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April 16, 2014 @ 5:17 am
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Johnson Trying To Get To Double-Digit Sacks With Help From Rice

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
New Bucs starting right defensive end Michael Johnson, who was signed as a free agent last month, is hoping to get back to double-digit sacks in 2014 and thinks having Gerald McCoy on the same line will help. Johnson has also been watching film of former Bucs star Simeon Rice.
The last time the Buccaneers had a double-digit sack pass rusher, George Bush was in the White House, Miley Cyrus was still Hannah Montana and new Buccaneers defensive end Michael Johnson was a freshman at Georgia Tech.

2014 will make eight seasons since Bucs great Simeon Rice led the Buccaneers with 14 sacks, and during that time numerous players have worn the red and pewter trying to hit that elusive mark without success.

Johnson is hoping to break that stretch of futility and is trying to channel his inner-Simeon Rice by watching film of the eccentric but ultra-talented pass rusher.

“Yes, we just got finished watching a lot of him,” Johnson said. “Definitely [see some similarities]. He’s a long guy that is very athletic and could constantly get to the quarterback. He didn’t do a whole bunch of different things, but what he did do he was good at. You’ll definitely see some of that in me this year.”

“Anytime you have a rusher with similar body types you try to look and see what they did and what they were successful at and try to work on that yourself. If it’s something you can become good at, then cool. If not, find whatever your niche is. It’s good to look at a guy like that that has put together the career he has and incorporate that into your own game. I hope I get the chance to talk to him as well.”

Johnson was signed as a free agent by the Buccaneers last month and heads up a free agent class that is expected to make the Buccaneers competitive right out of the gate, helping fans forget the 4-12 debacle of the 2013 season. The former Bengals starter has eclipsed the double-digit sack plateau just once in his career (11.5 in 2012), but told the media on Tuesday that having Gerald McCoy playing on the same defensive line should help him excel.

“Anytime you can have the opportunity to play beside a guy that is as talented as he is and what he’s done in the league so far and what he’s going to do, you want to jump at that opportunity and take advantage of it,” Johnson said. “It’s a blessing and I look forward to it.

“Anytime you have a guy like that inside that is working it makes it easier for the whole defense. Whether it’s me, guys on the other side or guys in the secondary or linebackers – a player like that that demands the attention that he demands is a difference-maker.”

Besides lining up with McCoy, Johnson is also excited to see how new defensive line coach Joe Cullen can help him and the entire defensive line reach their goals.

“He’s very intense with a lot of details,” Johnson said. “That’s good because sometimes you don’t really go into the details much. It’s ‘Just go, just go!’ He’s doing a lot of things to break each one of [our game’s] down. That’s the good thing about being here early. You have that extra time to go through [techniques] and watching tape on guys that have done it and done it at a high level throughout their careers. We’ve been watching some of those guys and trying to incorporate some of that into our games.”

Cullen was also very complimentary when speaking about Johnson to Buccaneers.com’s Scott Smith recently.

"Any time you can add a player of either one of those guys' caliber, it's going to help a lot," Cullen said. "You look at what Michael has done, coming out of Georgia Tech, what he's done at Cincinnati. Then you look at Clinton McDonald and he really had his first opportunity last year. He had a great year, I believe, for the Super Bowl champs and Michael's been a great presence on the edge the last couple years for Cincinnati. He had 11.5 sacks a couple years ago and was really disruptive last year. He actually had more pressures last year than he had the previous year."

While most, nationally at least, aren’t predicting the playoffs for the Buccaneers in 2014, Johnson said that is the specific goal set forth by the coaching staff in their early season meetings.

“Everybody is 0-0 right now,” Johnson said. “Why not? Why not us [making the playoffs, winning the Super Bowl]? That’s our goal. I’ve been in a situation with a team that was 4-12 and you turn it around and go to the playoffs. Why not go all the way? We have the talent to do it. We just have to put the work in and continuously be conscientious about everything you do. That’s the one thing that Coach Cullen is doing in our meetings – going over the small details and stuff like that. It’s been fun.”

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    You heard it here first! I am officially claiming naming rights for Michael Johnson at 6-7 on the right side and William Gholston at 6-6 on the left side as the Tampa Bay Twin Towers!
  • avatar

    I am excited the Bucs have Michael Johnson. He played like a beast at Georgia Tech and I was disappointed he was drafted by Cincinnati and not the Bucs. He should have a great year against the NFC South, NFC North, and AFC North tackles. I can't wait to watch him SACK Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Jay Cutler, Matt Stafford, Viking Rookie, Aaron Rodgers, Cleveland Rookie, Joe Flacco, Big Ben, Red Rifle Andy Dalton, and of course Drew Brees!
  • avatar

    I would go OL or even though it is a little risky WR, or trade down and pick up the TE, but I have this feeling that the misdirection is designed to keep Donald available to us. Lovie is such a defensively focused guy, think about what he said when he was first named coach. If GMC goes down (as he has in the past) or requires a fortune via a new contract (as with Revis) then you have a solution to the most integral point of attack on the D. Not what I would do, but I would understand it and given Lovie's background it makes a lot of sense.
  • avatar

    I have the utmost faith that this defensive line will be relentless in its pursuit of the ball carrier from the snap. If our LB's can fly around and make plays and we have 7 sets of eyes in the backfield all running to the ball, this defense will be top five, NO DOUBT. Can the offense match that production? McCown(QB1), Doug Martin(RB1), Vince Jackson(WR1), Brandon Meyers(TE1), Louis Murphy(WR2) and one more WR/TE with 5 offensive lineman makes 11. I think a win now team MUST take impact offensive players with the first three picks. Murphy will make a better WR3 and Vincent Jackson won't play forever. Bucs need 2 WR's and an OG.
  • avatar

    Maybe we should clone Rice and Sapp! Problem solved.
  • avatar

    Get help from Rice, get help from Ramen noodles if you like, just sack the QB!
  • avatar

    Simeon Rice has long been one of my favorite football players and Buc of all time-would be nice to see someone in pewter and red do for us what he used to.hopefully McCoy and Johnson can bring back the defensive dominance that Sapp and Rice once brought to our DL..mike the gap Strahan stole a bit of Simeon's fire,hope Johnson can relight the torch for Tampa..
  • avatar

    I think that all you draft nuts better look at this player for now the bucs. He is a team leader.GO BUCS
  • avatar

    The Panthers have taken a step back for 2014 and the Falcons have as well. The Saints have stayed even with last year and the BUCS, with a new and proven coaching staff and 19 new free agents have been projected as the NFC champion for 2014, by many "talking heads"and we still have the draft to complete. BUCS fans should be very positive, for a change and look forward to a successful 2014. GO BUCS!!!
  • avatar

    It would be nice if we got more sacks from the DL. One thing we seem to forget is all the other 31 teams are also trying and are getting better. We may think we have improved, but have we. For me what I see is a coaching staff that is better and we have improved at some player positions. Will it get us more than 6 wins? I don't know; the draft at this point should help us, if we can get starters from our 1st and 2nd round picks. I hope we draft wisely.
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