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March 25, 2014 @ 4:26 pm
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Glazer Addresses Williams, Season Tickets And Changes

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Orlando, Fla. was host to this year's annual owners meeting and Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer took a few minutes to speak to the media on several subjects including the recent troubles of wide receiver Mike Williams, season ticket sales, blackouts and more. Find out what Glazer had to say.
The Glazer family has never been one to search out on the spotlight or look to stand in front of the microphones. Joel, Bryan and Ed Glazer will never be confused with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones or the Redskins Daniel Snyder. But each year they do take a couple of opportunities to speak to the fans and media, like during the team’s night practice during training camp and at the annual owners meetings.

Standing before a number of local and some national media, Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer talked about a number of subjects, but the Mike Williams situation was the first one the media wanted his thoughts on.

“Obviously we are disappointed when anything like that happens to one of our players," Glazer said. "It is one of those things that is still ongoing, an ongoing investigation,” Glazer said. “We are still trying to gather information. But it is not something we like to be part of our organization. It distracts from our team and the positive things we are doing. So it something we are still monitoring and getting all the information and see where it all goes. Like I said, it is still ongoing investigation and something we are still trying to get more information. Then Lovie and Jason will evaluate the situation.”

Glazer went onto discuss what is expected from the Buccaneers players.

"As an organization, we have put a real emphasis on off-the-field activities, what we expect of our players,” Glazer said. “We expect nothing but the highest standards. We're going to stick to that. We want to be an organization the community is proud of. We have a lot of good players doing a lot of great things. What this does, what any bad news does, is overshadow all the great work, all the hard work of all the other players. We have 50-some-odd players doing great things. We'd rather that be the focus."

Glazer was next asked about the changes this offseason, from the new coaches, uniforms and players.

“It has been a lot of change. It has been exciting, refreshing and we have gotten a lot of positive feedback from our fans,” Glazer said. “They are excited, they are re-energized. I know in our building they are re-energized. With Lovie [Smith] and Jason [Licht], they have a good plan and we are excited to see it unfold.

“We are excited about the changes that have been made. I know that Jason and Lovie feel good about the players and the certain type of players they have brought in. And we were 4-12 last year. We can’t just sit still. This team needed to have some drastic changes and we want to get back in the upper echelon of the National Football League and this is the way we felt we had to go about it and so we support what they want to do.”

PewterReport.com asked Glazer to share his plans for any in stadium upgrades on the horizon and also about the problem the team has had selling out Raymond James Stadium over the last few years.

“On the stadium front there is more and more emphasis on the in-game experience,” Glazer said. “And the stadium experience is something we have constantly been looking at and working on some stuff. And our plan ultimately is to give the best game day experience we can. So that has always will be an emphasis and will be even more an emphasis in the years to come.

“On the blackout front, we were happy to do what we did last year with the blackouts and again the fans are excited and energized, so we will see where that all goes but our goal is to always have every game on television.”

Glazer then talked about the Bucs season ticket sales and what the organization expects this year.

“We are in our renewal process right now and sales have been going strong, compared to last year, but again generally when we talk to our fans, they are excited. They are as excited as I have seen them in years. They have great respect for what is going on with Lovie [Smith] and what Jason [Licht] is doing. They are just energized and that is a good thing to see and to feel. We are optimistic to what that translates to in energy in the stadium.”

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    @JayBuc52: Great points about stadium upgrades. I hope that type of info. is somehow passed on to the owner. @nybuccguy: I doubt Williams will be cut; but if I were GM, I'd see if there is an interest in a trade...check with Buffalo or one of the two NEW York teams since he played college ball in Syracuse. Perhaps sending him back to the freezing north country would cool him off a bit! :-)
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    Thanks for the update Mark and your continued good work keeping us informed. To everyone else: "Lighten UP" or Move On!!! Oakland and their Raiders would welcome you.....
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    As usual the Glazers speak and say nothing. They are so out of touch with their fan base. If you want a better in stadium experience then how about replacing the archaic video screens. How many years are we going to have to deal with the same pixels not working on the north screen. Get a better video production crew. Maybe hire a video producer that actually knows football and can give us relevant and timely replays. How about a PA system that can be heard everywhere in the stadium. How about concession stands manned by local restaurants with local flavor instead of the institutional fare that is forced on the patrons. How about listening to the fans and changing the 70's alarm clock numbers on the totally unnecessary new uniforms. I will give them this, they finally have the right coach and are spending the money to get players. Only time will tell if it results in wins.
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    I do think it would be a step in the right direction if we fans heard more from the Glazers. But their relative silence is a whole lot better than listening to Jerry Jones.
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    I got one thing from their answers. Mike Williams will be cut. Between the coaching changes, FA signings, and the new image / uniform, they are not going to allow a potential cancer and major media distraction ruin the PR efforts. Id imagine they are furious that Mike Williams was the first question asked despite all the positive stories at One Buc.
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    Geez, Move. Give the guy a break.
  • avatar

    Some people have to deal with different things; I mean different social groups. I'm thinking many people don't understand this.
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    Blah Blah Blah, they practically sell themselves. Terrible PC. Excited and Energized, got it. Maybe the Glazers should talk to the media and fans even less.
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