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March 3, 2014 @ 9:16 pm
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Glazer: Fans Will Love The New Look of Uniforms In Person

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bucs co-chairman Ed Glazer spoke to the media this afternoon via a conference call to address a number of questions about the Bucs new uniforms that have drawn mixed reviews. Read what Glazer had to say in this transcript about the over two-year process to design a new look for the franchise.
Late Monday afternoon Buccaneers Co-Chairman Edward Glazer and Global VO & Creative Director for Nike football Todd Van Horne held a conference call with members of the media, PewterReport.com included, to discuss the new Bucs uniforms that were unveiled earlier in the day. Below is a transcript of Glazers comments regarding a number of topics pertaining to the new look for Tampa Bay.

(Opening comment)
“Good afternoon and thank you for joining us today.  We are very excited to introduce the Buccaneers new uniforms that will define the next chapter of our franchise. On February 20th, we revealed on the NFL Network our enhanced logo along with our re-designed helmet.  We purposely made the flag logo much larger and the skull more menacing in order to better align with the bold, new direction we have set for this new identity. Today, we have completed our new look with a uniform designed to take us into an exciting new era of Buccaneers football. This has been an extensive process – almost two years in the making – but today’s reveal is the payoff for all of that hard work and planning. When we began this process, the objective was clear: we wanted to create a sleeker, more modern look that also incorporated elements from our rich and colorful history. We knew from the onset that our fans have a strong connection to our team’s identity, so it was critical that we stay true to our roots. If we were going to take on the monumental task of refreshing our look, then we also wanted to focus on innovation and setting a new standard for professional uniforms. Quite frankly, we wanted to break new ground and set our organization apart from all others. We feel confident the uniforms we revealed today meet that high standard. These new uniforms offer much more than simply a new look – they incorporate cutting-edge technology that has never been used before on NFL uniforms. We worked closely with Todd Van Horne and engineers and designers at Nike to produce a uniform that functions as great as it looks. A prime example of that innovative technology is the use of a specially-designed reflective border around the numbers on the jersey. These reflective borders are something that you will only see on the Buccaneer jerseys and they will make the job of identifying our players on the field much easier for fans as well as broadcasters. This bold, new look aligns perfectly with the excitement and energy that our community feels for our franchise as we head into this new era of Buccaneers football. I would now like to introduce Nike Football Vice President and Creative Director Todd Van Horne, to explain a bit more about the process. Todd’s passion for design played a critical role in bringing our vision to life.”
(On the fans’ reactions)
“I think it’s been 17 years since we last did this and any time that you have something that you’ve worn for 17 years and had great history in, any change is always going to be a little bit new to people. I do know, even in the last hour since we’ve revealed more pictures and put some videos up, that already I’m seeing a lot more positive response, people are more excited, and there’s no question once the fans get a chance to see the uniforms in person, on the players, on the field, that they’re going to love it. This is a great new look for really a new chapter of Buccaneers history.”

(On why the team decided to change the jerseys now and how many different options they went through)
“It really hasn’t happened many times, this the third [uniform] in franchise history, the second time we’ve changed the jersey, and we just felt that all great novels have several great chapters in them. I believe the first chapter [was great with the old white and orange, we had a great second chapter with all the success we had in the second uniforms, and we just felt it’s a new generation. A lot of the people when we introduced the uniforms in 1997, a person now is off in college, it’s been a long time. We have a whole new generation of fans. We felt let’s start with a new exciting chapter in Buccaneer history. A new coach, new look, and hopefully replicate all of the success we had in the last jerseys.”

(On the creative process between Nike and the Buccaneers)
“Sure, I think I’ll start. In answering one of the questions that I just realized I didn’t answer earlier, we started this process a couple of years ago. Really, because we had a uniform that everybody was very happy with, we were never in a rush. It was always, let’s take our time and until we get something that we all feel great about – let’s move forward at that point. We’ve worked with Todd over the years and looked at a lot of different designs and continued to meld and tweak and get to a point where we all looked at each and said, ‘That’s it, that really encapsulates the past, the present, the future.’”

(On deciding to release the jerseys today instead of on Wednesday)
“Really, we looked at this whole process in a few different phases. We thought, first, any time you’re doing a ground-up uniform design, we felt that it’s a lot to take in. So, first, we said let’s unveil the helmet, let’s do this first and let’s let people see the wonderful new helmet, the enlarged logo and have time to digest this. Then let’s talk about the uniform, and really for two reasons. Because this happens so infrequently – for us 17 years – we decided this is really something we want to celebrate with our season ticket holders, our fans. So we said let’s do this, let’s put it off a few weeks, let’s unveil it in person with all our fans so everybody can be there and not just the press. And the reason we backed it up a little bit to today was for that reason and also that a little surprise in life is always fun. There’s not much in life that gets surprised anymore – very, very little. To keep anything under wraps in this day and age with the internet is almost impossible, so we’re proud that we were able to keep things under wraps and give a little Monday morning surprise for our fans.”

(On the possibility of a throwback game and which jerseys are for home and away games)
“Good questions. The throwback uniform is one of our favorite games of the year. I think we’ve really embraced the old white and orange. Last year the NFL passed a new regulation that required the teams – they wanted the players to wear the same helmets throughout the whole year. What that meant was, if you were a team that had different colored helmets, then your throwback, you would have to wear – for us, we would have to wear our pewter helmets with our old white and orange uniforms. We looked at it, we said ‘This is just not authentic. It’s not what a throwback is.’ Teams like the Bears, who have the same color helmet, are able to wear their throwbacks because they’re wearing the same color helmet that was used in the throwbacks – it was much easier for them than it was for us. These rules are changing constantly. We’re hopeful the NFL – that these rules need to get changed again. We love our throwback look. That’s something we definitely plan to continue to wear and celebrate. As far as the home and away: really, we wear our white jersey about 70 percent of the time because of the heat. Our red jersey will always be considered our home jersey, but the reality is the white jersey is the one that sees the field almost 70 percent of the time.”

(On any safety concerns regarding the reflective jersey numbers)
“Not at all. As you’ll see in the coming days and weeks and months and you get a chance to really see this in person, it’s a spectacular element to our jerseys. It’s unique to us. Under certain conditions, certain lights, flash photography, it’s just unbelievable. It’s something that – another surprise and I think the fans are going to be very happy about it as they see it really in person over the next few days and weeks and months. We’re very proud of it.”

(On the variety in pants and socks)
“We have three socks: we have orange, red and pewter. There are a lot of looks and that’s why I said, we’ve got a lot of more exciting things to show everybody. There’s no doubt in our mind that the more people see everything put together and the different combinations, this is a fantastic, exciting new look for a new chapter in Buccaneers history. [The other pants are] pewter and white.” 

Last modified on Monday, 03 March 2014 22:04

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    I, like you George, go back to day 1 with our Buccaneers. With all due respect, to steal your baseball reference, these uniforms are the infield fly rule.
  • avatar

    I think the theory is that if you tell the fans enough times that they like it, then they will, I won't.
  • avatar

    Van Thorne, the 70's called and the want their digital alarm clock back!
  • avatar

    Pewter is not brown. Cleveland is browns
  • avatar

    The uniforms are dreadful. The two tone jerseys with the orange reminds me of a softball team or arena league football. What is up with those numbers? Uniforms are embarrassing. Can't believe someone actually sat down and reviewed this and said "yeah, I like that design" Wow!
  • avatar

    I like em just fine. Now we can do a "throwback" game and wear the 2013 uniforms. But seriously, the uniforms look just fine, very modern.
  • avatar

  • avatar

    Relfective numbers....MY FREAKIN GOD...somebody outta be SHOT!
  • avatar

    Crawl back in your hole Glazers....the uniforms SUCK! I will NEVER put this clownsuit on. You've ruined a GREAT thing because your getting old, or whatever. Ever notice the Bears. Browns, Raiders, Packers, Giants, Redskins, those teams don't win every year, but they have loyal fan bases that go back generations. Incompetence!
  • avatar

    Nobody likes change. They differ from the norm as far as traditional football uniforms go. They're definitely not any worse than the Raiders logo, something my 5 year old could draw better, or Seattle's god awful look. So, it's all about opinion and winning. So, if you don't like it, I hear the Browns are looking for a few good fans. Now, those are some good colors! lol
  • avatar

    i want to see them in person.they are edgy and new to the eye...need to see more before i can give an educated opinion.
  • avatar

    If you have to wait for the uniforms to grow on you it means they are a huge failure. How long does it take before they start growing?
  • avatar

    The fans WILL love them. That is the kind of arrogance billionaires seem entitled to. After winning in the playoffs again, some fans WILL buy some new gear. You know, to look cool in video arcades.
  • avatar

    Just change the lettering and number type face/font and we the fans will accept the changes. Please for the love of all that is Buccaneers change the lettering. A simple rounded lettering would work so much better than this Zorro hack n' slash style. There are examples all around sports of better font. Baltimore Ravens, Minnesota Timberwolves and Arizona Diamond backs all use a simple rounded style that would work. Martin and McCoy's names on the back look 3rd grade art project ridiculous. Ed Glazer. You are an idiot if you think this is innovation.
  • avatar

    We've had a rich history? Thats rich....... Keep the "ugly is beautiful" philosophy in hockey and at the University of Oregon.
  • avatar

    These are the two best pics... http://www.bucstop.com/2013-articles/tampa-bay-buccaneers-new-uniforms-not-as-dark-as-photos-reveal-honor-past-present-and-future.html
  • avatar

    They do look better in the video, rather than the staged photos attached. I do like the red/home jerseys better, and think these will look pretty good in night games...especially if the defence becomes dominant again. Opposing QB's would just see a sea of red. We'll all get used to these in time. Just win baby.
  • avatar

    I'm not crazy about the new uniforms, but this picture is a lot better than the other. The digital clock type numbers is the worst part imo
  • avatar

    When the Bucs take the field with this new modern look the opponent is going to look pretty drab.
  • avatar

    These new uniforms look way richer and better than the old ones. When you see them in person you will see how nice they look. By the way, I went to the official web site of the buccaneers, and you have to sit through ads before the video you wanted to see. The Glazers decided to make us watch commercials so they could make a few more bucs on the fans. Way to go Glazers, suck every dime out of the fans as you possably can.
  • avatar

    Don't like the new look at all - either version. They both are awful. Having to get used to a uniform is not a winning formula for a design. The biggest problem I have with the uniforms is that they are not even original - not in the slightest way (outside of the chrome face mask). In two years of design (?!?!?), Nike has come up with something they are already unloading on college campuses across the country. It looks like they just opened a desk drawer and took out something they've already foisted on someone else. Bottom line to the Glazers - you were taken and no amount of spin will change that fact. So, talk it up as a positive because that's all you can do now. This doesn't change my opinion about the Bucs. They're my team and I love'em. Won't buy the new kit but then aside from an occasional hot or T-shirt I don't buy much gear. The most important thing the Glazers can do to overcome this embarrassment. Is win. Just win. Winning will allow us to ignore the uniforms all together. Losing will just make the uniforms one extra sideways chicken bone in the throat to try and swallow on Mondays.
  • avatar

    These are so fugly.... I can't even begin to describe....just....wow. Big time fail.
  • avatar

    Here's the good news PewterReportSR and Pewte ReportMC, I just signed up for Pewter Report for another three additional years and I still 6 months to go on my existing sign up. Here's the bad news for the Glazers; I spent in the last two years close to $500 on Pewter and Red attire. I'm not buying anymore for a couple years or more.
  • avatar

    I never thought I would say this, but my Terps and Bucs share one thing in common: hideous uniforms. The Terps have no tradition, believe me. Therefore, they go for gimmicks such as copycat Oregon crap, this time from UnderArmour. Similarly, these changes are a sign of weakness, not condidence for the Bucs. Also, did anybody notice the white numbers on the red uniforms? That color (white/silver, whatever) has no connection to the rest of it. Hideous.
  • avatar

    Mark Cook, what player wears #14, can't find that number on the Bucs roster?
  • avatar

    That will be Sammy Watkins number.
  • avatar

    I like them, although I would have been happier if they had just made a few tweaks to the old uni instead of an overhaul. I also think they will appear different in daylight than the black room they were photographed in.
  • avatar

    bucwild02 I 100 percent agree with you I was happy what they did to the helmet and logo just a tweak I was hoping the same with the uniforms but...
  • avatar

    Sorry but there was absolutely nothing wrong with last years uniforms. This is change for the sake of change. While i don't hate them they aren't making me do cart wheels down Dale Mabry like the last ones did in 97'.
  • avatar

    I personally did not like the white at first. I thought the red was better but then I saw a different picture of the white and liked it a little more. I still don't love it but I hope we get black alternates what do you guys think?
  • avatar

    Hey fellas, try this link. The best pictures I've found yet. Enjoy! http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/story/24869521/2014/03/03/buccaneers-new-uniforms-get-mixed-reaction
  • avatar

    I absolutely love the new uniforms. It's something new and it's a good way for us to start on our new path. It felt like after the past 6 years the famous red and pewter got tainted. I know change is something extremely hard for something we were used to for years. There are those who are still upset that we even changed from the creamsicles, but it is what it is. It's doesn't matter what they wear as long as they are still the Bucs! That's all i care about! I'll be getting a jersey day one and wear it proud! Go Bucs!!!!
  • avatar

    You guys aren't helping since you're posting probably the worst pictures available. In the video I saw they actually do look much better than the still pictures - still want to see them outside and on the field - but I do feel there is at least some hope.
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