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August 20, 2014 @ 2:34 pm
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Owusu's Game is Developing And Catches The Eye Of McCown

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Chris Owusu is entering his third season in the NFL and is hoping to have a bigger impact for the Bucs this season after struggling with injuries and inconsistencies over the course of his first two years. Someone who has noticed Owusu's improvement is Bucs QB Josh McCown.
One of the standout receivers during training camp was third-year receiver Chris Owusu, who entertained Bucs fans that came out to the numerous practices that began back in July.

Not only did the former Stanford product impress fans who watched the daily sessions, but Owusu also caught the eye of his quarterback Josh McCown.

“He’s been really solid, probably as much as anybody since the first day to now,” McCown said of Owusu. “Chris has been steady, (in that) he always does what he’s supposed to do and makes plays when they are there for him. I like what I’ve seen from him. He’s physical. He’s got some strength to him and obviously has the speed and has made big plays throughout the spring and throughout camp this year.

“I think he’s definitely somebody that has been good to kind of get to know and get to see flourish because you already know him before you’re out here. But as a young player he’s going in the right direction, that’s for sure.”

Owusu, who has 14 career receptions for 138 yards, was pleased to hear the kind sentiment from McCown.

"To get a complement from Josh that means a lot to me,” Owusu said on Wednesday during open locker room. “I’m trying to go out there and develop some trust with him and be where I need to be when I’m supposed to be there. He’s a great leader and I appreciate his words.”
Owusu was also a standout last training camp, only to struggle in game action once the preseason games began. This year Owusu is believing in himself more.

“I definitely feel more confident,” Owusu said. “I haven’t been injured. Just to go out there and play fast and be able to get my playbook and Coach Lovie’s philosophy of playing hard all the time has definitely helped me.”

Owusu, who is listed along with Louis Murphy as the backups to Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans on the team’s depth chart, also credited offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford’s system for helping him feel more comfortable.

"Tedford’s offense is dynamic, both running and passing,” Owusu said. “To be able to have that variety has helped us all. It’s helped me to go out there and be confident with my plays. You’ve got to get in the playbook and learn and study, but I think we’re doing that as an offense.

Watching veteran wide receiver Vincent Jackson over the last two seasons has been a great teaching tool for Owusu, who credits Jackson with helping his game evolve.
“How to be a professional,” Owusu said. “That’s the number one thing. I think he takes his job very seriously both on and off the field and he’s such a great leader. He’s a guy that takes it to another level being a professional -- being the guy who’s always on time, being the guy who is always watching film. You can tell by his route running with how crisp it is.”
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    If you put Glennon in one hand and crap in the other and what do you have? Two crappy hands. "Deal" with it. McCown will be fine in this offense, not great but fine.
  • avatar

    This article is about Chris Owusu and all any of you are talking about is anything but...
  • avatar

    Owlykat: It's Peyton not Payton. My goodness you have issues with people's names. First off, Bortles was drafted at the # 3 spot and not even available for us at # 7. You may want to take a peek at the other QB's we could have taken and then tell us how great they are at this early stage of their careers. Me, I really liked Garapolo.
  • avatar

    owlykat- It's hard to take anything you say seriously when you give your opinion on QB's. Tebow would win us a Superbowl right?
  • avatar

    If Glennon starts guys you can kiss your season goodbye. He starts with a bang and ends with a whimper every ball game just like he did last year when Pro Football Focus rated him the worst QB in the NFL facing a blitz, whereas they found Our Josh last year to be the top NFL QB facing pressure. Just compare Glennon's first half stats to his second half stats last year, and you will see I am not making this stuff up. That is exactly why we badly needed to take advantage of our Seventh Pick in the first round to land a top QB and my preference then was Bortles or Carr. Both are far superior to Albatross Glennon! By the way Josh did not have a great OL in Chicago either but threw for thirteen touchdowns and one interception in five games. He has little wear and tear on his 35 year old body. By contrast Payton has lots of wear and tear on his body and at 39 he is still going strong, so don't count out Josh so quick and give him the respect he has earned.
  • avatar

    McCown is a good, not great, solution for us right now. He's better than Rex Grossman. Further, i don't believe that Glennon is ever going to be the anointed starter for the Bucs. He may end up starting due to injury, but he just doesn't have that extra something to be great. McCown is a MUCH better athlete than Glennon. Can we all try not to crap all over our new starting QB before the season even starts? Not really helpful.
  • avatar

    So Owasu has caught the attention of McCown. Why are you guys acting like McCown is some sort of supreme authority? McCown has looked very pedestrian, but you guys seem to put him on the same level as a Peyton Manning. He's a 13yr backup QB who had a VERY short string of decent games, against some of the WORST pass defenses in the league and you guys act as if he's a future HOF'r.
  • avatar

    Im inclined to agree. I haven't been impressed with him at all. I think glennon is going to take the job at some point this season and mccown will either be in tampa next year as a backup or hes going to be on to the next team or retired. hes got to step up, someone has got to step up at that position.
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