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March 23, 2014 @ 4:25 pm
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Bucs Trade Zuttah To Ravens For 2015 Draft Pick

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Bucs continued their reshaping of their offensive line on Sunday afternoon by trading starting center Jeremy Zuttah to the Ravens for a 2015 draft pick. Zuttah now joins Davin Joseph and Donald Penn as starters from 2013 that are no longer with the Buccaneers.
The Lovie Smith-Jeff Tedford new look Bucs offense line will be without another veteran in 2014 as it was announced on Sunday afternoon starting center Jeremy Zuttah has been traded to the Baltimore Ravens.

Reports say the Buccaneers will receiver a fifth round pick in the 2015 NFL draft from the Ravens.

Over the last three weeks Tampa Bay has released guard Davin Joseph and Donald Penn, freeing up approximately $13 million and now have parted ways with Zuttah, which frees up another $4 million.

Tampa Bay has turned some of the money into replacements with the signing of former Bengals offensive tackle Anthony Collins and former Packer Evan Dietrich Smith.

Tampa Bay re-signed Jamon Meredith and could have him pegged as a possible replacement at guard, and also added former Browns guard Oniel Cousins who will compete for a starting spot. The Bucs are still holding out hope that Carl Nicks will be recovered enough from a toe injury that required a second surgery due to a MRSA infection last fall to be able to contribute this season.

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    I hope this is an indication that we are going after Yankey, that guy is a beast.
  • avatar

    Matador, macabee, mjmoody: great posts guys! The new GM & coach have turned this team topsy-turvy & it was much needed. If they have success in the future...and I feel confident they will...no one's gonna say they won with Schiano's team!
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    Warren I agree that those guys had great posts, except I disagree with Mjmoody that D. Yankey is bigger and faster than Zuttah. At any rate, we all wanted an extra pick in this draft, but those are extremely hard to come by unless you have D. Sproles' resume. Getting a 5th rounder in 2015 is better than nothing. This may also be further proof that we better figure out what we're going to do with the #7 overall pick because nobody is likely to trade up and give us more of those precious 2014 draft picks.
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    Holy Nuts & Stuff. If you haven't been paying attention: this administration is not going to pay starter $$ to back-ups. Don't get it twisted, I'm not saying all their picks are great BUT they are THEIR picks. If they lose, it will be with their people. Zuttah is a swing guy. Mr. Incredible (who is always very credible) says, "Who are they gonna get that's better?" With the 1st pick of the draft the TB Bucs take Jake Matthews Texas A&M --and then shift a FA-- or on Friday they get OG David Yankey, Standford--which is a bigger, faster, CHEAPER Zuttah. This is a GREAT move. Take into account that Lovie & Light have crap Poker faces.(i.e. Revis) Getting something/anything for a guy that, you had to know, was gone after the draft anyway, is a shrewd move. Also keep in mind we have to pay McCoy soon. The Bucs' don't get the luxury of making that contract from scratch. They have to do what the Lions' do (Suh) and those guys are morons with $$. It's gonna be a stupid contract, and we have to pay it.
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    This move was all about the amount of money being paid to an average player. Better to get something in return than just cut what was looking more and more like a high priced swing man. Freed up some cap space.
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    Macabee I feel the exact same way well said Brother
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    I hesitate to sound like the voice of reason given my criticisms of Rah, Hickey, Freeman etc in the past, but none of us has studied as much tape as Lovie has, and none of us thought Zutah was a starter until our lack of depth elevated him. At the very least it's clear the new regime has a plan, and based on the progress to date deserves the benefit of the doubt. If they're getting rid of Z it's because they don't think he would make the roster as they envision it. Good enough for me. Hope Z succedes in Balto, but I personally look forward to what's next in Tampa.
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    Looks like a win later move. Oh no-rebuilding:(
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    Works for me. $4.5M for an experienced backup is too high.
  • avatar

    Now I'm worried. This does not seem to make much sense to me. I'm beginning to feel like Lovie is just flushing any and all people that were here before. That's a mistake. Zuttah could have helped us for sure. Yes, he's making a little bit of money but who are you going to get that's better for less? This move seems shortsighted to me.
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    Yeah, I kind of figure that this was going to happen. I was hoping for a 5th this year, but knew I was wishing more than being in the reality arena on Zuttah. I hope this allows us some more money to find another guard and wide receiver before the draft.
  • avatar

    Nice move. Go Bucs!!!!!!
  • avatar

    5th in 2015 has the value of a 6th this year if we trade it.
  • avatar

    Best possible move. By taking a 2015 draft pick, we get a 5 instead of a 6 or 7. We cut 4 million off the cap and can now sign a guard and linebacker before the draft. One more needed move.
  • avatar

    Most of us……well let me speak for myself……. shouted with glee as Lovie and Licht have gone about remaking a 4-12 football team. Now some of us are panicked about the trade of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none player that was in the center of that triage unit from last year. Lovie and Licht are metaphorically in the middle of a lake and I’m in the boat. I have enough sense to know that it’s the same distance back to shore as it is to get across the lake. I’m staying in the boat. I’m battered and bruised from the last couple of administrations and a little rough water is not about to make me lose faith now. Go Lovie! Go Licht! Do what you have to do to get this ship on course. This is the Bucs for crying out loud! There ain’t no life jackets up in here anyway. I repeat (bull horn), Stay in the Boat! Boy, we’re having some fun now!!! Lol.
  • avatar

    This move does not come as a shock as Zuttah was average at best. Trust in LI-LO as they have a plan ( I hope ). This was a 4-12 team and with the new offense and regime in place comes major change to get the right players for the new scheme. We are a long way to preseason and a final roster.
  • avatar

    Bucs move to Zone blocking and athletic olineman continues
  • avatar

    what kind of dumbass move is this!?!!? A 2015 PICK REALLY!?!?! We're short on 2014 draft picks...NOT 2015 picks!!!!! WTFH!?!?!?
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