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March 10, 2014 @ 9:48 am
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Tampa Bay One Of Four Teams Interested In QB McCown

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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ESPN reported early Monday that Bears free agent quarterback Josh McCown has been in discussion with four teams with one of those being the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. McCown confirmed that he has had talks, but didn't want to name the teams that have shown interest.
With not a lot of information coming out of One Buc Place, trying to determine exactly how the Buccaneers feel about quarterback Mike Glennon has been difficult. A few clues could be revealed later this week once free agency opens, but it already appears the Bucs may be targeting a veteran quarterback to, at the very least, compete with Glennon, if not replace him in the starting lineup.

ESPN reported that Bears free agent quarterback Josh McCown had been in discussions with the Buccaneers along with the Jets, Texans and his current team the Bears.

Monday morning on ESPN’s Mike and Mike McCown talked about the interest he has received without getting specific.

“I’m not going to get in to who I talked to,” McCown said. “There is a window and there is legal tampering but there are some shades on that window so I don’t know out of respect to those teams if we want to get into that right now. We’ve talked to four teams. There have been good discussions. We’ll take those as they come and evaluate those situations." 

McCown said he isn’t just looking to go somewhere and hold a clipboard.

"To leave Chicago, it will be a situation where I’m looking to compete to start or to start and be able to kind of grow more as a player,” McCown said. “The only way as a player that you can do that is on the field. That will definitely be something that we are looking at. So we’ll see. We’ll see what opportunities come and where we are at tomorrow.”

McCown was 3-2 with the Bears last year after filling in for an injured Jay Cutler, completing 149-of-224 pass attempts for 1,829 yards, 13 touchdowns and one interception. McCown’s 109.0 passer rating was the NFL’s third-highest rating among quarterback.
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    McCown would be the perfit fit for Tampa with Glennon already here plus don't rule out the young qb from UCF in Round-1 GEORGE HICKS
  • avatar

    I'm not really interested in a thirty something QB whose role would be nothing more than being physically and mentally prepared to step up in case of injury to the starter. I'd prefer that roster spot be filled by a younger, more promising player.
  • avatar

    Horse, you are absolutly right.
  • avatar

    lmao this guy says he wants to start and "grow as a player" if you haven't grown and become a viable option to start at this point in your career then its safe to say that the ship has sailed. his performance last year was commendable once cutler went down but don't be fooled buccs fans Mccown is not an NFL starter. Lovie keeps saying that he wants 4 qbs in training camp with at least one vet and i think that Mccown would be a good choice as the vet. that would give us 3 qbs and i agree with you guys about picking another qb in the 4-5 round area. If we dont pick a qb at the #7th pick i would be completely satisfied to pick garapolo in the second round if he fell to us i beleive that he is an underrated talent who has the quickest release in this draft class IMO.
  • avatar

    McCown is a career Steve Deburg. Always there but never the big dog.
  • avatar

    Would not mind McCown either, but I think he will never make it here. He will be thrown starters money and should be too expensive for us. The Bucs just want a security blanket, not a QB controversy. I like the idea of S Hill from Detroit. He has started games and fared OK, and would come a lot cheaper than most other options. We need the money for an O-line to protect whoever is back there, a very good DE, more DT depth, LB depth CB depth and some WR help. Not enough to go around.
  • avatar

    I don't see it with McCown; pass. I would draft McCarron or Murray in the middle rounds if still there.
  • avatar

    I agree with you on McCarron or Murray late. Especially Murray...he has a nice deep pass and would be drafted higher if not for injury.
  • avatar

    "Tears of a McCown," LOL. This guys been in the league forever. He's a journeymen who shined for a couple of games last year, and now teams are lining up for his services? If he had the ability to play like that his whole career he'd be a franchise Q.B., he's not. No upside, better off sticking with Glennon.
  • avatar

    Does the Josh McCown action figure come fully equipped with B. Marshall and A. Jeffery? Because whenever he's played without those two in his NFL career he's sucked. V. Jackson and M. Williams are not as good collectively as Marshall and Jeffery. I'd pass on McCown with the expectation that the Jets and Texans are going to offer him starters money.
  • avatar

    Another far-fetched idea would be if the team signed a FA starter like McCown and traded Glennon. There may be a team out there that liked him coming out last year and thinks they can develop him. Tedford can pick his QB in the draft to compete going forward. If a team offered a 3rd rnd pick, do you take it?
  • avatar

    Here is the big problem, with four teams vying for his services the price for McKowan will balloon up to a price much higher than his real value. We need that cap space for a good slot receiver with blazing speed (McCluster), several top tier linemen for offense, a veteran cornerback (Pro Football Draft Guide 2014 says Banks "Started 16 games but utterly overmatched", and a high priced double digit DE (Johnson), a MLB (Beason or Goode), and Hester to return kicks if we don't get McCluster, and perhaps a veteran TE who can block and catch down the seam. The smartest move to avoid a big expense for McKowan is to quickly resign Orlovsky for a million dollars or so because he would have beat out Glennon in a fair contest in preseason. He had a 75% completion rate in preseason two years ago (even better than Freeman and amazing behind backup linemen) and last year in just short appearances with the third string linemen still had the best completion percentage of all the QBs in preseason, including Glennon. (or hire Tebo)
  • avatar

    Enough with Tebow! Tebow was a fantastic college player, but was average AT BEST in the NFL. The Bucs are NOT going to sign him. Seriously, be realistic.
  • avatar

    I'm fine with McCown coming here with a chance to start. It's not like he's a long term replacement and if he beats out Glennon, maybe that will be good for Glennon to watch and see another quarterback prepare on Sundays.
  • avatar

    Last year the Bears screwed up when the replaced McCown with Cutler. McCown was in a zone and playing better than Cutler was before his injury. It didn't make sense to me. I say, bring him here to compete for the starter role.
  • avatar

    I like him a lot compared to being stuck with Glennon.
  • avatar

    McCown clearly wants to start. Im not sure if he gets that here. A competition he can have though. Whether its between Glennon or a rook remains to be seen.
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