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May 14, 2014 @ 10:55 am
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Stokes Heads To Miami; Bucs Hire Robinson From The Patriots

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The front office shakeup that began with the firing of Mark Dominik following the 2013 season continued on Wednesday with the report that Eric Stokes has left to join the Dolphins and the Buccaneers have added Jon Robinson from the New England Patriots.
The changes in the Bucs front office didn’t end when former general manager Mark Dominik was fired earlier this year, and assistant general manager Dennis Hickey left to become the general manager of the Miami Dolphins back in January.

On Wednesday, director of college scouting Eric Stokes left the Buccaneers to become an assistant to Hickey in Miami and Bucs general manager Jason Licht reportedly has hired Jon Robinson from the New England Patriots to fill Stokes role in Tampa Bay.

Mike Reiss of ESPN reported the front office changes earlier on Wednesday.

According to Reiss, Robinson has been with the Patriots since 2002, serving the past five years as director of college scouting. Prior to that, he served as a regional and area scout.

Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio recently talked about Robinson to masslive.com.

"Jon Robinson and his staff, just the amount of time and effort they've put in," Caserio said. "It's an exhausting process that really goes back to this time a year ago in preparation for this draft. There are a lot of people that are involved and Jon and his staff do an outstanding job on a number of different levels. ... There are a lot of people organizationally that are involved by Jon certainly has a big hand in what we do."

Licht worked in the Patriots organization with Robinson when he was New England’s director of pro player personnel from 2009 until 2011, and also as a scout with the Patriots prior.

Stokes was hired in 2012 from the Seattle Seahawks as Tampa Bay’s director of college scouting Stokes came to Tampa Bay after 14 seasons of playing and scouting experience in the NFL. Stokes worked as the Seahawks' assistant director of college scouting (2010-11), during which time he was instrumental in bringing in the likes of defensive standouts S Earl Thomas (first-round, 2010), S Kam Chancellor (fifth-round, 2010), LB K.J. Wright (fourth-round, 2011) and CB Richard Sherman (fifth-round, 2011).

Last month long time scouts Seth Turner and Justin Sheridan, who had a combined 22 years with the Buccaneers, were let go after the organization decided to not renew their contracts.

Last modified on Wednesday, 14 May 2014 13:53

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    Just a general comment Pink. Not directed at you or any one else in any way. I would include myself as a non-credentialed "expert." The guy on the trapeze makes many think "I could do that". We all, including me, think we could sit in the War Room and call the shots on Draft Day(s). There's a big difference when the spotlight is on you and your life or livelihood is dependent on a your decisions. That's why some back-up QB's fail once earning a starting gig. People always think they could be boss until they get handed the keys to the big office. With regard to being closet GM's; I'm just saying, we sometimes need to temper our self-evaluation.
  • avatar

    Too bad one of the personnel experts here on Pewter Report Comments Section wasn't considered for the position. Goodness knows we all are equally qualified in spite of our lack of credentials to prove it. Heck, we couldn't do much worse than the drafting of the list of failures EastEndBoy named.
  • avatar

    Scubog, what is it with you and bashing those who post their opinions in the comments section when they speak with conviction. Is that not in part what the comment section is for? What do credentials have to do with anything? Should we all stay silent because we don't have them? Doesn't a nurse sometimes have more insight than the doctor? Doesn't a technician sometimes have more insight than the engineer? Don't we sometimes have more insight than our congressmen/congresswomen? Here's the bottom line...was the comment I made incorrect? Look at the drafts the Patriots have had over the last 5 years and tell me otherwise. To me, that's what these comment sections are about...giving a voice to those who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to speak about the Bucs. Your sarcasm goes too far sometimes.
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    Robinson picks around 30th every year. I sure hope nothing changes.
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    Welcome aboard! With Licht's direction and points of emphasis, I am sure Robinson will be able to find talent for the Bucs, regardless of previous Patriot drafts.
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    When you play the Bills, Fins and Jets every year you should make the playoffs. NOTE... NE makes playoffs this year!
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    To the victor, goes the spoils! Licht is bringing in his own man. Robinson is not making a lateral move. He is not replacing Stokes. Robinson is being promoted to Director of Player Personnel replacing Dennis Hickey. Good Luck to Stokes and may Robinson bring us the luck of the Pats - 10 straight years in the playoffs!
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    I think it's hard to be too upset about letting the 2 scouts go ("with a combined 22 years with the Bucs")...I mean anybody who provided top 4 round scouting data on Dexter Jackson, Brian Price, Myron Lewis, Arrelious Benn, Luke Stocker, Kyle Moore, Dre Moore, Gaines Adams (RIP), Aarron Sears, Sabby Piscitelli, etc etc...and had held on to their jobs this long, must have been holding the world's biggest lucky charm in their pockets. As for Stokes - wasn't here long enough to even give a meaningful comment....is he credited with anything since he arrived---last year's draft class is not exactly lighting the league on fire and I'm not sure who he had knowledge or input about this year, but the top 2 guys (the ones I really like) looked like pretty obvious value/picks to me....
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    Damn. Damn because we lost Stokes (who has made a difference in his short time here) and damn because we got a Patriots college scouting guy. I don't know what Patriots team you guys have been following but the Patriots suck at drafting. The Patriots stay competitive because of their FA acquisitions, coaching and Brady. That's why I gave Licht the benefit of the doubt because he was a scout back when they drafted Brady, and he was in charge of pro player personnel so he brought in some of those FA's I referred to. This stinks.
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    makski, how about job security? Belicheck is 62, so maybe he senses he might retire when Brady is done playing in a few years. Owner might go whole new direction with a coach & GM like the Colts did then clean house. Also no state I come tax & better weather here.
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    I have no problem with it either, and the patriots are a very solid organization. If he has been with the Pats for 12 years, he must be pretty good at his job. My only question is, why leave an organization like the Pats to come to the Bucs, when it is a lateral move?? Seems like he is going from director of college scouting, to director of college scouting here. Hey MC, do you know if he has any other duties or any added responsibilities to convince him to come here??
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    This was not a lateral move - PFT reported that he has taken the Director of Player Personnel position vacated by Dennis Hickey.
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    I see nothing wrong with this as it is truly a GM/Coach decision.
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