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April 16, 2014 @ 7:23 pm
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Carr Visits Bucs On Wednesday; Says He's The Best QB In Draft

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Fresno State QB Derek Carr visited the Buccaneers on Wednesday following Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and Jimmy Garoppolo who have also met with Tampa Bay's coaching staff. Could Carr's relationship with Jeff Tedord help his cause? What are Josh McCown's thoughts on the Bucs drafting a QB early?
The Buccaneers may not select a quarterback in the first round of next month’s NFL Draft, but they certainly are doing their homework just in case.

The Buccaneers hosted Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr on Wednesday, and that comes on the heels of a steady stream of quarterbacks who have already walked the halls at One Buccaneer over the last two weeks.

Carr joins Eastern Illinois’ Jimmy Garappolo, Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel, and Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater as top quarterback prospects who have met with general manager Jason Licht, along with head coach Lovie Smith and his coaching staff. The Buccaneers were also in attendance at UCF’s Blake Bortles pro day in Orlando recently, although there have been no reports of any official visits.

Tampa Bay signed Bears free agent quarterback Josh McCown to a two-year, $10 million contract during the first week of free agency and last month Lovie Smith promptly named him the team’s starter.

On Tuesday, speaking to the local media at One Buc Place, McCown understands that Tampa Bay could take a quarterback – and take one early.

"If you're picking somebody in the first round, you're hoping they can help your team at some point, (but) my focus won't shift," McCown said. "My focus is, whether it's me or Mike Glennon or Mike Kafka or somebody else, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterbacks to play good football and to help their team win football games. That wouldn't change."

The 34-year old McCown who threw 13 touchdowns and only one interception with the Bears last season said on Tuesday if that happens he will help the young signal caller get ready to play at whatever point that may be.

"If we pick a young guy at that spot, let's help him get ready, too," McCown said. "Because we're picking him there because we think he can helps us win games if you're picking somebody that early. Absolutely, it's about helping us win football games."

New Buccaneers offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford coached Carr’s brother David at Fresno State, and has known the younger Carr and his family for over 15 years. Tedford also worked privately with Derek Carr prior to becoming the Buccaneers offensive coordinator.

In a Tampa Bay Times article back in January, Derek Carr and his father both spoke about the close relationship the two families share.

"We're pretty much family," Derek Carr told the Times. "We're close to each other."

"Jeff had him out there, doing the footwork drills, dropping back, throwing at targets, dropping balls in trash cans," Rodger Carr, Derek’s father said. "Jeff's been a part of the family for a long time."

While most mocks aren’t forecasting Carr to go at the No. 7 position, some including NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah said Carr compares favorably to Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill who was selected eighth overall by Miami two years ago.

Some reports have said the Cleveland Browns had Carr ranked highly, and could target him with the second of the first-round picks (No. 26) next month. If Carr slips past some of the quarterback hungry teams early in the first the Buccaneers could be tempted to move back up into the first round. Another possibility is Tampa Bay trading down in the first round and adding draft picks, while still getting potentially the player they were targeting all along.

Regardless of how it pans out, Carr is confident in his ability as evidenced by an interview he did with NFL Network on Tuesday when he was asked if he felt he was the best quarterback prospect in this year’s draft class.

“Absolutely,” Carr said. “And I say that with respect to all the other guys because they’re great competitors and all those good things. And it’s not easy for me to answer a question like that but I absolutely think so.

“There’s no doubt in my mind. We can turn the film on, sit down and watch it and we’ll talk about it and I’ll convince you.”

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    I like Bortles better than any other QB, but only slightly. I just don't see a great deal of difference between the top 8 or 9 QBs, so more than one of them should be available in round 2 if the Bucs want. Trading down requires a partner, but if they could find a good deal, I think they will do that. I'm fine with a WR, TE, DT, or OL in 1st round if the Bucs stay put & can't trade down.
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    I think Derick Carr would be a lovely pick But how far would Carr fall @10 or @13. If Tampa could get Carr at #10 or #13. plus the other team have to give their no 2 pick up. and something else! If they get Carr at a lower pick then trade Glennon for at least a no#3 or 4. GO Bucs
  • avatar

    Funny about all of the QB talk. Early fantasy drafts have McCown ranked as the 25th ranked QB in 2014. There is not much national excitement about our offense in 2014. It probably doesn't much matter who our QB is in 2014. Maybe it will be important in 2-4 years.
  • avatar

    I am really glad that the drafting of players... Especially QBs... Is left up to professionals and not message board posters... I understand that there have been a number of great or at least really good QBs drafted outside of the First Round... But to say that there is No reason to spend a First Round pick on the most important position on the team is absolutely ridiculous... And by the way the Lions did draft Stafford in the First Round...
  • avatar

    The best QB in this draft isn't saying a whole lot IMO. Don't need a QB right now and they are foolish if they draft one in 1st round.
  • avatar

    I hope all the Bucs vigorous quarterback analysis and meetings are to get a quarterback needy team to trade up resulting in more draft picks for us.
  • avatar

    I usually stay out of the QB debates. They seem to generate a lot of sarcasm and anger. Won't even go to joebucs anymore. It seems logical to me and I believe like many of you that the top 4 Qb's may be slipping a bit. Teams will draft sure bet starters first. There seems to be a growing parity among signal callers available in the first few rounds. As far as the Bucs are concerned it would be great to sit a QB for a couple years and let him mature under a seasoned player and new coaching regime. I agree it would be nice to know how many Qb's the Bucs will retain. Glendon's might bring us a 4th rounder. All being said I trust Lovie and Licht know what they are doing. Go Bucs ...........
  • avatar

    I might see The Bucs trading back for maybe Taylor Lewan, Marqise Lee or Aaron Donald and picking up some picks. Then drafting up to get Carr using one of the picks we received from trading back and using Glennon as trade bait to make the trade up possible without losing our third round pick.
  • avatar

    Agree Mac, another scenario is that IF, during the beginning of the draft, the bucs believe they are in position to attain the QB they believe is the future then at that point (Say after Cleveland pick) they may start shopping Glennon via trade/ pick. If they can get a 3rd round for him then I can see the bucs picking a QB at 7. Most of you guys seem sold on McCown for 2 years or so. I hope you all are right about him but I am not sold on him yet. After all, he has been a backup for many years for a reason..
  • avatar

    I don't know who or when the Bucs will draft a QB in the upcoming draft. They are doing a lot of home work with QBs that go beyond what I would call a smokescreen. Lovie said he plans to take 4 QBs to camp. Might be helpful to ask at the next presser how many QBs they plan to keep on the roster? If the answer is two and they draft a QB, the answer is obvious to me, Mike Glennon is odd man out or it's a wasted draft pick. If the answer is three, then Glennon is in a battle for the third spot. Remember, you have to cut a player first and he has to clear waivers to get him on the practice squad. If that player has any trade value at all, he will not clear waivers. If the 3rd or 4th QB has trade value, then expect a trade before the start of the regular season. I will leave the choice of QB to Lovie and Licht. It's the type of decision that could determine how long you get to be coach or GM!
  • avatar

    I think too many are equating Derek with brother David and not judging him on his own merits. His statistics look pretty good to me and he comes across as a very mature young man. The signing of late bloomer McCown, paying him like the starter and immediately declaring him the starter was very telling to me. Firstly it screams loudly that the staff thinks little of Glennon's ability. Secondly, they made this move knowing they had the # 7 choice with which they could land one of the top QB's. Like many; I just don't see the sure fire "franchise" signal caller in this year's offering and don't regard any of them as top seven options other than the exciting Johnny Manziel. But his slight build is a deficiency that can't be overcome; especially with his style of play. It's clear to me that unless Johnny Football falls to # 7, we will pass on QB's in Round 1. McCown will serve as that two year security blanket while a youngster like Jimmy Garoppolo (there's just something about him that I like), who should be available in the second round, develops. I know this much, until we have a QB the equal of the opponents in our Division, who causes Defensive Coordinators to fret, we will struggle. If not a QB now.................when?
  • avatar

    You may be right about the Derek to David comparison, but I don't think it says anything yet about how the staff envisions Glennon. Lovie has shown he wants "what he knows/is comfortable with", he came in here, and rather quickly signed McCown, who he acquired while with the Bears. Maybe. just maybe, the staff thinks there is something in Glennon, and they want a veteran presence to help build Glennon up. And Lovie simply envisions what McCown can do, while building that future qb, which may or may not be Glennon. If #7 is a qb, then Glennon is most likely gone, unless they keep 3, and let Glennon be the backup, while grooming the #7 pick qb.
  • avatar

    Draft a QB at #7 and let him sit for a few years to learn? That's crazy talk. It's not like the Bucs have Brett Favre and they're drafting the top QB that slid to 22. The Bucs should be trying to get a 5 year starter at the 7th pick. It's not impossible to challenge for a title. The Bucs are a WR and OG away from being very tough to stop. Now if Manziel is there at 7, I do think the Bucs take him. His escapability and intelligence are tops in the class AND he is a year one starter. Ego and arrogance are the concerns, but it's worth the risk.
  • avatar

    PR is pushing Carr hard because of the Tedford connection, but I dont see it. He does not handle pressure well and throws off his back foot far too often. Tedford might have a personal connection, but hes not running the draft. L&L will steer clear (I hope)
  • avatar

    Pewter Report, You all just keep trying to put a square peg into a round hole. My goodness Pewter report won't let this go. Carr is not being drafted at spot 7. No other team is taking the bait. He is a 2nd round pick at best. I would take Glennon over him every time.
  • avatar

    3/27: "Teams that have spent the most time at Fresno researching Derek Carr from what I'm told -- Raiders, Vikings, Browns, Titans." - Jeremy Fowler, CBS 4/5: "There's growing sentiment around the league that Cleveland could decide that Derek Carr is its guy and use the fourth overall pick on him despite owning three picks in the top 35, including No. 26 overall." - Ashley Fox, ESPN
  • avatar

    Smoke Screen. No one is taking Carr that high.
  • avatar

    PewterReportMC; Great, I'm happy for them. Now Cleveland can continue to be in the bottom of the NFL.
  • avatar

    IMHO we are paying McCown 5 mil, that is starter money and I believe they will sit ANY QB that they draft for the next two years. McCown is 35 and could play another three to four years, two being a back-up. If they want Carr they will have to trade back or take him at 7 as he will not be there in round two. They will not move back into the first round to pick him as it will cost to much to get ahead of the Browns. It all comes down to if they really like Carr he will have to be picked in the first. I'm fine with sitting a QB for two years if they think it will give us a top starter for many years. The draft can't come soon enough so we can see what their plan is. Having a QB sit on the bench for two years is not a bad idea as they don't have to pay them much to sit and learn.
  • avatar

    Maybe someone will move up to draft him. Seems unlikely. I watched his NFL Network interview. He seems like a nice guy who will make a good teammate. I don't know if I saw enough to convince me he could beat out McCown or Glennon though. Maybe if the Bucs were building for the future and didn't need him to make an impact for the next few years... and there is no way he reminds me of Tannehill.
  • avatar

    Just because Tom Brady was picked in the 6th round doesn't equate to it is easy to find a Franchise QB in the later rounds. Licht was a great scout and got it right on Brady, but are you aware ever since he has kept drafting non-first round picks and NONE OF THEM turned out to be Franchise QBs? Instead that practice made him into an NFL Nomad, and that is how we lucked into getting him. The fact of the matter is the majority of the super QBs in the league at this moment are all first round picks--Peyton and Eli, Rogers, Flacco, Luck, and Newton were all first round picks. By now Licht should have learned his lesson about picking in the lower rounds for a Franchise QB. Lovie has learned the hard way too. His lack of a Franchise QB cost him a SB. Now, lets talk about the Lions passing on a Franchise QB in the first round and taking Calvin Johnson, a can't miss WR better than any WR in this draft. So how has that worked out for the Lions? Did Calvin lead them to a SB? NO!!! Then they got Suh, a can't lose DT, better than any DT in this draft. Did that win them a SB? No. Now do you get the picture? You don't win SBs just taking other top positions as your first choice. If you want to win a SB the Bucs had better use that 7th choice on a QB with the production and the measurables and good character to be developed by a top Coach (Tedford) into a Franchise QB. Lets build this team to win SBs and keep L & L here for the rest of their careers and build a dynasty to compete with other great franchises. I am tired of losing!
  • avatar

    owlykat Is that how Seattle won the Super Bowl last year by selecting a QB in the first round. Drafting a Qb in the first round doesnt mean Franchise QB. Locker, Ponder, Gabbert, Bradford, Tebow, Sanchez, Tannehill, Russell, Freeman, and Quinn are all first round Qbs taken. Has any of thier teams made it to the Super Bowl with them? The talent has to be there to take a QB in round 1. Dont need to reach just to take a QB. Also the Lions didnt pass on a franchise QB to take CJ. The only QB taken round 1 after the lions pick was Brady Quinn. Im sure the lions wouldn't change thier draft pick if giving the chance. As a matter of fact Im possitve the Raiders are still kicking thier self in the @ss for not draft CJ over thier top pick Jamarcus Russell.
  • avatar

    IMHO a QB is round 1 is a wasted pick. We need to win NOW!!! We don't need to draft a qb so he can sit. We need an impact player now!! We can't waste this pick. A top 10 qb pick needs to be a lock who will start and win such as a Payton Manning or Andrew Luck, or RGIII. There are no Lucks or RGIIIs in this draft. If we draft one of the "top 4" they will need to start now and not sit. We cannot afford to wait for them to develop while we lose games. You don't have to pick qb's in the first round when you can get a Russel Wilson or Joe Montana in the third round, or a Tom Brady in the 6th. This draft is loaded with good qb prospects with holes in their games including the "top 4". We'll find one and develop him. If not this year year maybe next year. They can sit and learn. Remember, for every Manning, Elway, Marino, or Luck, there is a Vinny or a Trent. No more. Please!
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