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May 13, 2014 @ 4:06 pm
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McCown And Dietrich-Smith Heap Praise On Glennon

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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It is becoming more and more clear that Bucs management has high hopes for backup quarterback Mike Glennon, and on Tuesday two of Glennon's teammates, quarterback Josh McCown and center Evan Dietrich-Smith, threw their support Glennon's way.
The love for Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon continued to grow on Tuesday as head coach Lovie Smith, starting quarterback Josh McCown, and even the man who hands Glennon the ball between his legs, center Evan Dietrich-Smith, all praised Tampa Bay’s second-string signal caller.

McCown met with the local media on Tuesday following an off-season conditioning workout and talked about the quarterback situation with the Buccaneers, and in particular, Mike Glennon.

“I’m excited about the chance to have an opportunity to start for this team and help this team win and also have the opportunity to work with Mike Glennon and Mike Kafka and now Brett [Smith],” McCown said. “So it’s a great quarterback room. My hope is that Mike Glennon one day is a Hall of Famer. I’d take great pride in saying, ‘You had a small part of that, man.’ And so he has everything out in front of him. So just to help make him better, whenever that time is. He pushes me, and I’m just trying to bring him along and make him better. I think that’s good for the Bucs. That’s good for our team.

“Whenever you have two guys pushing and working with each other, both parties just wanting the best for the team. That’s when you can capture something special. That’s the hope for Mike and I, and I think he’s got a real, real bright future. He’s super talented. He’s a hard-worker, he’s really sharp. He’s going to have a great career.”

Many in the media, PewterReport.com included, felt like Glennon’s days were numbered. Multiple reports prior to the draft had Glennon on the trading block, and with the Buccaneers having private visits and workouts with six quarterbacks prior to last weekend’s draft, it seemed that the Buccaneers had decided to find an upgrade at that position. But after the draft was over, and the top-tier quarterbacks were drafted elsewhere, head coach Lovie Smith told the media that Glennon was the Bucs quarterback of the future. On Tuesday morning during a radio interview, Smith reiterated the message.

“I made it clear right away that Josh McCown is our starter, which he is,” Smith said. “And hopefully for quite a few years he will be. And I said I really like Mike Glennon. Mike’s a young player coming up. In an ideal situation you don’t want young players to have to come in and start right away, you want them to be around an established veteran.

"This is the best situation for Mike Glennon to be in. He is our quarterback of the future. He will play for us some day and he’ll play good football. But there’s a progression you have to go through.”

Another fan of Glennon inside the building is Bucs starting center Dietrich-Smith who agreed with Smith that having McCown mentoring Glennon is best for the second-year quarterback from North Carolina State.

“I think Mike is a great player,” Dietrich-Smith said on Tuesday. “He has got his head around it and I think he is definitely gaining from having Josh [McCown] in front of him. Josh is a really good player too. It is kind of crazy to me that the guy has been in the league this long and hasn’t been able to get a chance. I think Mike will definitely learn from Josh to be a pro. And I think Mike probably didn’t have that last year, someone to look to as far as really be successful in this league. And I think Josh is really going to be able to show him that. And any other quarterback who gets to sit in that room with him.

"At the end of the day, as a young player and if you don’t have someone in front of you teaching you how to be a professional, or how this game is played, or what you need to be seeing as a player, it is really hard. A coach can only take you so far, a coach isn’t out there holding your hand. As a player, if you have a guy who has the experience in front of you, giving you tips, showing you the ropes and letting you know how it is to be a player out there, you are going to benefit out there.”

McCown on Tuesday talked about his role to help the team’s young quarterbacks and the enjoyment he gets from mentoring them.

I think there’s a great value for young quarterbacks and having a veteran in the room – not necessarily just if you’re a young starter and having a veteran in the room and if you’re a young quarterback whose behind a veteran starter," McCown said. "I think there’s value in both of those things, especially if that veteran will help that young player along, because it’s neat to be able to learn from a guy who’s out there doing it and who has done it, and like I said, who can help you along the way.

"So it’s a fun process everyday, because little things come up throughout the day that you’re saying, ‘Hey, if you’ll just think about doing it this way, you can probably help yourself and you can get this ball out quicker if you go here.’ Just little things like that.”

McCown went onto talk about the things he has seen from Glennon that makes him think he has a bright future in the NFL.

“I just like his skill set, (and) I just think he throws the ball well,” McCown said. “His arm strength is obviously well above average – he can spin it, he can really spin it. He is a hard worker. He loves football and you have to have that at that position. And he is intelligent. So those things, all of those things kind of encompass it. It is just a matter of time for him. He is doing really, really good. That is just from what I have seen.

“And I haven’t watched any film from last year. But I look at some of the things he is able to do and he was able to find some successful moments in a tough situation last year. Those things you can’t coach either. You can kind of guide yourself through that and deal with a tough situation. And I think all of that combined bodes very well for Mike and the career he is going to have. Because all of the little things that have happened along the way is going to help him be a really good player.”

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  • avatar

    DBuc63: Ouch! Comparing me to BF47 really hurts. But BF does have some intelligent comments/articles that I enjoy. To set you straight 63; I've been a season ticket holder and never missed a home game since 1976, never missed an away game on TV and attended a lot of practice sessions (even when it wasn't permitted). So to say I've only seen a few clips on Glennon is not quite accurate. I've seen him very "up close and personal" from my seat 23 rows up on the 35 yard line. I just haven't yet seen anything that makes me think he's going to be a star any time soon. I agree that he had a bad hand dealt to him. But my observations of how he played it didn't provide any "wow" moments. I hope I'm wrong. But the evidence , not the words of praise being spoken, is the fact that he was immediately told he was a back-up to career journeyman Josh McCown. I say, if the organization thinks Glennon is good, let him play. By the way, BF47 lives in Tennessee, but is quite clairvoyant. Me, I'm just a local, loyal, smart *censored* fan who's a little clever at times.
  • avatar

    All this debate whether Glennon is the future qb, I like some of the things Glennon does and I don't like most of the things Glennon does, I'm going to give him the "rookie" pass on some of his weaknesses like his inability to avoid a rush heck even one pass rusher for that matter and his "Napolean Dynamite " personality. The bright side is I would rather have Glennon over Bridgewater (toothpick), Carr, Garrapolo, and Logan Thomas. Maybe in a few yrs behind McCown he can learn how to play qb but hey I've optimistic before with our young q's ex Vinny, Erickson, King, Dilfer, Gradkowski, Simms, Freeman so odds are I'm going to roll a 7 or 11 sooner or later
  • avatar

    The Bucs keep trying to Sell this BS. Fans aren't buying it. Please prove me wrong.
  • avatar

    I am relieved to hear the starting center and veteran QB echo the GM and HC regarding Glennon's bright future. As often as PewterReport and members of the site complain of Glennon's lack of mobility and overall ceiling within Jeff Tedford's new (and unknown) offense, I think his game and size compares with McCown's. I remember Glennon tucking and running for 12 yards on third down last year. A number of his best plays were on rollouts or while he was escaping pressure. Also, Glennon wasn't afraid to stand in there and deliver a strike, knowing he's getting ready to take a vicious hit.
  • avatar

    Wnb0395, to your point all the great QB's without mobility that you named are old and haven't won a Super Bowl in a long time, with Brees being a caveat because I believe he is a great athlete with good mobility. As far as your list of Super Bowl winning QB's, none of them have one a Super Bowl recently either with the exception of Flacco and I think we can all agree he isn't that good. The future Super Bowl winning QB's will be out of the pool of athletic QB's who can throw and scramble if need be, like Rodgers, Luck, Wilson, Kaepernick, Newton and Brees.
  • avatar

    pinkstob, I believe most Super Bowl Champions are because of the Defense. Yes the Saints won one without it; that's about it for the last 12 years or more. I am not so sure that very mobile QB's make that much difference, but you have me thinking about it so more.
  • avatar

    The problem I have with Glennon is I think he fits the profile of what a QB would have needed to be successful 20 years ago, not today. The difference (and I've made this point before) is not that traditional QB skills have gone out of style. The difference is that pass rushers have evolved over the last 20 years. Quick, name some O-linemen who are in the league right now that will eventually go to the Hall of Fame when they retire. Maaaaaybe Joe Thomas. Now name some pass rushers that will eventually go to the HOF. You got D. Ware, J.J. Watt, C. Matthews, V. Miller, R. Mathis, T. Suggs and maaaaaybe G. McCoy, J. Allen, N. Suh, J. Peppers, Aldon Smith, R. Quinn, D. Freeney and G. Atkins. Twenty years ago these numbers would have been more evenly split. When I hear people say "get Glennon some protection" I try to get them to understand that it can't be found. You just can't block out daylight like you used to. All the best athletes pound-for-pound in this country are being groomed to be pass rushers starting at the high school level.
  • avatar

    scubog_ Not feeling the love from you man! I think the bf47 is back in you! Let's see here, you may have watched what, 2 minutes worth of clips on Glennon? Oh, and perhaps read other websites...So now we have a new head coach, new GM, new center, and the new starting QB giving a guy praise with regards to their expertise but you and all these other nay sayers somehow know MORE than they do. Glennon did well not great last year. Not use to seeing you judge so prematurely like several other posters here do so take off your bf47 hat and let's see what happens!
  • avatar

    Dbuc63; a very good point.
  • avatar

    I can tbelieve how much negatitivity there is reguarding our QB situation. There is no way we can judge Glennon based on last season. I think the kid did well considering the whole situation. He was forced into the starting role and had to deal with all the Freeman drama. He played behind what was arguably one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. He had very little time to throw the ball and when he did he had no one to throw it to. He pretty much only had 1 WR that was constantly doubled every play. His primary runnning backs were 3rd anf 4th stringers due to injuries to his starting RB's. When he did have Martin, he was consistantly dropping catchable passes. He also had to deal with some of the worst coaching in Tampa Bay history. With all of this, he still managed to out perform Payton Mannings rookie season. He only played in 13 games and completed almost 60% of his passes compared to mannings 57%. He had a higher rating then Manning. Yes ,Manning threw for more yards and 7 more TD's then Glennon but Glennon also threw 17 less INTs then Manning. Glennons 19-9 TD-INT ratio blows Mannings 26-28 ratio away. Don get me wrong, Im not saying Glennon is going to be anywhere close to how good Manning is. I just saying we cant judge him so quickly. Glennon has a very high football IQ, great arm strength,and tremendous work ethic. Glennon lacks mobility and deep ball accuracy. The mobility he will never have but you dont need mobility to be a great QB (Manning, Brady, Brees, Montana, Elway, Marino). With the exception of Wilson and Rodgers, almost every Super Bowl winning QB hasnt been that mobile (Manning, Manning, Brady, Flacco, Rothlesberger, Brees, Warner). Even Brad johnson wasnt that mobile. Now, the deep ball accuracy can improved with hard work and lots of prctice. Do I believe Glennon is goingt to be a top 5 QB in his carreer? NO. But I do believe he has the ability to be top 10. All Im saying is dont judge him until we see what he can do with good coaching and some kind of offensive tallent around him. I for one am excited to watch the Buccanees play this year.
  • avatar

    window0395, I agree. No one is saying Glennon is a franchise QB. Most the big name QB's aren't running all over the place; they move a step or two depending on the shape of the pocket protection. I saw Glennon do the same thing. Kinderrt. Glennon did add some weight and strength. Was it enough ? Of course not. I would rather see him add it slowly so his mind and body adjust to the previous difference.
  • avatar

    They said that Glennon bulked up and hit the weight room. Don't look like it did much good to me.
  • avatar

    Lets be honest about all of this- there is no exact science on predicting how any draft pick will turn out. There was no Luck or Peyton in this draft in turns of high probability of success. As has been noted repeatedly, if you draft a quarterback high and you are wrong it is a job and franchise killer. Since there was no low risk QB prospect, it seems like a more reasonable risk with little downside to keep Glennon around. I am not certain that the team really believes Glennon can be a great quarterback, but considering the situation and the lack of alternatives this is a fairly low risk proposition. This is a smart way to approach things.
  • avatar

    @abomb...agree with you on L&L playing it smart...the real QB prizes are to be had in the 2015 draft...
  • avatar

    I'm not nearly as bothered by the Mike Glennon lovefest as others. I've got eyes and I'm not going anywhere. You say you're Superman, here's a ladder and there's the roof. I'll be down here waiting, go ahead Skip, give it your best shot! Sooner or later, we'll all know for ourselves. What's the big deal? In the meantime, I'll be reading a best seller titled "10 Steps to the Outhouse" by Will E. Makeit.
  • avatar

    @macabee....is "10-steps to the Outhouse" the Greg Schiano biography?
  • avatar

    "I haven't watched any film from last year" Josh, you might want to check out a few clips before making judgement. Demonstrating skills in shorts and during a real game are two different scenarios. Here's what puzzles me. With all of these people defending and pimping Mike Glennon, why is he cast behind a career journeyman with seemingly little hope to escape that role? You just don't see young star QB's waiting in the wings anymore. Why is our future star having to play second fiddle? If he's what you say, let him play.
  • avatar

    scubog, I so agree. Lets see if he has more ups than downs and if he is our QB for a couple years until someone else can come out and replace him. All I am saying is that I would feel more comfortable with Glennon at the helm now than a journeymen QB who is really not a starter, but a career back up.
  • avatar

    @scubog....I take all this Glennon enthusiasm with a grain of salt...after VJAx claimed Freeman was a top-5 QB in the league, I stopped listening to any of these rants (and I thought the kid had some talent...didn't know anything about the "issues" of course)...
  • avatar

    PewterReportMC; you must have been biting your tongue after the stand Scott took before the draft about Carr? I mean you already knew that McCown and Dietrich-Smith confirmed that Glennon had a lot more ups than downs and Coach Smith confirmed that Thursday night? The Glennon I saw play last year, with very little help from the offense and the coaching staff, even Brady, Manning, or Luck would have had problems too. What I saw from Glennon was a guy who wanted to get better and worked at that belief because he is smart and loves the game of football. This is just my guess, but I see Glennon replacing McCown early in the season because there is a reason why Josh McCown has been a back up all these many years. Glennon is a winner and some of you I hope will be happy to admit that he is not a bust like I did with McCoy. What I learned from that experience is that some players need more than a year or two to develop regardless of what round they were drafted.
  • avatar

    Just want to add something on the discussion in this article and and other PR articles relating to Glennon, Smith and what the new regime might be doing. As an "old timer" I like what I have seen so far. I tend to take the long view. Of course I want to "win now!". But I really would love to see the Bucs become "perennial winners" also! ..... FIRST When they brought in Smith I was wary because I was not overwelmed by what he accomplished in Chicago. I then heard some of what he had to say about his efforts to rethink and make plans during his year off. This shows widom and growth to me. So I tried to be more open minded. SECOND Going in to the draft I still was trying to understand what kind of offense we were going to have. I have a decent "fan level" understanding of the Tampa Two and I am looking forward to seeing Smith's version. THIRD I was baffled by the 3rd round draft of a running back. A little research afterwards made me a bit happier, especially in conjunction with the first two picks. I like the picture that is emerging. The new offense should be fun to watch and may turn out very well even by the end of this season. FOURTH I watched the press conference in which Lovie made his remarks about Glennon being our designated future QB. Several other things that had been done (like bringing in McCown) and other remarks from Lovie and Licht have given me more faith in the new regime. I have to believe that they really are seeing the true potential in Glennon. I know that though I liked some of what I sawof Glennon last season I am not capable of judging talent for the pros. I am just another rabid fan. ..... GO BUCs!
  • avatar

    Will second year players like Glennon be able to work out with the rookies this weekend?
  • avatar

    No, as far as I know it will only be the rookies, UDFA's and some tryout guys on the field.
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