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May 20, 2014 @ 12:13 pm
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Bucs Offered Glennon Reassurance During The Draft

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Many were surprised with Lovie Smith's comment during the NFL Draft that Mike Glennon was Tampa Bay's quarterback of the future. One person who wasn't caught off guard by the comments was Glennon himself who said it had been communicated to him prior to the draft.
Prior to the NFL earlier this month, rumors swirled constantly about the Buccaneers quarterback situation, including one that said Tampa Bay was looking to trade second-year quarterback Mike Glennon for an additional pick and also that the Buccaneers were considering moving up in order to draft Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Obviously those rumors proved to be false and Glennon addressed the situation on Tuesday following the Buccaneers OTA (organized team activity).

“As all that stuff was going on, Lovie called me twice and told me that wasn’t the case,” Glennon said. “He didn’t know where it was coming from. He was very open with me. Open and honest on how he feels now and how he feels going forward."

“They told me that all along so there wasn’t any reason to question anything. I am still going to come out here and compete even though they are talking about the future. I am still going to compete everyday and try and help the team.”

Glennon knew along what the Bucs plans were heading into the draft.

“It was communicated a while ago, with both Lovie and Jason [Licht], we sat down and discussed what the plans were for the draft and moving forward,” Glennon said. “And they told me this all along, that I was their guy going forward. Right now it is a different situation with Josh (McCown) right now, but they told me this for a while now, that this is the plan and this is what is going to happen. I am looking forward to the season, still competing and helping the team in any way I can.”

Glennon went on to talk about if he had concerns or anxiety when the new coaching staff came in and signed veteran QB Josh McCown and then quickly proclaimed him as the starter.

“From the moment they signed Josh they told me,” Glennon said. “Lovie knows Josh and has a comfort level with Josh. But moving forward though, he still sees me as the guy. After mini-camp (April) Jason and Lovie both continued to tell me this so I knew what was happening the whole time.”

Glennon, who threw for 2,608 yards with 19 touchdowns and just nine interceptions in 2013, said having a veteran quarterback in the meeting rooms, and on the field, has been a benefit.

“It has been great so far, he is just so far advanced in his knowledge,” Glennon said. “He has been around for what is it, 12 years? Whatever it is. And with me being in it only for one, I can compare notes. He offers a lot of advice that not many people know. He is really like another coach out there for me. A coach that has been through this for a long time now and he offers a lot of advice. He genuinely wants to help me and that is what is so great about him.”

While Glennon appreciates having someone to help him improve his game, he admitted it wasn’t an easy pill to swallow and has thinks he has the capability and talent to lead the Buccaneers in 2014 if called upon.

“It is a tough business and there are going to be time things happen that you don’t particularly see it that way,” Glennon said. “But I am taking it – like I said – I am just going to make the most of the situation it is.

“I feel like I can go out there and lead this team to victory but at the same time I think I can learn in whatever situation and role I am in, I can benefit from it. I am going to have a positive attitude and whatever the situation it is try and become a better player. Whatever it is. If it is starting, learning from Josh, whatever it is I am going to go out there and make the most of it and use it to my advantage.

Part of what makes Glennon think he can have success in the newly-installed Jeff Tedford offense is his somewhat familiarity with the scheme.

“It’s been good, a lot of the uptempo stuff a lot of the concepts I have run, similar to my offense at college,” Glennon said. “A lot of the concepts are what I ran in college for five years so I am comfortable with it and it has looked good so far and I think we are going to continue to build on it through these next OTAs and mini-camp.”

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    If Glennon is "their guy" and now "our guy" then I would prefer that the focus be to get him on the field sooner rather than later so he can become "the guy"; and hopefully not "just a guy." Reminds me of a song. "Nothing you can say can take me away from my guy."
  • avatar

    Well we'll soon see. Last preseason was a disaster. Freeman did squat, Glennon not much better. He was a third round rookie coming into a very counter productive situation in our organization. Little did we know Freeman was imploding, and the whole Schiano house of cards was about to blow down. Now we have Lovie, Tedford. We have some weapons on both sides of the ball,and speed! Let's see how Glennon looks this year, McCown too.
  • avatar

    Hey Surfer, Happy belated B-Day! Meant to give you a shout out Saturday but didn't see your post. Thought I forgot didn't you? Gonna be a great year!
  • avatar

    You can tell the 'knee jerk' fans by their reaction to short lived circumstances. Give Glennon his time to learn and his time to function. Too many times good QB's have been thrown into situations beyond their control and the 'knee jerk" crowd proclaim their demise immediately, as if they have an omnipotent crystal ball. Give the man his due, then make your opinion known. We, as well as L&L, will know, before 3 years, how he will handle the QB spot in the NFL. Three areas will determine his future: first his talent, then his coaching and finally the players he has around him.
  • avatar

    Glennon is the quarterback of the future, but Lovie likely means that for TODAY. Tomorrow it may be different! I have my doubts that he can ever be more than a back up.
  • avatar

    I'll give my opinion when I want to, not when You think I should and you left off two areas that will also determine his future, his lack of mobility which gets him sacked a lot and suspect (or convicted?) arm.
  • avatar

    Glennon will be fine and I am glad he is getting a chance to see what he can do with new coaching and a lot of different players on offense.
  • avatar

    If I was Glennon I would not talk to much about his college days as he was not that great there either. If L&L truely believe he is the future QB of the Buc's they should play him this year and see what they have. What does it matter, to be 4-12 or a little better. To believe in him only to find out two years from now he is not what they think he is is a waste of three years and maybe missing out on a real future QB next year or two. Hope this is not a couple of more years that the Buc's flounder in mediocrity looking for a real QB only to find out Glennon is what he showed in his first 13 games, a back up QB.
  • avatar

    @kindert: "What does it matter to be 4-12 or a little better"? You're throwing in the towel before preseason even starts?? You've written off both McCown & Glennon already? Yikes!
  • avatar

    Glennon has taken the right approach to this situation. However, it's never been his attitude that worries me. At any rate, I'm all about McCown since he's the starter. Sigh...another year as a Bucs fan, another year we'll all spend having to scrutinize our QB's in the preseason games hoping they look better than last year.
  • avatar

    I like the fact that L&L put out a smoke screen on this. I like even better that they communicated to Glennon. Go Bucs!
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