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June 4, 2014 @ 10:51 am
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Frazier Impressed With Addition Of Talent To Defensive Line

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers defensive line is a key component in the Tampa 2 scheme, and Leslie Frazier knows the success of the defense will be based a lot on how that unit performs. Frazier has been impressed with some of the talent that was recently brought in to bolster a unit that collected 20 sacks in 2013.
Expectations around Tampa Bay are high for the Buccaneers defense in 2014. New head coach Lovie Smith’s Tampa 2 scheme has a proven track record, from his days in Tampa Bay under Tony Dungy, to turning around the St. Louis Rams and then the Chicago Bears.

Now in Tampa Bay, Smith has entrusted former Minnesota head coach Leslie Frazier to spur yet another turn around. Frazier, who met with the Tampa Bay media on Tuesday for the first time since January, said the staff and front office have done a good job of bringing in personnel they feel can help make the new system effective next season, but cautioned there are still some unanswered questions.

“You like to have a rotation where there’s not a lot of drop off, where if you take out four guys and put four other guys in there there’s not a big drop off,” Frazier said. “We’re working towards that but I can’t say we’re there yet.

“Pass rush in our league is everything. You don’t want to live and die by the blitz in our league. You’ve got to find a way to rush with four and that’s one of the reasons why Clinton [McDonald] is here and one of the reasons why Michael [Johnson] is here, and we’re hoping that William Gholston can step up for us. We expect Adrian Clayborn to continue to play well for us and step up and do a good job. We’d like to see Akeem Spence be a part of that mix as well and become a pass rusher for us, so we’ve got some guys but we’ve got to get them out there and get them indoctrinated to what we’re doing once we get the pads on.

“You’d like to have a two-deep [rotation] where there’s not a lot of drop off when you have to substitute guys, and if you get a rotation going that gives you fresh bodies on the field that can rush the passer.”

One of those new players that has caught Frazier’s eye early this offseason is former Seahawks defensive tackle Clinton McDonald who joined the Buccaneers via free agency last March.

“I was telling Joe Cullen our defensive line coach yesterday when we were watching tape from our practice that I’m so glad he decided to sign with the Bucs,” Frazier said. “He’s even more impressive being around him, not just as a player on the field but his personality. How he approaches practice, and I know it won’t be any different with the games based on what we saw on tape, he’s all business. He’s a very good leader and I think pairing him and Gerald [McCoy] together will make our defense pretty stout up front. He’s going to give us some inside pass rush but he can play the run as well.

“I really like the way he’s taking command and helping us from a leadership standpoint. He’s going to be good for us. A few weeks ago he was up in Washington D.C. meeting with the president at the White House getting his ring and I asked him to tell our players what that experience was like and what it took to get to that point, and you could hear a pin drop as he was expressing what it meant to him and what it meant to the guys in Seattle. To bring that to our team, hopefully that’s going to rub off on our guys as well.”

The Buccaneers defensive line contributed 20 sacks in 2013, led by Gerald McCoy’s 9.5, but the Buccaneers are hoping that number improves significantly with the additions made this offseason. Frazier also pointed out Tuesday that McCoy has been even better than advertised.

“[McCoy]’s been very, very impressive,” Frazier said. “I’ve watched him from a distance and seen some of his tape since we’ve played common opponents. I remember him coming out of college and he’s a joy. To have your best player working as hard as he does every single day, he sets a great example for the rest of our defense and really the rest of the team. He’s a tremendous, tremendous leader and an outstanding football player, so I’m looking forward to watching him when the fall rolls around.”

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    He did not list Means either! That is a way to ignite both of them! I hope Bowers truly gets it all together because he has as much natural talent as McCoy. Nice to see Frazier recognizes Gholston's talent to start at the other end. He can be a double digit sacker this year. The fact Schiano left a one sack defensive end as a starter when he could have started Gholston shows Schiano was an idiot when it came to recognizing talent!!!
  • avatar

    I have a real good feeling about Clinton McDonald. I think he is going to be a valuable piece of the DL rotation.
  • avatar

    Just like Stocker on offense Bowers has to earn his keep and prove that he can play injury free.
  • avatar

    I was hoping he'd mention Bowers, but didn't. I still say the guy has talent and under the right circumstances and the right coaching, he has a chance to become a much better player, he's really only got one training camp under his belt, and last year should've been a hard lesson to learn after being demoted. Let's see what happens....
  • avatar

    I just hope whatever injury that is keeping M. Johnson out of 11-on-11's is gone by training camp.
  • avatar

    There is no injury worry. He does all the drills. But why put him out there to have a offensive linemen fall on his knee. Cowboys can tell you about that. He is fine.
  • avatar

    Anybody notice that the coach named 6 D-line players he's counting on, but the glaring omission was Bowers?!
  • avatar

    @warren - I noticed that too. I guess Bowers has to prove he can be counted on to be part of the "2 deep rotation with no drop off" philosophy.
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