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    Memo to Licht: “I’m the one that’s held accountable” does not mean “I am accountable.” It is a whiny way of complaining that other people hold you accountable even though you really should not be considered accountable (because it was a staff decision and not really your fault).

    Almost no public figure takes responsibility for their actions these days — it has become the norm to dilute statements of accountability this way. Still, it’s an annoying sign of lack of character in my book. Just say you whiffed several times this year and you have learned from your mistakes and will do better this year. Don’t dilute your responsibility for last year or blame it on your staff.

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    I think as a rookie GM he has done okay. Yes Collins was a big miss. If Johnson agrees to take a pay cut I believe he can stay with the Bucs. Lets face it the guy wasn’t in football shape and when he got here the injuries got him. I bet if he gets another chance you will see a better player. bowers is another one who might get motivated with the right kind of contract. They both need to stay in Tampa Bay and work out here mostly with their fellow Bucs. I know many of the players have specialist work with them off season with a technique or two.

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    I’m behind Licht 100 percent, He is in his second year with a new scout dept. which has to be better then Duminik and Hickey. If you miss here and there I see no problem, no GM hits on all his picks. With a new coach and GM in their first year with a all the time it takes to assemble a staff and get to the draft IMO they did a pretty good job. The real grade will be this year’s draft and after two years we will know what we have in a coach, staff and GM. The. ground work it almost laid, all we need is a QB and a few more pieces and we should rule the South Division. Being a Buc fan it’s hard to say but have faith!

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    Worrying to me is that his philosophy is starting to sound very Schiano-esque…”those are the kind of guys we want” vs. “there are going to be Buccaneer men”….we don’t need any more as hisno-isms, just draft and sign good players please!

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    Let’s be clear, Licht had a horrible year. Start with the O-line – he dumped Zuttah, Joseph and Penn – all are better players than guys he replaced them with. Big miss. Johnson is a miss. Verner – so-so. Draft – Evans, great. Austin S-Jenkins – not great, Tim Wright is a better player. Charles Sims, good pick. No one else notable. Not blaming him for McCown – that’s on Lovie, but with our O-line how much better would Brady have done. Gets points for DE Smith and Lansanah. But where it counts, up front, he had a bad year – period.

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    I’ve been somewhat critical of Jason Licht only in the sense that during the season fans were placing all of the “accountability” at the feet of Lovie Smith. I believed otherwise. I’m sure as a new GM, Jason wanted to show respect to his personnel and coaching staff and listen to their Free Agent evaluations. This is a good practice if those providing that information are worthy. I’ll give Michael Johnson a pass this time for the injuries that set him back and I think Verner is solid. I also think some of the relative unknown “street” free agents brought in after the season started showed some promise. But whoever (Warhop?) was behind those offensive line choices both free agency and perhaps even the Draft, should be sent to his room to gather his things and make a bee line out the rear exit.

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    The Tampa 2 requires a MLB who can cover over the middle (and stop the run) . I like Mason Foster, but he just was a few steps slow in coverage. A few steps will kill you in the NFL.

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    I don’t have an opinion of Jason Licht. Primarily because I can’t tell where Lovie leaves off and the GM starts. Knowing the imperial hubris of Coach Smith, I suspect it’s fairly far down the line. Building through free agents is what gets you to 2-14.

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