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March 16, 2014 @ 12:16 am
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Recapping The Whirlwind Week Of Free Agency In Tampa Bay

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers made several big moves in free agency since Tuesday at 4 p.m. and are in the process of overhauling the roster. Here is a recap of all the moves that have taken place since last weekend.
While most expected new Bucs head coach Lovie Smith and general manager Jason Licht to be active in free agency, no one could have predicted the frenzy of movement that started on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

The transactions actually started last weekend with the release of long-time guard Davin Joseph, freeing up $6 million dollars in cap space that was promptly used to start the rebuilding of the team’s roster. Although things are beginning slowing down somewhat, there is bound to be more free agent signings, and possibly more releases over the next week.

Below is a recap of the transactions and links to PewterReport.com’s stories covering every thing that happened over the last seven days.

3-8 Bucs Release Veteran Joseph
In a cost-cutting move, the Buccaneers released Joseph, a former Pro Bowler who struggled in 2013 in his return from a knee injury. Releasing the former Sooner standout saved the Buccaneers $6 million in cap space and the purge and revamping of the roster was underway.

3-11 Tampa Bay Signs Bengals Free Agent DE Michael Johnson
Desperately needing a speed rusher, the Buccaneers made a big splash in free agency, signing Bengals defensive end Michael Johnson to a five-year deal worth $43.75 million. Over the past two seasons, Johnson has produced 15 sacks and two forced fumbles. Smith made it clear that Johnson would be the Bucs starting right defensive end and Adrian Clayborn will be in the mix with the other roster defensive linemen for the left DE spot.

3-11 Buccaneers Sign Seahawks DT Clinton McDonald
To bolster the team's depth at defensive tackle and give the Bucs a starting nose tackle, Tampa Bay signed Seattle defensive tackle Clinton McDonald to a four-year, $12 million deal. McDonald had 5.5 sacks for the Super Bowl champions Seahawks last year.

3-11 Tampa Bay Adds TE Brandon Myers

The Buccaneers added some firepower to the tight end position in free agency, landing Brandon Myers of the New York Giants with a two-year, $4.25 million contract. Myers will compete with Tim Wright and Tom Crabtree for the right to start in 2014.

3-11 Bucs Bring In A Replacement For Revis, Sign Alterraun Verner
With Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis’ upcoming release by Tampa Bay on Wednesday, the Buccaneers found his replacement with the acquisition of Tennessee CB Alterraun Verner. The Pro Bowl defensive back signed a four-year, $26.5-million contract with the Bucs.

3-11 Tampa Bay Releases Pro Bowler Darrelle Revis After Failing To Find Trade Partner
A year after acquiring Darrelle Revis in a blockbuster deal with the Jets, Tampa Bay released the Pro Bowler to free up $16 million in salary cap space and draft picks. The Bucs signed Alterraun Verner and most likely are still in the market to add some defensive backfield depth. The Buccaneers saved $16 million in salary cap space and now will only lose a fourth round draft pick instead of a third had Revis still been on the roster on Wednesday at 4 p.m.

3-12 Bucs Sign Bear Free Agent McCown; Smith Names Him Starter
The Buccaneers continued to be active in free agency, adding veteran Josh McCown with a two-year deal worth $10 million. Bucs head coach Lovie Smith said McCown will go into the offseason as the team's starting quarterback over Mike Glennon, who started 13 games last year as a rookie.

3-13 Bucs Cut Ties With Penn
Another long-time Bucs offensive lineman was released on Thursday as left tackle Donald Penn joined guard Davin Joseph as players cut as a cost-saving measure by new head coach Lovie Smith and general manager Jason Licht. Penn joined the Buccaneers in 2006 and has started over 100 straight games since 2007.

3-13 Tampa Bay Tabs Collins As Starting Left Tackle
The Buccaneers' overhaul of their offensive line continues with the expected signing of Cincinnati's Anthony Collins, who has the versatility to play left or right tackle. The signing of Collins to a lucrative long-term deal meant the end of left tackle Donald Penn's tenure in Tampa Bay.

3-14 Bucs Continue Overhaul, Sign Packers Center Dietrich-Smith
The Bucs continue to make a splash in free agency by overhauling the team's offensive line. On Friday, Tampa Bay added former Green Bay center Evan Dietrich-Smith with a four-year, $14.25-million deal. Does the acquisition of Dietrich-Smith puts Jeremy Zuttah's future with Tampa Bay in question?

3-14 Reynolds Offers Up Risk And Rewards Of 2014 Free Agent Haul
The Buccaneers were one of the busiest teams at the start of the 2014 NFL free agency period, signing nine unrestricted free agents, including their of their own. PewterReport.com's Scott Reynolds analyzes the risks and rewards of each signing by Tampa Bay.

3-14 SR’s Fab 5 Offers Latest Scoop And Thoughts On Bucs
Lots of Bucs free agency insight and analysis, plus scoop on Tampa Bay's draft, the team's interest in Fresno State QB Derek Carr, the reality of the Darrelle Revis trade and how Lovie Smith's faith has been a huge selling point to free agents is all found in this edition of SR's Fab 5.

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  • avatar

    savinlife4alivin13, Thats a reach but I like that.
  • avatar

    As I posted before, this GM and coach get an A+ for their work in free agency. Too bad they lost out on Sanders when (according to NFL Network) it appeared the Bucs had a deal with Sanders' agent.
  • avatar

    Compared to our 2014 opponenets, Redskins, Rams, NFL North, AFC North, and our division, the Bucs have pretty much won free agency. The Bucs pick pretty high this year; it would be hard to mess it up, but few teams hit the draft on a yearly basis, so that test is still coming.
  • avatar

    I think a scenario that Dallas trades up to 7th to pick up Khaill Mack to replace OLB Ware. Then we could draft QB Carr at 16th and pick up an extra 2nd and 4th round pick for a WR, TE, OLB, OL and DL. Also this would be perfect, if N.E. then trades up to 16th for Louis Nix III to replace Vince Wilfork at DT. That would give us 29th in 1st round to draft QB Carr and THREE 2nd rounders. We would have to give N.E. our 4th round to do this, but three 2nds would rock in this deep draft. The one problem that would arise in both trade downs is if Arizona (which could use a QB) would draft QB Carr. That's the only team that could ruin that second trade down scenario. Thoughts?
  • avatar

    Savinlife4alivin13; if Mack makes it to the 6th spot Atlanta will take him or do that trade with Dallas.
  • avatar

    Thats a reach but I like that.
  • avatar

    I think all the FA signings so far have been smart decisions. It looks like Lovie isn't just bringing all the washed up players from his old team like Gruden did, as evidenced by Tillman not signing. It goes back to building from within, meaning OL & DL. We had to sign Verner with Revis being let go, but everything else ties into making the Lines better. The Signing of McCown will be weighed out at draft time, depending on when we draft a QB. The one area I am concerned about is WR. I personally hope that Watkins falls to us in he draft. As we didn't get anything yet in FA, all we have VJ. If he goes down, we are in trouble.
  • avatar

    We do need more draft picks. The best way is to trade down, but not out of the top 10. We have filled all the glaring needs with decent players and can now do what the true winners do, which is pick the BPA. Yes, we need a long-term answer at QB, but we have time.
  • avatar

    Sooooo... B4 we throw our arms in the air and praise Lovie and new G.M lets be reasonable. Licht got rid of 3 starters and couldn't even soak a 7th round pick for either Revis/Penn/Joseph... Yet we hold on to Carl Nicks?? Replacing starters with free agents is never the answer. McCown is all of a sudden some High Profile qb guru?? Give me a break, in case nobody noticed, hes a career back up. Sadly, I am actually starting to miss Schiano lol
  • avatar

    dwntwnbadboy19, Nicks may play but likely not, or not regularly at least, but we hold on to him because we have to, he has guaranteed money, so we pay him regardless. If he can't play then they will put him on IR, or release him and open up a roster spot.
  • avatar

    I like the moves too, but definitely risky. McCown is a good short term solution at QB, but you gotta think that QB and OL are high priorities in upcoming draft. It is depressing to think that after everything we did with that OL before this, that it is all now wasted ? If Nicks cannot play this year, he becomes one of the biggest busts in Team History. We need to get more picks. I know one thing, we are very very good at stocking the Patriots team with starters.
  • avatar

    This was a very good week. I believe that we replaced better players in some position's except for the Revis release, but we did pick up a good CB and hopefully we will not feel Revis loss as much. I feel extremely comfortable with what Coach Smith and GM Licht have accomplished so far. I am glad that we are acquiring solid citizens, but I did not see the players we released as not being solid citizens. I am sure that the new regime felt like some of those players quit at the end of the season, but most of that was really Schiano's lack of coaching skills and knowledge to be a legit NFL Coach. I would love to keep Zuttah, but reduce his contract to about 3.25 million. He's a valuable back up that can play all three positions and will probably have to fill in at 1-2 of those spots during the season. If not, I believe we could get a 5th round pick for him. I think the Mike Williams thing will come to a head after the first OTA coming up in April. Right now, I believe we are an 8-8 team at best.
  • avatar

    LI-LO have done a great job in their efforts to turn this team around. We are a long way from where we need to be but we are a lot closer today then we were. We need another year of FA and another draft so we can have some depth and move to the top of our division. What we as fans have to due is be patient and remember Rome was not built in a day and it will take two or three years to fix the mess that was left for LI-LO. Now make some magic happen in the draft.
  • avatar

    The Buc's have a QB, are forming a protective line, but have few receivers to throw to. Sanders went to Denver so we are left with the draft. Evans is looking better if he isn't gone at seven.
  • avatar

    I wonder why people continue to mention Carr's brother when discussing him as if he has any bearing whatsoever in whether or not Derek can play. Silly.
  • avatar

    Thanks for the rationality Bschucher. Payton is not the same player as his brother Eli. Because they are sibbling does not mean they have the same talnt or mental/emotional make up.
  • avatar

    I've been a Buc fan since coming to Fla in 77. Having Lovie come in just feels right. Jason Licht seems to be a good talent guy, but more importantly, he has good instincts. Very pleased with every move they've made. If they can draft as well as they've done in free agency, this team could win 10 games. Oooooh! as Sapp would say, here come them Bucs!!! Sapps also right, that helmets FIRE!!
  • avatar

    If bridgewater or bortles isn't there please please please don't take carr...I will be extremly diss appointed if we do. He's not that good and I was never impressed with his brother...we need speed and if Watkins is there at 7 we need to take him no questions asked.
  • avatar

    I wonder which of these moves will pay off in the end. Sure is a lot to like about the quick overhaul. Still need a stud at QB. Do you take McCarron or Murray late or a player like Derek Carr or Johnny Manziel early.
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