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July 31, 2014 @ 5:08 pm
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Bucs Camp Quotebook 7-31: McCown, Smith, Byrd

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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What were head coach Lovie Smith's thoughts after Thursday's practice? What does DB coach Gil Byrd think of his group? And what did QB Josh McCown say about WR Tommy Streeter. Get these answers and more in this training camp quotebook from PewterReport.com.
The Buccaneers finished their sixth training camp practice on Thursday under cloudy skies. PewterReport.com compiled quotes from head coach Lovie Smith and a handful of select players coming off the field.

(Opening statement)

“We continue to install our game plans for different situations. Today we had a chance to put in two-minute for the first time, that’s always fun. About half the games come down to what you do at the end of the game in that two-minute situation. That last drive determining the outcome of the game. So it’s important that we convert on the offensive side, make decisions and all of that.  And on the defensive side, play smart ball. [There’s] no better time to take the ball away. We did some good things on both sides of the ball today, continue to get good work. Guys are giving us more to evaluate from before we get to the Jacksonville game. [We’re] looking forward to tomorrow night. It’s one thing to practice on the practice field, but when you go to the stadium it’s a different feel. So our players are excited about getting the feel for Raymond James stadium. Of course for a lot of them, this will be the first time getting out there, it’s going to be a big day for us tomorrow. Injury wise, guys are getting better. Alterraun [Verner], Mike Jenkins has some type of leg injury that we’re monitoring, and that’s the base part of it. We had three cornerbacks on the sideline out of uniform today. Hopefully in time we’ll start to get some of them back.”

(On wide receiver Tommy Streeter)
“You guys are watching practice. With Tommy, you notice his, he’s another guy with good size, good height, good speed and he’s been catching the football. You talk to him and he doesn’t want a whole lot of complements, he’s just hey, I’m just trying to do my job, trying to get better very day, saying all the right things, just making plays. That’s all you have to do as a player. You don’t have to worry about, am I going to make the roster, am I going to get enough plays. If you get one play, you do something, you’ll continue to get more. We’ve notices him. When we initially came to camp he’s wasn’t one of the guys we were talking a lot about. But he’s been pretty steady every day.”

(On defensive end/tackle Da’Quan Bowers)
“He can help us quite a bit. Especially, because you have, as a general rule, we’ll carry three inside player and three ends (on game days). So that’s six and you’d like that seventh player to be able to do both and that’s what you have in a player like Da’Quan. He’s right in between, big enough to rush inside on third down and a good anchor outside on first down playing the end position so he gives us some flexibility. He’s been injured a lot, I know that, but he hasn’t missed a beat since I’ve been here.”

(On wide receiver Tommy Streeter)

“That guy is catching the ball right and left. It’s one of the better camps I’ve been around for a receiver; he’s just got so many catches. He’s just doing his job and he’s humble, hardworking. He comes out here every day and gets after it, catches the ball when it’s thrown to him and makes plays. That’s all you can ask for as a player, just an opportunity. Tommy’s done a good job.”

(On practicing 50/50 balls)
“It’s hard because you want to be careful in practice when you start throwing the 50/50 balls and stuff like that, that’s a scary deal. So you have to be careful with that, but you can practice it. There’s still a way to get that done without risking injury, so we’ve definitely spent time doing that. That really materializes more in games when it’s live competition and the guys are going up and making plays on the ball.”

(On the how the skill positions will affect the offense)
“Hopefully it’s going to play to it by them being big and fast, catching passes and running fast. We’re glad, we like the guys that we have all around and not only at receiver, but at tight end. We feel like there is depth there and at all of the skill positions on offense. Everybody has had their moments where they look good, where they’ve flashed and made plays. The weapons are there, now it’s just figuring out what’s the best way to use them.”
(On the chances the offense is successful this season)
“Obviously I think they’re good, I’m going to say it because failure is not in the vocabulary. I’m excited about where we can go, but it’s still early and the main thing is just coming out here every day and focusing on something we can deliberately and intentionally get better at and just keep stacking those good days and we’ll see where we’ll end up. That’s the thing, at the start of the year everything is different. You don’t know what kind of shape it’s going to take on, you kind of have an idea of who your playmakers are, but sometimes you go in thinking one thing and then you end up rushing the ball for a lot of yards. You go in thinking ‘Hey we’re going to be a ground and pound it,’ and then you end up throwing for a lot of yards. You never know and it will really take through the season, that we’ll really take on our form of what the 2014 Bucs offense is going to be.”
(Opening statement)
I just want to say I’m
really excited about the cornerbacks that we have. Guys are working hard and giving it their all. They’re really improving each and every day. I’m excited about what’s going on.”

(On being able to focus on only the cornerbacks)
“I think that’s the thing Coach Smith wanted to get here where you have three groups. It’s just like the linebackers where you have the Mike, a Will, and a Sam. In the secondary you have your corners, your nickels, and your safeties, so you want to have a coach for each position. You can go into a little more detail, the little intricacies of each position, which hopefully will help out in the long run, and I’m sure it will.”

(On what he’s seen from the cornerback group so far in camp)
“I think the guys are buying into what we want to get accomplished. They’re pursuing the ball really well. They’re buying into takeaways, which is what this game is all about. I’m encouraged by what I see in the secondary and especially from the corners.”

– Haley Cornish and Mark Cook combined on this report

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