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May 26, 2014 @ 1:41 pm
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Bucs Trying For Second Time To Get A New Deal With McCoy

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers front office want to lock up Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy to a new deal as the team's leading pass rusher is entering the final year of his rookie contract. Former Tampa Bay general manager Mark Dominik reached out to McCoy's agent late last year but no progress was made.
When Lovie Smith coached linebackers for Tony Dungy back during the glory days of the Buccaneers run of Top 10 defenses, he witnessed Warren Sapp being the main cog in making the engine run, and propelling Tampa Bay to a series of playoff runs, culminating in the franchise’s only Lombardi Trophy following the 2002 season.

Now as the Buccaneers head coach himself, Smith knows locking up Gerald McCoy – his version of Sapp – has to be a priority. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the Buccaneers have again made overtures to McCoy’s agent, Ben Dogra, on getting a new contract done. McCoy is in the final year of his initial rookie contract and will earn approximately $13.2 million in 2014.

Reports say there is no specific timetable, but getting a new long-term deal in place before the start of the season would be ideal for the Buccaneers and most likely McCoy himself, who wouldn’t have to answer distracting questions about wanting a new contract once the season starts.

McCoy made it clear back in April that a lack of a contract will not result in him holding out this year.

"When they say report to camp, Gerald McCoy will be there regardless of what happens," McCoy said to reporters last month.

This isn’t the first time the Buccaneers reached out to representatives for McCoy. PewterReport.com's Scott Reynolds reported in his SR's Fab 5 on March 28 that the former regime tried to lock up McCoy late last year.

“Former Bucs general manager Mark Dominik tried in vain to extend McCoy last December after Cincinnati Pro Bowler, Geno Atkins, who is generally regarded as the league’s best three-technique tackle, signed a five-year, $54.755-million extension. Atkins’ deal averages just under $11 million per season and includes a $15 million signing bonus. That deal averages less per year than McCoy or Suh will make in 2014, and that’s why Dominik pursued it, but McCoy’s agents weren’t ready.”

At the NFL Owners Meetings in Orlando in March, Smith talked about the importance of drafting, developing and then re-signing key players such as McCoy.

“I think it’s very important,” Smith said at the NFL Owners Meeting on Wednesday. “In an ideal situation, you do a great job of drafting players and then you reward your players that have come up through the system and done it the right way. The first guy to contact me when I was sitting in my basement down there in Chicago was Gerald McCoy. [He said], ‘I can’t wait to get started.’ I followed him at the University of Oklahoma, his career that he had here, and for our defense, and there’s a reason why.

“Warren will tell you it was just him, but it’s a position also where you need a special player and Gerald McCoy is that. The guys who drafted him did a great job. You know what he’s done in the community. I know right now coming in he’s going to be one of our leaders. Through free agency, [he said] ‘What can I do?’ Gerald was popping up on the phone quite a bit, texting me, excited about who we’re getting, what we’re doing with his new teammates. So yes, that is definitely a priority. He’s a guy that we definitely want around for a while, to say the least.”

While getting a deal done is most likely a priority from Tampa Bay’s perspective, the team could always place the franchise tag on McCoy after this season if a deal isn’t reached before then. The 2014 franchise tag value for defensive tackles currently sits at $9.654 million.

McCoy saw his first two seasons plagued by injuries as the former All-American from Oklahoma fell victim to biceps tears in both arms. Through his first two seasons McCoy managed to play in just 19 games, collecting 39 tackles and four sacks. In his last two seasons, McCoy started all 32 games and has notched 80 tackles and 14.5 sacks, including a 9.5-sack effort in 2013. McCoy has made the Pro Bowl in each of his last two seasons, and was named All-Pro for the first time after the 2013 season.

Along with the production on the field, McCoy had earned the distinction of being named a team captain and had become one of the team’s most vocal and respected leaders.

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    There is no need to implore the Bucs to sign McCoy... They have very intention to... The ball is in McCoys court .. He seems like a great guy and is at least on the verge of becoming a great DT but like almost everyone in sports he is all about the money... He didn't even consider resigning last year because he knew it would mean he would make less last year and this one... And his wallet was not about to let him do that... So now that he is getting the last year of his ridiculous rookie contract he will no doubt be jumping at the chance to resign because there is no way he will run the chance of "Only" making the franchise tag $9.654 million... Now of course you can't blame him for trying to get as much money as he can... Who wouldn't... Except for true team players like Evan Longoria who didn't push it but took not a blockbuster deal but a decent deal that have him security for years to come... But don't be fooled... He will take the Bucs for everything that he can... He ready proved that by his actions last season... Even though he was coming off of 3 years sittin in the ice tub where he was on the verge of bein a bust... Now of course plenty of you will will say that contracts aren't guaranteed in the NFL... But if he resigned last year he could have easily negotiated for guaranteed money so that point is moot... I'm sorry I am just feel like being honestly cynical but it is the simple truth... But in any case I do really like the guy and think that if he can stay healthy will prove to be the anchor and one of the 3-4 most valuable players on this defense... I hope the Bucs are able to resign him but to a deal that won't kill us in the next couple of years and hopefully he is enough of a team player to realize that if he can avoid being so greedy... Just a little bit even... That it could mean the difference between being able to surround him with quality teammates that can help him be successful and possibly even a champion and him being all alone on a line that we could only afford with what scraps he leaves behind...
  • avatar

    Do whatever it takes with McCoy's contract. He has proven to the BUCS that they NEED to keep him . Do what is needed to man the man happy. The last thing we need is to loss McCoy. This is a contract that should have been taken care off already. Next year he becomes a free agent and we don't need to have a team come in and take him away from us. So just SIGN HIM ALREADY !!! He is the most important part of are defense.
  • avatar

    Horse: I never mentioned your name. You weren't the only fan who bemoaned the choice because he wasn't Suh. If jumping to a conclusion were a sport, many would be candidates for the Olympics.
  • avatar

    He is worth every dollar he is worth. Iam so proud to be a buc fan since day one. I remember the old buc days when Tampa was the laughting stock in the league. I think its a win win sistutation right now SIGN GERALD MCCOY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. GIVE HIM THE MONEY HE DESERVES PERIOD. LET HIM STAY HERE FOR HOW LONG HE WANTS TO PLAY FOOTBALL. LOVIE SMITH IS A PROVEN TOP KNOTCH LEADER AND HEAD COACH. IAM 68 AND WILL BE 69 THIS SEPT 28, I WILL be in Tampa on Sept 18 to watch my beloved BUCS with other bucs fan around the bay area on Thursday nite football.That weekend I will be there for a special event MY 50 YEARS HB PLANT HIGH SCHOOL REUNION. I remember then How we all wish Tampa had a team like Redskins,Colts etc. WELL GUYS AND GALS WE DO LET SUPPORT THEM.I DO UP IN EAST TEXAS AREA-GO BUCS
  • avatar

    This one's a no brainer. Get 'er done.
  • avatar

    Lucky we didn't give up on him after the less than stellar beginning to his career. If we had our choice of McCoy or Suh now, there is little doubt who is the better player and person. Maybe there is hope for Bowers.
  • avatar

    scubog; I new this would get you to chime in. You're right, I called it wrong and I am so glad I was wrong. I listened too much to Sapp and didn't give McCoy the full third year as he came on in the last half of that year. Now I have learned; I give players 3 years to develop.
  • avatar

    Guarantee 45 million in a 5 year 60 million contact.
  • avatar

    so, slam dunk....pay the man!...$14m/yr should be no problem given the new sal cap; savings from Freeman, Mike Williams, etc; and the fact we have no Drew Brees on our team to pay....best 3-tech in the game...pay the man!
  • avatar

    As things stand right now according to OverTheCap.com, McCoy is scheduled to earn $12.732 million this season after hitting performance-based parameters (escalators) in his contract and will count $15.6 million against the team’s salary cap. That salary cap hit is the 800lb gorilla in the room because it is the number used to calculate the franchise tag if it becomes an issue in 2015. McCoy is scheduled to be a free agent in 2015, and if the Bucs were to tag him it would cost them 120% of his 2014 salary cap hit - which would mean a franchise tag in 2015 of over $18 million. That is why the Buccaneers have made it a priority to get this extension done with McCoy right now so they don't get stuck with a horrible negotiation position in talking contract with McCoy in 2015. The Bucs aren’t in the strongest negotiating position even now. They didn’t draft Aaron Donald and don’t have anyone that comes anywhere close to his production. Suh is cuttin’ the fool in Detroit so there’s no telling when that contract might get done. What they do have is McCoy himself, who I truly believe wants to be a Buc and (get ready, here comes that Christian thing again) he will seek a contract that is fair and worth his value. What I’m saying is it is easier to get a contract with someone who wants to contract with you! Since there is no Suh contract to peg to (might be a good thing), the nearest comp would be the Geno Atkins 5yr/55mil contract of 2013. The landscape has changed since then and many now believe McCoy to be the best 3-technique in the NFL. Just guessing, but I would think with the new TV contracts coming online and the anticipated accelerated increases in the salary cap, I would expect McCoy’s contract to be in the 5yr/68mil range, 13 to 14mil a year.
  • avatar

    For the record a franchise tag for McCoy would cost the Bucs $15.8M. It's top 5 at position or 120% of previous year salary, whichever is greater.
  • avatar

    Garv, I agree with your sentiments, but the new CBA limits early renegotiated contracts. It states that incoming drafted players will not be able to renegotiate contracts before the end of the third season on their rookie contracts. Undrafted players can renegotiate after their second year. Lavonte David cannot be extended until 2015. McCoy needs to be done right now!
  • avatar

    Signing McCoy and David to big second term deals has got to be a priority much as it was for Sapp and Brooks. I can't imagine it not happening for Lovie Smith and the Buccaneers.
  • avatar

    Bucs need McCoy. This is the one guy on our defensive line that we have to lock down. He is developing into a dominating DT. And since the rest of the line is not, without him we go backwards. Cmon Bucs, sign him. We have had limited success with our Defensive draft picks. Keep this guy.
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