel in 2011,  and was responsible for coordinating a staff of area scouts and managing the compilation of information on college players. In addition to these duties, he also oversaw the Pro Personnel Department, which evaluates all pro leagues, free agents and trade prospects.

According to the Buccaneers Communications Department Hickey worked side-by-side with former general manager Mark Dominik, and helped oversee the signing of Pro Bowl S Dashon Goldson and trading for All-Pro CB Darrelle Revis, the 2009 AFC Defensive Player of the Year and widely considered the premier talent at his position.

These moves come on the heels of a successful 2012 offseason, which saw the Buccaneers signing WR Vincent Jackson, who recorded career-highs in receptions and receiving yards, earning his a trip to the Pro Bowl,  the third of his career.

Licht told the media on Thursday that he wasn’t exactly sure how things would go with the current front office staff he inherited but was open to seeing how they perform.

“It’s a really small fraternity as you know,” Licht said.“I know everybody here. I’ve had some kind of dealing with them at some point, whether I’ve worked with them or been on the road with them and have some idea. But you never know until you work with somebody and I think I’m going to give them the opportunity to show me that they will fit in what we’re doing and if I fit for them.

“So I was part a holdover at one point in New England. When Pete Carroll got let go and Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli came in and they kept me and we meshed and I ended up getting promoted a couple of times and if it weren’t for that opportunity. I might not be here today. So I want to give everyone an opportunity.”

Early candidates to fill the Hickey vacancy are director of college scouting Eric Stokes or Shelton Quarles who is the team’s director of college scouting. Licht could also choose to bring in someone he is familiar with from his days in Arizona or New England.


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    Your article implies that Stokes and Quarles have the same job title.
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    I see Walter football gave an F grade to the Dolphins for the hiring of Hickey. They kind of beat him down for the work he did for the Buc's. .
  • avatar

    To help clarify to some of the Posters referencing QB Carr; I am only saying that at spot 7 in the 1st round, I don' t see the Bucs drafting him.
  • avatar

    sweet release!
  • avatar

    Scubog, I disagree that there isn't enough data available for any of us to have enough insight to place blame on Hickey. Since he left, McCay has taken on an administrative role with Atlanta, not a talent evaluating role. It was Bruce Allen being a wiz with numbers that won him the NFL executive of the year award when he was with Oakland before he came here. Allen brought us out of cap hell but didn't have a good eye for talent and that is continuing to be true in Washington. Dominik did make his way up the ladder by starting as a scout, but PR has reported that what Dominik was best at was having a fantastic relationship with agents and creating innovative contracts. Dominik even had to hire guys to help him evaluate his own players before he hired Schiano. My point is that McCay, Allen and Dominik all relied heavily on Hickey and the team he put together for talent evaluation and scouting reports because talent evaluation wasn't their strong suit. The vast majority of what Hickey gave them was crap, which is a big part of the reason none of them are here now.
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    IMO, what separates a good GM from an average one is how often they find STARTERS in the 5-7 round as well as undrafted FAs. Anyone can use Mel Kiper's & Todd McShay's top 20 or 30 to choose among the better players (some pan out & some don't). But the true test is how often the GM finds late rounders & FAs that become great players in the pros.
  • avatar

    I don't know if Dennis Hickey was a good guy or not. I do know that to the victor goes the spoils. The rumors out there is that he was going to be fired if he hadn't left. I understand that! He's tied to the old administration and when it goes, he goes! I liked Bob Bostad (new Titans O-Line coach), Bryan Cox (new Falcons D-line coach), and Earnest Byner (still looking) but they're gone too. It's the way it works and I'm good with that. I'll offer Dennis Hickey the same best wishes as I did Dominik and that's good luck in whatever they do next. Now back to reality! Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    I knew I'd read a lot of rejoicing in the comments. For me, it's probably best that Hickey moves on for us fans to see a "clean sweep". Perhaps much of it is deserved. But for a guy to remain and be promoted within the organization from Richie McKay, through Bruce Allen and finally Mark Dominik, he must have done something right. Whatever it was, it enabled him to land a job most of us think we could do, but only 32 in the world attain. Not sure how any of us here have enough insight to place blame on Hickey when Shelton and Erick Stokes and the rest of the area scouts (who most of us couldn't name) are spared. Who knows what player evaluations and opinions of Hickey were discarded by his bosses? He's not the one who stood on the table demanding Booker Reese. That was Ken Herrock. But he was in the room when the likes of Gaines Adams, Arelious Benn, Dexter Jackson, Aaron Sears, Michael Clayton, and others were chosen and i suppose must be judged by those choices. Then again, he was also present when the Doug Martin, Lavonte David, Davin Joseph, Gerald McCoy, Warrick Dunn, Mike Alstott, Brian Kelly, Donnie Abraham and Ronde Barber cards were turned in. Just a thought.
  • avatar

    Dangnabit! All this means is that an undeserving Patriots team is going to continue to ease into the playoffs because their entire division is garbage. I'm tired of Tommy Boy & Belicheat. Now we lose Hickey too?? I'm starting to get an old fuzzy feeling from long ago. I believe it was called hope.
  • avatar

    I see everyone loves this these guys are worst than us, thank god for them the good old boy network exists
  • avatar

    thank you, thank you another of domidorks guys gone thanks dork for not so much salary cap and bad contracts
  • avatar

    Quarles! He's ready.
  • avatar

    Our loss is our gain! The dolphins better be ready to suck even more...
  • avatar

    LMFAO! So a guy that sucked, a guy that has helped bring in trash for the most part since 2006, a guy that we were looking to get rid of is gone and we don't owe him any salary. No better. Not only is he gone, he is now the GM of another NFL team, which means we have one less team to worry about! Go Bucs! As for the new Director of Player Personnel I'd be happy with either Stokes or Quarles.
  • avatar

    I'd wish him well
  • avatar

    Could this offseason get any better.Its starting to feel like the bucs are really gonna become a pro team again.
  • avatar

    Thank you Miami!
  • avatar

    hey matador.give hickey a BIG OLE !!!!!!!!!!
  • avatar

    At the end of last season I had four wishes, Dump Dominik, Schiano and Hickey. So far three of the four have come true. My fourth is a long shot and that was to get Clowney in the draft. I'm very happy with the three but I sure would like to go four for four!
  • avatar

    Thank you Miami. I have some swamp land for sale too.
  • avatar

    WOO HOO!!!!! Wish him the best but thank goodness!!
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