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July 14, 2014 @ 12:00 am
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Pewter Report Drafts The Ultimate Bucs Teams

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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Pewter Reporters Scott Reynolds and Mark Cook each drafted their own Ultimate Bucs Team this summer. Find out where some of the Bucs legends were drafted and which Pewter Reporter drafted the best Ultimate Bucs Team.
PewterReport.com’s Bucs beat writers, publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Mark Cook, conducted the Ultimate Bucs Draft during the summer prior to the start of Tampa Bay’s 2014 training camp. The objective was to draft 11 starters on offense and defense, in addition to a kicker, a punter, a return specialist and a player deemed to be a special teams ace.

Cook won the coin toss and had the first pick of PewterReport.com’s Ultimate Bucs Draft. The following is a round-by-round chronicle of each selection with commentary by each Pewter Reporter about their picks.

1. DT Warren Sapp – Mark Cook
It was a toss-up between Warren Sapp and Lee Roy Selmon, but I went with a true game-changer and solidified the interior defensive line with the selection of, to me, one of the two greatest Buccaneers of all time. Besides the talent that Sapp brings, I love the on-the-field swagger and intimidation factor.

2. OLB Derrick Brooks – Scott Reynolds
Sapp is off the board, but the No. 1 player on my board – and the greatest Buccaneer of all-time – Brooks, becomes my first selection. Can’t fault Cook for taking Sapp first overall. He was the second Buc on my draft board.

3. DE Lee Roy Selmon – Mark Cook
So my whole quandary of trying to pick between Sapp and Selmon ended up being a moot point. With Selmon and Sapp, I now have the two most dominating defensive players in franchise history. Reynolds made a big mistake in my opinion by passing on Selmon. Up the middle, off the edge – who are you going to double-team now?

4. MLB Hardy Nickerson – Scott Reynolds
I knew Cook was going to select his beloved Selmon, which is fine. I want to build a strong linebacking corps that can shut down the run and defend the pass, so the ultimate fiery leader, Nickerson, one of my favorite Bucs players of all time and the third player on my personal draft board, gets paired up with Brooks.

5. CB Darrelle Revis – Mark Cook
With an already outstanding pass rush, I decided to take one of the game’s best shutdown corners in Revis, who was a Pro Bowler in his only season with the Bucs. I could see Revis having double-digit interception numbers with the likes of Sapp and Selmon getting after the quarterback. With one pick I have half the field covered.

6. CB Ronde Barber – Scott Reynolds
Elated to find Barber, my top cornerback and one of my favorite Bucs of all-time, still on the board, I take him and will build my secondary around his playmaking ability and nose for interceptions. Barber’s blitzing ability helps my pass rush. Why Cook chose Revis over Barber is beyond me.

7. SS John Lynch – Mark Cook
With a defensive tackle, defensive end and cornerback already selected it was now time to add more intimidation and solidify the back end of my defense. Lynch can come up in the box and defend the run and everyone knows you better keep your head on a swivel if you are going across the middle with Lynch patrolling the secondary.

8. DE Simeon Rice – Scott Reynolds
Losing the chance to grab Lynch hurts, but Rice was the fifth player on my draft board, and I’m excited to build my defensive line around this edge rusher, who has the third-most sacks in Bucs history. Rice is an elite rusher I can build my defensive line around.

9. OLB Lavonte David – Mark Cook
Are you kidding me? Already I have the best defensive tackle, end, cornerback, safety and now you are going to let me have, what I am already predicting, a linebacker than will surpass the great Derrick Brooks one day? Yep Reynolds I said it. David could end up being the best ever to wear the red and pewter.

10. DT Gerald McCoy – Scott Reynolds
I really wanted to get David to round out my linebacking corps, but can’t pass up McCoy, who pairs with Rice to form a deadly, inside-outside pass rush combination. McCoy also brings great leadership ability and great work ethic to my team.

11. FB Mike Alstott – Mark Cook
After putting together an outstanding defense it was time to put together an offense and who better to add to my ultra-physical team than one of the toughest runners in Bucs history. The sound of the train whistle every time Alstott touches the ball is music to my ears.

12. QB Brad Johnson – Scott Reynolds
The Super Bowl-winning Johnson is clearly the best QB in Bucs’ history and was sixth on my board because of the importance of the position, so this is a great pick to lead my offense. My decision in this round was between Johnson and left tackle Paul Gruber.

13. OT Paul Gruber – Mark Cook
As you can already see I believe in strong, physical play first and foremost, then razzle-dazzle later on. It doesn’t matter who lines up at quarterback, if you don’t have a cornerstone left tackle it will all blow up. Gruber was the best in history and will give whoever lines up under center the time they need to find an open receiver.

14. CB Donnie Abraham – Scott Reynolds
Although I missed out on Gruber, I rebound with Abraham, giving my team the top two cornerbacks – and interceptors – in franchise history. With Barber and Abraham, I’ll be able to get interceptions aplenty and force QBs to hold on to the ball while Rice and McCoy get sacks aplenty.

15. CB Ricky Reynolds – Mark Cook
After addressing the offense I decided to turn my attention back to the defense. With Revis shutting down half the field I needed a more than adequate guy on the other side. This is a surprise pick to SR I am sure, but Scott was still chasing girlfriends around Kansas State when this Reynolds was arguably the best Bucs cornerback of the early 90’s. Don’t believe me? Ask Jerry Rice who hit him the hardest in his NFL career and he will tell you it was Reynolds.

16. RB James Wilder – Scott Reynolds
Ricky Reynolds over Brian Kelly? Are you kidding me, Cook? Revis and BK would have challenged Barber and Abraham as the best CB duo, but not with Reynolds on your team instead of Kelly. With Wilder, the Bucs’ all-time leading rusher and receiver, my team has the most versatile and dangerous running back in Tampa Bay history. I’m thrilled with this pick and he'll be the cornerstone of my offense.

17. OT Donald Penn – Mark Cook
With the best tackle of all time already on the roster, why not go get the second best? Say what you want about Penn and his weight – not that I know anything about that – but he was an iron man who at times dominated some of the best pass rushers of his day. Put him on the right side and he can block in his sleep.

18. G Davin Joseph – Scott Reynolds
Look at Cook make a power play and grab the franchise’s top two tackles – putting Donald Penn on the right side. It’s time to start building my offensive line to block for Wilder and Johnson up the middle, and Joseph, a two-time Pro Bowler, is a great place to begin. He’s the best guard in team history.

19. G Randall McDaniel – Mark Cook
Again, you can put Tom Brady at QB, Adrian Peterson at running back and Larry Fitzgerald at wide receiver, but if there is no protection your offense isn’t going anywhere. McDaniel will solidify the interior, and help open holes for whoever is running my football.

20. DT Brad Culpepper – Scott Reynolds
McDaniel was a shell of his former self when he came to Tampa Bay, Cook. Pairing the quick and feisty Culpepper, who ranks sixth all-time with 33 sacks, next to McCoy gives my team a great interior pass rush. I thought about David Logan and Booger McFarland, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Culpepper.

21. WR Vincent Jackson – Mark Cook
It is now time to start acquiring some skill positions and Vincent Jackson is one of the best to play the position in Tampa Bay history. With an outstanding defense in place my team isn’t going to need to light up the scoreboard but instead will control the clock and keep the chains moving. Jackson is the perfect choice to lead the offense.

22. TE Jimmie Giles – Scott Reynolds
I strike at the chance to get Giles, the Bucs’ best tight end and Bucs Ring of Honor member, who is the all-time TD reception leader (34) and ranks second in receiving yards (4,300), to work the seam for Johnson. I’m surprised Cook took Jackson over the chance to get a premier tight end like Giles, who is in the Bucs' Ring of Honor.

23. OLB Hugh Green – Mark Cook
I tried to get into the offensive mindset but still wanted to build an even more dominant defense. Green was a beast before injuries hampered his Bucs career, but went onto to be a productive player for Don Shula in Miami. Green only makes my defense more physical and intimidating.

24. OLB Shelton Quarles – Scott Reynolds
I complete the famed 1999 Bucs linebacker corps reunion with the addition of Quarles, a Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion, on the strongside to form the best set of linebackers possible. The selection of Quarles (985) gives me the top four tacklers in Bucs history along with Brooks (2,198), Barber (1,428) Nickerson (1,028).

25. MLB Cecil Johnson – Mark Cook
What the heck Reynolds? Let me go ahead and round out my linebackers with another standout from the Bucco Bruce days. With a nickname like "Cecil the Diesel" you know he was a tackling machine. Teams will be lucky to get 50 yards a game on the ground against this defense with Johnson anchoring the middle.

26. DE Chidi Ahanotu – Scott Reynolds
Ahanotu, a former Bucs’ franchise tag recipient, is the fifth-leading sacker in team history with 34.5 QB captures. He gets the nod over Greg Spires and Steve White to rush the quarterback opposite Rice.

27. FS Mark Cotney – Mark Cook
Is anyone going to even score on this team? I went with the guy who was Lynch before Lynch was Lynch – one of the toughest Bucs of all time, Cotney. With Lynch and Cotney roaming in the secondary is any opposing receiver going to even attempt to go over the middle?

28. OT Demar Dotson – Scott Reynolds
While Cook is stockpiling old creamsicle Bucs, I’m drafting the physical and athletic Dotson, who has the flexibility to play left or right tackle. He’ll man the right side of my team’s offensive line and bring toughness to my team.

29. C Tony Mayberry – Mark Cook
Keeping with my theme of being a tough manhandling defensive and offensive line I went with the best center in Bucs history Mayberry. Not only a great athlete, Mayberry was also one of the smartest Bucs offensive linemen. Having a cerebral yet master technician with technique, I think Mayberry makes my offense very stout up front.

30. G Carl Nicks – Scott Reynolds
In a strategic draft error, I strayed from my board to take Dotson instead of Mayberry. But grabbing Nicks, a Pro Bowler, to pair with Joseph at guard is a nice recovery. With Cook already drafting two tackles, I could have waited to draft Dotson later.

31. G Ian Beckles – Mark Cook
Beckles wasn’t a finesse player by any stretch and that is one thing I was looking for when building an offensive line. I love maulers and Beckles was just that. Surprisingly agile for someone of his size, Beckles can clog the gaps in pass protection and also grind out those creases my running backs need.

32. WR Mark Carrier – Scott Reynolds
Getting the speedy Carrier, the Bucs’ all-time leading receiver, in the 16th round is an absolute steal and he’ll be the primary weapon for Johnson in the passing game. Quick, fast and elusive with enough size, Carrier can do it all.

33. WR Kevin House – Mark Cook
With a huge target on one side with Jackson, I decided to add an element of speed to the other side and House is my guy. House is a blazer that can get past cornerbacks and safeties, and stretch the field opening things up underneath.

34. KR-PR Karl Williams – Scott Reynolds
Special teams is a huge part of football, and I want Williams, who has five punt return TDs, as my primary returner – and he brings value as a third-down receiver. There's no other return specialist in Tampa Bay history that has accomplished more.

35. DE Greg Spires – Mark Cook
With Selmon and Sapp already in place, along with the group of linebackers I drafted, Reynolds or myself could probably notch a half dozen sacks ourselves, but since we aren’t eligible in this draft I went with former Noles standout and underrated left defensive end in Spires. Solid against the run, and more than adequate as a pass rusher the “Crane” fits perfectly in this defense.

36. FS Cedric Brown – Scott Reynolds
It’s time to address the safety position, so why not grab the third-most prolific interceptor (29) in franchise history by drafting Brown? Now I have the three best ballhawks in Bucs history with Barber, Abraham and Brown.

37. RB Warrick Dunn – Mark Cook
With the selection of Dunn, the Thunder and Lightning duo are reunited. And just as they did during their time together, they will compliment each other perfectly. Talk about trying to defend two different running styles, Dunn and my earlier selection of Alstott will find the end zone often behind my offensive line.

38. C Jeff Faine – Scott Reynolds
At center, I like Faine’s nasty attitude, athleticism and intelligence in the middle of the offensive line in between mauling guards Nicks and Joseph. This pick makes Johnson and Wilder awfully happy.

39. ST Kenny Gant – Mark Cook
The “Shark” Kenny Gant, a local Polk County product, brought some attitude when he joined the Bucs after being a special teams standout in Dallas. A fan favorite, he will get the crowd revved up on kickoffs in particular.

40. WR Keyshawn Johnson – Scott Reynolds
To round out my receiving corps, I want the big, rangy Johnson, a Super Bowl champion, to help run block on the perimeter for Wilder and to catch passes on crosses and work the underneath routes. He and the QB Johnson had a great chemistry in Tampa Bay that helped the Bucs win it all.

41. K Martin Gramatica – Mark Cook
Honestly, I could do without all the jumping around, but as long as you are connecting at an 85 percent conversion rate on field goals, jump all you want. Gramatica was a clutch kicker, and extremely consistent for years and will be a great addition to my team – hair and all.

42. K Connor Barth – Scott Reynolds
With Gramatica off the board, I’ll take the most accurate field goal kicker in Buccaneers’ history in Barth, who has an incredibly strong leg. In a few years, Barth will erase all of Gramatica's records.

43. P Reggie Roby – Mark Cook
I never heard a more distinctive thud when someone kicked a football like Roby. It almost sounded like it exploded on his foot. Roby can flip the entire field with just one booming punt.

44. P Mark Royals – Scott Reynolds
The dependable Royals could punt for distance and accuracy, as well as throw the ball on fake punts. He's a much better selection than Roby, who often outkicked his coverage and allowed big returns by the opposition.

45. KR-PR Micheal Spurlock – Mark Cook
There were a handful of candidates to choose from but why not take the guy who broke the 25-plus year jinx of never returning a kickoff for a touchdown? Plus, Spurlock gives me an insurance policy at wide receiver.

46. FB Earnest Graham – Scott Reynolds
At fullback, I grab one of the most versatile Buccaneers of all-time in Graham, who can block, catch and run the ball, and star on special teams. I love having the team-first Graham on my team.

47. QB Doug Williams – Mark Cook
Fans are really torn on the play of Williams during his career in Tampa Bay, but no one could question his cannon for an arm. I love his leadership and ability to make a clutch third down throw when the game is on the line. Sure he was a less than 50 percent completion percentage passer in Tampa Bay, but also owns a Super Bowl Ring.

48. SS Mark Barron – Scott Reynolds
Cook, Williams won that Super Bowl ring with Washington - not Tampa Bay. With that logic, I should have drafted Steve Young! Williams completed 47 percent of his passes. I'll take Johnson – "The Bull" – every day of the week over him. I finish my secondary with a late-round steal in the physical Barron, who is an up-and-coming star playmaker for the Buccaneers.

49. TE Jackie Harris – Mark Cook
Of course everyone would prefer to have Giles, but Harris was a great free agent pickup from the Packers and had a knack for getting behind linebackers and using his soft hands to haul in passes in front of the safety. Harris is the perfect tight end for Williams to throw to if I can’t have Giles.

50. OT Roman Oben – Scott Reynolds
Knowing that Cook had already drafted his tackles, I wait until the end of the draft to steal the intelligent and athletic Oben, a Super Bowl champion, to man the left side of the line. He shut down Philadelphia DE Hugh Douglas when nobody else could.

51. DT David Logan – Mark Cook
Talk about a value pick, Logan at No. 51 could be the biggest draft steal of all time. With Spires, Sapp, Logan and Selmon, exactly where are you planning on running the football against my team?

52. ST Dwight Smith – Scott Reynolds
Smith, a Super Bowl hero with two pick-sixes, is my team’s special teams ace and is also a dynamite nickel cornerback on defense. A fantastic pick to end my Ultimate Bucs Team.

With the drafting of 26 players complete, let’s take a look at each Pewter Reporter’s Ultimate Bucs Team:

Mark Cook’s Ultimate Bucs Team
QB Doug Williams
RB Warrick Dunn
FB Mike Alstott
TE Jackie Harris
WR Vincent Jackson
WR Kevin House
LT Paul Gruber
LG Randall McDaniel
C Tony Mayberry
RG Ian Beckles
RT Donald Penn

RE Greg Spires
DT Warren Sapp
NT David Logan
LE Lee Roy Selmon
WLB Lavonte David
MLB Cecil Johnson
SLB Hugh Green
CB Darrelle Revis
CB Ricky Reynolds
FS Mark Cotney
SS John Lynch

Special Teams
K Martin Gramatica
P Reggie Roby
KR-PR Micheal Spurlock
ST Kenny Gant

Scott Reynolds’ Ultimate Bucs Team
QB Brad Johnson
RB James Wilder
FB Earnest Graham
TE Jimmie Giles
WR Mark Carrier
WR Keyshawn Johnson
LT Roman Oben
LG Carl Nicks
C Jeff Faine
RG Davin Joseph
RT Demar Dotson

RE Simeon Rice
DT Gerald McCoy
NT Brad Culpepper
LE Chidi Ahanotu
WLB Derrick Brooks
MLB Hardy Nickerson
SLB Shelton Quarles
CB Ronde Barber
CB Donnie Abraham
FS Cedric Brown
SS Mark Barron

Special Teams
K Connor Barth
P Mark Royals
KR-PR Karl Williams
ST Dwight Smith

Visit PewterReport.com over the next two days with commentary from Reynolds and Cook on the selection of their Ultimate Bucs Teams. Which Pewter Reporter had the best draft? Who were the best picks and which picks were the most questionable? Vote today in PewterReport.com's Pewter Poll, listed on the front page of the website.

We want to hear from you. Bucs fans are encouraged to leave their opinions in the article comments section, on the PewterReport.com message boards and on PewterReport.com’s Twitter page.

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  • avatar

    No Ricky Bell??? Can't have an all-time Bucs team without the workhorse...40 carries in a game sometimes!
  • avatar

    I would have considered DE Wally Chambers who was instrumental one year. Dave Lewis was better than Cecil Johnson. Gotta go with Danny Reece as my punt returner just because he never made a fair catch. I'll take either Steve Wilson or Bubba Grimes over Jeff Faine at Center.
  • avatar

    Others I considered; Dave Moore, Booger McFarland, George Yarno (as my kicker) and Larry Mucker. Kidding about Yarno and Mucker.
  • avatar

    Hahaha that was amazing. You guys need to do more of that back and forth. Reminds me of First Take! MC is Stephen A. Smith and SR is Skip. I think the big MC won this one...
  • avatar

    Are you playing with today's rules where highlight film hits of the past would be considered targeting today? If so, then picking Lynch over Rice wad a mistake. Mark could of had Selmon, Sapp, Logan, Rice as a front four! It sounds as if Scott was going to take Lynch over Rice, so you would've ended up with David and probably still Green giving you 6 outstanding pass rushers!
  • avatar

    Interesting that neither Scott or Mark wanted to draft for the '79 3-4 defense and went with the Tampa 2. I like a 4 man line myself. I'd like to point out to Mark that back around 2000 I got to play Madden against Brooks. I let him take the '99 Bucs and I had the '79 Bucs. I found it interesting that he used a 3-4 instead of the Tampa 2. Guess he was biased and liked the extra LB. It didn't help as I slaughtered him. We were only playing 5min qtrs and they had to call it before the 1st qtr ended because I was beating him 28-0. He told me he wasn't a gamer before we played and it showed. Have to believe that while other players were gaming, he was studying film!
  • avatar

    Great article (and fun)! And the winner is...
  • avatar

    Is there a way to simulate it on Madden? It would be interesting to find out the scores. 3 out of 5 maybe? Just an idea.
  • avatar

    Nice idea and fun to think about. I know this either team would be killer now. Mark's front four of Spires, Sapp, Logan and Selmon? Can you IMAGINE? Think David and Green could make some tackles? LOL Scott's LB's.....Brooks, Quarles and Nickerson? Unbelievable. But if you can draft a Revis after only one season, isn't Steve Young better than Johnson or Williams? Actually this position just tells me how the Buccaneers have never had a true franchise QB. Nice way to honor so many great Buccaneers! A way to dream and bring back so many memories. Well done.
  • avatar

    Well this being the "slow" time of year you have to expect such "time filler" articles, lol
  • avatar

    An entertaining , good article. I am looking at both of the offenses and they are both weak compared to the defenses. So if I was to predict the outcome of SR and MC picks playing against each other I'd go with MC 7 out of 10 times!!
  • avatar

    Not sure who wrote the article but I have a feeling they were born after 1975... Warren Sapp changing the game sure, but Lee Roy Selmon was double and triple teamed his entire career and was still one of the more feared DE in NFL history. Had the Bucs been better or playing more passing offense like today's game, Lee Roy Selmon would have 30% more sacks. Back in the day (late 1970s) opposing teams schemed against Lee Roy Selmon. His career was cut short during a Pro-Bowl game. That would be the only knock on him. To me, he is always the number 1 Buc... My ultimate Bucs team defensive team. Selmon, Sapp, Culpepper, Rice. Linebackers, Brooks, Nickerson, Hugh Green. My DBs, Ricky Reynolds, Donnie Abraham, Cedric Brown, and John Lynch
  • avatar

    Arizona Joe, both SR and I wrote it, and both were born before 1975! Like I wrote in my commentary, which you may not have read, I was torn between the two, but ended up with both. I loved Lee Roy like none other, from a fan as a boy to a reporter later in life. Joey Johnston from the Trib and myself were at St. Joes the entire weekend after Lee Roy had his stroke. Not to be some snooping reporter, but I just wanted to be there for some reason that I can't explain still. Part of childhood slipping away maybe? Not sure if you read this I wrote after he passed away. http://www.pewterreport.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=7252:losing-lee-roy-selmon-hurts
  • avatar

    Mark, Thanks for posting that link. I went and read the article...had to pause a couple times to wipe my eyes to be able to see again. My wife and I moved to Tampa in 1978 in time for their 3rd season and to become Buc fans for life. I remember vividly all those games you described. My Dad, a life long Eagles fan, was in town and we watched that playoff game together. He felt I rooted too hard for TB and didn't talk to me for 6 months. Thanks again for re-posting the link. The Gentle Giant will live forever in the hearts of all of us who were privileged to watch him terrorize QBs on the field and know his life of grace and kindness off the field.
  • avatar

    I did read that Mark. I know you and SR wrote it, and I was simply poking you guys in the chest for putting Sapp ahead of Selmon. I truly believe Selmon was the best DE during his era. Had he played on a better team, he would be considered in the same breath as Harvey Martin, Joe Greene, etc. I do think we think fondly of the Super Bowl Team, and maybe that artificially pushes those players to the top... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiRLUad8G84
  • avatar

    I dont get your reasoning....sapp is well deserved to be the number 1 overall pick. Your mad that he didnt pick Selmon but you leave Barber off your all time defense and youd rather have ricky rynolds??? sorry but that makes even less sense.
  • avatar

    I enjoyed the article. Thank you. But, I wish "Me-shawn" wasn't on the list.
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