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July 2, 2014 @ 12:06 pm
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FOX Sports Ranks Bucs Last In The NFL; Praise Defense, Smith

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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FOX Sports began their countdown of the worst-to-first NFL team rankings and surprised many listing the Bucs as the league's worst team. In a panel discussion however, the team was praised for their talent and the new coaching staff and scheme.
FOX Sports began the unveiling of their power rankings list this week but despite a complete overhaul of the front office, coaching staff and the roster, the network surprisingly listed the Buccaneers as the No. 32 team in the NFL.

The strangest aspect of the Bucs being the No. 32 team was the praise thrown the organizations way by a panel of former NFL players that included Brian Urlacher, Donovan McNabb and Randy Moss, along with NFL insider Jay Glazer.

Urlacher gave linebacker Lavonte David a ringing endorsement, and thinks the third-year linebacker from Nebraska has unlimited potential.

“Lavonte David at the Will linebacker, he could be the most athletic player to play that position – Lance [Briggs] was great, [Derrick] Brooks was great – but this guy athletically and speed wise, there hasn’t been a guy to play that position like him," the former Bear All-Pro said.

Urlacher went on to talk about the importance of Gerald McCoy is Lovie Smith’s Tampa 2 defense.

“Create havoc, get up the field, pick a gap and go,” Urlacher said. “They call him a crack head, just pick a crack and go, that is what his job is going to be. Every play is a passing down. That is what the defense is going to let him do. Just go up the field. If it is a run, react to the run, but every play is a pass. Get up the field, create havoc, take up two guys and let your linebackers run.”

The panel didn’t ignore the offense. They praised running back Doug Martin, wide receivers Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans and rookie tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins. The group also talked about quarterback Josh McCown.

“I think going into Lovie’s system I think that he can have a good season, I really do,” Moss said.

“I don’t see any reason why not,” Urlacher said. “He is more confident (and) has a good O.C. in Jeff Tedford. I don’t see why he can’t duplicate it and do better.”

“When you look at him, it is very comparable to what he had in Chicago. Matt Forte, a big tight end in [Martellus] Bennett, Alshon [Jefferies] and Brandon Marshall. Very comparable to what he had there. Except the offensive line. They had a very good offensive line in Chicago. I am not sure line (in Tampa Bay).”

Glazer summed up the discussion talking Smith and his staff bringing stability to the circus of last year.

“The bottom line is, they bring a good tradition back to Tampa,” Glazer said. “When [John] Lynch and [Ronde] Barber and [Derrick] Brooks and [Warren] Sapp were there. They bring it back, they bring a grownup in there. All the stuff that lost games for them last year – which was the carnival atmosphere – is gone.”

Click here to watch the full video discussion.

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    We just got rid of all our obeying the law challenged players, the last thing we need is Jaimis the rapist Winston.
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    This bottom of the pile ranking is nothing new to us Bucs fans. It's been our way of life since 1976. "Worst to First" poster from 1979 is on the wall behind me. Who cares where some prognosticator values our team? This is just the first of many who will predict nothing more than a mediocre season for our Buccaneers. The fans of the candidates we might choose to put below us would offer similar arguments to make a case for their favorite team. As Pinkstob said, the Redskins (are we allowed to say that?) and Cowboys are always over-hyped heading into a season. The sports media typically echos the words of their brethren and rarely makes a bold statement. Their justification for anointing us # 32 is not without some merit when viewed from a less biased position. From a national perspective the front office and coaching staff are new. The QB situation is less than ideal with a career journeyman and a second year player who led the dead last offense. The offensive line is a totally new group when continuity is the goal. There is only one proven but aging wideout. The tight ends look promising but no Jimmy Graham or Jimmy Giles just yet. The feature back is coming off an injury. On the defensive line we have GMC and some hope that our FA additions prosper. The LB's have but one recognizable name who doesn't get enough recognition. The defensive backs have two safeties coming off injury. Revis is gone. Verner is good but Banks is largely unknown. Much as I believe we are going to be much improved; it's not a stretch to see their logic. It all boils down to the QB. If the newest Josh continues the success he had for those few games we should be competitive. If not, we just might hear, "With the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Buccaneers select Jaimis Winston, QB, Florida State" Me, I think we'll finish somewhere between 15th and 20th.
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    Scubog; I am somewhere around that thinking too, I am thinking 16-24 and hoping for something better than 8-8. I know we are different, but how much better are we? OG's is still my concern and next is LDE.
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    Until this team shows it's better than last in the league- dopes are gonna talk sh*t.take it with a grain of salt and consider the sources- Mcscabb was a choke artist and bumbled every big game he played in,urlacher couldn't make our roster or any other in his current condition ( ask him about how well free agency has gone for him)and is still burned that he's washed up,and randy- he just likes to talk as long as anyone is listening..the unfavorable view that most have of the Bucs has been well earned and until it changes,don't get your feelings hurt...when the slights are coming from guys who are past their time on the field,who really cares...
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    Let the FOX sports writers put their money where their mouth is and bet their home/auto titles that the Bucs will finish worse than the Bills, Raiders, or Browns will be. Heck add the Giants, Jets, and Vikings to that list too.
  • avatar

    Why is it that a few of you insist on associating FOX sports with FOX news? Really? Keep it to sports, at least here you may know something...
  • avatar

    don't worry gentlemen we're talking about FOX here. all this proves is that their sports news is dim-whited and inaccurate like their general news.
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    In past offseasons we have heaped praise on the Bucs for offseason moves without seeing any real evidence of growth. As off as this ranking may be I'm completely ok with it. Lets prove how poorly this ranking is with our play on the field and not opinions from upset fans. Step up Bucs!
  • avatar

    I am coming out of post draft, underwear football, pre camp hibernation to assure posters that the Fox Ranking exercise is about as credible as Mary Poppins starting for Denver in 2014. Actually I like our number 32 ranking, there is no pressure and nowhere to go but up. We are in essence the Super Underdogs and while I am sure many teams are very concerned about the Bucs offseason moves it would be nice to think they would take us for granite. No my friends, let me assure you we are as equally informed as Fox regarding the Bucs offseason rankings and probably more so based on the collective expertise of posters on Pewter that I enjoy each day. Fox is in the business of earning dollars not promoting fact. Have a nice 4th, see you the 24th.
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    Lindy's ranks the Buc's as the second best team in our Division behind the Saints. They have a lot more expertise than Fox Sports! What Fox Sports does do well is their e'mail service which points you to good Buc's articles from many sources including PR. They need to stick to that.
  • avatar

    The only thing I like about this prediction is it comes from Fox and they never get anything right. News or Sports !! So I guess the Bucs win the Super Bowl this season.
  • avatar

    I agree with you HORSE. I also believe no NFL team fan believes they will be 32nd. Really though who cares.
  • avatar

    I listened to it too and it was weird that we are 32. I could only assume that they are not sure if we have all the dots connected. That's my concern, but I sure don't believe we are anywhere near 32nd.
  • avatar

    Fox Sports 1: Just as reputable as Fox News
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    I read the article and listened to the video on Fox Sports 1 and honestly I don’t get it. The only thing they picked on was the concern at guard. Other than that they did not make one negative comment. Nothing! Maybe this list is in reverse? So that 32 is the best team in the league? They praised the change to Lovie, saying he is an adult, a winner and the players will be having fun. They praised the additions on defense and offense. They praised McCown, which is the only obvious player to pick on. They praised the draft picks, receivers and running backs. Finally at the end of the interview they mentioned a concern about the guards but dismissed it because they predicted that with the big receivers Josh will be able to get rid of the ball fast. So what is it about the Bucs that is soooooo bad they are the worst team in the league? Fox Sports doesn’t know or they just don’t want to say.
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    Stuff like this is why I never had any problem having guys like Talib, Winslow and M. Williams on the team. The national media will find a way to crap all over the Bucs no matter what so long as we're not winning year in, year out. The Redskins and Cowboys rarely have winning records and you don't see this crap pulled on them. Nobody respects the fact that we have "team chemistry". It hasn't led to respect from the national media and it hasn't put butts in the seats at RJS. The only thing that matters is winning 10+ games and/or making the playoffs.
  • avatar

    Oh and that quote from Urlacher regarding Lavontes potential for ultimate supremacy at his position... priceless.
  • avatar

    Those guys know we have potential, we know this team has potential but it's still just wishing in one hand at this point. I really thought we were going to turn some heads at this point last year too.... We were going to be ranked towards the bottom no matter what, so honestly I'd rather be sitting there with the biggest chip on my shoulder anyway. Worst to first is a real possibility this year but let's just go ahead and earn those bragging rights. I know I'm not alone when I say that I CAN NOT WAIT for some Bucs football!!
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