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July 4, 2014 @ 12:02 am
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Evans Working Hard To Get In Training Camp Shape

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Bucs rookie wide receiver Mike Evans is focused on getting himself in training camp shape and has forgone an offseason of vacation and travel to train with some current NFL players. Evans told Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times that while not quite in camp shape, he isn't too far off.
Bucs rookie wide receiver Mike Evans isn’t the most charismatic interview local media members will ever conduct. Even national guys – ask Jim Rome – have figured out that if you want funny anecdotes or clever sound bites there are much better players to talk to.

It appears part of the seriousness from Evans is derived from his focus on football as evidenced by a Tampa Bay Times report that Evans is spending his summer vacation not on an island beach in the Caribbean, but instead working out daily with current NFL players in South Florida.

Evans, who has been training for two weeks in Miami at Fit Speed Athletic Performance with NFL players like Chicago receiver Brandon Marshall, told Greg Auman of the Times this week that he isn’t where he needs to be condition wise.

"Physically, I'm not in tip-top shape. I'm getting back into my game shape," said Evans. "As far as injury-wise, I feel good. I've been running, and I feel 100 percent.

Besides conditioning, Evans also wants to bring his weight down from the 235 he played at last year as a member of the Texas A&M Aggies. Evans told Auman that 230 is his goal weight this season.

"I've got to lose more weight," Evans said. "I'm too heavy right now. But the workouts I've been doing, I'll be fine. I'll be ready."

Texas A&M, like most college programs, don’t have the extensive playbooks that NFL teams do and that is something else Evans is learning to adjust to although he feels good about his progress.

"I feel good. It's a lot more than we did in college, but I'm getting the hang of it," Evans said. "I'm starting to understand you have to adjust to different blitzes, corner blitz, safety blitz, stuff like that. This offense is pretty complicated, coming from something easy, but it isn't too bad."

In just the short time Evans has been a Buccaneer player he has already been impressed with the leadership on the roster. The Bucs first round draft pick singled out Josh McCown, Vincent Jackson, Doug Martin, Anthony Collins and Evan Dietrich-Smith on offense, as well as Alterraun Verner, Dashon Goldson and Gerald McCoy on defense as those that have stood out.

"We have a lot of leaders," he said. "I'm real excited because we have great leaders and a great work ethic. They make the younger guys want to work even harder."

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    The Bucs might be a little to physical for the other teams.
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    Wow - if only Da'Quan Bowers had the same attitude as Evans, he probably would have been solid starting DE for us since his rookie year. Sad, but goes to prove you need the right attitude and talent to succeed. Hope D'Q has flipped the switch and is working his tail off in July to make the team.
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    Scubog - Point well taken vis a vi Owycat's QB biases. Owlycat, I thought Josh McCown was our QB anyway. What's with the brain aneurysm over a backup QB. Must by July.
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    Considering that the Texas A & M play book consisted of only one play for Johnny Football: "scramble around and throw it up for for Evans", I can see why Evans feels the Bucs' play book is more "extensive". The kid seems to have a great attitude (especially) for a wide receiver, and appears to be a great pick. Time will tell, but I didn't see any "franchise QBs" at the 7th pick...To me, Manziel looks like a scrawny kid that will get crushed in the NFL. If McCown plays well, we won't even see Glennon this year...again time will tell.
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    It's hard to remember that Evans is only 21 years old. Great attitude. It always cracks me up when Owlykat goes on a rant about Glennon yet never saw the shortcomings of Tebo(w).
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    Evans attitude and dedication to the game is a far cry from what the Browns are dealing with in Cleveland on a daily basis. Great pick Bucs. I think the only player the Bucs would've selected over Evans was Blake Bortles.
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    This kid will be a great addition to our receiving corps, but recall that we could have easily moved Wright, with the same height and weight as this kid and also proven good hands and NFL experience, back to WR, and used our first pick for a Franchise QB of the future, instead of having to rely on loser Sack Magnet Glennon, ranked lowest of all NFL QBs against the blitz last season by Pro Football Focus. He is our Achilles Heel, and the main reason holding the ball so long, we had so many sacks last year that cost three of our OL their jobs! If you look at the blitzes that Smith faced last year at KC, that were also almost the total that our Sack Magnet faced, but instead Smith took his team to the playoffs because he could escape the rush (like all the first round QBs taken this year who we missed out on) and he isn't even a Franchise QB. Glennon apologists blamed his sorry second half points and his awful third down completion rate on his OL--but it was Glennon's fault, and Tedford cannot correct his lack of escapability. Lovie best trade him off as quick as he can get a decent draft pick for him! Remember Freeman at 250 pounds could get off passes with blitzers hanging on him, just like big Ben with the Steelers, but when Schiano got him to lose a lot of weight to be faster (Schiano wanted to get rid of him so he could replace him with his pet, Glennon) and it was just like cutting Soloman's hair, and Freeman started going down easy on blitzes, got depressed and hit the bottle, lost his career, and Schiano installed his pet that cost him his job too (karma!) but at least the Buc's came out of it with Lovie and a chance for our first dynasty, if they can just jettison the Sack Magnet albatross!
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    owlykat 1st off why are you ranting about a back up QB? He isnt even our starter. 2nd Wright doesnt have a third of the potential Evans has and it doesnt matter who is QBing for our team, if there isnt anyone to throw to then they are gonna suck. Who would you have liked us to pick with our 1st pick? Johny football who is a big boom or bust guy. Evans made Manzel look good all season and consistantly bailed him out who leaping catches all year. Or maybe we should have taken Bridgewater or Carr with our 7th over all pick. Both of whom went late 1st early 2nd. Then everyone would be saying we reached for a QB. 3rd Smith wasnt the reason the Chiefs made the playoffs. It was there Defense. The first 9 games of the season there defense avg 6 sacks a game. Thats crazy. Smith never had to play from behind and never had to force any throws. He relied on his defense. Also Reid designed plays to get the ball out of Smiths hands quickly to avoid sacks. Over 55% of the chiefs offense was J Charles either running the ball or catching quick passes. Smith completed less then 15 passes of 20 yds or more and 5 went to Charles. He never had to try and carry his team like Glennon. Glennon almost had identical stats to Smith and it was his rookie year. I am not sold on Glennon yet nut I got to at least give him a chance.
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    With his physical gifts and determination to be the best he can, I don't see much being able to stop this young man from becoming a star on Sundays. Love that he's in a bucs uni!!
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    Yes I read that too in the Tampa Times this morning. I like the attitude that Evans has. He will learn a lot from Jackson this year. I hope he takes a week off before camp and just chill out and let his body rest. Several of our players have no clue what the humidity does to the body at 90 degrees and above. Come to think of it so does some of the coaching too. It will be interesting if the team can get all that practice time in with all the afternoon shower storms.
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