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June 3, 2014 @ 1:26 pm
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Tedford Addresses Bucs' QBs, Scheme, And More On Tuesday

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For the first time since last January Bucs' offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford spoke with the media and discussed a number of subjects including the play of the quarterbacks, the tempo and scheme, and time spent with Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick among other topics.
Below is a transcript of Bucs' offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford press conference that took place following the team's OTA practice on Tuesday. This was the first time since his hiring in January that Tedford spoke with the media.

(Opening statement)

“We’re getting a lot of good work done. Over the last few sessions of the different phases, we’ve had a really good opportunity to evaluate some of our guys. It’s still an evaluation process to find out who we are. But they’re working really, really well. I’m very pleased with the work ethic, the enthusiasm, the knowledge, the [desire] to learn the system. It’s been great. I’m excited to get on the field every day with them.”

(Tedford on the changes on offense)
“Football is football. I think everyone has to take the ... and put it to what they’re used to that being. There’s no revelation about anything particularly different, because there’s different things in football all over that people have been exposed to from time to time. Terminology is one thing, there’s no question that people need to get used to it. I think they’ve done a very good job of that so far.”

(Tedford on the secrecy of the offense)
“We’re just out here working. I think it’s evolving all the time, there’s new things we’re putting in constantly in different situations, be it third down, red zone, two-minute. I think they’re still in the process of figuring the whole thing out too but they’ve done a great job of it so far, and I’m really impressed with how our coaches are working with them and how fast they’ve picked up on things. It’s been great, but the learning process continues each and every day that we’re out here.”

(Tedford on his up-tempo offense)
“There are different phases of it from time to time. Everybody runs the two-minute scheme and everybody has to have a two-minute [drill] in their offense, and of course we do. We’ve been able to utilize that a little bit. We’re in different tempos. We huddle quite a bit as well, and so there’s really nothing much different than what you would normally see from time to time of somebody just going into a two-minute offense.”

(Tedford on the quarterbacks)
“They’re doing great. Coach Arroyo has done a great job of coaching them. Josh McCown is one of the truest professionals I’ve ever been around, as far as just an unbelievable leader, so knowledgeable, puts in extra hours every day studying film. All the quarterbacks do a great job of being students of the game. [Mike] Glennon has done a great job as well. They’re very, very efficient right now. If you had to look at our passing percentage over the last however many weeks we’ve been here, we’re in the 80 percentile of passing. They’re very accurate throwing the ball, they understand their own rhythm. They’re doing a really good job of not only physically, but mentally understanding and providing leadership for the rest of the offense.”

(Tedford on Chip Kelly’s success)
“I think as you look throughout the NFL, a lot of teams are incorporating a little bit of that. I’m very familiar with [Chip Kelly’s offense] because we played against it every year in the PAC-12. So I was not surprised by their efficiency and their success because he does an excellent job of doing what they do. I think you can see through the NFL that more and more teams are incorporating it a little bit more.”

(Tedford on spending time with the Patriots and Bill Belichick)
“It was a great visit. Coach Belichick was very friendly and open to allow us to come in there and be able to watch tape and practice and things like that. Back when I was in college, any time I could get to an NFL team, I would like to go study and just watch a lot of tape and see what’s going on in this league as well and see what we could take from that league and here. I think it goes both ways. I think the NFL takes some college stuff and incorporates it. It was a great visit. It was very thankful and appreciative that he allowed me to come in there and just watch practice and watch tape and be a part of it for a couple days.”
(Tedford on learning about different tight end formations in New England)
“It’s a personnel group that allows you to do a lot of things, a lot of flexibility. When you have tight ends who can do those type of things, who can block at the line of scrimmage, who can get in space, who are athletic enough to stretch the field, you can put them a lot of places, you can create matchups with them, things like that. I think, right now, our tight ends are doing a fantastic job of providing some of those things. The tight is obviously a weapon both in the run game and in the pass game.”
(Tedford on any surprises with talent and depth)
“I’m not surprised. I didn’t know what to think, just because you haven’t been around them and you just watch them on tape. So it was great to finally get on the field and see them run around with things that they can do. I think we have a good stable of running backs. I think our tight ends are doing a good job. We have quite a few receivers who are doing some special things. So it has been great to be out here and be on the field with them and actually see what they can do. They’re working very, very hard. It has been good. I think we’re going to continue to evolve with them. Like I said, they’re doing a great job of learning it, and they have the skill to be able to do it.”
(Tedford on if the team has enough speed)
“Yeah, in certain areas. I mean, we have guys who can run, certain guys play certain roles. But we do have some guys who can run who are elusive, not only fast, but elusive in space. That’s important. Again, it’s going to be our job to create matchups like that and take advantage of those. Once you get on the field, things move very quick on this field. There’s a lot of guys who can run on both sides of the ball. But if you can get a guy in space and you can make somebody miss, it can be a big play. We’re counting on some of that. That’s what we’re trying to do right now. We’re trying to put different people in different positions to see how effective they are in doing that.”
(Tedford on the length of his playbook and how the players are grasping it)
“No, it’s just today’s practice. Yeah, it’s just today’s practice. But they’ve been able to handle a lot. We have a lot in right now. We have two more days of this. Then minicamp next week and then we’ll start reviewing and going back. But we’ve got a lot of stuff in. Like I said, I’ve been impressed with the way guys are doing it. One of the things that has been great about it is the offensive staff – we have a lot of great experience on the offensive staff with NFL experience that when I’m not sure about something for sure, we all work together with it. Like the field spacing. Obviously, the hashmarks are different. So field spacing is something that you just can’t watch on tape and learn it. So being on the field and learning those intricacies are very important. So I’ve been able to get out on the field. Because when you’re just in the office, and you’re talking about, ‘OK, where’s this splitting? Where’s this, and where’s that?’ When you’re used to different field markings, now to be able to get out here and see it is very helpful. Having the experience with the guys who have been in the NFL has been very helpful. We’re working really well together as a staff. This is all of our offense putting it all together from everybody’s background experience.”

(Tedford on his philosophy on use of running backs)
“Even when we had two 2,000 yards rushers and a couple times we had a couple guys with a thousand yards apiece, I don’t believe one guy can carry the load. It’s just too physical. I think you need to probably have two or three guys that bring different things to the table. But you need at least two to be able to spell them here and there and keep them healthy and that type of things. So that’s the goal, to create some depth to where there’s not a drop off if one guy goes in and the other goes out.”

(Tedford on his plan for the guard spots)
“Keep working with the guys that are here. They’re getting better every day. It’s really hard to evaluate linemen going through this because you can’t hit. You don’t have pads on and you can’t hit and Lovie has really been conscious of the what the rules are and asking guys not to come off the ball and have any contact and those type of things. So a lot of it right now is about attention to detail with fundamentals, assignments, those type of things. That’s how they’re being evaluated. So I don’t think you can get a true gauge until you put the pads on.”
(Tedford on counting on Carl Nicks)
“You know, I don’t know. That’s out of my office. That’s in a bigger office. The guys that are here are working really, really hard. Carl’s a great player and it would be nice to have him here but the guys that are here, those are the guys that we’re focused on.”
(Tedford on the offensive draft picks)
“Pretty much all of them because they were all offensive players. So I got a chance to look at them all on tape and evaluate them all. I thought our GM did a great job with the draft, with the evaluation, the whole scouting department did an excellent job. I think we helped ourselves a lot in the draft. Mike obviously tweaked his hamstring a little bit so he’s had a minor setback, but he’ll be back. And he showed the first couple days he’s a real talent out there. Not doubt about it. He made a great catch out there right in the middle. I don’t know if any of you saw it. I thought the ball was probably 10 yards overthrown and he made a one-handed catch, put it away and just kept on running. So we have those guys on the outside with Vincent and him and when Jenkins gets here he bring another tight end with some range and some size. Charles Sims has done an excellent job. He’s a bigger back who can run between the tackles. He can run with low pad level, catches the ball really, really well. Assignments, he’s come along with that. He’s a good learner that way. And right now you can’t really tell as far as pass protection but it looked on tape like he could pass protect, so we feel pretty good about that. And then Robert Herron, he’s done a really good job as well, and brings a lot of speed as an inside slot receiver. So I think the guys we’ve drafted are going to play a major role in what we’re doing.”
(On receiver Mike Evans)
“He’s anxious to learn and that’s number one right there. From Day One he was anxious to learn. When he wasn’t in a drills he was off on the sideline learning and really being a sponge and he really caught on quickly to it. It’s one thing about the board and answering questions, but if you can put it on the field and be practical with what you’re doing, that’s a whole other thing. That’s what he’s missing right now, are the little details about what’s going on with splits and how to set people up, but he’s definitely talented. There’s no question about it. Big range, big hands, great hands, a guy who can run. It’ll be great to get him back on the field when he’s healthy.”
(Tedford on an element of surprise with the offense)
“I don’t know. I think most teams are prepared for anything, to tell you the truth. So I don’t know how much of an element of surprise there will be. Like I said, there’s nothing earth shattering about it. Everybody has different tempos that they go at, so there’s nothing earth shattering about it. Football is football. It’s about matchups and getting things done with personnel and making sure we put people in the right positions and execution. That’s what it’s about. No matter how much you think you can trick people, it still comes down to execution. It’s not about tricking people. Obviously you need to keep people off balance in certain phases of the gamed and we’ll try to do that, but there’s really nothing earth-shattering about anything that’s going on.”


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    I don't think the plan is to "Hide" the offensive plan forever... You're right though if it was such a secret just don't say anything... But it seems like the plan is to just not show our hand right off the back and give the new plan as much of a head start as possible and make our opponents wonderin... And the point of letting us know probably is so that we don't bring out the pitch forks and torches when we don't see anything special in the mini camps... I think they are probably just puttin in the time in the rooms so that they can come out in training camp and pre season firing on all cylinders... Our opponents are gonna see it at some point and I don't think Tedford is unaware that the point will not be to rely on the surprise of our plan but to have success even when they do have tape in us... I have a good feelin that once everyone is healthy and in the field that we will have a solid plan in place to make us competitive this year...
  • avatar

    Are you referring to Carl NICKS? If so, I agree. We definitely threw money down the 'Rabbit Hole' on that one. All I have ever heard is how great he was. I hope his injuries are healed and that he may actually play football for us this year, so we can see for ourselves if he deserves the money we spent. Also, has anyone heard from "BAMBAM"? I was looking forward to one of his lectures.
  • avatar

    On a side note, Mark, can you please tell me what's the hold-up with contracts of our unsigned rookies ??? Thanks and go 'Bucs !!!!
  • avatar

    I've been a fan of Tedford's since his time in the CFL...a QB-maker if I ever did see one. BUT I would be remiss if I didn't say: Jeff, you may not be able to get a true gauge of the guards until they put the pads on, but you're probably the only one. If we go into the season with Cousins and Meredith, we better have one heck of a great compensating strategy for that glaring weakness...here's hoping he's got that rabbit up his sleeve!
  • avatar

    It should be a fun offense to watch because of the matchup problems. At WR, RB and TE the Bucs should have advantages and be able to throw something different at the defense. Hopefully everyone gets tuned in on the same frequency fast.
  • avatar

    I like what I'm hearing from this guy. However, I hope he does have some HB passes and Statue of Liberty type plays in his playbook somewhere that he's just being coy about. You can't just line up and play football every week because sometimes the defense will be better than our offense. That's one of few times Schiano had a good game plan last year was the first half against Seattle.
  • avatar

    Look forward to seeing a faster tempo and a QB that can actually hit the broad side of a barn. God freeman was terrible.this Knicks situation is getting old and ridiculous. Is this guy ever going to play again?
  • avatar

    I'm waiting for the operative Horse has on the inside to reveal the classified information. Plenty of times last season our offense was a secret.........especially in the second half of games. Lots of mystery plays too. Like routinely passing the ball for a two yard gain on 3rd and 6. Then there was the brain-teaser Benn'd around play when everyone in the stands wondered aloud, "why do we run that play?" We can go all the way back to the Coach McKay days when his super secret "student body left" (29 pitch) would catch defenders off-guard while waiting for "student body right" (28 pitch). Not to mention Sam Wyche with his famous "Befuddled Huddle". Or Ray Perkins, who really had teams guessing when he wanted to show his toughness by changing the home side to the east to face the sun. Then there was Schiano who brought us the sneak attack "kneel down" charge. Tom Coughlin really blew his stack when he was fooled by that one.
  • avatar

    I’m liking everything I’m hearing from OTAs and what little we’ve been shown so far. I listened to Tedford's somewhat nebulous presser today and although I’m fully supportive of Tedford’s approach to the new Bucs offense, I often wonder if the secrecy surrounding it is going to be all that effective. When I want to keep a secret, I just don’t say anything. Why tell everybody it’s a secret and have every spy and mole on earth trying to crack the code? I wouldn’t say anything and run basic drills on the one day the media is allowed in – keep the meat of the offense on the down low. But even then sooner or later you gotta play football, don’t you? What happens during TC when the fans are allowed in? They’re not sworn to secrecy. Then what plays do you run in 4 preseason games if not the ones you want the team to master in real games? What happens after the first game of the season and millions get to see it on TV? Isn’t the purpose of this to have some advantage when the real games are played? I’m sure there is logic that I’m overlooking here. If they say it’s a secret, then it must be, but it sure seems to me like a case of who you’re going to believe – me or your lying eyes!
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