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July 27, 2011 @ 11:32 pm
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2011 Bucs Training Camp Issue

Campbell’s Ultimate Bucs Team

WRITTEN_BY Charlie Campbell Charlie Campbell
Charlie Campbell


Pewter Reporter Charlie Campbell drafted his own Buccaneers team in PR's Ultimate Bucs Draft and built his squad around the defensive line and the offensive backfield.
Pewter Report’s Bucs beat writers, publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Charlie Campbell conducted the Ultimate Bucs Draft during the NFL lockout prior to the start of Tampa Bay’s 2011 training camp. After conducting the draft, which was kicked off by Campbell’s selection of defensive tackle Warren Sapp with the first overall pick, it’s time to analyze each Pewter Reporter’s Bucs team and delve into the reasoning behind the selections.

First up was Reynolds’ Bucs squad, followed by Campbell’s team.

QB – Brad Johnson
RB – Warrick Dunn
FB – Mike Alstott
WR – Mark Carrier
WR – Keyshawn Johnson
TE – Jimmie Giles

Brad Johnson is a Super Bowl-winning quarterback – the only Super Bowl-winning signal caller in franchise history. He’s definitely one of the toughest and highest-rated passers in Bucs history. He was a winner and a leader. Mike Alstott is the franchise leader in rushing touchdowns. He is second in franchise history in total yards. He is clearly the best fullback in franchise history. I drafted Warrick Dunn to give my team the WD-40 backfield. I have two out of the top three rushers in franchise history in Dunn and Alstott. Between the two of them you have almost 10,000 yards rushing. They complement each other well. Mark Carrier and Jimmie Giles are two of the top three in terms of Bucs receiving yardage. Giles has the most receiving touchdowns in franchise history and Carrier is fourth. Keyshawn Johnson almost has 4,000 yards receiving and is a Super Bowl champion.

LT – Paul Gruber
LG – George Yarno
C – Jeff Christy
RG – Ray Snell
RT  - Charlie Hannah

Paul Gruber is the best left tackle in franchise history. Donald Penn could make a run, but I think when he’s done, Gruber could still be the best. Gruber is an elite pass protector and the cornerstone of my line. My offensive line is undersized and old school but features multiple-year starters. Jeff Christy is a Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl champion. After Charley Hannah there is a huge drop off at right tackle in Bucs history. You are looking at Jeremy Trueblood, Jerry Wunsch, Kenyatta Walker and Jason Odom. George Yarno and Ray Snell are serviceable starters at the guard positions.

LE  - Chidi Ahanotu
DT – Warren Sapp
DT – David Logan
RE – Lee Roy Selmon

I picked Warren Sapp first of all because he’s a future Hall of Famer. He was a rare player at the most difficult position to excel at on defense. He’s the building block of my team. Lee Roy Selmon was my second pick because he is the Bucs’ only Hall of Famer and the team’s all-time leading sacker. He was an elite pass rusher I could put next to Sapp. The defensive line is the strength of my team. I was really looking at the sack production and between Selmon and Chidi Ahanotu you have two of the top three defensive ends in terms of sack production. As far as getting to the quarterback, there is only one other defensive end that is even in the discussion as far as defensive ends in Bucs history and that’s Simeon Rice. Sapp and David Logan had great sack production. They are second and fourth, respectively, in terms of sack production in Tampa Bay history. You have four of the five top sack producers in franchise history on my team.

LB – Hugh Green
LB – Richard Wood
LB – Cecil Johnson

I have an old school linebacking corps. I like some more of the newer linebackers, but they were off the board as Scott Reynolds built a better, more modern unit, so I went with Hugh Green, Richard Wood and Cecil Johnson. They were a huge part of the early playoff teams and a part of the old 3-4 defense. They are good tacklers and can also get to the quarterback as blitzers.

SS – John Lynch
FS – Cedric Brown
CB – Brian Kelly
CB – Aqib Talib

John Lynch is my run enforcer, but he and Cedric Brown are the top two safeties in Bucs history. When you look at the strong safeties that the Bucs have had in their history Lynch is clearly the best. No one else is even close. He’s my intimidator in the secondary. Aqib Talib and Brian Kelly make a nice one-two punch at cornerback. If Talib can stay on the field he could become the best in franchise history. Kelly was a Super Bowl winner and had a massive year in 2002.

ST – Mark Witte
KR – Clifton Smith
K – Martin Gramatica
P – Josh Bidwell

Mark Witte led the team in special teams tackles a bunch of times in the 1980s. He set the record for special teams tackles for a season with 25 in 1984. He also has the second-highest total in franchise history with 24 in 1985. He also led the team in 1983 with 19. Clifton Smith is a Pro Bowler and the only return man in franchise history to have that distinction. He’s also the only Buccaneer to return a kickoff and a punt for a touchdown in the same season. His return average on punts and kicks was stellar. He was a consistent returner. Josh Bidwell ranks as the top punter in franchise history and was a Pro Bowler. Martin Gramatica was the Super Bowl kicker and until he had his collapse he was the best in team history. He still has the franchise record for field goals by a long shot over Michael Husted and Matt Bryant. Bidwell leads in punting average and most punts inside the 20.

Which Pewter Reporter drafted the better Ultimate Bucs team – Campbell or Reynolds? Sound off below in article commenting or on the PewterReport.com message boards.
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Charlie Campbell

Charlie Campbell

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    Funny!!!! I would bet this years team would mop the floor with the players you just said....just sayin
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    Justin Alexander- Its time to seeked help for your drinking problem- Charlie- ARE you SERIOUS? Simeon Rice can't beat out Chidi Ahonotu? you should be fired for that because that is so far out landish that I'm shocked you get payed for this commentary, ok just kidding but only a little, Rice is by far a better player than Chidi, Rice was not only a disrupter in the backfield he would also cause fumbles. Your starting corners I have issue with also Kelly and Talib are not better than Ronde and Donnie just saying ask any old school Bucs Fan. Ricky Reynolds was better than Kelly in my opinion also.
  • avatar

    Oh Charlie....I am going to have a much harder time reading your opinions after this. Derrick Brooks? Simeon Rice? Simeon led the bucs 5 years in a row with double digit sacks...and Chidi had less than HALF the sack total for the bucs compared to simeon. Less than half, charlie....less than half. Which is about how baked your list was.
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    Hey guys, wake up and read the rules of the draft! Charlie, your defense is the best around but, as all of the old veteran fans know, Brad needed all day to scan the field for a receiver. With that o-line he'd get killed. Scott wins.
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