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March 13, 2014 @ 3:21 pm
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New Bucs Starting Left Tackle Collins Focused Solely On Football

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers introduced two more free agent signings – quarterback Josh McCown and tackle Anthony Collins – to the media at a press conference and for those in attendance and watching online, it was clear that Collins is an all business type of guy. For Bucs fans that will just fine if he upgrades the left tackle position.
New Bucs starting left tackle Anthony Collins is a very big man who speaks very few words. While former Bucs Pro Bowler Donald Penn would occasionally hold court for the media and gave great one-line quips, don’t expect many – if any – headline quotes from Collins.

And as long as Collins provides an upgrade to the recently released Donald Penn, Bucs fans won’t mind a bit not hearing much from Josh McCown’s blindside protector.

Collins had his game face on all afternoon.

“For what, what do we need to talk about?” Collins said after the press conference to announce the signing of the former Bengals offensive lineman and to introduce new starting quarterback Josh McCown. “I have to protect that man (pointing to McCown) with all my heart. So I will let him call the audibles, I will let him talk. I just need to protect.”

The local media was able to get a few words out of the 6-foot-5, 318-pound tackle following the introductory press conference that took place Thursday afternoon and  Collins was asked what the draw to Tampa Bay was.

“A family feeling, a family feeling,” Collins said. “We just signed Mike (former Bengals teammate DE Michael Johnson) and he and I got good together every day, we worked, everyday. And he was able tell me that he was going to Tampa early and he did that yesterday, so I kind of leaned towards Tampa a little bit. Because I know I am going to get better with him every day in practice.

“You have options, you have a lot of options out there. I have a lot of talent and am just wanting to prove it.”

Collins talked more about the respect he has for Smith.

"Well my quarterback (McCown) said it, he gives you a family feeling, he is very upfront, and he is true to you,” Collins said. “First thing he said to me was, ‘I am going to be truthful to you, good, bad, ugly, great, I am going to be truthful to you. Period.”

Being part of building from the ground floor with a new head coach is not some thing that Collins is taking lightly.

“Oh yeah, very responsible, I am the left tackle,” Collins said. “I am responsible for a lot of people’s lives. So I am very responsible. And I am very motivated. When you look at it, it is my first starting year. So I am very motivated and ready to get to work.”

Part of what led Collins to the red and pewter was his relationship with Johnson, who Collins battled in practice while teammates in Cincinnati.

“Oh yeah me and Mike have done battled,” Collins said. “If you want to get the best out of your ability, you are just going to go to work and as you know Mike is very talented. So that just made me better as a person going against him every day when people were missing. It made me a better man. Because we have been going against each other for five years, everyday. We made sure of that and took up the challenge. We have gotten in fights, argued and got better.”

While Collins most likely won’t be a quote machine to the local media covering him, his own family also suffers from his lack of communication at times – with today being a perfect example.

“I haven’t talked to nobody yet,” Collins said. “Nobody. I have a hundred text messages but haven’t talked to nobody. I wanted to take care of business first. My family doesn’t even know. My phone is in the other room. I can’t worry about that right now. I know I just need t take care of business and they will find out later.”

Collins did eventually crack a small smile as the interview went along, particularly when talking about what this moment meant to him.

“It is a blessing you can’t hide it or sugarcoat it, it is a blessing,” Collins said. “You are able to take care of your family and you can go out there and battle everyday, and you have a job everyday to do. It is a blessing.”

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    Mark: There sure was some divine intervention when Dungy's Colts defeated the mighty Bucs by overcoming a 35-14 deficit with only 4+ minutes remaining.
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    The biggest surprise for me in FA is that guy's are choosing to come here. That says a lot for the charisma of the new regime. No state income tax and the weather were always good selling points but historically that didn't seem to be enough at times to make players choose TB with comparable monetary offers elsewhere. Kudos to L&L!
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    I had 52 season tickets in 1976. Still with 16. Have never seen anything like this. I think we may be headed in the right direction. The big concern is having them all play in the right scheme. There is one hell of a lot of talent. Getting them all to play and play together is going to be a challenge. All the acquisitions and losses tell me we are going after a QB in the first round. Who it will be, I don't know, but I hope he is a good one.
  • avatar

    Eastend agreed, read my post on four newest Bucs, and check out the news conference on the Buc website. The skull, and swords reflect the light in a really cool way. Love the new grill too.
  • avatar

    Mark, that D tackle McDonald from the Seahawks isn't exactly a chatty kathy either! Got a kick out of listening to him yesterday.
  • avatar

    True surferdudes, but both were great guys when we talked to them in person. And all are pretty strong character guys, and guys who reflect Lovie when it comes to their faith. Not that it makes a hill of beans. Tony Dungy is proof God doesn't care who wins football games. If he did, Tony would have never lost one.
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    I hate to see another veteran leave in Donald Penn.But Collins is younger and he will protect the new QB in Collins I can't wait to see who ever Tampa signs ITS A WIN WIN SISTUTATION-East Tx George Hicks #1 Buc fan away from Tampa-GO BUCS at 68.
  • avatar

    Hope he plays as well as he talks ! Sounds like he means business and has a little mean side to him. I think you can count on this guy to stay in shape. Welcome aboard Anthony.
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