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July 27, 2011 @ 11:30 pm
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2011 Bucs Training Camp Issue

Pewter Report's Ultimate Bucs Draft

WRITTEN_BY Scott Reynolds Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds


Pewter Reporters Scott Reynolds and Charlie Campbell each drafted Buccaneers teams using Tampa Bay’s all-time roster. See how the Ultimate Bucs Draft unfolded in this three-part series.
In an attempt to cure the boredom from the 2011 NFL lockout, Pewter Report Bucs beat writers Scott Reynolds and Charlie Campbell decided to conduct an Ultimate Buccaneers Fantasy Draft this summer to build two of the mightiest teams in Tampa Bay history using players that significantly played for the Bucs during the better parts of their careers.

For example, even though Pro Bowler Anthony Munoz, who is regarded as one of the best left tackles in NFL history, played a few snaps for the Bucs before suffering a career-ending injury in Tampa Bay, he does not qualify. Nor does quarterback Steve Young, whose performance in Tampa Bay was lousy before becoming a Hall of Famer with San Francisco, qualify for the purpose of this draft.

To complete the draft we had to build an entire 11-man offense, an 11-man defense and draft a few special teams specialists. Which Pewter Reporter built the best Bucs team? Read on and decide for yourself!

Campbell won the coin toss and got to select the first Buccaneer, which was defensive tackle Warren Sapp, who was also atop Reynolds’ draft board. With Tampa Bay being known more for its defense throughout the history of its franchise, there were a total of seven defensive players drafted in the top 10 picks. Here is how the top 10 players were selected:

1. DT Warren Sapp – Charlie Campbell
2. LB Derrick Brooks – Scott Reynolds
3. DE Lee Roy Selmon – Charlie Campbell
4. DE Simeon Rice – Scott Reynolds
5. FB Mike Alstott – Charlie Campbell
6. MLB Hardy Nickerson – Scott Reynolds
7. SS John Lynch – Charlie Campbell
8. CB Ronde Barber – Scott Reynolds
9. OT Paul Gruber – Charlie Campbell
10. QB Josh Freeman – Scott Reynolds

Campbell began assembling a strong, quarterback-sacking defensive line, snagging Sapp and Hall of Fame defensive end Lee Roy Selmon with his first two picks, while Reynolds countered with elite pass rushing defensive end Simeon Rice and began constructing a dynamite linebacking corps filled with leadership and playmaking ability featuring Derrick Brooks, perhaps the greatest player in franchise history, and Hardy Nickerson.

Campbell chose the first two offensive players in fullback Mike Alstott, Tampa Bay’s all-time touchdown scorer, and left tackle Paul Gruber, as well as the first defensive back in strong safety John Lynch. Reynolds dipped into the secondary to select history-making cornerback Ronde Barber, the team’s all-time leading interceptor, and took a chance on the long-term potential of franchise quarterback Josh Freeman to be the offensive leader of his Bucs team.

With a lot of the A-list Buccaneers off the draft board, Tampa Bay’s second tier players begin to get drafted. The key thing to remember in this two-person draft is that once a player at a singular position like quarterback has been drafted, such as Reynolds selecting Freeman 10th overall, the pressure is off Campbell to draft a quarterback and he can wait until much later in the draft to select one while he focuses on competing with Reynolds for players at positions that are still at play, such as tight end, cornerback, wide receiver and offensive line. Here are the next 10 draft picks in order:

11. TE Jimmie Giles – Charlie Campbell
12. CB Donnie Abraham – Scott Reynolds
13. MLB Richard Wood – Charlie Campbell
14. LB Shelton Quarles – Scott Reynolds
15. NT David Logan – Charlie Campbell
16. WR Joey Galloway – Scott Reynolds
17. DE Chidi Ahanotu – Charlie Campbell
18. RG Davin Joseph – Scott Reynolds
19. RG George Yarno – Charlie Campbell
20. C Tony Mayberry – Scott Reynolds

Campbell starts off selecting tight end Jimmie Giles, the most recent member of the Bucs Ring of Honor and the team’s all-time leader in touchdown receptions before turning to defense with the likes of middle linebacker Richard “Batman” Wood, nose tackle David Logan and defensive end Chidi Ahanotu, which rounds out his defensive line, before adding an offensive lineman in George Yarno.

Reynolds pairs cover corner Donnie Abraham with Barber to give him the Bucs’ top two interceptors in franchise history, and caps off a tremendous linebacking corps with the addition of strongside linebacker Shelton Quarles. Reynolds then couples speedster Joey Galloway with the strong-armed Freeman and drafts Pro Bowl offensive linemen Davin Joseph and Tony Mayberry, the best at their respective positions, to protect the franchise quarterback.

As the first 30 Buccaneers are selected, several of the franchise’s top all-time players are still on the draft board. The focus shifts to offense and special teams after 12 out of the top 20 picks went to the defensive side of the ball. Here are the next 10 selections in the Bucs Ultimate Draft:

21. RT Charley Hannah – Charlie Campbell
22. RB James Wilder – Scott Reynolds
23. WR Mark Carrier – Charlie Campbell
24. LG Randall McDaniel – Scott Reynolds
25. FS Cedric Brown – Charlie Campbell
26. LT Donald Penn – Scott Reynolds
27. WR Keyshawn Johnson – Charlie Campbell
28. KR Karl Williams – Scott Reynolds
29. K Martin Gramatica – Charlie Campbell
30. ST Dwight Smith – Scott Reynolds

Knowing he can wait to draft a quarterback later, Campbell continues to add more pieces to his offense with the selections of right tackle Charley Hannah and wide receivers Mark Carrier and Super Bowl champion Keyshawn Johnson, in addition to Super Bowl kicker Martin Gramatica. Campbell finishes off the safety position with Cedric Brown. Reynolds chooses the Bucs’ all-time leading rusher, the versatile James Wilder, to be his halfback, and nearly finalizes his stellar offensive line with Pro Bowlers Randall McDaniel and Donald Penn at left guard and left tackle, respectively. Reynolds then attacks special teams with return man Karl Williams, who has more return scores in Tampa Bay history than anyone else, and special teams demon Dwight Smith, who also provides quality depth at cornerback and safety.

The draft winds down, and while there are still some big-name Tampa Bay players available, such as quarterback Brad Johnson, keep in mind that this Ultimate Bucs Draft does not serve as a list of the top Buccaneers in order. Here is the rest of the Ultimate Bucs Draft:

31. P Josh Bidwell – Charlie Campbell
32. WR Keenan McCardell – Scott Reynolds
33. CB Brian Kelly – Charlie Campbell
34. TE Kellen Winslow – Scott Reynolds
35. QB Brad Johnson – Charlie Campbell
36. FB Earnest Graham – Scott Reynolds
37. LB Hugh Green – Charlie Campbell
38. FS Dexter Jackson – Scott Reynolds
39. C Jeff Christy – Charlie Campbell
40. SS Tanard Jackson – Scott Reynolds
41. RB Warrick Dunn – Charlie Campbell
42. DE Greg Spires – Scott Reynolds
43. LB Cecil Johnson – Charlie Campbell
44. NT Brad Culpepper – Scott Reynolds
45. CB Aqib Talib – Charlie Campbell
46. DT Santana Dotson – Scott Reynolds
47. KR Clifton Smith – Charlie Campbell
48. RT Jeremy Trueblood – Scott Reynolds
49. LG Ray Snell – Charlie Campbell
50. K Matt Bryant – Scott Reynolds
51. ST Mark Witte – Charlie Campbell
52. P Mark Royals – Scott Reynolds

Due to the fact that several singular positions can wait while other ones are still in play with Campbell and Reynolds competing for them, there are undoubtedly some late-round steals to be had. Campbell adds the Super Bowl-winning Johnson as his quarterback and Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion Jeff Christy as his center, in addition to guard Ray Snell. To add more firepower to his Bucs backfield, Campbell drafts Warrick Dunn to be his halfback and comprise the WD-40 combination with Alstott.

On defense, Campbell finished off his old-school linebacking corps with Hugh Green and Cecil Johnson, as well as finding a pair of cornerbacks in Super Bowl champion Brian Kelly and talented, but troubled Aqib Talib. Campbell rounded out his special teams with Pro Bowl punter Josh Bidwell, return specialist Clifton Smith and special teams demon Mark Witte.

With Wilder as his lead back, Reynolds adds the versatile Earnest Graham to form a powerful one-two punch in his Bucs backfield, while adding big-play tight end Kellen Winslow to the offense. Pro Bowl wide receiver and Super Bowl hero Keenan McCardell will team with Winslow and Galloway to give Freeman some potent weapons. Jeremy Trueblood teams with Joseph to fortify the right side of the offensive line.

Because the Bucs’ safety positions are interchangeable, Super Bowl XXXVII MVP Dexter Jackson and playmaking Tanard Jackson will rotate between the strong and free spots on Reynolds’ Bucs squad. Greg Spires, Brad Culpepper and Santana Dotson are hard-working, blue collar defensive linemen that can rush the passer and stuff the run. Kicker Matt Bryant and punter Mark Royals finish off Reynolds’ special teams unit.
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    7 out of 10 defensive players in the first round? This team has always been about defense.
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    Yeah, you two were bored.. Wow
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